Ukraine: Exposing Kindergarten Bomb and a doable NATO False-Flag

What is occurring we have no idea, we solely hear a voice. An asylum was…

What is occurring we have no idea, we solely hear a voice. An asylum was bombed within the space of ​​the individuals’s republics inhabited by the Russian populations. It was the Ukrainians who bombed, however all those that learn the newspapers are satisfied that it was bombed by the Russians or pro-Russians.  That is what the Communist Social gathering secretary and former parliamentarian Marco Rizzo throughout this system Stasera Italia broadcast on Rete 4.

I thank him for his model of the info as a result of, albeit with varied inaccuracies, it coincides with what occurred and with my interpretation of the info on the long-awaited, by those that perceive geopolitics and army intelligence, NATO’s False-Flag to set fireplace to the already precarious peace in Ukraine after years of sometimes however repeatedly violated the ceasefire.

Yesterday the authorities of the Breakaway Republics ordered the evacuation of civilians to Russia.

Breakaway Donbass republics order Evacuation after Explosions. Due to NATO Ukraine Conflict is Coming Again!

False-Flag is an exercise triggered by particular departments of the key providers or by paramilitaries affiliated with them aimed toward accusing the “casus belli” vital for the outbreak of a battle.

Essentially the most well-known case of “false flag” was the assassination of the Archduke of the Habsburgs Francesco Ferdinand of Austria-Este on June 28, 1914, who executed the Nice Conflict needed by the Anglo-Italian Freemasons, essentially the most hidden was the Srebrenica bloodbath, with the genocide of 1000’s of Muslims attributed to the Serbian military of President Slobodan Milosevic, essentially the most notorious was the chemical assault in Douma (Syria) the place some kids have been tied up and killed with chlorine fuel by the jihadists of Al Nusra (with the assistance of their confederate’s self-styled rescuers White Helmets) to accuse the armed forces of President Bashar Al Assad.


The opposite day’s bombing of a kindergarten in Stanytsia Luhanska was nearly innocent, with a purpose to stop the worldwide group from discovering the actual perpetrators. Stanytsia Luhanska is a settlement of simply ten thousand souls on the banks of the Seversky Donec River, twenty kilometers to the northeast of Luhansk, inhabited by pro-Ukrainian residents: subsequently hostile to the Separatist Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

However, as in Syria, the presence of worldwide Islamic guerrillas was additionally reported by Russian counter-intelligence within the battle space.

For years the ferocious Sheikh Mansur battalion made up of Chechen jihadists has been working alongside the Ukrainian Nationwide Guard, supported by the media financed by the Hungarian-American Plutarch George Soros, similar to Open Caucasus Media.

Since 2014, the Donbas, wealthy within the fuel coveted by the power firm Burisma, of which the richly paid administrator Hunt Biden (son of the American president Joseph Biden, then deputy of Barack Obama), has been disputed by the federal government of Kyiv, put in after the coup following the bloodbath of the mercenary snipers in Maidan sq., and by the Russian-speaking “rebels” who didn’t settle for the Orange Revolution financed by George Soros and the Western embassies below the occult path of the North Atlantic Risk Group (NATO).

UkraineGate: islamic reporter funded by Obama-Biden and Soros in 2014 coup, now on the high of weapon’s trade

Photographs of that breach within the wall have made the rounds of mainstream newspapers to point out how unhealthy the pro-Russians of Donbas are attributed to the assault in an “emetic” pro-NATO propaganda with no justification. Why would such republics gentle the fuse of a harmful warfare after they obtained official authorization to commerce with neighboring Russia?

