Unique/Breaking: Occultism and America’s Navy “Elites”

The aftermath of World Conflict II, and the defeat of the occultist powers, Germany and…

The aftermath of World Conflict II, and the defeat of the occultist powers, Germany and Japan, by Russia and the West, just isn’t an untold story, only one topic to navy secrecy.

The occultist societies that drove these surrounding Hitler and the Japanese emperor have been nothing new.  Occultism, witchcraft, communing with entities similar to jinns and demons may be very a lot part of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

As well as, Hinduism and Buddhism are wrought with references to such entities.

The query we will probably be asking ourselves right here is whether or not these beliefs, a much less public however actual a part of our main religions right this moment, usually “closeted” as exorcism is inside the Catholic Church, characterize a sound expression of non-ordinary physics, one other time period for “magic,” or are the 1000’s of years of such practices totally delusional?

We will probably be this path right this moment as the key societies John Kennedy warned america of in his handle on the Waldorf Astoria Resort in New York on April 27, 1961, are all, the truth is, based mostly on occult ritual and characterize, even among the many most harmless sounding teams, at some degree, makes an attempt to commune with “the previous gods.”

One cause, and there are a lot of, that this topic is topical is that we have now acquired confirmations that occultist practices inside the US navy have grow to be frequent because the finish of the Vietnam Conflict.

Occultist organizations have been found, initially at The Presidio within the Nineteen Eighties, the place first dozens, then a whole lot of officers have been recruited and took half in rituals outlined by Karl Maria Wiligut for the German SS.

Our sources inform us that the failures of Vietnam led the American navy, which by the Nineteen Eighties had grow to be institutionally corrupt and nearly pitiable, to align themselves with occultists that had taken management of the Protection Intelligence Company.

Nearly all that’s reported of such efforts and the legacy that has grown relatively than diminished of those efforts is deeply veiled.  In any case, what are secret societies with out secrecy?


The best battle in historical past was fought towards powers now demonized on an nearly day by day foundation for his or her unprecedented evil, homicide on an unimaginable scale and extra.  Germany and Japan employed practices the civilized world had believed have been relegated to the darkish ages, significantly contemplating the Geneva conferences after that different world battle, the one “to finish all wars.”

We all know this, each German and Japanese leaders practiced occultism. In Germany that is higher documented than in Japan and now portrayed in movies similar to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and the Wolfenstein collection of video video games.

The premise of those efforts is within the very actual efforts by Germany below Himmler and others to commune with what they deemed “the previous gods” utilizing large human sacrifice that some allege could have led to the deaths of thousands and thousands, Jews, Russian prisoners of battle, different focused teams, in a blood frenzy to realize corporeal energy by the usage of occult rituals.

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As portrayed in books and movies, we additionally know america was conscious of this effort and, on the finish of the battle, despatched groups to not solely seize German scientists however, on a secondary degree, exploit what they deemed “occult breakthroughs” that expanded scientific functionality in methods not imagined.

Occultism and Science

The general public is aware of in regards to the superior German planes, stealth expertise, swept wing jets, workable designs for intercontinental ballistic missiles and, because the world is effectively conscious, it was German science that took america to the moon in 1969.

What just isn’t recognized by the general public is that different tasks the newly shaped Division of Protection took on after the battle, based mostly on German occultism, distant viewing, anti-gravity autos and rumors of secret area packages, are nonetheless suppressed.

Every now and then, occult based mostly 3rd Reich tasks enter the general public area although are delisted by Google and accessible solely to pick out researchers.  As a way to collect such info, it was essential to entry the libraries of america Division of Vitality and the College of California’s Los Alamos facility.  These organizations design America’s nuclear weapons however work on “different tasks” as effectively.

We’re advised that German breakthroughs tied to occultism, and doubt in such statements is all the time welcome, led to research of gravitation within the Fifties by Piekara and Kielich that merely discarded Newtonian physics out of hand.

They asserted that gravity is an expression of circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation (sometimes photons), which was later verified at Harvard by Pershan, Van der Ziel, Malmstrom and Shen.

Right here we exceed Einstein’s lengthy sought Unified Discipline Principle by expressing magnetism as an optical phenomenon.

All of the sudden, not solely are so many concepts from science fiction a actuality, similar to Star Trek’s transporter and “tractor beams,” however in actual utility, matter may also be transmuted, doubtlessly result in gold, however extra importantly, fissile materials possibly altered or enhanced.

From Veterans At this time Science Editor, and Jeff Smith, of the IAEA (a particle physicist):

“In line with Maxwell a static electron has no magnetic area of its personal and when rotated about its axis it is not going to produce one. Nonetheless, when an electron is accelerated in a given course it creates a line of pressure. This line of pressure is magnetic in nature and might then be deflected by exterior magnetic fields similar to in a cathode ray tube.

Now when the electron is spun up right into a closed round path it turns into a dipole bar magnet with each a north and south pole. This so-called magnetic dipole is what we name electromagnetic radiation or what Einstein calls a Photon – I.E. gentle. At longer wavelengths it’s simply merely known as radio waves, micro waves or simply merely a transverse electromagnetic wave.”

Why the science lesson?

To start with, that is “big leap” postwar physics that may have and positively ought to have made various issues attainable, actually manufacturing of electrical energy for free of charge and a mind-boggling functionality of merely eliminating the burden of issues like planes or cars.

