Why I’m Voting Republican for the First Time Ever

A number of years in the past, when you’d instructed me I’d ever vote for…

A number of years in the past, when you’d instructed me I’d ever vote for a Republican not named Ron Paul, I’d have stated you have been out of your thoughts. For many of my lifetime the Republicans appeared the extra obnoxious wing of the two-party duopoly. They have been sanctimonious hypocrites preaching household values whereas banging interns; smug phonies who’d do and say something for company cash; rabid militarists who incited hatred of Communists in the course of the Chilly Warfare, then Muslims in the course of the 9/11-triggered Warfare on Islam; mass homicide profiteers whose mission in life was to drench the military-industrial advanced in blood cash and lap up the leftovers. My total impression was that Republicans have been both sociopaths (the sensible ones) or simple-minded gullible fools (the remainder). In comparison with them, Democrats typically appeared not less than barely extra trustworthy, cheap, refined, and genuinely involved with odd people.

However at present I’ll be voting for a bunch of Republicans, beginning with Senator Ron Johnson,* within the midterm elections. I even knocked on doorways for Johnson—the primary time I ever did that for any mainstream social gathering candidate.

What occurred?

My Democrat family and friends members undoubtedly assume I’m nuts. However I feel it’s the Democrats who’ve gone loopy.

Once I was younger, the left stood for peace and freedom. That was really the title of the left-wing third social gathering I typically voted for: the Peace and Freedom Occasion. The Democrats, who stood to the left of the Republicans, have been the pure dwelling of mainstream voters who didn’t just like the Vietnam Warfare, didn’t just like the Chilly Warfare, didn’t just like the wars on Nicaragua and El Salvador and Panama and Grenada and Angola and so many different international locations, not least of all Iraq and Afghanistan.

And Democrats, greater than Republicans tended to oppose any makes an attempt to censor criticism of the wealthy and highly effective. Even in essentially the most controversial circumstances of free speech vs. censorship—akin to Nazis marching by means of the Jewish city of Skokie, Illinois—liberals, leftists, and Democrats stood up free of charge speech. Conservatives and Republicans principally didn’t.

The Democratic Occasion in all probability would have ended the Chilly Warfare, and with it the American Empire, within the Nineteen Sixties, if Republicans like James Jesus Angleton and Allan Dulles (and not less than one treasonous Democrat, Lyndon Baines Johnson) hadn’t helped Israel homicide the Kennedy brothers. Although the pro-peace faction of the Democratic Occasion by no means managed to pressure an actual investigation of the JFK and RFK killings, it took down Johnson and contributed to ending the Vietnam debacle. Many Democrats, and few Republicans, have been murdered by the nationwide safety state—not simply JFK, RFK, and JFK Jr., but additionally Dorothy Kilgallen, Hale Boggs, Mel Carnahan, and Paul Wellstone. Dennis Kucinich, considered one of my favourite progressive Democrats, was almost assassinated, as he recounted throughout our interview final 12 months, and a number of of his relations could have been focused to scare him away from his pledge to research the 9/11 put choices.

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Horrible, unspeakable truths concerning the nearly unbelievable corruption infesting the best echelons of the American Empire have, till just lately, been spoken extra by leftists and Democrats than by rightists and Republicans. If, again within the Nineteen Sixties and Seventies, you needed not less than among the fact concerning the JFK assassination, you needed to learn left-wing magazines like Ramparts or your native (leftist) underground newspaper. Left-leaning Democratic columnists like Warren Hinckle in San Francisco have been the one individuals respiratory a phrase of fact concerning the JFK coup to mainstream audiences.

Quick-forward to 2022, and instantly, someway, the Democrats have turn out to be the battle social gathering, the censorship social gathering, the “anti-conspiracy theories” (i.e. anti-hard-truths) social gathering.

The Democrats, greater than the Republicans, launched the present Warfare on Russia By means of Ukraine. Obama presided over the overthrow of the reputable Ukrainian authorities in 2014 and the set up of a rabidly anti-Russia neo-Nazi regime. Biden, for his half, shredded the Minsk Accords, permitted the persevering with UkroNazi genocide of Donbass, and cleared the trail for Ukraine to be absorbed by NATO—a euphemism for “US army occupation.” Clearly Biden’s coverage, supported by basically the whole Democratic Occasion, is to make use of the Ukraine battle to bleed, break up, and loot Russia.

Republicans, for his or her half, are far much less unanimous of their anti-Russia warmongering. A few of them, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, are promising {that a} Republican victory within the midterms will cease the frenzy to nuclear apocalypse.

