Ukraine Bear Lure: Neo-Nazis, Syrian Jihadists and Hybrid Warfare

In addition to offering deadly drone warfare know-how to Ukraine and shutting Bosphorus straits to…

In addition to offering deadly drone warfare know-how to Ukraine and shutting Bosphorus straits to warships, successfully blockading Russia’s Black Sea fleet and slicing it off from the Mediterranean fleet, Turkish President Erdogan has additionally reportedly launched Syria’s battle-hardened militants to the Ukraine battle.

In the course of the neo-Ottoman Sultan’s official go to to Ukraine final month following the escalation of hostilities, promoting and co-producing Turkish-made drones to Ukraine’s safety forces was publicly mentioned between the 2 delegations, however in secret negotiations between safety officers of Turkey and Ukraine, Ankara additionally pledged to dispatch Syrian mercenaries to Ukraine.

Quite a few brigades of neo-Nazis combating alongside Ukraine’s safety forces, particularly within the Russian-majority Donbas area, is a documented reality. However introducing Syrian militant teams to Ukraine’s proxy battle is a brand new improvement that may additional worsen the already complicated hybrid warfare in Ukraine.

The foremost purpose a number of contingents of Ramzan Kadyrov’s Chechen forces are collaborating within the Ukraine battle alongside Russia’s safety forces is to seek out Kadyrov’s ideological rivals, the Islamic jihadists. A number of contingents of Syrian militant teams had already left for Ukraine and had been collaborating in among the most hard-fought battles in opposition to Russian safety forces north of Kyiv and in Kharkiv and Mariupol and the remaining had been on their manner, in response to Turkish safety officers who spoke with the correspondent on the situation of anonymity as they weren’t licensed to talk.

One of many principal causes the Russian armored corps has misplaced so many tanks and armored personnel carriers throughout the week-long offensive is that Syrian mercenaries are particularly expert at utilizing Javelin anti-tank weapons—which they dubbed “the Assad-tamer” throughout Syria’s decade-long battle—as they had been educated in using American-made TOW anti-tank munitions by Turkish safety officers throughout the CIA’s Operation Timber Sycamore and the Pentagon’s $500 million train-and-equip applications to offer guerrilla warfare coaching and deadly weaponry to rebels battling the Syrian authorities on the coaching camps situated at border areas of Turkey and Jordan.

Regardless of having immense firepower at its disposal that might readily flip the tide in conflicts as protracted as Syria’s proxy battle, the Russian advance in Ukraine has been slower than anticipated in response to most estimates as a result of Kremlin is doing all it might to reduce collateral harm, significantly pointless civilian losses within the former Soviet republic whose majority inhabitants is sympathetic to Russia.

A lot in order that on Tuesday, March 1, Russia even gave a sophisticated warning earlier than hanging Ukraine’s Safety Service (SSU) headquarter and the primary middle for info and psychological operations in Kyiv to keep away from civilian casualties. To this point, Russian safety forces have solely focused navy installations and battalions of combatants posing an imminent hazard to Russian troops.

Slightly than mitigating struggling of Ukraine’s disenfranchised plenty held hostage by the Volodymyr Zelensky-led oligarchy, the self-styled champions of human rights are doing all they’ll to lure Russia into their “bear lure undertaking,” a time period borrowed from the Soviet-Afghan Warfare of the eighties when Western regimes used Pakistan’s safety forces and beneficiant funding from the oil-rich Gulf States for offering guerrilla warfare coaching and deadly weaponry to Afghan jihadists to “bleed the safety forces” of former Soviet Union within the protracted battle.

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Of the $10 billion humanitarian and navy help for Ukraine introduced by the Biden administration, the highest brass of the Pentagon is reportedly making preparations for allocating significant slice of the funds for offering navy coaching and arms to over half one million refugees who’ve fled Ukraine following the battle.

The Machiavellian plan of NATO’s navy strategists is to determine refugee settlements with the “humanitarian help” within the border areas of Ukraine’s neighboring nations Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, after which present guerrilla warfare coaching and deadly arms to all able-bodied males of navy age with a purpose to “bleed Russia’s safety forces” within the ensuing irregular warfare as soon as Kyiv falls to advancing “40-mile-long” column of Russian tanks and heavy artillery from the north.

