The Unusual Case of Ursula Haverbeck

One merry morning, Miss Lillian was sitting on her entrance porch in Georgia, serenely sunning…

One merry morning, Miss Lillian was sitting on her entrance porch in Georgia, serenely sunning herself, when a courageous passerby strolled by. He paused. He noticed a chance. He sidled nearer.

He pursed his lips and requested with cheeky confidence: “Miss Lillian, might I kiss you?”

Miss Lillian mentioned: “Hell, NO!”

See how simple it’s to ship a jokester packing who has the gall to trespass in your dignity?

Miss Ursula, 87, mentioned in impact, “Hell, NO!” to Holocaustianity when she was requested three years in the past in a tv interview, broadcast throughout Germany, to pay lip service to the globally-promoted uneven weapon of psychological intimidation. She wouldn’t say what she was anticipated to say and do what she was anticipated to do – specifically grovel on her stomach earlier than an historic falsehood.

Miss Ursula was cautious however outspoken. She didn’t communicate as bluntly as Miss Lillian did, conscious that within the Vaterland you possibly can’t offend the Ruling Mandarins by difficult the Holocaust head-on.

In Germany, you go to jail for a dozen years for those who increase your arm in a politically incorrect angle – because the sensible legal professional, Horst Mahler, did who netted himself a life sentence. Or for those who didn’t say what it is best to have mentioned, as occurred to the famed politologist, Udo Wallendy. And even for those who stick a mustache on a snowman in your entrance yard, as occurred to a fellow whose identify I can’t recall. On concern of life and limb you don’t!

Don’t you dare ask “Did Six Million Actually Die?” as my intrepid husband did some forty years in the past (!) whereas nonetheless residing in a rustic the place questioning that dogma was authorized. Revenge will canine your heels.

4 a long time later, you get kidnapped, dragged via six prisons in three nations on two continents; you get charged, convicted and sentenced to most years – and for the remainder of your life you’re a “prison of ethical turpitude,” forbidden to ever set foot in America once more! If you happen to dare problem the forbidden dogma, you’re so vile, as Decide Meinerzhagen put it, whereas sentencing Ernst to 5 years that “ … even a chook will refuse to fly over your grave!” Time-tested Previous-Testomony hatred!

Few are those who’ve the fortitude to inform the Dreadful Few, as my Veterans Right now colleague, Jonas Alexis, has referred to as them: “To right here, and never an inch past.” A becoming identify – “the Dreadful Few.” They’re plain dreadful, and they’re now within the minority. They “dread” – and rightly so – that the jig is quickly going to be up!

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Miss Ursula, at 87 as youthful and as cultured as they arrive, refused to crawl on her stomach. After three generations of wall-to-wall brainwashing, most individuals will crawl on their bellies. Not she. Not Ursula. Protected by her age and impeccable grooming and manners, she sauntered in the place angels concern to tread.

She gave a prolonged interview on Panorama, a well-known German tv journal, equal to America’s Sixty Minutes. She selected the indirect method. Miss Ursula dreamed up a jiu jitso.  

She requested in a candy voice: “If Six Million didn’t die in Auschwitz – as has been since sufficiently admitted and even documented by Germany’s high-level authorities sources – then the place precisely did six million die? There should be a spot. You may’t declare a homicide with out having a spot the place it occurred.”

Previous to her interview on Panorama, Miss Ursula had fortified herself by the use of sterling revisionist analysis. I cannot record it right here. You may inspect it your self. Your complete Panorama interview will be downloaded from the Internet – in German, with English subtitles. It’s price your time to look at it.

This Panorama interview is verily a feast for Free Speech advocates, nevertheless it’s a bit prolonged, and if you’re like me, you could not wish to learn subtitles.

In your comfort, I’ve lowered a current follow-up interview Miss Ursula gave to a British socialite, Girl Michele Renouf, a documentary producer who posts at It’s solely 5 minutes, and revel in watching Miss Ursula’s quaint, but steely method.

I feel that a lot of you German expats on the market, strewn hither and yon after the top of Hitler’s Third Reich, will recognize Miss Ursula’s take. I consider you’ll marvel on the civic braveness expressed with class and dignity in a land beneath the cudgel of an obnoxious German censorship monstrosity referred to as Paragraph 130, identified colloquially as “…defaming the the reminiscence of the useless!” In easiest phrases, the broadly believed model of Auschwitz has been legally declared to be “apparent” – Offenkundigkeit in German parlance – and heaven aid you for those who disagree.

It took three years, however as anticipated, that hideous Commie Paragraph caught up in the end with Miss Ursula. There was comprehensible reluctance to attempt to put that pleasant however principled octogenarian behind bars– however nonetheless, it lastly occurred.


Aged German Girl sentenced to 10 months in jail for doubting Auschwitz extermination claims

by Michael Hoffman

Hamburg District Courtroom, Nov. 11, 2015 — 87-year-old Ursula Haverbeck has been sentenced to imprisonment in Germany for doubting that individuals had been “exterminated” by “gassing” within the Nazi focus camp in Auschwitz.

The defendant, in good spirits, reiterated her doubts within the courtroom. She arrived with out a lawyer, and defended herself. Some fifty of her supporters crowded the courtroom and the corridor outdoors.

