Would you Consider the Ukraine Battle is all about Controlling Assets?

[ Editor’s Note: The Ukraine War continues to drift sideways without any large offenses despite…

[ Editor’s Note: The Ukraine War continues to drift sideways without any large offenses despite the elimination of most of Kiev’s air force, and lots of its military infrastructure. Moscow seems to be planning its military moves to minimize combat losses, strategy that is understandable.

But the wild card in that NATO who is not involved in the war, actually is in most everyway but moving troop in with large formations. I use that term as it seem obvious that NATO people have been there assisting Zelensky in a number of ways.

South Front has its recap below. No one’s name was on it so I suspect in is their staff’s view, including what the ‘long game’ for NATO and the West. I was pleased to see the mention of the ultimate goal of fracturing Russia up into pieces to pass out to the various warmongering parties to asset strip, the usual prize for these wars.

The Western citizens are going to suffer, with discomforts, but nowhere near like those of Ukraine. The mention of Putin’s not being reelected was a surprise, as it way to early to be selling lottery tickets on that.

The worldwide economic suffering has not kicked in, and when it does there is going to be a lot more unhappy people and the hot potato blame game will be a war in itself with Western leaders working to put the monkey on Putin’s back, but the world public knows the Western powers manufactured the war.

If the war drags out to the end of the year, and food production is way down this summer, there could be a lot of political blow back in the West, dare I say anti-war. But the saddest part of all is the castration of the UN, basically ignored by media, the focal point of nothing now when putting the brakes on wars is supposed to be its front and center job.

I just watched a video of a helicopter die tonight. I don’t know which side. It was flying low over the usualy farm land shooting off what seem like a never ending supply of flares while twisting and turning, but he never fired on a target.

In the tree line the manpad crew patiently waited until the last flares were used up, and prayed that the chopper stayed in range which it did, and they got him, a quick death for the chopper pilot.

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One of my worries in all this is that some party is sitting and waiting for the right time to take its best shot that might turn this whole conflict around, but that could be for good or bad. We will have to sweat it out to see… Jim W. Dean ]

A Mariupol stout granny the place her further bulk blocked shell fragments from hitting organs. She was untreated till at this time however solely with disinfectant and her soiled garments as a bandage. They are going to take her to a hospital tomorrow. These poor individuals haven’t bathed in ages. Some aged people have been residing with useless partner corpses for weeks now.

First printed … April 24, 2022

Greater than 5 million individuals have left Ukraine because the begin of the Russian navy operation. Earlier than the start of the energetic part of the battle in Ukraine, the true inhabitants of the nation, that’s, those that completely reside in Ukraine for no less than 6 months a 12 months with out going overseas to work, was estimated at 21-27 million individuals.

It’s apparent that lately nearly all of Ukrainians below the age of 36 have left the nation in quest of a greater life.

The outflow of the inhabitants continues. Many key enterprises of the nation had been closed. In various areas, spring sowing was utterly disrupted.

On April twenty second, Boris Johnson opined that the battle in Ukraine will proceed till 2023. This aspiration follows the desires of neoliberal globalists, who’ve three most important tactical targets:

  •  To not give an opportunity to their patriotic opponents within the US to oust the Biden rule, justifying the present scenario with an instantaneous “exterior risk” to the welfare of US residents, at the moment with the Russian risk, and additional with the Chinese language one if obligatory;
  •  To exhaust Russia as a lot as potential earlier than the 2023-2024 electoral cycle, when Putin definitely couldn’t stay in energy as a consequence of his age and the unfavourable public opinion brought on by his staff’s fixed “half-way measures”;
  •  To inflict an irreparable blow on the inhabitants of fertile Ukraine by burning its most energetic half within the battle with Russia. That is an important activity in a historic perspective. That is what Berlin (Hitler) did not implement within the 40’s, however what Washington is now efficiently implementing. Web propaganda and cash turned out to be more practical than focus camps, massacres and burned villages. Though, expertise has confirmed that the primary doesn’t cancel out the second.
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For his or her half, Europeans have discovered themselves in an especially troublesome scenario. If the battle drags on till autumn 2022 or winter 2023, the EU’s present issues will escalate right into a full-blown disaster difficult by flows of refugees from Ukraine, Africa and the Center East.