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Then, nonetheless, the hydrocarbon-based economic system would break immediately, by no means to return and with that and different advances, an finish to starvation and thirst and finally the necessity for cash itself.

There can be nothing to struggle for.

Right here is the “nonetheless.”

It’s asserted that highly effective elites who belong to the occultist teams Kennedy warned of, teams we’re seeing now on uncommon event regardless of their energy to cover within the shadows, not solely suppress expertise however observe rituals that embrace sacrifice, human or in any other case.

Are the Bilderbergs, Cranium and Bones, Bohemian Grove group, St. Hubertus, Opus Dei and others amongst these as conspiracy theorists assert?  When one seems on the origin of the time period “conspiracy theorist,” traced again to the CIA and their try and discredit those that locate their “darkish packages,” the validity of such questions beneficial properties in stature.

When US Supreme Courtroom justice Antonin Scalia died in 2016, his physique was discovered at a distant facility the place a secret society held invocation rituals carrying robes and demonic masks.

Trails from the 50,000 sq. foot “Eyes Broad Shut” looking lodge lead throughout the desert to distant unlawful “ratlines” into Mexico.  For what cause, none however a number of will ever know.

Issues We Have Seen

The one topic we take a look at right this moment as having doubtlessly occultist roots, that being gravity, is just one of many.  We all know the US Military nonetheless operates “distant viewing” groups and we have now traced the origin of those teams to instructions similar to The Presidio in San Francisco the place the US Military’s most elite command was deeply infiltrated by occultist below what nonetheless exists because the Temple of Set (Devil) based by Colonel Michael Aquino, founding father of many Military packages associated to what’s loosely termed “psychological warfare.”

We additionally know that the instructions the place these officers serve have lengthy histories of mass institutional little one abuse, not simply the Presidio however, particularly, at West Level, the navy academy of the US Military.

The investigations are within the public file, drastically censored, the numbers of the true abused downgraded from a whole lot to a couple, however not simply “institutional” however “ritualized” little one abuse has lengthy been tied to the US Military starting round 1984 on the time the US Military started exploring occultism as a type of warfare, taking the identical path as Hitler and Himmler so a few years earlier than.

A “laundered” and closely redacted comedian model of such packages have been uncovered to the general public within the movie Males Who Stare at Goats starring George Clooney of “White Helmets” fame.

This one undertaking, known as Operation Stargate, was commanded by Normal Albert Stubblebein, who I’ve spoken with a number of instances. Do do not forget that it was Normal Stubblebein, former head of US Military Intelligence, who reported the incident on the Pentagon on 9/11 as a missile assault.

The Academies and the Occult

Sometimes, occults have realized to cover in plain sight.  Within the service academies for the navy, Church of Set monks, Satanic monks, administered to their flock as “Pentecostals,” a fringe Christian subgroup usually scorned for its dramatic practices which might embrace toxic snakes and orgasmic rituals.

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Equally, hiding contained in the navy as effectively, that offered loads of cowl for practices similar to ritual little one abuse as dad and mom of victims have been both transferred to the ends of the earth once they complained, and the US has bases in locations few would think about, or allowed to resign with no pension or advantages.

Mother and father who got here ahead at Presidio, West Level and different bases have been silenced whereas information of the occasions have been expunged by incinerating the information, in line with an eyewitness.

Occult Warfighting

Right or not, and a fact is a fact, regardless of how false, whether it is usually believed, many high US commanders had realized to resent Christianity because the Romans had, a “slave faith,” not for “warriors,” as Pentagon “desk jockeys” consider themselves.

Colonel Aquino’s Church of Set with its blood sacrifices and warrior “cultism” appealed to the vainness of a navy besotted with Vietnam “non-combat” veterans and people who selected the “volunteer” navy due to the large pay will increase instituted below Reagan particularly.  Navy salaries elevated tenfold in lots of instances.

The opposite challenge was “assist from the darkside” in case of armed battle.  Occultists are true believers, usually hiding behind the time period “psychological warfare” when they’re truly training ritual incantations supposed to harness what they imagine are unearthly powers.

One unit overtly admitted to was the First Earth Battalion organized by Lt. Col Jim Channon.  Skilled at a “monastery” in New Mexico and on distant bases, Channon’s “new age tremendous troopers” communed with nature, practiced yoga and studied peaceable battle decision.

Different models sought darker strategies, summoning demonic entities and growing strategies of warfare utilizing climate management and weird microwave weapons, using 2nd and threerd technology Nazi occult capabilities.

The worst of it’s that leaders on the Pentagon genuinely admired the Axis powers in World Conflict II and, to an extent, emulated their methodologies, mass homicide, germ warfare and, strangest of all, searching for contact with “previous gods” and offworld entities as potential allies, not for america, however to raise them personally and enslave humanity.

As a closing be aware, we frequently anticipate claims that each time the US makes use of a drone someplace, it would all the time be a funeral or wedding ceremony that’s hit and the victims, relatively than jihadists, will all the time be harmless kids.

Such is the character of propaganda, and everybody does this, most just lately with biggest success, the White Helmets who twice duped President Trump into assaults on Syria albeit extremely unsuccessful.

As for the American drone assaults, managed from bases close to Las Vegas or in Southern Arizona, similar to Fort Huachuca, there may be appreciable correlation between drone operations which might be alleged to have butchered tens of 1000’s of civilians and bases the place Temple of Set commanders hooked up to Protection Intelligence Company and Psychological Warfare instructions reside.