Whoopi Goldberg Slipped Up — However A few of her Critics are Shameless Hypocrites

[ Editor’ Note: Boyajian’s piece could have been titled the ‘Tale of Two Holocausts,’ but…

[ Editor’ Note: Boyajian’s piece could have been titled the ‘Tale of Two Holocausts,’ but that would make a particular group very unhappy. Throughout most of the world, its  people make up their own minds as to how they view the people and history of various countries.

Different viewpoints are common, with only the rare jihads trigged in our modern world, where money is what the new kings fight over.

But when you are in the shoes of a Zionist, they have a completely different attitude, expecting the reputation they desire to be swallowed whole, with no nibbling, and definitely no spitting out.

On the other hand, if you tried to pitch that you are then allowed to make similar demands to have your ethnic, religious or whatever culture swallowed whole, they would tell you to go poop in your hat, and the conversation would be over.

Whoopi was raw meat in this fiasco. When you work for major media, they have hard ‘no go’ lines when it comes to Israel-Hebrew topics, including agreeing that down is up if the Israeli organizations say so. The Hebrew folks get away with doing this via punishment they inflict on ‘non-believers’, who are really ‘non-accepters’.

My old friend Rabbi David Weiss of Neturei Karta disapproves of the racist Israelis

If you think you could counter their argument by bringing up the hardline Israelis’ holocausting (modern version) of the Palesitinans, be sure to have your body armor on. as you are going to have incoming projectiles heading your way.

I never have a problem dealing with these Zionist people, as I just start quoting what my friend Rabbi Weiss of Neturei Karta told me about Zionists (the short story is they were fake jews), and the Hebronic spinmeisters go running away like they were on fire, looking for a swimming pool.

David has a lot of his own experience, particularly with the Armenian issue, where it is well versed, as you will read below… Jim W. Dean ]

Armenian genocide

First printed February 11, 2022

Award-winning actress/comic/creator Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of ABC-TV’s The View, has been suspended for 2 weeks for a minor slip-up (Monday, January 31) relating to the Holocaust. 

In the meantime, a few of her Jewish accusers have been responsible of far worse — together with genocide denial/diminishment — though mainstream company media have hardly ever reported that reality.

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Born Caryn Elaine Johnson in NY Metropolis in 1955 to Black dad and mom, Goldberg has no Jewish ancestors however merely feels Jewish.  She invented her title.

Whereas The View was discussing the Holocaust, Goldberg interjected that it wasn’t about “race” since each Germans and Jews have been “White.”  It was “about man’s inhumanity to man.”

Co-host Pleasure Behar — an Italian Catholic with two Jewish husbands and a Hadassah Girl of the 12 months award — justifiably disagreed: Nazis thought-about Jews a “completely different race.”

American Jews and non-Jews, plus organizations such because the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and American Jewish Committee (AJC), swiftly, and generally harshly, criticized Goldberg.  Some need her fired.

Goldberg Acknowledges and Apologizes

On the next day’s The View, Goldberg acknowledged her slip-up and apologized:

The Holocaust “is certainly about race as a result of Hitler and the Nazis thought-about Jews to be an inferior race … I remorse my feedback.”

However, fellow Black and ABC Information President Kimberly Godwin suspended Goldberg for 2 weeks to “take time to replicate and be taught.”

Who led the stampede in opposition to Goldberg?  Jonathan Greenblatt (ADL’s CEO/Nationwide Director) and David Harris (AJC’s longtime CEO).

Holocaust Hypocrisy

Nazis noticed Jews as an “inferior race,” tweeted Greenblatt.  “Holocaust distortion is harmful.”  He additionally guested on Tuesday’s (Feb. 1) The View. Harris tweeted, “Goldberg absurdly claims the #Holocaust ‘isn’t about race’.”  Jews have been thought-about a “subhuman race.”  “Please rethink & apologize.”

But for many years the ADL and AJC colluded with Turkey and Israel to disclaim or diminish the Armenian Genocide dedicated by Turkey (1915-1923) and to defeat Congressional resolutions on that Genocide.  Nobody disputes that.

William Parsons, the late U.S. Holocaust Museum’s Chief of Employees, personally advised me that the ADL stealthily opposed Armenian Genocide recognition. Showdown Set in ‘Genocide’ Debate by Rebecca Spence (Jewish Every day Ahead, September 1, 2006) accommodates this damning boast:

Some Jewish teams declare credit score for making certain that such a [Armenian Genocide] decision by no means passes.