Since battle and censorship are likely to go collectively, it isn’t shocking that the Democratic warmongers at the moment are rabidly pro-censorship. Stealing a line from Henry Kissinger, the Democrats reacted to Trump’s rise by saying, in essence, “I don’t see why we have to stand by and watch a rustic go fascist due to the irresponsibility of its personal individuals.” From the Democrats’ perspective, the American individuals had turn out to be too irresponsible to be trusted with free speech. A wave of social media censorship, principally concentrating on Republicans and conservatives, arose in 2016 and grew bigger yearly. Then when COVID-19 hit in 2020 the wave crested and broke, washing away the final remnants of pre-2016 web freedom.

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Not happy with merely changing into the social gathering of battle and unfreedom, the Democrats have additionally determined to one-up the Republicans in shilling for company greed and corruption. By far essentially the most excessive instance of systemic corruption within the American company sector is Massive Pharma, whose tentacles are wrapped across the educational and scientific segments of the general public well being sector—distorting analysis by means of systematic bribery, reaping multi-billion-dollar earnings on poisonous merchandise, killing a whole bunch of hundreds, and dealing carefully with the $100 billion organic warfare trade. (For an introduction, learn or watch The Actual Anthony Fauci and take a look at Ron Unz’s e-book on public well being scandals.)

Previous to the seize of well being and medication by Massive Pharma, the Democrats have been the voice of relative sanity on public well being points. Right this moment, the Democrats, with the lone exception of RFK Jr., are the rabidly senseless shills of the Massive Pharma billionaires.

A few of my mates, together with Allan at No Lies Radio, object that regardless of the Democrats’ newfound standing as warmongering censorship-loving company shills, they’re not less than higher on financial points. Republican Ron Johnson, for instance, desires to place Social Safety on the desk for funding and profit cuts. Provided that skyrocketing inequality is the basis reason behind a lot of the destruction of American society, Allan suggests, shouldn’t we view Democrats because the lesser evil?

One among Allan’s favourite economists, Michael Hudson, says “no.” Ron Unz simply despatched me the next quote from Hudson’s current interview:

DLJ: Economies are interdependent. I.e., it could nonetheless be a query of the Chinese language working class and the American working class constructing bonds throughout nations.

MH: The Democratic Occasion has produced such an anti-Asian, hate-filled racism, that I don’t assume that may be. The Democratic Occasion has finished all the things it may to spur an ethnic battle between the black and Asian populations. You see that right here in New York by the assaults on the subways, on the road, primarily by blacks towards Asians. The Democratic Occasion, by pushing this ethnic id, has pushed ethnic hatred. That’s why the Democrats are stunned that the Hispanics and Asians are transferring in the direction of the Republicans. The Hispanics and Asians notice that the Democrats have a race-hatred coverage, very similar to the Nazis. I don’t consider that any political progress could be made within the U.S. till the Democratic Occasion, definitely the present management, is swept away. There can’t be any progress in America at present led by the Democratic Occasion, which is at present the ideologically Proper-wing social gathering that has turned what ought to be an financial drawback into an ethnic and non-economic drawback. It’s just like the outdated industrial capitalist was alleged to have stated, “if I can get half the working class combating towards the remainder of the working class, then now we have received.” That’s the Democratic Occasion. They requested, “how can we do it?” We divide the working class into ethnicities, ethnic id, gender id.

DLJ: You possibly can have the working class cancel one another.

MH: Sure.

Hudson is true: The billionaire oligarchs’ best weapon towards odd working Individuals is the insanity of id politics. And the ID politics weapon is being wielded by the Democratic wing, excess of the Republican wing, of the oligarchs’ two-party duopoly. By framing the wars on Russia and the Islamic world as crusades to make the world protected for drag queens to groom youngsters and organic males to crush girls in feminine athletics, they’re inviting an entire lot of Individuals to cheer for the opposite facet.

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So I’m voting for Republicans at present not as a result of I’m thrilled with all of their insurance policies and positions—I undoubtedly am not—however as a result of they’ve someway turn out to be marginally higher than the Democrats…which admittedly isn’t saying a lot. By taking part in a probable Crimson Wave, I hope to assist ship a stinging rebuke to the Democrats’ warmongering, censorship, shilling for Massive Pharma, and promotion of identity-politics-based mass psychosis whose solely beneficiaries are the billionaires.

*I don’t agree with Ron Johnson on all the problems, however I love his braveness and integrity. Sen. Johnson is taking over Massive Pharma and the allied biowar trade by vowing to research COVID scandals together with the mega-scandal of COVID origins.