What if the whole lot we’ve been instructed is a lie?

Dr. Chuck Baldwin is an American politician and has been concerned in at the least…

Dr. Chuck Baldwin is an American politician and has been concerned in at the least 12 full-length documentary movies. He was the presidential nominee of the Structure Occasion for the 2008 U.S. presidential election and had beforehand been its nominee for U.S. vice chairman in 2004. He’s additionally a pastor of Liberty Fellowship in Kalispell, Montana.

JEA: We have now interviewed Dr. Chuck Baldwin prior to now, and he nonetheless has a lot to say about our present geopolitical disaster as a pastor in Montana. He was proper on the right track when he stated:

“I’d even say that since World Conflict II, nearly the entire navy conflicts wherein the U.S. has been concerned within the Center East have been on the behest of Israel. For all intents and functions, overseas coverage makers of America’s federal authorities—from each main events—are little greater than lap canines for the Zionist State of Israel.”

Nobody can deny that anymore. Baldwin has extra fascinating issues to say, and maybe some readers can pay heed.

CB: What if the whole lot we’ve been instructed about 9/11 is a lie? What if it wasn’t 19 Muslim terrorist hijackers that flew these planes into the Twin Towers and Pentagon? What if the Muslims had nothing in any respect to do with the assaults on 9/11? What if the whole lot we’ve been instructed in regards to the causes we invaded two sovereign nations (Afghanistan and Iraq) is a lie? What if the 17-year-old, endless “Conflict on Terror” within the Center East is a lie?

What if our younger troopers, sailors, airmen and Marines who’ve given their lives in America’s “Conflict on Terror” died for a lie? What if G.W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump have been nothing however managed toadies for a global world conspiracy that hatched the assaults of 9/11 as nothing greater than a method to institute a perpetual “Conflict on Terror” for functions that don’t have anything to do with America’s nationwide safety? Would the American folks wish to know? Would the reality even matter to them?

The unhappy actuality is that the overwhelming majority of People who would learn the above paragraph would completely dismiss each query I raised as being unrealistic and unimaginable—and even nutty. Why is that? Have they studied and researched the questions? No. Have they given any severe thought to the questions? No. They’ve merely swallowed the federal government/mainstream media model of those occasions hook, line and sinker.

It’s completely superb to me that the identical individuals who say they don’t consider the mainstream media (MSM) and authorities (Deep State) variations of present occasions—which is why they voted for and love Donald Trump—have completely no reservations about accepting the official story that the 9/11 assaults had been the work of jihadist Muslims and that America’s “Conflict on Terror” is totally reliable.

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These “all the time Trumpers” are lifeless set of their minds that America is at struggle with Islam; that Trump’s bombings of Syria had been as a result of President Assad is an evil, maniacal monster who gassed his personal folks; and that Trump’s growth of the struggle in Afghanistan is completely within the pursuits of America’s nationwide safety.


What if the Muslims had NOTHING to do with 9/11?

What if Bashar al-Assad did NOT fuel his personal folks?

What if America’s “Conflict on Terror” is a very false, manufactured, made-up deception?

What if America’s navy forces are largely preventing for overseas agendas and NOT for America’s nationwide safety and even our nationwide pursuits?

What if America’s struggle in Afghanistan is a fraud?

What if your complete “Conflict on Terror” is a fraud?

The Trump robots have purchased into America’s “Conflict on Terror” as a lot as Obama’s robots and Bush’s robots did. Bush was elected twice, largely on the premise of America’s “Conflict on Terror.” Obama campaigned towards the “Conflict on Terror” after which expanded it throughout his two phrases in workplace.

Trump campaigned towards the “Conflict on Terror” after which instantly expanded it past what Obama had completed. In reality, Trump is on a tempo to increase the “Conflict on Terror” past the mixed navy aggressions of each Bush and Obama.

However who cares? Who even notices?

America is engaged in a worldwide “Conflict on Terror.” Simply ask G.W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX Information, The Washington Submit, the New York Instances and the overwhelming majority of America’s pastors and preachers. All of them inform us the identical factor seven days per week, twenty-four hours a day. Liberals scream towards Trump, and conservatives scream towards Maxine Waters; however either side come collectively to assist America’s endless “Conflict on Terror.”

However what if it’s ALL a lie? What if Obama and Trump, the appropriate and the left, the MSM and the conservative media are all studying from the identical script? What if they’re all (wittingly or unwittingly) in cahoots in perpetuating the largest rip-off in world historical past? And why is sort of everybody afraid to even broach the query?

Left or proper, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, secular or Christian, nobody dares to query the official story in regards to the 9/11 assaults or the “Conflict on Terror.” And people who do query it are themselves attacked unmercifully by the appropriate and the left, conservatives and liberals, Christians and secularists, Sean Hannity and Chris Matthews. Why is that? Why is it that FOX Information and CNN, Donald Trump and Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer and Ted Cruz equally promote the identical cockamamie story about 9/11 and the “Conflict on Terror?”