Inflation will definitely exceed 10%, even in essentially the most industrialised EU nations. The problem of meals and power shortages will change into acute for the majority of the inhabitants.

On the similar time, famine and bitter chilly will come to Ukraine which was acknowledged as the primary outpost of resistance towards “the jap barbarians” by European propaganda.

The European media, in pursuit of sensations, will replicate the horrible tales from the Jap Entrance and the struggling of the Slavs. It’s possible that the primary subject would be the world injustice because the Russian barbarians management a big a part of the sources that ought to serve the complete “Civilised Humanity”, in different phrases the Anglo-Saxon (A-S-J) institution.

We’re not going to make any type of an announcement right here. That is clear to virtually everybody. That’s the reason Germany says it won’t provide heavy weapons to Ukraine. That’s why in France the phrase “Russia” is used extra usually than “France” throughout election debates.

An enormous a part of the elites in European nations, together with Russia, are usually not unbiased. They’re certain not a lot by the cash itself, however by their so-called “household values”.

By the way in which,  this was the slogan of the Russian fuel big Gazprom. Within the 2000s and 2010s, the time period “household values” was strongly related within the Russian data area with the monetary well-being of the pro-Western oligarchy, and never with the thought of the “mom-dad-kids” enterprise.

We might be delighted if our readers may clarify how the worldwide oligarchic financial mannequin we’re at the moment witnessing, which is dictating wars and struggling all over the world, could possibly be assessed in a different way.

Again to the battle in Ukraine. The present state of affairs is changing into troublesome to elucidate with studies from the entrance strains solely. The Russian navy has an apparent benefit on the entrance strains and inflicts vital injury on its opponents every day.

From a navy perspective, we’re witnessing a change in ways from a speedy victories by leaps and bounds to the systematic destruction of enemy forces and means. Nonetheless, Moscow’s contradictory political statements have a unfavourable affect on the morale of Russian, DPR and LPR items.

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The ethical and psychological state of the AFU troopers is in a a lot worse state, which is mirrored in the truth that many lots of of Ukrainian troopers have already surrendered and not using a combat. Neither facet was ready for a battle of such scale and depth.

On the similar time, neither facet is keen or capable of obtain peace by means of diplomatic negotiations. The Washington institution won’t enable Kiev to do that. In flip, the Kremlin’s freedom of motion is restricted by public opinion and the specter of the collapse of the nation if negotiations result in the necessity to go away the territory of the DPR and LPR and name into query the standing of Crimea.

Furthermore, it’s troublesome to think about that even when Moscow agrees to all of the calls for of the West, sanctions will likely be lifted and the scenario will return to the established order like earlier than the beginning of the Russian navy operation in Ukraine. Even altering the political regime in Russia received’t assist.

Russia will likely be pressed to the top, that’s, till its statehood is destroyed and its territory is split into small components. That is said each by Kiev and instantly by the A-S-J institution. Nonetheless, the collapse of Russia won’t result in peace.

One or one other of the newly unbiased states can be subjected to aggression by the nationalist regime in Kiev, and there’s a 99% probability that nuclear weapons will likely be utilized in response.

Thus, cumulative situations, from the scenario on the entrance strains in Ukraine to the worldwide financial and social scenario, counsel {that a} full-scale battle in Europe is nearly inevitable. This has already occurred a number of instances in world historical past, when disaster processes acquired out of individuals’s management and developed based on their very own patterns.

Maybe there’s a final probability to cease the disaster if Germany and France dare to unite in an unbiased entrance, defending their sovereignty and the lives of their individuals. A really slim probability.