Ukraine Intervention: How NATO Stirred Resting Bear into Motion?

Quoting acclaimed Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy earlier than the Biden-Putin summit at Geneva final June,…

Quoting acclaimed Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy earlier than the Biden-Putin summit at Geneva final June, the Russian chief uttered an ominous warning: “There isn’t any true happiness in life, solely flashes, a mirage of it’s on the horizon — cherish these.” However the institution media mocked the stark warning as nothing greater than rants and raves of a deranged thoughts.

On the time, the British Royal Navy Defender had breached Russia’s territorial waters [1] within the Black Sea and as many as 20 Russian plane performed “unsafe maneuvers” merely 500 ft above the warship and Britain additionally lamented photographs had been fired within the path of the ship.

“British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wouldn’t say whether or not he had personally authorized the Defender’s voyage however prompt the Royal Navy was making some extent by taking that route,” a Politico report [2] alleged in June.

Boris Johnson didn’t explicitly acknowledge the naval incursion into Russia’s territorial waters was executed on his orders. One thing much more sinister occurred behind the scenes that would have ended up in a false flag naval engagement just like the Gulf of Tonkin incident earlier than the Vietnam Conflict in 1964, and given the NATO powers a pretext to begin a battle over and above the heads of elected politicians.

Whereas the duty to recklessly provoke Russia in the end rested with the whole British cupboard, there was a catch. A Telegraph report famous [3] that former Overseas Secretary Dominic Raab had raised issues concerning the mission, proposed by protection chiefs, and that Boris Johnson was in the end referred to as in to settle the dispute.

Subsequently, what Johnson truly did was to play the position of a mediator within the dispute between the civilian cupboard and the UK’s army. The provocation was clearly deliberate and executed by the UK’s deep state in collaboration with its companions within the transatlantic NATO army alliance led by the Pentagon.

It’s noteworthy that every one the militaries of the NATO member states function beneath the built-in army command led by the Pentagon. Earlier than being elected president, Common Dwight Eisenhower was the primary commander of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). The commander of Allied Command Operations has been given the title Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), and is all the time a US four-star normal officer or flag officer who additionally serves because the Commander US European Command.

In Europe, 400,000 US forces had been deployed throughout the peak of the Chilly Conflict within the sixties, although the quantity has since been introduced down [4] to over 100,000 after European powers developed their very own army capability following the devastation of the Second World Conflict. The variety of American troops deployed in Europe now stands at 50,000 in Germany, 15,000 in Italy and 10,000 in the UK.

Over the past yr, the USA has considerably ramped up the US army footprint within the Japanese Europe by deploying 1000’s of NATO troops, strategic armaments, nuclear-capable missiles and air power squadrons aimed toward Russia, and the NATO forces alongside regional shoppers have been provocatively exercising so-called “freedom of navigation” proper within the Black Sea and conducting joint army workout routines and naval drills.

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Excluding the self-styled world hegemon, the imperial United States, the remainder of the Western powers may need been colonial powers earlier than the Second World Conflict however they’re now not “powers” in world politics. In truth, they’ll extra aptly be described as Western regimes that serve no different function than act as Washington’s shopper states through the framework of transatlantic NATO army alliance to take care of the charade of multilateralism.

The nationwide safety and protection insurance policies of recent nation states are formulated by civil-military forms, dubbed because the deep state. Whereas commerce and financial insurance policies are decided by company pursuits and enterprise cartels throughout the framework of neocolonial financial order imposed on the post-colonial world by company America following the signing of the Bretton Woods Accords on the finish of the Second World Conflict in 1945.

Purportedly democratic governments, elected by way of closely manipulated electoral course of, are lowered to performing ceremonial gimmicks and are meant solely to function showpieces to legitimize militarist and capitalist exploitation.

Fomenting disaster in Ukraine by audaciously intruding into Russia’s territorial waters isn’t the one occasion when the deep state flagrantly interfered into the US international coverage. It went to the extent of discrediting and, at instances, even openly assassinating American presidents who dared to refuse to toe the nationwide safety coverage formulated by the high-command of the world’s strongest army power.

It’s value recalling that on the peak of the Chilly Conflict within the sixties when the US home politics was infested with the McCarthyite paranoia and communists had been persecuted all around the nation, Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged murderer of John F. Kennedy, was picked up as a scapegoat as a result of he had visited Russia and Cuba earlier than the hit-job with a view to put the blame for the high-profile political assassination on the communists.

Not surprisingly, he was silenced by Jack Ruby earlier than he might open his mouth and show innocence within the courts of legislation. The cold-blooded homicide of a pacifist and non-interventionist American president was clearly perpetrated by knowledgeable sniper skilled skilled marksmanship by the deep state.

It was not a coincidence that Kennedy was murdered in November 1963, and months later, the Gulf of Tonkin decision approved his successor Lyndon B. Johnson to immediately have interaction within the Vietnam battle in August 1964 on the premise of a false flag naval engagement.

It’s apparent that the American nationwide safety institution was the one beneficiary of the assassination of Kennedy. Most certainly, the deep state turned towards Kennedy after the October 1962 Cuban missile disaster and Kennedy’s pacifist rhetoric and conciliatory strategy towards Washington’s arch-rival, the previous Soviet Union, within the backdrop of the raging Chilly Conflict.

