The Syrian Homeland

[ Editor’s introduction: Dr. Toumeh comes from a Syrian family of standing, where all are…

[ Editor’s introduction: Dr. Toumeh comes from a Syrian family of standing, where all are expected to get classical education from a bygone era. You will see their children starting college in Syria, and then off to Europe or the Near East for grad school.

To be taken seriously by anyone, having three language skills is a minimum, and a fourth better.

A lot of graduate historical and cultural work, and research, will be in these languages. Americans from upper class families would typically have one fluent foreign language, due to their early 20th century families sending their children for some ‘polishing’ in Europe.

Dr. Toumeh studied in Odessa University, founded by Tsar Alexander II in 1865 when the US was having its own Civil War. And it did not hurt being one of the beautiful cities with a European flavor, while straddling the East and West.

The beginning of his article today will be unusual for Americans, as it is in a flowery, poetic style. I suggest that before you read it, scroll down to one of the heavier CVs that I have seen in a while. I have to give you one sample here:

He was selected as a one from the best effective artistic figures in the Arab World of 2006 – 2007.

I picked that one from the long list because I had never seen the term ‘one of the best effective artistic figures used before. Having his fingers in many pots, publishing was certainly one, including poem collections, which you can see in his writing style. I found it a good piece to read aloud… Jim W. Dean]

Syria has seen lots of battle and modifications, and the tradition to show it

First printed … Could 10, 2022

A trilogy is imposed by the need of carrying out any dramatic or comedic work, a film or a play whose dimensions meet inside digital or sensible locations with the assistance of a specialised amount that reaches it or its outcomes to the viewers who choose the concept and its performers.

However an important is who performs the roles, particularly the starring function, that’s, the star. It’s not mandatory for the author of the textual content to be current on the place of operations, however the presence of the actor is an absolute necessity, and the director is much from him, following up on the efficiency and the standard of implementation of what’s required of him.

If everyone seems to be within the service of the actor, who is commonly at odds with what he performs, however he wears the function or performs it, and at any time when his efficiency is nice, he receives approval, interplay, consideration and applause.

And if he fails, he’s farther away and receives censure and reprimand, and he might lose alternatives or be excluded from them, and if we return to The actor and we stayed in his orbit, we discover him carrying his function.

And as quickly as he finishes, he takes him off, and returns to his persona that he was, and we have now not seen an actor who assumed a job and stayed on him, crying and his essence laughing, and the alternative is true, so that you have no idea the seriousness of his comedian, aside from the director.

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What prompted me to jot down this text at the moment is what is occurring now in Ukraine, as a result of the one actor who performed the function of the pinnacle of the Ukrainian state was Zelensky, the Ukrainian actor, and most of humanity adopted clips from that comedy.

The Hollywood director, as he preferred the concept and insisted on reworking it, and even persevering with to carry out his function, however formally, he turned the desk on the heads of its homeowners, and depicted this comedian character as a serious function in it.

Zelensy appointed himself, along with his oligarch sponsor, as president of Ukraine for a similar functions, which is the consultant of the identical Jacobite religion and hateful within the depths of the Russian Federation, regardless that he carried its language, and his housemaid says: He  It took him some time to grasp the Ukrainian language.

Somebody would possibly say: There’s an actor who got here to energy, and I say sure, in america of America, and he’s President “Reagan” 1981-1989, a third-class cowboy consultant, however his selection was a political resolution inside his nation, and he didn’t reach his consultant roles.

His function in his presence, and the distinction as the pinnacle of a superpower proved that the selection of Zelensky carried malicious and strategic objectives, and all of the situations for fulfillment had been created for him to implement the plans of the American director and screenwriter in his deep state.

His place was supported by greater than qualitative extras, his environment from the international locations that revolved within the orbit of the Soviet Union , which was forcibly entered into the NATO system, by means of carrots and sticks, and behind it stands the system of Western European international locations;  France, Germany, Britain, Italy.

Zelensky, the actor, thought of America’s warhead in Europe, and the objective is the Russian Federation since his arrival on Could 20, 2019 after the success of his sequence, “The Servant of the Individuals”;  Which servant of America, who performed the function of the President of Ukraine, who, upon his success, was stated to have attained the presidency by likelihood, is it affordable?

Let’s see how former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko commented on Zelensky’s marketing campaign: “The presidential time period of 5 years just isn’t a farce that we are able to cross on if it isn’t humorous, neither is it a horror film that’s straightforward to cease,” and added, “I need to remind everybody that it isn’t a joke,  It’s an election for the place of commander in chief.”

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Sure, allow us to admit that the West, led by America, penetrated the Russian Federation in Ukraine, and it was confirmed that they labored on the Ukrainian individuals, and ready them to ship Zelensky, who was rigorously programmed, and opened the doorways of the world to him for his success.

