Uncle Sam’s Newest Snuff Movie (Linh Dinh’s newest piece, fact-checked and corrected)

A chakt fooker, I imply truth checker (thanks for correcting that!) not too long ago…

A chakt fooker, I imply truth checker (thanks for correcting that!) not too long ago interviewed me for what seems to be a forthcoming hit piece towards VT. Melissa Goldin of NewsGuard requested me questions like: Is VT anti-Semitic? Is VT pro-Russian? Does VT vet its articles? Does it right any misinformation they include? And would I please provide an instance of an article I had corrected?

I made a decision that I’d higher rush out and discover some anti-Semitic pro-Russian articles to vet and proper. As if by magic, Linh Dinh’s new piece arrived in my inbox. After studying and fact-checking it, I found a number of gadgets of pro-Russian, anti-Semitic misinformation. For instance, Linh writes:

That assertion is factually mistaken. Actually, Europe’s Muslim refugee drawback CAN and MUST be blamed on Israel, Uncle Sam, and NATO. I can’t think about why Linh is purveying such blatantly pro-Russian, anti-Semitic* disinformation by denying the apparent reality concerning the refugee holocaust. I assume he have to be some type of refugee holocaust denier.

Linh additionally writes:


That assertion, too, is factually inaccurate. Linh has no manner of realizing precisely the place Sylvester Stallone could be if he have been, in reality, in Kiev—which he nearly actually isn’t.

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t take subject with Linh’s expression “the Jewjerked West.” What, exactly, may the creator probably imply by this? Is he saying that the West is being jerked round by Jews, like a canine on a leash? Is he implying that the affect of Jews has turned the West right into a bunch of jerks? Or is there some type of implicit reference to masturbation? If that’s the case, is Linh suggesting that Jewish billionaire oligarchs like Ukrainian president and porn-lite star Zelensky are performing sexual providers for the West?

No matter Linh’s supposed metaphorical meanings, there may be completely no proof that Jews as a bunch, or any particular particular person Jews, are actually “jerking” the complete West. Because the international Jewish inhabitants is simply 15.2 million, whereas the inhabitants of the West is over 600 million, they merely don’t have sufficient arms. For that purpose, fact-checkers don’t have any alternative however to charge Linh Dinh’s expression “the Jew-jerked West” as “false.”

However apart from these examples of pro-Russian, anti-Semitic misinformation, it’s an awesome article!

– Kevin Barrett, Veterans As we speak Editor

*Many of the refugees communicate Arabic, the world’s main Semitic language, and subsequently qualify as Semites.

Uncle Sam’s Newest Snuff Movie

By Linh Dinh

[Kiev, 2/13/16]

For about two years, my weblog had a reader who commented typically, however practically at all times with slogans, cliches or cartoony logic. Once I identified that Europe’s drawback with Muslim refugees could be solved if the Jewjerked West would cease destroying Muslim international locations, she indignantly replied, “In any warfare, the boys should keep and combat, and the ladies should keep to assist them!”

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Europe’s Muslim refugee drawback, then, can’t be blamed on Israel, Uncle Sam or NATO, however on their terrified victims, for fleeing the Jewjerked West’s bombs and bullets!

Earlier than Syria was attacked, it was a haven for Iraqi refugees. Although recurrently sabotaged or attacked by Israel, Lebanon nonetheless homes 1.5 million refugees from Syria, Palestine and Iraq. Earlier than Libya was destroyed, it attracted hundreds of Africans from different international locations. The Jewjerked West leads the world, by far, in producing refugees.

Greater than corpses or maimed our bodies, warfare creates refugees, and we’re seeing it, once more, with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Per week into this warfare, 1,000,000 Ukrainians have already fled to different international locations, and this quantity could be a lot larger with out the Kiev authorities’s coverage of turning again, and conscripting, all Ukrainian males aged between 18 and 60.

In Kiev, a lot of those that stay have sought shelter in its unusually deep subway system. A look at such scenes reveals many males hiding with their ladies, for they’re not bare-chested Rambos, every brandishing an AKM rifle with an additional phallic M203 grenade launcher, able to mow down a whole lot of Russians. If Sylvester Stallone was in Kiev, he’d undoubtedly be curled up inside Arsenalna Station, at 347 toes underground the deepest on the earth. That’s 32 tales down! Why take probabilities?

Now, let’s simply use widespread sense to look at why a person may not rush to warfare. If he has, say, three youngsters, their survival is his most essential precedence. Pondering likewise, his spouse begs him to take all of them someplace secure, so even when he doesn’t thoughts dying in battle, he should decisively take away his household from hazard as quickly as attainable, and survive to deal with them.

If he loses his sight, thoughts, limbs or loin as a soldier, he gained’t simply be ineffective to them, however an incredible legal responsibility for many years. In his spouse’s thoughts, this daunting truth tempers her patriotism.

