Ukraine Behind the Wall of Propaganda

It occurred nearly in a single day. After two years of COVID dominating the world’s…

It occurred nearly in a single day. After two years of COVID dominating the world’s headlines, Ukraine seamlessly took middle stage.

Like most People, I’m not an “skilled” on Ukraine. However sufficient data has gathered to kind some conclusions primarily based on a “preponderance of proof.”

The situation has been depicted in mainstream media as nothing greater than an “unprovoked” invasion by Russia. Moreover, it was a David vs. Goliad match, and practically everybody likes to root for the underdog.  Putin was a Hitler, a mad canine bent on world conquest; Ukraine would solely be his first ambition. Right here is how The Economist portrayed him on its cowl:

AOL selected to match him to Stalin:


The American authorities’s response was no much less theatrical. As with the media, no try was made to truly examine Russia’s motives or to listen to their facet of the story. Usually, step one to take, when one other nation misbehaves, is diplomacy. However there was no effort to barter. As a substitute, the swift response of the US and its allies, was sanctions, adopted briefly order by direct navy assist to Ukraine.

As we’ll see, nevertheless:

• For the reason that CIA-backed coup of 2014, which overthrew the legitimately elected President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych (who had refused loans from the IMF), the Ukrainian authorities has been a puppet of the West.

Russia’s intervention in Ukraine was justified on a number of premises:

• When the Soviet Union broke up in 1991, it was assured that NATO wouldn’t transfer additional East. However NATO repeatedly broke its promise. Ukraine is now a NATO accomplice, and was scheduled to change into a full NATO member. Since Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had requested nuclear weapons, this represented a safety menace to Russia on its instant border.

• As now admitted by the U.S., some 30 U.S. biolabs had been working in Ukraine, many engaged on harmful pathogens, representing an extra menace to Russian safety.

• Ukrainian forces had been committing atrocities in opposition to civilians in Jap Ukraine, particularly ethnic Russians, and the territory of Donbass had formally requested help from Russia.

• Russian forces are transferring slowly in Ukraine—not as a result of they’re weak (as claimed by the U.S. media) however as a result of they need to protect Ukraine’s infrastructure and are involved solely with confronting hostile navy forces, not civilians. However there’s rather more. Dangle on. This text will encompass textual content, graphics, and movies; many of the latter are very brief (1 or 2 minutes). I’ve famous the size of every. The general video content material might make this submit sluggish to load for a couple of individuals, relying on their gadget and Web connection. If a video doesn’t play on the primary click on, click on once more.

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The West Has a Brief Reminiscence: America’s/NATO’S Struggle Historical past

Anybody caught up within the present TV battle propaganda ought to bear in mind what Common Wesley Clark revealed he was advised on the Pentagon after 9/11. 2 minutes.

In accord with what Clark was advised, the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003, allegedly over weapons of mass destruction, which it turned out didn’t exist, harking back to the 1991 invasion of Iraq that was fought following pretend information that Iraqi troopers had been throwing Kuwaiti infants out of incubators. That first battle was adopted by sanctions on Iraq that resulted within the demise of half one million youngsters. And who might overlook the previous Secretary of State, the late Madeline Albright, telling Sixty Minutes “the worth is value it.” 1 minute.

Regardless of there being no Weapons of Mass Destruction, the 2003 Iraq Struggle continued for a couple of decade. The irony right here is that, whereas Russia is combating on its border, the US, beneath false pretenses, was invading a rustic midway all over the world. But, as Candace Owens observes, nobody positioned sanctions on the US.

There was additionally, after all, the 20-year battle In Afghanistan, which continued lengthy after the alleged 2011 demise of Osama Bin Laden (the pursuit of whom was the battle’s authentic pretext). Then there was NATO’s 2011 huge bombing of Libya, which, till then, had Africa’s highest GDP per capita, highest life expectancy, and a literacy price of 88 p.c.1 NATO’s marketing campaign included backing terrorist insurgents, and the nation has been in desolation ever since.

