To Denazify Ukraine, Russia (and Individuals) Should Denazify USA

One of the vital essential tales we lined on this week’s False Flag Weekly Information…

One of the vital essential tales we lined on this week’s False Flag Weekly Information was Scott Ritter’s postmortem on section considered one of Russia’s Particular Navy Operation in Ukraine. As Ritter writes, and the mainstream media admits, Russia is near reaching its first intention, the whole liberation of the Donbas.

The subsequent section, “denazification and demilitarization,” will likely be tougher. Ritter:

Denazification…has an essential political element that, in the meanwhile, is just not being addressed by Russia’s army operation, particularly the continued existence of Ukraine’s far-right and neo-Nazi political events at a time when all different political exercise has been shut down underneath martial regulation.

If something, the “Nazification” of Ukrainian political life has expanded exponentially since Russia’s invasion, with Ukraine extra underneath the affect of the ideology of Stepan Bandera, the Ukrainian nationalist whose followers killed a whole lot of hundreds of Jews, Gypsies, Poles, and Russians whereas preventing alongside Nazi Germany in World Battle Two…

True denazification, in my opinion, would require Russia to take away the Zelensky authorities from energy and change it with new political management that can aggressively maintain the Russian goal of eradicating neo-Nazi ideology in Ukraine. To this point there isn’t any indication that that could be a Russian goal.

Ritter’s level is properly taken. However I might argue that Russia’s actual drawback is just not a lot the Nazified Ukraine because the Nazified USA. It was, in any case, the US secret companies that rescued Ukrainian and different nazis after World Battle II and weaponized them towards Russia. And it was the US authorities that sponsored the 2014 Maidan coup that put in US-trained neo-nazis as the actual energy behind Ukraine’s sham democracy.

Many readers will little doubt object that Ukraine’s varied ultra-nationalist Russophobic sects will not be carbon copies of the Hitler-era German Nazi occasion; and that the USA, removed from being Nazified, is dominated by ethnic Jews and by a fanatical anti-Nazi ideology that demonizes Hitler and worships the Holocaust. For these readers, Putin’s calls to denazify Ukraine are doubtful, and my name to denazify America should sound ridiculous.

So let’s outline our phrases. I’m clearly not asserting that greater than 10% of Ukrainians, or greater than 1% of Individuals, are in love with Adolf Hitler. I’m utilizing the phrase nazi with a small n (as distinguished from the German big-N Nazis underneath Hitler) to indicate a sure household resemblance, not an absolute identification.

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In Ukraine, that household resemblance is apparent. Many Ukrainian neo-Nazi teams, together with the West’s beloved Azov Brigade, do lionize Hitler, brandish swastikas, and goose step round as in the event that they had been auditioning for minor roles in a remake of The Producers. Moreover, a substantial portion of the 55% of Ukrainians whose mom tongue is Ukrainian (and maybe even a number of among the many 45% who converse Russian) have caught the ultra-nationalist Russophobic bug from the Azov nazis. These folks now hate all issues Russian with what one may name naziesque fanaticism.

However the US authorities, which mainly manufactured your complete Ukrainian neo-nazi phenomenon (in the identical manner it manufactured “Islamic extremism,” by spending huge quantities of cash and energy utilizing folks’s real grievances and conventional hatreds as a lever to incite them to lunacy) doesn’t look nazi. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Anthony Blinken, the Kagan household, and different shapers of US Ukraine coverage don’t goose-step round waving swastikas.

Within the USA, in contrast to in Ukraine, the nazi aspect is well-hidden. To find it, we have to unpack the political philosophy of neoconservatism, which is, actually, a predominantly Jewish model of neo-nazism.

Anybody who says Jews can’t be nazis (as is commonly stated of Zelensky) should not have heard of Leo Strauss, the founding father of neoconservatism. Strauss, as his most ready explicator Shadia Drury explains, was the highest pupil of the main German Nazi thinker, Carl Schmitt, who taught that politics is the science of enmity, consisting of uniting folks in hatred of an inner or exterior foe. Schmitt taught that politicians ought to whip up hatreds of actual, fabricated, or imaginary enemies whereas utilizing crises as excuses to droop civil liberties and take drastic measures that individuals would in any other case by no means settle for.