Since fleeing includes dangers and problems, many will hesitate or just balk, with generally disastrous outcomes. Not desirous to lose their dwelling, they might find yourself cold and open eyed below its beams and bricks. A baby, although, might survive as an orphaned vegetable.

There’s a purpose why most armies rely upon barely grownup males, with fewer familial duties and plenty to show. Although seemingly properly drilled, most can’t dependably ejaculate below fireplace, nonetheless, for they’ll’t overcome their instinctive horror of killing a fellow man.

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A French colonel, Ardant du Picq (1821-1870), was the primary to level out that almost all troopers wouldn’t kill, so seek the advice of his Battle Research: Historic and Trendy Battle, first printed in full in 1902. S. L. A. Marshall’s Males Towards Fireplace (1947) can also be seminal, however above all, learn Dave Grossman’s on Killing: The Psychological Value of Studying to Kill in Conflict and Society, from 1996.

Muscular but typically poetic, On Killing reveals there are literally only a few cool killers amongst us, as a result of “killing is a personal, intimate incidence of large depth,” and extra irreversible than any act, so most males simply gained’t do it, irrespective of how spiteful, indignant or imply they might be. Drawing out and rationing their hatred, they’ll cease in need of spilling entrails. Try these passages from On Killing:

A threatened baboon or rooster who elects to face its floor doesn’t reply to aggression from certainly one of his personal variety by leaping immediately to the enemy’s throat. As an alternative, each creatures instinctively undergo a collection of posturing actions that, whereas intimidating, are nearly at all times innocent.

When the combat possibility is utilized [among animals of the same species], it’s nearly by no means to the loss of life. Konrad Lorenz identified that piranhas and rattlesnakes will chunk something and all the things, however amongst themselves piranhas combat with raps of their tails, and rattlesnakes wrestle.

When a person is frightened, he actually stops considering together with his forebrain (that’s, with the thoughts of a human being) and begins to assume with the midbrain (that’s, with the portion of his mind that’s primarily indistinguishable from that of an animal), and within the thoughts of an animal it’s the one who makes the loudest noise or puffs himself up the biggest who will win.

Previous to World Conflict II it had at all times been assumed that the common soldier would kill in fight just because his nation and his leaders had informed him to take action and since it was important to defend his personal life and the lives of his pals. When the purpose got here that he didn’t kill, it was assumed that he panicked and ran.

Throughout World Conflict II U.S. Military Brigadier Normal S. L. A. Marshall requested these common troopers what it was that they did in battle. His singularly sudden discovery was that, of each hundred males alongside the road of fireplace through the interval of an encounter, a median of solely 15 to twenty “would take any half with their weapons.” This was constantly true “whether or not the motion was unfold over a day, or two days or three.”

[…] Normal Criminal’s males fired 25,000 rounds at Rosebud Creek on June 16, 1876, inflicting 99 casualties among the many Indians, or 252 rounds per hit. And within the French protection from fortified positions through the Battle of Wissembourg, in 1870, the French, taking pictures at German troopers advancing throughout open fields, fired 48,000 rounds to hit 404 Germans, for successful ratio of 1 hit per 119 rounds fired. (And a few, or probably even the bulk, of the casualties needed to have been from artillery fireplace, which makes the French killing charge much more outstanding.)

Lieutenant George Roupell encountered this identical phenomenon whereas commanding a British platoon in World Conflict I. He acknowledged that the one manner he may cease his males from firing into the air was to attract his sword and stroll down the ditch, “beating the boys on the bottom and, as I received their consideration, telling them to fireside low.” And the pattern could be discovered within the firefights of Vietnam, when greater than fifty thousand bullets have been fired for each enemy soldier killed. “One of many issues that amazed me,” acknowledged Douglas Graham, a medic with the First Marine Division in Vietnam, who needed to crawl out below enemy and pleasant fireplace to assist wounded troopers, “is what number of bullets could be fired throughout a firefight with out anybody getting harm.”

The weak hyperlink between the killing potential and the killing functionality of those items was the soldier. The straightforward truth is that when confronted with a residing, respiration opponent as an alternative of a goal, a major majority of the troopers revert to a posturing mode through which they fireplace over their enemy’s heads.

Certainly, the historical past of warfare could be seen as a historical past of more and more simpler mechanisms for enabling and conditioning males to beat their innate resistance to killing their fellow human beings.

With the present state of affairs in Ukraine, there’s the extra, and decisive, issue of futility, as a result of irrespective of how selfless or valiant Ukrainian troopers might resist, they are going to lose to Russia. Plus, there’s the doubt they’re combating for Ukraine in any respect.

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Nakedly uncovered, younger Ukrainians are goaded by cynical previous males, most of them overseas. Sick, they salivate over upcoming pictures of smoldering corpses on this, Uncle Sam’s newest snuff movie.