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Then there was Trump’s launching of cruise missiles in opposition to Syria in 2017 and 2018, primarily based on false allegations that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had used chemical weapons on his personal individuals. And the supplying of weapons to Saudi Arabia for its cruel battle on Yemen, the place tens of millions are threatened with hunger.




So we’re combating for freedom and to “shield our nationwide safety” once we invade and bomb nations hundreds of miles and oceans away, but Russia is “the unhealthy man” once they intervene in a rustic on their border.

I gave a public PowerPoint in 2019 summarizing the deceptions which have been used to deliver America into wars, going again to the Spanish-American Struggle of 1898.

As Jesus mentioned, take away the plank in your personal eye earlier than you take away the speck in another person’s. (Matthew 7:3-5)

Putin Speaks/ Russia’s Intentions

There has all the time been controversy about Vladimir Putin within the various media, as as to if he’s a real opponent of the New World Order globalists or simply one other actor of their sport.  On the one hand, he did play ball with the COVID narrative, and Russia applied masks mandates and inspired (however didn’t require) vaccination. However, Russia has been in a Christian revival for the reason that collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, homosexual parades and different types of political correctness are disallowed, and Putin has commented up to now on the decline of Christianity and ethical values within the West (remarks we’d lengthy to see our personal leaders say). 2 minutes. (Bear in mind: You could have to click on on a video a second time for it to play.)

Putin explains that NATO, after promising to not broaden “one inch” additional to the East, has damaged that pledge, and that Russia can’t have nuclear weapons posted straight on its borders. He asks how People would really feel if Russia put nukes on the Canadian or Mexican borders of the U.S.  Additionally feedback on Ukraine being separated from Russia by Lenin. 2 minutes.

On this 2-minute clip, Putin, in a Zoom-like convention, elaborates on Russia’s causes for intervening in Ukraine, together with the abuses of residents in Donbass (an Jap portion of Ukraine), Ukraine’s resolve to enter NATO (bringing nuclear weapons to Russia’s border) and the harmful biolabs. 2 minutes.

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Within the subsequent video, Putin explains that Donbass had appealed to Russia for assist and reaffirms that Russia has no intention of occupying Ukraine. 2 minutes.

Putin addresses rising power prices within the West: their governments try in charge us for his or her errors. 1 minute.

Addressing Western residents, Putin drops some fact bombs. 1 minute.

Putin means enterprise. Russia’s response shall be swift to those that intrude. 1 minute.

Lastly, Putin warns Western leaders to again off
of their plan of world depopulation and denounces the lies of the Western mainstream media. I’ve by no means seen a Deep State participant denounce the depopulation agenda (or, as within the first video above, the decline of our ethical values). If Putin is simply an actor, I want we had extra such “actors” within the West. 1 minute.

Subsequent, footage from Ukraine you received’t see within the information. A Russian colonel reassures Ukrainian residents, telling them the right way to attain security and assist. 1 minute.

And right here Russian troopers are reported to be giving out humanitarian assist within the liberated Borodyansky district of Kiev. These are cereals, canned meat and fish, confectionery and bakery merchandise, sweets and bottled consuming water. Help was mentioned to have amounted to about 40 tons on the time of this video.  1 minute.


Russians seize U.S. weapons in Ukraine. This was earlier than the U.S. navy assist bundle that adopted Zelensky’s speech to Congress. 1 minute.

The Western media has proven nearly no real interest in what Putin has truly needed to say in regards to the causes for the Ukraine intervention. His February 24 speech, addressed to each Russians and Ukrainians, has been closely censored within the West—very presumably as a result of it uncovered NATO’s lengthy historical past of atrocious navy assaults. However the full textual content of the speech, in addition to the video of it, might be discovered on Dr. James Fetzer’s web site.  Learn extra…

Ukraine: Behind the Wall of Propaganda