As I wrote in Questioning the Battle on Terror:

The neoconservatives are cult followers of Leo Strauss, the College of Chicago philosophy professor who died in 1973. Strauss, a German Jew, was the highest pupil of main Nazi thinker Carl Schmitt. Schmitt argued that leaders (like Hitler, and later Bush) are above the regulation; that every one politics is predicated on scapegoating enemies; that “home enemies” (Jews in Germany, Arab/Muslims in America) are official targets; that killing enemies is an excellent factor and that ethical concerns don’t apply, so the mass killing of “enemies” will be engaged in guilt-free. And enemies are so indispensable that in the event that they don’t exist, an appropriate one have to be manufactured.

Strauss was much more extremist than Schmitt. He glorified killing and enmity much more than Schmitt had, then added the doctrine of the “noble lie.” Strauss borrowed this concept from Plato, who had argued {that a} lie that strengthens the nation, and expresses a deeper reality, is an effective, noble factor; and from Nietzsche, who claimed that there isn’t any reality, so the reality is darkness—the destruction of illusions—moderately than gentle. “As a substitute of descending into the cave with information of the sunny reality, (Strauss) believes that the function of the thinker is to control the photographs within the cave. He teaches that philosophers should fabricate lies for the numerous whereas embracing the darkness for themselves. Unwittingly, Strauss cultivates an unprincipled elite whose lies are supposed for others and never for themselves.”

Strauss was so fanatical in his insistence that the facility elite should deceive the those who he turned the story of Socrates upside-down. For Strauss, Socrates is a villain, not a hero. Strauss taught that Socrates deserved to die as a result of he had dedicated the one unpardonable crime: he advised the reality in public. Strauss truly applauds the homicide of Socrates! In line with main neocon critic Shadia Drury, Strauss believed the sturdy ought to tyrannize the remaining: “Those that are match to rule are those that understand there isn’t any morality and that there’s just one pure proper, the appropriate of the superior to rule over the inferior.”

Neocon Straussians not solely advocate the Noble Lie, however in addition they assist what may be known as the Noble Massive Lie. The Massive Lie was famously described by Hitler:

“They adopted the very appropriate precept, that within the greatness of the lie there’s all the time a sure efficiency of believability as a result of the broad lots of individuals are sooner corrupted of their inmost hearts than they’re consciously or deliberately dangerous; and thus within the primitive simplicity of their nature, they extra simply fall victims to the massive lie than the small one, since they themselves typically inform little fibs, however could be too ashamed to inform nice lies. Such falsehoods don’t even happen to them, so they can not consider others able to the colossal impudence of those most scandalous distortions. Even when confronted with the details in such a case, they’ll nonetheless linger doubtful and waver and proceed to suppose that there have to be some reality to it.”

For the neocons, the larger the lie, the nobler. “In any case, a terrific lie, one that’s believed, provides type to the void, imposes order on chaos, and creates the world ex nihilo.”

9/11, in fact, was the final word neocon huge lie. The neocons blew up the World Commerce Middle, inflicted trauma-based mind-control on the American folks, and created a “state of exception” that overthrew the Structure in favor of everlasting battle towards an summary noun. They tried to unite the West with Israel in hatred of Islam and Muslims, and to a major extent, they succeeded.

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Immediately, the identical neocons, give or take a number of, are chargeable for the battle in Ukraine, which started with the 2014 Maidan coup d’état—the Ukrainian 9/11-Reichstag Fireplace. The neocon operators spent billions of {dollars} overthrowing a democratic authorities and brainwashing Ukrainians to unite in hatred of each an exterior enemy (Russia) and an inner enemy (the 45% of Ukrainians who converse Russian).

Now the neocons try to unite not simply Ukraine however your complete West in hatred of Russia. They’re shamelessly brandishing huge lies, with the legends of the Ghost of Kiev and the Foul-Mouthed Martyrs of Snake Island being the 2 best-known concrete examples, whereas the speaking factors “Russia is dropping” and “Russia is intentionally committing large-scale battle crimes” additionally qualifying. And they’re squeezing Europe dry in service to their plan to destroy Russia, then transfer on to complete off China. The tsunamis of lies and hatred unleashed by the neocons will likely be tough to cease earlier than they wash away what passes for contemporary civilization.

For the reason that neocons are the actual nazis, Russia’s aim of “denazifying Ukraine” is simply too restricted. The nazis the Russians are actually preventing are in Washington, DC, and different huge American metropolises. And eliminating them shouldn’t be Russia’s job. The American folks have to overthrow the neocons and denazify their very own nation—earlier than the Russians are left with no alternative however to do it with nuclear warheads.