«The strain between Russia, Ukraine, and NATO continues to extend by the hour, particularly in gentle of the newest occasions on the border. The Moscow-backed separatists have accused Kyiv of getting opened fireplace within the Donbas whereas Ukraine has accused the separatists of getting began the armed confrontation by shelling an asylum in Stanytsya Luhanska with heavy artillery, injuring two academics» stories a mainstream on-line newspaper.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 5. NWO’s Warfare Plan in opposition to Russia and Counter-Info. CEPA Venture from Washington with NATO-EU & Protection Firms

«We truly know of three individuals who have been injured however solely with minor bruises. After they bombed the kindergarten inside, between 14 and 20 individuals have been current» a mysterious Anatoly declared to the Catholic Italian journal Tempi, additionally referring to different mortar rounds and sending “a photograph of a home destroyed by bombing” in actuality solely with a window body torn off however the partitions magically remained intact …


Confronted with an enormous gap within the wall proper within the kids’s playroom, there have been solely 2/3 barely bruised staff. Happily, one other miracle! A lot in order to guide us to suspect that the outlet, completely clear and concentric, was made with a nineteenth-century cannonball or with many blows of a pickaxe: a few of our army mates report the overall absence of traces of explosion similar to splinters or burn marks. typical of any explosive grenade or fashionable heavy artillery shell.

The exterior a part of the kindergarten which was hit in Stanytsia Luhanska

However that was sufficient for the Atlanticist newspapers to lynch the Donbas “rebels” within the media whereas former parliamentarian Marco Rizzo unexpectedly blamed the Ukrainian military. In all chance, they’re each wrongs as a result of it might have been a typical city guerrilla motion by which the well-trained ISIS and Al Qaeda bombers are masters.

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Those that are shocked by this reference ought to to begin with re-read our earlier report on the tried coup in Kazakhstan however above all of the one, which we’ll talk about intimately later, on the Chechen jihadist fighters in Ukraine.

KAZAKISTAN, TENTATO GOLPE CON TERRORISTI ISLAMICI. Poliziotti Decapitati e Molotov. Nel 2019 Prigionieri ISIS liberati in Asia Centrale dagli USA

In gentle of this overt presence of jihadists, together with International Fighters getting back from Syria and Iraq the place that they had fought for the Islamic State, the alarm reported inside an article by the Russian newspaper RBC (on February, 16, hyperlink on the backside of the web page) by which seems the interview with the pinnacle of the Kremlin’s counter-intelligence.

Preparations for the warfare within the Donbas in Ukraine “are in full swing,” Sergei Naryshkin, director of the Russian International Intelligence Service (SVR), stated in an interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Sergei Naryshkin, director of the SVR, the Moscow counter-intelligence

All, not less than to some extent, the combat-ready models of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Armed Forces of Ukraine – RBC) are focused on the border with Donbas. There’s a large switch of a whole bunch of tons of army gear and ammunition from US bases in Europe, from Nice Britain, and Canada. The contingent of NATO particular forces advisers and instructors is being elevated, ”Naryshkin listed.

In keeping with him, there may be data on the emergence of “multinational detachments of jihadist militants” within the area.

The pinnacle of the SVR additionally introduced the preparation of provocations by the Ukrainian Safety Service (SBU) and the Ukrainian armed forces on the demarcation line and fakes “within the method of the false” white helmets “in Syria”.

Human Organs’ Visitors in Syria ignored by UN: Sana and CBS movies on White Helmets, Al Qaeda & Turkey Crimes

In keeping with Naryshkin, “Western nationalists and mentors” are pushing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to unleash hostilities. “What’s the function? Destroy the individuals’s republics, I suppose. And all this with the purpose of dragging Russia into the intra-Ukrainian battle “, believes the pinnacle of the International Intelligence Service. The pinnacle of state and the Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council of Ukraine, aka the parliament), in his opinion, have misplaced the power to make unbiased choices.

“It’s not within the pursuits of the peoples of Ukraine and Russia that the flames of warfare are raging. The results for everybody, in any case, shall be tough ”, he burdened.

His phrases recall these of the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella who, within the hidden guise of ambassador of the New World Order, on the time of his election introduced to parliament the arrival of winds of warfare and financial disaster, clearly resulting from speculations on the fuel that the specter of warfare in Ukraine is continuous to feed as a result of danger of a drop in provides to Europe.

MATTARELLA AMBASCIATORE NWO: ANNUNCIA CRISI GAS E VENTI DI GUERRA. Biden & NATO già in Azione in Ucraina e Siria contro la Russia

In a tragic paradox, nevertheless, the European Union is blowing on the braziers of the battle additionally because of some Caucasian media which have develop into advocates of the jihadists utilized by the Kyiv authorities to battle within the Donbas since 2014.