Western military-industrial complicated is a flourishing business. It not solely sells armaments to “pleasant regimes” but in addition supplies “gainful employment” to myriad militant teams throughout the globe to destabilize adversaries.

As for NATO’s “gracious favor” of deciding not trying to implement no-fly zone over Ukraine, which is being propagated as a “concession to Russia” and “peaceable intentions” of the trans-Atlantic navy alliance by the company media, it’s price mentioning that no-fly zones might solely be enforced in opposition to Third World nations, corresponding to Gaddafi’s Libya or Saddam’s Iraq, whose air forces solely had a number of dozen creaking outdated plane purchased in scrap following the Second World Warfare.

Although it stretches credulity, even when NATO decides to impose no-fly zone over Ukraine, who’s going to implement the unattainable determination. If something, Russia is now going to implement no-fly zone for hostile plane in Ukraine’s airspace by deploying S-400 missile protection techniques following the upcoming fall of Kyiv. Taking a backseat within the Ukraine battle by the NATO powers isn’t a “goodwill gesture” to Russia, quite it’s a difficulty of missing navy capability to confront resurgent Russia below Putin’s astute management.

How ironic that regardless of investing trillions of {dollars} over a long time on their deadly military-industrial complicated, all the worldwide bullies might do is sow chaos and mayhem throughout the Third World however are left with no different alternative than turning the proverbial different cheek when confronted with equal navy powers, corresponding to Russia and China.

Concerning the neo-Ottoman Sultan’s determination of introducing Syrian mercenaries as cannon fodder within the Ukraine battle, it’s price recalling that throughout the 4 years of the Trump presidency, Erdogan acted with impunity in regional conflicts, from Syria and Libya to Nagorno-Karabakh in Azerbaijan, as a result of he had cast a private bonhomie with Donald Trump, as Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was a enterprise companion of Erdogan’s son-in-law and former finance minister of Turkey Berat Albayrak, who was summarily dismissed from the ministry as quickly as Trump misplaced the US presidential election in November 2020. Biden tightened the screws on Erdogan after being elected president, and now the “Turkish strongmen” is bending over backwards to reconcile with the Biden administration to regain his misplaced worldwide status.

In addition to mounting a number of navy incursions into northern Syria and illegally occupying northwestern enclaves Idlib and Afrin and several other strategic areas east of Euphrates, Erdogan additionally despatched hundreds of Syrian jihadists, drones and navy {hardware} in help of the Tripoli authorities in opposition to jap Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar’s navy marketing campaign in western Libya lasting from April 2019 to June 2020. After defeating Haftar’s forces in Tripoli, Turkish proxies had set their sights on Sirte however a peace course of involving worldwide mediators has since begun.

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Equally, throughout the Nagorno-Karabakh battle between Armenia and Azerbaijan that lasted from September to November 2020, Armenia’s ambassador to Moscow alleged that Turkey had despatched hundreds of fighters from northern Syria to Azerbaijan. Armenia additionally accused that Turkish navy consultants had fought alongside Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh, and that Turkey had supplied drones and warplanes.

Two Syrian fighters, from Turkish-backed insurgent teams in areas of northern Syria below Turkish management, instructed Reuters [1] in Oct. 2020 they had been deploying to Azerbaijan in coordination with Ankara. “I didn’t wish to go, however I don’t have any cash. Life could be very exhausting and poor,” mentioned a fighter who had fought in Syria for Ahrar al-Sham, a jihadist group that Turkey has supported.

Each males mentioned they’d been instructed by their Syrian brigade commanders they’d earn round $1,500 a month – a considerable earnings for Syria, the place the economic system and foreign money have collapsed, due to Washington’s sanction and for squatting over huge oil and fuel reserves in jap Syria in collaboration with Kurds.

The fighter mentioned he had organized his task with an official from the Turkish-backed Syrian Nationwide Military (SNA) in Afrin, a area of northwest Syria seized by Turkey and its Syrian insurgent allies. The opposite fighter, from the SNA-affiliated Jaish al-Nukhba militia, mentioned he had been instructed hundreds of Syrian militants had been set to be deployed to Azerbaijan.

The irony is that the majority the militant teams that had fought in opposition to the Bashar al-Assad authorities throughout the decade-long battle had been Sunni jihadists, whereas Azerbaijan is an ethnically Turkic, Shiite-majority nation. So virtually, these jihadist mercenaries had fought within the Nagorno-Karabakh battle alongside their sworn enemies in Syria’s proxy battle.

