Unique: Ukraine Developed North Korea’s ICBM’s and Nukes Towards US, Now Needs Nukes in Return

VT Investigations: VT has traced the ICBM know-how utilized by North Korea, and these usually…

VT Investigations: VT has traced the ICBM know-how utilized by North Korea, and these usually are not simply superior missiles however “prime of the road” Soviet know-how, utilizing engines nicely past American capabilities.  North Korean nuclear armed missiles usually are not simply able to hitting america, they’re able to getting by way of American missile defenses as nicely…with a excessive probability of success.

They’re so good as a result of they arrive from Ukraine, from the missile manufacturing unit above, in response to the New York Occasions in an article we quote beneath.

However what we additionally know is that North Korea’s nuclear arsenal largely comes from Ukraine as nicely, from Soviet missiles deserted there that have been later supposedly transferred to the US for dismantling however by no means made it.  All information have been destroyed, in response to IAEA investigator and VT editor Jeff Smith.

Smith says the center of those weapons, pits of each plutonium and uranium, have been traded, lots of of them (350).  Some, significantly these of plutonium, have been “pit matched” and remachined in Mali with knowledge equipped by traitors on the very highest ranges of the US Division of Vitality and the White Home, Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 43.

These nukes have been used on 9/11, dropped on Syria, Donbass, Yemen and utilized in terror assaults like Khobar Towers…all coated up by the identical press that’s attacking Russia.

This commerce unfold additional.  Most know of the South African nuclear program begun in 1975 in partnership with Israel and their joint nuclear check on Prince Edward Island in 1979.  From VT:

Right here we tripped over some concerned within the planning of 9/11 however way more as nicely.

What we wish to get round to is the Gaddafi story.  Bush and Cheney liked Gaddafi who was, on the time of 9/11, concerned in a nuclear weapons partnership with Germany and Israel, partnered with Johann XXXXX of Johannasburg.

XXXXX was arrested and faraway from custody by the Mossad.  He’s now dwelling in Israel.

Germans equipped the centrifuges for the “manufacturing unit” in South Africa whereas Gaddafi funded the operation.  Israel had constructed and examined one bomb already, I would right, examined 1 bomb on September 22, 1979 on a barge of Prince Edward Island.  9 extra have been left, 13.2 kiloton gun sort bombs primarily based on Peladaba pits from Katanga ore, in response to VELA.

Armscorp, weapons saved and transported by Blatchford (in response to the proprietor of that firm, a longtime pal).  These weapons have been eliminated when South Africa modified authorities, 3 going to Univ. of Chicago (one pit made right into a “plowshare” and on show), 6 others disassembled and three bought by Britain and shipped to Oman, the place they disappeared.

They have been bought, in response to a number of sources, by Thatcher for 17 million kilos by way of a UAR.  We adopted that funding as nicely….to a sure political candidate and one thing else.

South Africa had housed each chemical and bio-warfare services for different governments, the place testing was carried out in Angola.  A faux model of those occasions is recorded by way of the Reconciliation Fee.  The reality is endlessly darker.

Some Sources for SA’s Nukes and Israeli Johann Meyer’s arrest”


Zelensky’s Nukes

Over latest days, Ukraine has been making an attempt to accumulate new nuclear weapons as introduced by President Zelensky repeatedly.  The story, nonetheless, is much deeper.

2014 put Ukraine into the palms of a consortium of rogue states led by Israel which incorporates Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the “huge three” liable for 9/11 but additionally contains the Republic of Georgia…

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with its huge bio-weapons functionality…

Azerbaijan…armed by Israel and just lately backed by Turkey in its struggle towards pro-Russian Armenia.  Turks, in 1915, killed 6 million Armenians, an actual holocaust that some (irresponsible and dangerous individuals) declare was copied later by Israel.

Azerbaijan opened two former Soviet fighter bases to Israel for assaults on Iran.  Turkey allowed transit of Israeli planes and armaments have been shipped in by Germany with the help of Israeli torpedo boats to the port of Poti, Georgia, beginning in 2010.

One of many first acts of the brand new Maidan regime in Kiev was to rearrange for the downing of MH 17, aided by Israel (AWAC functionality), Azerbaijan and Georgia and authorized by the CIA who turned off the AEGIS radar in Romania to permit the interception.  Extra on this at VT at the moment.

Beforehand, the pro-Russian authorities of Ukraine had bought 3 nukes to Iran…lengthy story there.  This was carried out throughout Operation Desert Storm “simply in case” the US determined to make use of its fleet to invade Iran.  Iran was going to load the three thermo-nukes on excessive pace boats and set them off amid America’s service battle teams (3) on station.

As for North Korea:

Their first failed nuke was bought from “businessmen” from South Africa and Zimbabwe.  That they had recovered the weapon from the shallow water off Diego Garcia after a nuclear armed American B 52 caught fireplace and dropped its bomb load.


The primary nuke was a destroyed American nuclear pit purchased from arms sellers and delivered on an Israeli Dolphin submarine equipped by Germany (claimed to be the DVD by now extra than simply Shrimpton) to help within the unlawful nuclear weapons commerce.

Some say an Israeli submarine modified by Germany was used to hit the Pentagon on 9/11.  We are inclined to agree.

However the coronary heart of the North Korean program, nuclear and missiles, is Ukraine, a program that blossomed after the 2014 coup.

Kiev claims it may get an A-bomb, until it receives Western safety towards Russia

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has mentioned his nation could have each proper to turn out to be a nuclear energy, citing a doc signed by main world states again when Kiev agreed to do away with Soviet nuclear weapons in trade for safety assurances.