Ukraine Battle and Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) Doctrine

In a three-pronged blitz from the north, east and south, Russian floor forces, backed by…

In a three-pronged blitz from the north, east and south, Russian floor forces, backed by shut air assist and volleys of cruise missiles launched from ships, have overrun Ukraine and laid siege to the capital, Kyiv, whose impending fall is days away, harking back to precipitous fall of Kabul final August with Chinook helicopters hovering over US embassy evacuating diplomatic employees to the airport.

Chairman Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley squeamishly described the Kabul takeover in his historic Congressional testimony that couple of hundred Pashtun cowboys driving motorbikes and brandishing Kalashnikovs overran Kabul with no shot being fired, and the world’s most deadly army drive fled with tail neatly folded between legs, rapidly evacuating diplomatic employees from sprawling 36-acre US embassy in Chinook helicopters to airport secured by the insurgents.

Other than indiscriminate B-52 bombing raids mounted by People, Afghan safety forces didn’t put up severe resistance wherever in Afghanistan and easily surrendered territory to the Taliban. The destiny of Afghanistan was sealed as quickly because the US forces evacuated Bagram airbase within the useless of the evening on July 1, six weeks earlier than the inevitable fall of Kabul on August 15.

The sprawling Bagram airbase was the nerve middle from the place all of the operations throughout Afghanistan have been directed, particularly the important air assist to the US-backed Afghan safety forces with out which they have been merely irregular militias ready to be devoured by the wolves.

In southern Afghanistan, the normal stronghold of the Pashtun ethnic group from which the Taliban attracts most of its assist, the Taliban army offensive was spearheaded by Mullah Yaqoob, the son of the Taliban’s late founder Mullah Omar and the newly appointed protection minister of the Taliban authorities, as district after district in southwest Afghanistan, together with the birthplace of the Taliban motion Kandahar and Helmand, fell in fast succession.

What has surprised army strategists and longtime observers of the Afghan battle, although, was the Taliban’s northern blitz, occupying virtually the entire of northern Afghanistan in a matter of weeks, as northern Afghanistan was the bastion of the Northern Alliance comprising the Tajik and Uzbek ethnic teams. Lately, nonetheless, the Taliban has made inroads into the heartland of the Northern Alliance, too.

The ignominious fall of Kabul clearly demonstrates the times of American hegemony over the world are numbered. If ragtag Taliban militants might liberate their homeland from imperialist clutches with no combat, think about what would occur if it confronted equal army powers equivalent to Russia and China. The much-touted fable of American army supremacy is clearly extra psychological than actual.

Though reducing a dashing determine sporting army fatigues and urging compatriots to stand up in arms in opposition to “Russian invaders” in a sentimental deal with whereas on the identical time pandering to NATO patrons to supply army help and impose harshest sanctions on the Kremlin, the destiny of Ukraine’s comic president, Volodymyr Zelensky, can be no completely different from deposed president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, who fled to neighboring Tajikistan on the eve of the Taliban invasion with suitcases stashed with $69 million stolen money and is now comfortably sojourning within the UAE.

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In distinction, in a televised deal with to the nation following the Ukraine intervention, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin uttered a chilling warning to adversaries: “Whoever tries to impede us, not to mention create threats for our nation and its folks, should know that the Russian response might be speedy and result in the implications you might have by no means seen in historical past.”

Warships are transiting the Mediterranean Sea and close by waters in numbers hardly ever seen [1] in current many years, including one other dimension to the continued tensions between NATO and Russia. The USS Harry S. Truman service strike group arrived in mid-December as a part of a long-planned deployment. One other 4 destroyers started working within the European theater in mid-January and early February.

Though the US hardly ever declares submarine deployments, it is also frequent for service teams to have undersea assist. The size of US ships deployed to sixth Fleet is spectacular — together with about 12 destroyers and at the very least one cruiser.

The Truman sailed with the French Charles de Gaulle and the Italian Cavour service strike teams. The three service strike teams crusing collectively within the Mediterranean not solely was uncommon but in addition a major present of NATO energy.

The Russian Protection Ministry introduced earlier this month it quickly would ship warships — some with Kalibr and hypersonic Oniks cruise missile capabilities — from its Caspian Sea flotilla to the Mediterranean and Black seas.

That’s along with at the very least six Russian amphibious assault ships from the Baltic and Northern fleets that just lately sailed via the Mediterranean earlier than getting into the Black Sea for army workouts. A Russian Kilo-class submarine armed with Kalibr cruise missiles and a patrol ship additionally entered the Black Sea.

NATO mentioned earlier this month that their Russian counterparts had carried out themselves professionally at sea. However CNN reported {that a} Navy P-8 maritime patrol airplane had a “very shut” encounter with a number of Russian jets, which US officers described as unsafe.

With the sheer scale of naval deployments by the either side, it’s apparent that any inadvertent skirmish might set off an apocalypse that will not solely be perilous for the belligerents but in addition for the broader world.

On the peak of the Chilly Battle within the sixties, Russia exploded the world’s largest 50-megaton thermonuclear Tsar Bomba in October, 1961. A Tupolev Tu-95V plane took off with the bomb weighing 27 tons. The bomb was hooked up to a big parachute, which gave the discharge and observer planes time to fly about 45 km away from floor zero, giving them a 50 % probability of survival.

