The Uvalde College Bloodbath as Diversion

Tehran Occasions: What are the implications of the Uvalde College Bloodbath for America and the world?…

Tehran Occasions: What are the implications of the Uvalde College Bloodbath for America and the world?

  • America is essentially the most “progressive” and “liberal” nation on the planet
  • America has the world’s highest fee of prescription psychotropic drug use
  • America has the world’s highest fee of untreated psychological sickness
  • America has the ugliest artifical buildings on the planet, creating city environments which might be alienating and dehumanizing
  • America is among the most pornography-riddled international locations, and in addition probably the most sexually lively international locations
  • America has one of many highest divorce charges on the planet
  • America has one of many lowest marriage charges on the planet
  • America has the best fee of kids dwelling in single-parent houses
  • America has the least social cohesiveness because of being essentially the most various nation on the planet
  • Maybe most significantly: America has a mass intelligence equipment with a well-documented historical past of working completely amoral psychological operations in opposition to their very own inhabitants

It’s Anglin’s final level that’s the most important for our present consideration. I completely agree together with his evaluation that, “Proper now, in Might of 2022, we’ve a reasonably clear image of what’s occurring on the macro scale: we’ve a gaggle of Jews, pederasts, and transhumanists who’re working collectively to create a unified world authorities the place a tiny elite minority rule over a huddled mass of landless peasants. They’ve infiltrated the overwhelming majority of governments. This agenda used to exist in semi-secret organizations, being printed in dense texts that weren’t mentioned within the mainstream media, however in recent times, it has for essentially the most half come out of the shadows, largely by the World Financial Discussion board.”

I’ll elaborate on this overwhelmingly Jewish operation to determine a New World Order primarily based upon the profitable achievement of world authorities through a mixture of a model of multinational company capitalism generally known as fascism, which is determined by an elite controlling central banking and commodities of each conceivable description on a world foundation.

The methodology employed is a mixture of financial subversion and sanctions, cultural subversion through Cultural Marxism in issues of radical feminism, the destruction of the standard household unit, the adoption of LGBTQ ideology, the destruction of the affect of Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and Protestant Reformed instructing traditionally on these topics from a Christian perspective, and assist for ruthless abortion insurance policies involving the killing of the unborn as much as and together with the ninth month of being pregnant and the utilization of the heinous process generally known as “Partial Start Abortion.”

That is certainly, the ideology and the sport plan of the World Financial Discussion board and its most public luminaries, together with Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Invoice Gates, and their allies in Western mainstream media, NGOs, Silicon Valley social media moguls, Hollywood, and an American Deep State represented by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Victoria Nuland, Mitt Romney, Beto O’Rourke, and plenty of others.

I doc the larger image and the gamers concerned in “Mark Dankof’s Open Letter to the Russian Individuals: Rising Older however Wiser within the Mythologies of the American Empire.” My dialog with you people on March twenty second within the Tehran Occasions additionally covers a few of this historical past involving Ukraine and Russia particularly in “Ukraine Disaster is As a result of Fault of the US For the reason that Finish of the Chilly Struggle.” It’s in Ukraine since February twenty fourth that we see how issues are approaching a essential mass in an essay by Thomas Dalton entitled, “The Jewish Hand in World Struggle III.”

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This essential mass brings us to Anglin’s most important level as soon as extra: America has a mass intelligence equipment with a well-documented historical past of working completely amoral psychological operations in opposition to their very own inhabitants.

These operations require using diversion when world occasions and developments start to maneuver in a path opposed to the sport plan of the architects of the New World Order and the World Financial Discussion board as the obvious public face of such an Order. False Flags overseas or domestically and the occasional utilization of an orchestrated occasion through a Manchurian Candidate are well-known strategies of those architects.

Thus I imagine, however admittedly can not show, that the Uvalde tragedy is a deliberate try and divert American home public consideration and the main target of the worldwide public from the fact of the inevitable path of the Russian-Ukrainian battle and the fully legal incompetence of the Biden Administration, the EU, and NATO in failing to realize the acknowledged targets of the World Financial Discussion board. In my latest article for the American Freedom Information entitled, “Kissinger, Zelensky, Davos, and the New World Order,” I noticed that:

Alexander Mercouris of The Duran recounts as solely he can what is basically happening at Davos with Henry Kissinger’s statements on Ukraine and Russia. It’s clear that Joe Biden, Zelensky, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, the governments of the UK and the EU, and the Zio-Cons are near being on the ropes of their panicked makes an attempt to deliver Russia into GloboHomo and the New World Order. Kissinger now urges Ukraine to “negotiate” with Russia, particularly since “the soundness of Europe” is at stake.

In Kissinger-speak, this actually signifies that the survivability of the New World Order and GloboHomo is at stake.

For the report, the time for speaking ought to be over. Putin and Russia ought to deal the knock-out blow to this Satanic system and all of its advocates in each the US and the West typically. Kissinger is aware of that the jig is up if President Putin presses on as he ought to.

A Russian victory would additionally release the American, British, and European nationalists to run the desk on these profession criminals by expunging them from their respective international locations governments and media in a backlash of mass rage at a world political elite enjoying round with the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals of their insatiable need for a supernatural energy lust.

With Putin successful the navy battle in Ukraine, the financial conflict of attrition with the US and the EU, and demonstrating that Russia can defeat the forces of ethical and cultural subversion in an open contest, the New World Order and the World Financial Discussion board are certainly in a panic. The Ruble and the Russian Central Financial institution have withstood their machinations.