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She was accused of giving an interview to the German journal Panorama wherein she said that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp however a labor camp. The mass homicide of Jews had not taken place, she mentioned.

Haverbeck, former chairwoman of the now-banned freethought affiliation, “Collegium Humanum,” instructed the choose, “Right here, I stand.”

Charlotte Knobloch

Turning to the prosecutor she requested, “How do you as a lawyer show the accusation that Auschwitz was an extermination camp?” Her request for a revisionist historian to offer proof that at Auschwitz nobody had been gassed, was rejected by Decide Jönsson who said: “It’s futile to argue with individuals who don’t settle for the details.”

The German authorities prosecutor maintained that the defendant’s “fanatical delusion” had not abated and that, regardless of her superior age, Ursula Haverbeck should be sentenced to 10 months in jail with out parole. The choose agreed and the sentence was imposed.

In 2009, Haverbeck was fined hundreds of {dollars} within the District Courtroom of Dangerous Oeynhausen, for having given offense to Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Central Council of Jews.


An Australian, Nigel Jackson, a Melbourne poet and man of letters, took Germany to job for that authorized monstrosity in a current editorial follow-up: Germany’s Misuse of the Regulation

The Case of Ursula Haverbeck

Michael Hoffman has simply issued an vital assertion on this case: ‘Aged German Girl sentenced to 10 months in jail for doubting Auschwitz extermination claims.’ (…)

It seems that in an interview with the German journal Panorama she had said that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp however a labour camp. The mass homicide of Jews, she mentioned, had not taken place. (…)

Throughout proceedings she requested the prosecutor: ‘How do you as a lawyer show the accusation that Auschwitz was an extermination camp?’ The prosecutor talked about that her ‘fanatical delusion’ had not abated. (In 2009 she was fined within the District Courtroom of Dangerous Oeynhausen for having offended Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Central Council of Jews.)

Her request for a revisionist historian to offer proof that at Auschwitz nobody had been gassed was rejected by Decide Jonsson, who said: ‘It’s futile to argue with individuals who don’t settle for the details.’



The sentencing of this lady can justly be described as against the law in opposition to humanity. Why is that this?

There are two potentialities: both she is true (or largely proper) or she is mistaken (or largely mistaken). Allow us to assume that the latter is true. We then have a pitiful spectacle of an aged particular person stubbornly and irrationally clinging to a mistaken view of historic occasions.

Shakespeare’s King Lear is the archetypal murals analyzing the ramifications of such a state of affairs. As we watch Lear rave in distress on the heath, we really feel compassion for him; however that doesn’t cease us realizing that his catastrophe has been primarily self-inflicted on account of his cussed holding of illusions earlier within the motion. None of us, nevertheless, would need to punish him for the terrible threats he points throughout his agon.

If Ms Haverbeck is mistaken (and a formidable battery of opinion, together with realized opinion, world wide maintains that she is), then what injury can her statements actually do to anybody? As we are saying, fairly rudely, in Australia: ‘You may’t fart in opposition to thunder.’

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If such is the state of affairs, why on earth was she ever dropped at trial? Why had been her remarks not simply handed over (‘Poor factor! Off her head, after all!’). Why did the prosecutor preserve that her age shouldn’t forestall her from being sentenced?

On this situation, we plainly have an instance of inhumane remedy being meted out to a too-elderly sufferer.



However what if she is true, or largely proper? I occur to consider that she is simply that, however, after all, I’m a human being and we’re all vulnerable to error. Furthermore, the subject of ‘the Holocaust’ is an unlimited one and never simply to be assessed by the strange man on the street, missing related specialised information and never realizing the German language.

What if Ms Haverbeck is true? Then she is a martyr to the reality and the Hamburg Courtroom proceedings had been a shame to the German authorized occupation and to Germany.

She was entitled to the next behaviours in courtroom:

  1. the prosecutor ought to have defined clearly and succinctly why he and the regulation believed that Auschwitz was an extermination camp;
  2. The choose ought to have allowed her to name a number of revisionist historians to defend her place. Given the huge quantity of revisionist scholarship on this matter now capable of be studied, the choose had no proper to say that ‘the details’ have been lastly established. It’s inappropriate and unethical for any courtroom or any authorities to say omniscience on such an advanced and clearly disputed historic and scientific controversy.

The prosecutor’s refusal to justify his place implies that his declare that the defendant was affected by a ‘fanatical delusion’ falls to the bottom.

If Ms Haverbeck is harmless, then a a lot worse crime in opposition to humanity has been dedicated. The very dignity of mankind has been unwarrantably assailed and the beliefs of Western European tradition, particularly the significance of mental freedom, wickedly scorned. Claims that her behaviour has ‘given offence’ will appear to be subterfuge designed to guard an endangered curiosity group.

However is there such a gaggle? Sure, there may be. It’s an open secret that there’s and that the curiosity group’s energy in many countries of the world is nice certainly.

Disgrace, Germany, disgrace! Or, fairly, disgrace on the German authorities and its authorized occupation!


Postscript: In fact Miss Ursula introduced she is going to enchantment. Keep tuned!