Slightly than ideological convergence, Turkish help for Azerbaijan within the Nagorno-Karabakh battle, nonetheless, was about private camaraderie between Erdogan and Ilham Aliyev, the longtime eccentric autocrat of Azerbaijan. Missing grassroots help, Aliyev inherited the presidency from his father in 2003 and have become a laughing inventory when he appointed his trophy spouse because the vp of the nation.

16% of Iran’s 83 million inhabitants is Azeri, which clearly sympathized with their co-religionists throughout the proxy battle in Syria. However, in opposition to the desires and spiritual sentiments of the native Azeri folks, Aliyev supplied materials help to jihadists in Syria on the behest of his Turkish patron Erdogan.

Concerning Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev’s help to Turkey-backed militants in Syria’s proxy battle, a Bulgarian investigative reporter Dilyana Gaytandzhieva authored a report [2] for Bulgaria’s nationwide newspaper Trud Information in August 2017 which discovered that an Azerbaijan state airline firm, Silk Means Airways, commonly transported weapons to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey below diplomatic cowl as a part of the CIA covert program to produce weapons to militant teams in Syria. Gaytandzhieva documented 350 such “diplomatic flights” and was subsequently sacked from her job for uncovering the story.

Equally, a joint investigation by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Community (BIRN) and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Mission (OCCRP) uncovered [3] the Pentagon’s $2.2 billion arms pipeline to the Syrian militants.

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It’s pertinent to notice that $2.2 billion was earmarked solely by Washington for coaching and arming the Syrian militants, and tens of billions of {dollars} price [4] weapons and ammunition that the oil-rich Gulf States pumped into Syria’s proxy battle haven’t been documented by anyone thus far.

However, Turkish militarist coverage of introducing Syrian mercenaries to the Ukraine battle is the end result of a long-running feud between two strongmen, Erdogan and Putin, who’ve beforehand crossed swords lending navy help to opposing militant factions in Syria, Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh.

In an effort to please his NATO patrons, Erdogan even wished to militarily intervene within the Afghanistan battle by providing to safe Kabul airport following the announcement of withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan by the Biden administration, and by lending navy help to ethnically Turkic Uzbek militants within the Northern Alliance.

Uzbek warlord Rashid Dostum sojourning in Istanbul didn’t voluntarily return to Afghanistan endangering his life on the eve of evacuation of US forces. He was persuaded by his Turkish patron Erdogan to guide the primary contingent of battle-hardened Syrian mercenaries who had been ordered to organize for his or her subsequent task combating for Northern Alliance comprising Uzbeks, Tajiks and Hazaras in opposition to the Pashtun-led Taliban in Afghanistan.

In addition to Syrian militants, there are additionally numerous Afghan refugees residing in Turkey who had been detained over the past decade whereas fleeing the Afghan civil battle to hunt financial alternatives in Europe. It wouldn’t be shocking if Turkish safety forces had made comparable $1,500 a month supply to determined Afghan refugees to battle alongside the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan.

In truth, Turkey’s former Chief of the Common Workers and present Protection Minister Hulusi Akar visited Islamabad in August, probably sensing the temper in Islamabad as to how it might react to deployment of Turkish proxies within the Afghan civil battle. However the precipitous fall of Kabul on August 15 was so sudden that solely did it take most navy strategists unexpectedly but in addition scuttled Turkish plans of sending proxies to buttress the Northern Alliance.

Being Islamists themselves and out of deference for Erdogan’s self-avowed credentials because the chief of the Islamic World, the diplo-Taliban subsequently requested Turkey to assist the nascent authorities managing the Kabul airport. However the megalomaniac contemptuously shunned them as ragtag militants too far beneath the lofty stature of the neo-Ottoman Sultan and Washington’s NATO ally. Now Qatar and UAE are jostling for the strategically vital contract to run the airport.


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Nauman Sadiq is an Islamabad-based geopolitical and nationwide safety analyst centered on geo-strategic affairs and hybrid warfare within the Af-Pak and Center East areas. His domains of experience embrace neocolonialism, military-industrial complicated and petro-imperialism. He’s a daily contributor of diligently researched investigative experiences to different information media.