The Russian Orthodox Church and its conventional stances on Christian morality stand proud and tall in opposition to Soros and Firm. China, Russia, and Iran have solidified financial and navy methods in opposition to the enemy. The Biden Administration has introduced power and meals costs to new heights in America and a obeisant UK and EU. The Democratic Get together is going through catastrophe within the fall 2022 elections and Biden in 2024. In such a state of affairs, diversion is an absolute should. Now we have seen it twice lately: As soon as within the illegally leaked Supreme Court docket memo on the abortion-related Roe v Wade case and the prospect of the 1973 determination being overturned.

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And now we’ve the second diversion within the Uvalde mass taking pictures in Texas, simply earlier than the NRA Nationwide Conference in Houston, simply earlier than Memorial Day weekend in the US, and in a political local weather the place the Biden Administration and the World Financial Discussion board might face catastrophic setbacks, even because the Russiagate Fraud and the Steele File Fraud proceed to unravel, threatening the publicity of Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Fusion GPS, and the late John McCain in a story that has now introduced the US to the brink of collapse in a potential conflict with Russia, China, and Iran it can not presumably win.

The ultimate and most important level I could make is that this: The Biden Administration and the World Financial Discussion board sense burgeoning outrage over their growing public publicity and evil agenda. In Europe, the flexibility of individuals to withstand the hijacking of their international locations, their governments, and their livelihoods is open to query. However in the US, Biden, Soros, Schwab and Firm know that the general public presently has the flexibility to combat again in an open revolt.

They’re making an attempt to take away this functionality in any approach they’ll. They may uncover they can’t, any greater than Vladimir Putin and the Russian persons are going to permit a Jewish Drag Queen Comic in Kiev, or the World Financial Discussion board elites to destroy their lives and the sovereignty of their Motherland. For this reason I firmly assist Putin’s determination to invade the Donbass as a authentic safety of his nation’s nationwide safety, whilst his victory would give new impetus to American and European nationalist resistance to The Cabal. I acknowledged this clearly in my latest op-ed entitled, “The Chicago Means is the ONLY Option to Defeat the New World Order.”

This essential mass brings us to Anglin’s most important level yet another time: America has a mass intelligence equipment with a well-documented historical past of working completely amoral psychological operations in opposition to their very own inhabitants.

Is Uvalde that operation? Is it one other Operation Northwoods? Oklahoma Metropolis? September 11 as I mentioned years in the past with Kourosh Ziabari? Anglin can’t show it. Neither can I. However we odor the same old stench popping out from beneath the well-worn carpet.

Tehran Occasions: Criticism has deepened over the protracted police response, and the failure of officers to adequately clarify their actions. What’s your remark?

Mark Dankof: It’s apparently the case that the Response Commander made a horrible error in judgment and a foul determination primarily based on that misjudgment. He believed that the state of affairs had moved from that of an Lively Capturing state of affairs to that of a Barricaded Suspect. Therefore he waited for extra backup, believing the taking pictures part had concluded. It hadn’t. Extra youngsters had been killed because of the failure to storm the gunman and to perforate him with large police gunfire. Andrew Anglin raises one other disturbing level:

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There are credible stories that the FBI knew of this gunman, his profile, and the risk posed by this mentally disturbed particular person and didn’t act on the knowledge. I’ve seen a disturbing however unconfirmed allegation on Vkontakte that the 18 12 months outdated suspect had 2 new AR-15 rifles price nearly $5000, plus ammunition, optics with physique armor, and a $70,000 Ford F-250 pickup truck whereas beneath psychiatric care.

The place is the mainstream media in investigating every thing about this gunman and asking essentially the most urgent questions? Or is repeating the gun confiscation mantras of the Zio-GloboHomo Left their solely mission on tv and in print?

Tehran Occasions: Republicans like Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) blame many societal components — however not weapons — for the wave of mass shootings within the U.S. Are they on the proper aspect?

Mark Dankof: Cruz is completely appropriate on this level. But when I had been he, I’d be in hiding. He voted for the $40 billion greenback help/mortgage bundle fraud to Zelensky and Ukraine. Ex-CIA analyst Larry Johnson offers us the true story on this nonsense in an article on Might twenty fourth entitled, “The Reality In regards to the $40 Billion Ostensibly Being Spent to Arm Ukraine.”

Tehran Occasions: Regardless of guarantees and mottos by Democrats, evidently there isn’t a actual transfer to regulate gun bearing within the U.S. What are the primary causes of such a failure?

Mark Dankof: The vast majority of the general public doesn’t need the novel gun management and confiscation agenda posed by an more and more Marxist Democratic Get together and the GloboHomo elites of the World Financial Discussion board. They need widespread sense insurance policies on involuntary incarceration of identified violent psychiatric threats to the group, life imprisonment with out parole and capital punishment of those that have taken human life unlawfully, and for a authorities that gave them September 11, Bush’s Struggle on Terror, the illegitimate invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, COVID-19 Shutdowns, and the Struggle on Putin to get misplaced and to get out of their each day lives. I concur.

Tehran Occasions: How do American folks see the choices and insurance policies adopted by the authorities? Do they appear rational to American public?

Mark Dankof: I imagine there’s extra distrust of American governmental authorities now than at any time in my life and with full justification. And in regard to our insurance policies towards Iran pushed by Israel, our authorities’s legal historical past in Ukraine, and our reckless insurance policies towards Putin’s Russia and China, if the American public finds their management to be rational, will probably be absolutely the signal that I’ll get out of this insane asylum for an additional house within the subsequent a number of years, if God and occasions enable it.