This angle of the political authorities in Brussels, additionally house to the NATO headquarters, is just apparently absurd since it’s as an alternative aimed toward a medium-long time period challenge, already began with the well being dictatorship of the pandemic triggered by a constructed SARS-Cov-2 within the laboratory in an affair between the US-Italy Democrats and the Chinese language Communists of the Shanghai Gang of former president Jiang Zemin, by which the middle-class inhabitants should be impoverished and rendered defenseless in opposition to the institution of the New World Order oligarchy.

WUHAN-GATES 43. Shady Conspirators behind Pandemic by Bioweapon. Clinton & Chinese language Exterminator of Tiananmen Sq.

On the similar time, the warfare within the Donbas serves to exacerbate the acrimony of Europeans in opposition to Russia, pointing to it as liable for the fuel disaster, and justifying additional steps ahead in NATO plans for the erosion of the territorial borders of Moscow for additional isolation of the nation. of President Vladimir Putin and the preparation of localized wars deliberate to implement that regime-change tried a number of occasions with the political actions of Alexei Navalny, an alleged agent of the Central Intelligence Company (CIA, US counter-intelligence).

Having made these vital premises, let’s see who’re the jihadists who’ve been working alongside the Ukrainian Nationwide Guard (NGU) for years.

Varied teams of voluntary militias from the Pravyj Sector (Proper Sector) converged into the NGU, together with the notorious Azov Battalion, denounced by Amnesty Worldwide and recognized for the ostentation of neo-Nazi symbols that didn’t stop its militants from receiving the Tavor bullpup assault rifle produced by an Israeli firm of the very energetic Zionist arms foyer.

Italian and Russian Reporters MURDERED in Donbass: No One Responsible! Acquitted NGU’s Warrior who Fought alongside neo-Nazis & ISIS FTFs

The paramilitary Vitaly Markiv additionally militated within the NGU: he was accused after which acquitted of the homicide of Andy Rocchelli, the Pavia photojournalist killed in Donbas on 24 Might 2014, killed in a “mortar capturing” along with the Russian interpreter and photographer Andrei Mironov.

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Why then be shocked if some guerrillas of the Islamic battalion Sheikh Mansur, impressed by a well-known Muslim sheik, have been skilled by Isis and fought facet by facet with the neo-Nazis of Pravy Sector, acquiring the promise of a Kyiv passport with which it will have been straightforward to acquire a visa to enter the European Union.


To focus on the case of the jihadists skilled by the Islamic State was Russia At this time in December 2018 stating some disturbing sentences reported by the British journalist Marc Bennetts within the Occasions.

“He additionally mentions, as soon as in the course of the textual content, that some Chechen fighters in Ukraine admit that they skilled with the Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS / ISIL) in Iraq and Syria. Kyiv, he writes, has no official ties with them, however has been criticized for having turned a blind eye to their actions” wrote RT as reported on the time by Gospa Information.

That is why the very current Moscow intelligence report on the infiltration of Islamic guerrillas within the Donbas should be taken with nice consideration. Particularly since a Caucasian media funded by George Soros and the West revealed an article of their protection a couple of months in the past.

Soros, it ought to be remembered, is a megadonor of the Obama-Biden Democratic Social gathering and a sworn enemy of Putin however he has additionally assumed the paternity of all the colour revolutions from Lebanon to Georgia. After failing the 2004 regime change try in Ukraine, he lastly succeeded in 2014.

Lebanon-Iraq: Christian non secular leaders bless US-CIA, Zionist and Sunni coups below CANVAS acts

«The North Caucasian volunteer fighters of the Sheikh Mansur battalion risked their lives for Ukraine, however now, with out official justification, they’re on a sanctions record with unsure authorized standing. This should finish» wrote in OC Media Aleks Tor, an elusive journalist and political analyst within the post-Soviet house, final December 7, when tensions over Ukraine between NATO and Russia have been already skyrocketing.