The bomb was launched from a peak of 10,500 meters on a take a look at goal at Sukhoy Nos cape within the Barents Sea. The bomb detonated on the peak of 4,200 meters above floor. Nonetheless, the shock wave caught up with the Tu-95V at a distance of 115 km and the Tu-16 at 205 km. The Tu-95V dropped 1 kilometer within the air due to the shock wave however was capable of recuperate and land safely.

The 8-km-wide fireball reached almost as excessive because the altitude of the discharge airplane and was seen at virtually 1,000 km away. The mushroom cloud was about 67 km excessive. A seismic wave within the earth’s crust, generated by the shock wave of the explosion, circled the globe 3 times. Glass shattered in home windows 780 km from the explosion in a village on Dikson Island.

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All buildings within the village of Severny, each wood and brick, positioned 55 km from floor zero throughout the Sukhoy Nos take a look at vary, have been destroyed. In districts a whole bunch of kilometers from floor zero, wood homes have been destroyed, stone ones misplaced their roofs, home windows, and doorways. Atmospheric focusing triggered blast injury at even higher distances, breaking home windows in Norway and Finland.

In accordance with an Oct. 2017 Turkish parliament report [2], there have been round 15,000 nuclear warheads at 107 websites in 14 nations, and 93 % of the world’s nuclear weapons belonged to Russia and the US. Russia had 7,000 nuclear weapons, the US 6,800, France 300, China 260, Britain 215, Pakistan 130, India 120, Israel 80 and North Korea had 10 nuclear weapons.

It added that some 4,150 of the weapons in arsenals have been prepared for use at any minute, whereas 1,800 have been in “excessive alarm” standing, which meant they could possibly be ready to be used in a brief time frame.

The report additionally famous that nuclear weapons belonging to the US have been deployed in 5 NATO member states that didn’t themselves have developed nuclear applications. “There are almost 150 US nuclear weapons in six air bases in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey,” it added.

In the course of the Chilly Battle, the US positioned nuclear weapons in NATO nations, together with Turkey, as a part of the group’s nuclear sharing program. A number of the nuclear weapons positioned within the Nineteen Sixties are nonetheless deployed in Turkey.

The protection of fifty American B-61 hydrogen bombs deployed at Incirlik airbase in Turkey turned a matter of actual concern through the foiled July 2016 coup plot in opposition to the Erdogan authorities after the commander of the Incirlik airbase, Basic Bekir Ercan Van, together with 9 different officers have been arrested for supporting the coup; motion out and in of the bottom was denied, energy provide was reduce off and the safety menace stage was raised to the best state of alert, based on a report [3] by Eric Schlosser for the New Yorker.

Following the Second World Battle, the covert Operation Paperclip was launched wherein greater than 1,600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians, together with Wernher von Braun and his V-2 rocket workforce, have been kidnapped from Germany and shuttled to the US. The V-2 rocket program was later tailored to ship Apollo missions to the moon. Thus, the US nuclear and ballistic missile applications have been really stolen from the Nazi Germany.

However, the mainstream reporting these days appears prosaic screeds extolling the virtues of patriotism and loyalty to the “Western democracy” and striving desperately exhausting to reveal imaginary plots hatched by “vile dictators,” notably Russian President Vladimir Putin, to take undue benefit of “gullible patsies” within the various information media unwittingly taking part in the position of Putin’s “helpful idiots.”

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After sufficiently proving their loyalty to the “American democracy” and the US-led “benevolent imperialism” that has ended “the age of darkness” within the post-colonial world and ushered it into “the age of enlightenment” underneath Washington’s neocolonial tutelage, the spin-doctors go on to attract the eye of the readers to the deceptive notion that because the catastrophic Second World Battle, the Ukraine intervention is the primary ever battle in Europe within the residing reminiscence.

It’s value recalling that the devastating Yugoslav Wars within the nineties within the aftermath of the break-up of the previous Soviet Union after which the previous Yugoslavia claimed hundreds of fatalities, created a humanitarian disaster and unleashed a flood of refugees for which no person is guilty however Washington’s militarist coverage of subjugating and forcibly integrating East European states into the Western capitalist bloc.

By the way, one of many main causes Putin defensively intervened in Ukraine is to save lots of himself from the destiny that befell his predecessors, Gorbachev and Yeltsin, who presided over the disintegration of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia and are judged harshly by Russian plenty in addition to the Leftists world wide.

Biden permitted on Thursday, Feb. 24, a further 7,000 US troops [4] to be deployed to Germany, bringing the entire variety of American forces despatched to Europe to 12,000 this month, together with troops beforehand deployed to Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. Apart from Ukraine, all these states on Russia’s western flank have been its staunch allies and the entire Jap Europe was once within the Russian sphere of affect, not too way back, earlier than the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991.

However at present, the perfidious East European states are internet hosting hundreds of NATO troops, strategic armaments, nuclear-capable missiles and air drive squadrons aimed toward Russia, and the NATO forces alongside the regional purchasers are provocatively exercising so-called “freedom of navigation” proper within the Black Sea and conducting joint army workouts and naval drills meant to intimidate Russia into submission.

Who’s the aggressor right here? Earlier than trying to reply the rhetorical query, keep in mind that Ukraine is Russia’s yard whereas the space between New York and Kyiv is over 7,500 kilometers. Wouldn’t it’s a reason behind immense consternation for the US army strategists and policy-makers if Russia or China deployed intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear-capable strategic bombers and provocatively exercised “freedom of navigation” proper by deploying nuclear submarines within the Gulf of Mexico straddling the US borders?


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