Jewish advocacy teams, together with the Jewish Institute for Nationwide Safety Affairs [Jinsa], the American Israel Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC], B’nai Brith and American Jewish Committee [AJC] “have been working with the Turks on this problem” for greater than 15 years, stated Yola Habif Johnston, director for foundations and neighborhood outreach at Jinsa.

“The Jewish foyer has fairly actively supported Turkey of their efforts to forestall the so-called Armenian genocide decision from passing.”

In early 2007, veteran Los Angeles Occasions author Mark Arax, an Armenian American, penned an article documenting the ADL’s anti-Armenian insurance policies. Nonetheless, Managing Editor Douglas Frantz determined that an Armenian couldn’t be goal concerning the ADL.  So he assigned the duty to Jewish author Richard Simon.

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Simon gutted Arax’s analysis and deleted incriminating statements by the ADL’s then Nationwide Director Abe Foxman, together with:

  • “Was it [the Armenian deaths] genocide? It was wartime.  Issues get messy.”
  • “If serving to Turkey helps Israel, then that’s what we’re within the enterprise of doing.”

Had Goldberg made analogous statements concerning the Holocaust, her profession would now be over. Think about Armenian American organizations’ destiny had they opposed the scores — if not tons of — of Holocaust legislative initiatives in America. The Occasions later pressured Arax out.

Impressed by Arax and others, I initiated a marketing campaign in Massachusetts in opposition to the ADL in 2007. Human rights activists, Armenian American organizations, and principled Jews later joined in.  The marketing campaign grew shortly.  Nationwide and worldwide media couldn’t ignore it.

A diplomatic uproar between Turkey and Israel ensued. In 2007-2008, a dozen Massachusetts cities and the umbrella Massachusetts Municipal Affiliation kicked out the ADL’s so-called No Place for Hate program.

They realized that the ADL was unfit to lecture anybody about civil/human rights. The marketing campaign hasn’t ended.

The AJC is Worse than the ADL

The AJC has been much more hostile to Armenians than has the ADL. Within the Turkish propaganda movie Blonde Bride, AJC Strategic Affairs Director Barry Jacobs (now deceased) claimed that the Armenian massacres couldn’t be genocide for the reason that Holocaust was “distinctive.”

On one other event he crudely boasted that the AJC’s stance on the Armenian Genocide was “B.S.” The AJC, stated Jacobs, “shall be Turkey’s pals formally in Congress.”  And it was.

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AJC board member/celebrity Cheryl C. Kagan, a Maryland State Senator, stated that an Armenian Genocide decision was like designating a state cat.  And what occurred to Armenians was “an alleged bloodbath.” Think about if Whoopi Goldberg had uttered related issues concerning the Holocaust.

The AJC can also be the best Jewish buddy of the totally corrupt, dictatorial, culture-destroying, terrorist–supporting regime of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

In 2012, David Harris proudly accepted the tyrant’s coveted “Order of Friendship” award in NY Metropolis.  Learn that sentence once more. Azerbaijan’s “foyer within the U.S.,” Aliyev has introduced, “is the Jewish neighborhood.”

One wonders if the AJC and Harris find out about America’s FARA (FOREIGN AGENTS REGISTRATION ACT). And but Harris dares to criticize Goldberg.

The AJC ought to take away “Defending democratic values for all” from its motto. The ADL slogan “to safe justice and truthful therapy to all” is pathetic.

Solely after a few years of stress did the ADL and AJC lastly acknowledge (insincerely, little doubt) the Armenian Genocide.  Many principled Jewish academicians, human rights advocates, organizations, and elected officers did so a long time earlier than.

The ADL and AJC have by no means apologized for his or her struggle on Christian Armenians.  It’s too late now.  Distinction that with Goldberg’s apologies to Jews.

Nor have they and equally smug, genocide-denying/diminishing Jewish organizations opened their archives to reveal the total particulars of their struggle on Armenians.

Jewish organizations say that Holocaust denial/diminishment is anti-Semitic and, consequently, “hate.”  By analogizing the Armenian Genocide to the Holocaust, can we are saying that sure Jewish organizations are “hate teams”?  I don’t see why not.

Within the meantime, the ADL, AJC, and related organizations want to go away such innocent individuals as Whoopi Goldberg alone, cease intimidating others, and pray for redemption.

David Boyajian’s major overseas coverage focus is the Caucasus.  His work will be discovered at www.ArmeniaPedia.org/wiki/David_Boyajian