«Six months have handed since Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed the sanctions record of Ukraine’s Council of Nationwide Safety and Defence. In contrast to earlier lists, these sanctions lumped collectively pro-Russian channels, enterprise homeowners, worldwide criminals, pro-Russia separatists, and Chechen and Ingush volunteer fighters who’ve fought for Ukraine since 2014.» added the net newspaper.


«For these fighters who battle as a part of the Sheikh Mansur volunteer battalion, presence on this record implies that all of their property are frozen they usually can not dwell a traditional life. Worse nonetheless, whereas a June regulation prevents their deportation to Russia their undefined authorized standing implies that the altering of political winds would possibly imply their deportation to nearly sure torture and dying in FSB dungeons» added the reporter who seems to have made just one article on Open Caucasus Media and lavishes himself in a paean ignoring the alleged affiliations of those jihadist formations with ISIS.

His “suspicious pen” led us to shed some gentle on this on-line newspaper of the identical title from the Soros foundations. «Open Caucasus Media provides you information, commentary, multimedia content material and investigations from the North and South Caucasus, with an in-depth evaluation of the problems, actions, conflicts and folks that form the area» reads the About Us the place, on the backside of so many good intentions, there seems a sequence group of topics already recognized for having supported NATO’s regime-change tasks within the territories of the previous Soviet republics: amongst others Open Society Basis (Soros), British Embassy in Tbilisi, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, European Union, Nationwide Endowment of Democracy (NED).

Western sponsors of Open Caucasus Media

NED is a US company based in 1983 with the said purpose of selling democracy overseas. Though it’s typically known as a non-governmental group, it features as a quasi-autonomous non-governmental group. Funded primarily and yearly by the USA Congress» explains Wikipedia, who then remembers disagreeable accusations.

In 2015, Russian state information company RIA Novosti blamed NED grants for Euromaidan’s mass protests that pressured Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to flee. In July 2015, the Russian authorities declared NED an “undesirable” NGO, making it the primary group banned below the Russian regulation on undesirable organizations signed two months earlier by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In 2019, the federal government of China sanctioned the NED in response to the USA Congressional approval of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. The Chinese language authorities stated the NED and the CIA labored in tandem to foment secretly the protests in Hong Kong of 2019-2020, and that the NED acted as a entrance of US intelligence».


These are males who misplaced family members and family members within the warfare with Russia and got here to Ukraine to guard it. For a lot of, this was a ‘return of debt to Ukraine’, whose residents, in 1994, volunteered to battle and die for the independence and freedom of the Chechen Republic. They’ve risked their lives and fought for Ukraine with no expectation of awards, official paperwork, or cash in return. For them to be handled like that is nothing lower than shameful OC Media’s mysterious Tor (or troll?) nonetheless stories on the Sheikh Mansur jihadist battalion.

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OC Media’s article that includes Cheberloevsky’s picture. Chechen commander of Sheikh Mansur battalion

In keeping with Muslim Cheberloevsky, the commander of the Sheikh Mansur battalion, on the very starting of the battle in japanese Ukraine, he declared zero tolerance in direction of criminals in his ranks. Fighters who have been caught and even suspected of committing legal acts have been expelled from the battalion.

Right here is the surprising conclusion from the Soros-funded Open Caucasus media: «Regardless of this, Ukrainian regulation enforcement businesses and a few media retailers would luridly describe the main points of crimes the place Sheikh Mansur fighters had suspected involvement and place specific emphasis on the doable participation of the fighters. Studying such stories, one would get the impression that the people liable for the crime had come recent from the trenches close to Mariupol in full uniform. The truth that that they had gotten expelled from the battalion a yr or two in the past was conveniently omitted of the narrative».

«In actuality, not a single energetic fighter of the battalion has ever been criminally convicted — regardless of quite a few arrests and accusations from the Ukrainian Ministry of Inner Affairs. Fortunately, Ukraine has a civil society and patriotic politicians who, to the shock of Ukrainian authorities, stood as much as defend the Chechen volunteers. They raised a colossal outcry in protection of the lads of the Sheikh Mansur battalion».