Moreover the Cuban missile disaster of 1962, one more reason the Kennedy administration fell from the grace of the deep state was the botched Bay of Pigs invasion by the CIA operatives and the Cuban exiles in April 1961 to topple the federal government of Fidel Castro that JFK authorized however later severely castigated the CIA for the fiasco and sacked CIA director Allen Dulles and a number of other staff. The Pentagon wished Kennedy to right away invade Cuba following the foiled plot however he “vacillated” and let a golden alternative to dismantle a safety menace near the US soil slip by.

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Equally, JFK’s brother Robert F. Kennedy was a number one Democratic candidate for the presidential workplace when he was shot lifeless by a Palestinian Christian Sirhan Sirhan in June 1968. Being a pacifist himself, Bobby Kennedy opposed the US involvement within the Vietnam Conflict and wrote a ebook on the Cuban missile disaster of 1962 through which he credited his brother, JFK, for exhibiting restraint and amicably resolving the disaster.

As the previous lawyer normal of JFK, Bobby most likely had good leads on the masterminds of the JFK assassination, and wished to avenge his brother’s stunning homicide by exposing the assassins after being elected president. This was the principal cause he, too, was silenced earlier than he may very well be elected president.

Although serving a life sentence at a California penitentiary, Bobby Kennedy’s assassin Sirhan, now 77 years outdated, is a suspicious and deranged character, who regularly backtracked on his testimonies and confession throughout and after the trial, had no recollection of the homicide and subsequent occasions, and his protection group had pleaded for a retrial a number of instances however the request was summarily denied. He was because of be launched on parole final August however California Governor Gavin Newsom determined towards setting him free in January.

Likewise, the US safety companies turned towards Richard Nixon after the deep state helped him get elected within the 1968 elections by eliminating his formidable Democratic opponent Robert F. Kennedy and felt betrayed after Nixon determined to finish the Vietnam Conflict.

The Watergate scandal was clearly orchestrated by the deep state, as Nixon was answerable for the Fall of Saigon and the humiliating defeat of the US in Vietnam by the hands of communists. Regardless of the allegation of unlawful wiretapping, nothing was truly recorded on the Democratic Nationwide Committee (DNC) Headquarters.

A further cost was introduced towards Nixon that he had put in voice-activated taping system within the Oval Workplace, which is a customary follow for all of the presidents earlier than and after him, as all of the workplaces within the White Home and the Capitol are identified to be bugged, although solely a handful safety officers have entry to recorded conversations.

Not surprisingly, the perpetrators of clumsy wiretapping try on the DNC headquarters turned out to be former FBI and CIA brokers. All 48 Republican marketing campaign officers who threw Nixon beneath the bus by changing into approvers and testifying towards him had been discovered responsible, however had been handed down mild sentences, starting from fines and a number of other months in jail, excluding Gordon Liddy who served 4 and a half years within the penitentiary and later turned a celeb anchor.

To his credit score, regardless of being a reviled politician within the American political discourse, Nixon ended the US involvement within the Vietnam Conflict in 1973. He additionally ended the army draft the identical yr. Nixon’s historic go to to China in 1972, the primary ever by an American president, ultimately led to the establishing of diplomatic relations between the 2 nations. Buttressing his pacifist credentials additional, he signed the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with the previous Soviet Union the identical yr.

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On October 10, 1972, the “October Shock” on the eve of elections on Nov. 3, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, counting on an nameless supply “Deep Throat” (doubtless a Freudian slip implicating the deep state or may very well be a double entendre much more sinister), subsequently revealed to be an FBI director, reported that the FBI had decided that the Watergate break-in was a part of an enormous marketing campaign of political spying and sabotage on behalf of the Nixon re-election committee.

Though honored as credible “investigative journalists” by mainstream viewers, each Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein had been previously rogue reporters for the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Submit earlier than changing into best-selling creator, and are identified to be unapologetic deep state shills.

In 2019, the Trump administration awarded the Pentagon’s $10 billion cloud computing contract JEDI [5] to Microsoft over its rival Amazon’s bid. Amazon’s proprietor Jeff Bezos contested the choice in federal courtroom, which ordered the Pentagon to rethink sure points of the contract. The contract was subsequently scrapped by the Pentagon final July as a result of controversy.

It’s value recalling the rationale the company media took morbid curiosity within the gory particulars of the grisly assassination of Jamal Khashoggi on the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018 was that Khashoggi was a columnist for the Washington Submit, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man with $200 billion web value and the proprietor of Amazon.

Bezos had a rating to settle [6] with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. Mohammad bin Salman hacked Bezos’ cellphone in Might 2018 and despatched the small print of Bezos’ extramarital affair to the Nationwide Enquirer in January 2019, resulting in Bezos’ spouse MacKenzie Scott divorcing him and taking a good portion, $35.6 billion, of Bezos’ obscene wealth as alimony.

However, the Washington Submit, with its huge community of NATSEC shills getting access to insider accounts of the deep state sources, has a historical past of working in shut collaboration with the CIA, as Bezos gained a $600 million contract [7] in 2013 to host the CIA’s database on the Amazon’s web-hosting service.


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