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Why? Why? Why?

Inform me once more how Donald Trump is so completely different from Barack Obama. Inform me once more how Ted Cruz is so completely different from Chuck Schumer. All of them proceed to perpetuate the lies about 9/11. All of them proceed to escalate America’s endless “Conflict on Terror.” They’re all puppets of a worldwide conspiracy to advance the agenda of struggle profiteers and nation builders.

The left-right, conservative-liberal, Trump-Obama paradigm is one huge large SCAM. On the finish of the day, the “Conflict on Terror” goes on, bombs hold falling on folks within the Center East who had completely NOTHING to do with 9/11 and the cash retains flowing into the coffers of the worldwide bankers and struggle retailers.

The entire above is why I’m enthusiastically selling Christopher Bollyn’s new blockbuster ebook The Conflict on Terror.

After all, Bollyn is among the world’s foremost researchers and investigators into the assaults on 9/11. He has written extensively on the topic. However in contrast to most different 9/11 investigators, Bollyn continued to hint the tracks of the assaults on 9/11. And people tracks led him to find that the 9/11 assaults had been NOT “the occasion” however that they had been merely the set off for “the occasion.” “What was the occasion?” you ask. America’s perpetual “Conflict on Terror.”

In consequence, Mr. Bollyn printed his findings that the assaults on 9/11 had been NOT perpetrated by Muslim extremists however by a really elaborate and properly financed worldwide conspiracy that had been within the planning for a number of a long time. Bollyn’s analysis names names, locations and dates and exposes the reality behind not simply 9/11 (many have completed that) however behind America’s “Conflict on Terror” that resulted from the assaults on 9/11.


And Christopher Bollyn’s investigative analysis brings out the reality like nothing I’ve learn up to now. His analysis connects the dots and destroys the myths.

Mr. Bollyn’s analysis is printed in a ebook entitled (full title): The Conflict On Terror: The Plot To Rule The Center East. I imply it after I say that if sufficient folks learn this ebook, it may change the course of historical past and save our republic.

That is written on the ebook’s again cowl:

The federal government and media have misled us about 9/11 so as to compel public opinion to assist the Conflict on Terror.

Why have we gone together with it? Can we settle for countless struggle as regular? Are we numb to the struggling attributable to our navy interventions?

No. We have now merely been propagandized into submission. We have now been deceived into considering that the Conflict on Terror is an effective factor, a valiant battle towards terrorists who intend to assault us as we had been on 9/11.

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Behind the Conflict on Terror is a strategic plan crafted a long time upfront to redraw the map of the Center East. 9/11 was a false-flag operation blamed on Muslims so as to begin the navy operations for that strategic plan. Recognizing the origin of the plan is essential to understanding the deception that has modified our world.

Of us, 9/11 was a deception. The “Conflict on Terror” is a deception. The phony left-right paradigm is a deception. FOX Information is as a lot a deception as CNN. The “all the time Trump” group is as a lot a deception because the “by no means Trump” group. America has been within the throes of an amazing deception since September 11, 2001. And this deception is being perpetrated by Republicans and Democrats and conservatives and liberals alike.

I have no idea Christopher Bollyn. I’ve by no means met him. However I thank God he had the mental honesty and ethical braveness to write down this ebook. I urge readers to get this explosive new ebook. In case you don’t learn another ebook this yr, learn Mr. Bollyn’s investigative masterpiece The Conflict On Terror: The Plot To Rule The Center East.

Once more, I’m enthusiastically recommending this ebook to my readers, and I make no apologies for doing so. The reality contained on this analysis MUST get out, and I’m decided to do all I can to assist make that doable.

Order Christopher Bollyn’s blockbuster ebook The Conflict On Terror: The Plot To Rule The Center East right here:

The Conflict On Terror: The Plot To Rule The Center East

I’m assured that after you learn this ebook, you’ll want to purchase copies on your buddies and family. The ebook is below 200 pages lengthy and isn’t tough studying. Nevertheless, the information and particulars Bollyn covers are profound and highly effective. I’ve learn the ebook 3 times to this point and I’m not completed.

Frankly, Bollyn’s ebook made so many issues make sense for me. His ebook dovetails and tracks with a lot of my analysis on different matters. Actually, his ebook helped me get a a lot fuller understanding of the “huge image.”

What if the whole lot we’ve been instructed about 9/11 and the “Conflict on Terror” is a lie? Properly, Bollyn’s ebook proves that certainly it’s.

Once more, right here is the place to seek out Christopher Bollyn’s phenomenal new ebook The Conflict On Terror: The Plot To Rule The Center East:

The Conflict On Terror: The Plot To Rule The Center East

This text was first printed in July of 2021.