He talks morning and night with world leaders with ignorance and vanity in his easy army uniform, who tried to place the signal of the cross on his army jacket. Has anybody observed this?

And why did he rapidly return to his state of affairs with out her?  Did any of you ask why he continues, he and who’s with him?  Is it as a result of he’s along with his prime minister and lots of ministers of the Jewish faith, and that world Zionism with the deep state in America and Britain defend him strongly.

Zelensky represents his function, because the tip of their spear within the face of the Russian Federation, for which historic Zionism has a hidden hatred, due to what Tsarist Russia did to the Jews?

It’s true that the Earth of our planet is a good theater, and that each one who lives on it has a job, however Zelensky’s function has change into outstanding, and people concerned about peace and world peace ought to cease and examine it, and I say:

Up to now he’s a profitable actor by means of what the director ready for him, and the script goes as they need  As we speak, greater than ever, the Russian is required to disclose this triumvirate by defeating them.


    He born in Damascus in 1957 from a widely known household

    He has acquired Doctorate Certificates in Engineering from Odessa College, at Main of “Mechanical energy”

    He’s a member within the Syrian Individuals Council in second legislative session 2016 And the third legislative function 2020

    He has acquired Doctorate Certificates in Humanities and World Cultures with the score of Honor from St. Vedis College in Italy

    He has acquired a Knight medal with the score of Honor from Italian Cities “ Milano and Monza “

    He has awarded a Gold Medal from Armenian Embassy within the Syrian Arab Republic

    He was granted a thankfulness medal from Republic of Armenia in 2015

    He was awarded the UNESCO Peace prize (Jean Rouche) of 2007

    He holds Diploma certificates within the Mental Engineering from T.U in west Berlin/Germany.

    He was awarded a Pink Cross Foulard by Vatican in presence of the Father Benedictus of 2008

    He’s the Proprietor and Supervisor of “Albahethoon” “ Researchers’ Journal”

    He’s the Proprietor of “Azmenah ““ Occasions Weekly Journal” and the Web site “ Azmenah” “ Occasions”

    He’s the Proprietor of “ Dar Alsharq “ “ Orient Home” for Printing and Publishing

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    He’s an Editor-in-chief of “ Worldwide Markets and Exhibition Journal” and “ Arab Criticism Journal”

    He’s a producer for  Many essential Dramatic Works as “Holacou”, “ Alshatat” , “ Nizar Qabbani” , Gezlan fi Ghabet Alzeab” ,” Ashwak Naema”, “ Riyah Alkhamasin”  and lots of works exceeded 35 one throughout a decade .

    He’s a co-producer for the worldwide film titled “ 7KM. from Jerusalem”.

    He’s a producer for “ Half milligram of Nicotine” and “ Damascus with my Love”

    He’s a sponsor for “ Dr. Nabil Toumeh creativity award’ in its 4 classes which is Arab World Stage Award”

    He has acquired appreciation Certificates from Worldwide Union of Historic Warriors associations

    He has introduced lots of Lectures in each Arabic and English Languages at Many Arab and Worldwide Milieus about “ Mental shaping Philosophy” fields

    He has participated in lots of Tv and Radio interviews on the native , Arab and worldwide ranges.

    He has written many philosophical  , mental and political articles within the many native , Arab and worldwide newspaper .

    He participated within the Mutual Christian-Islam convention in Damascus of 2005 which happened in Beirut , Istanbul and Vatican titled “ Salami Outekum “ and “ Hewar Aladyan” or “ Religions dialog”

    A member within the  Syrian Bar Affiliation

    A member within the Union of Arab Writers

    Participated member within the Syrian Journalists Union

    A member within the many nationwide , scientific and mental  associations as “ Damascus pals “ , “ Syria Laptop affiliation” , Syrian Affiliation of Public Relations “, Syrian Geographic affiliation “

    Honor member at “ Aleppo Adieat affiliation “

    President of Syrian affiliation of Loyalty for Martyrs and Accidents

    He was chosen as a one from the very best efficient creative figures within the Arab World  of 2006 – 2007 in keeping with questionnaire carried out by Zahret Alkhalij “ Gulf flower Journal” in UAE.

    He has issued many books ,they’re :

–    Philosophy of the Mental Shaping / Eleven Volumes

–    Philosophy of the Mental Shaping {Cities of Soul and materials}

–    Philosophy of the Mental Shaping {Imaginative and prescient within the Arab Speech}

–    Historical past of Humanities Religions 180000 B.C, Nations and States , Invitation to Sanity (by Thinker Malek Bin Rushed), Origins of development and Social concurrence (Quotations of Sociology founder Ibn Khaldoun)

–    Religions Mapping (The march of the spiritual mindset)

–    On the time sequence of articles

–    Few phrases about Zionism

–    Few phrases written by political pen within the Disaster

–    Poems Collections : Almadaen wa Alghazal ( Poetic notions), Ghazal wa Amal , Hakiekah wa Amal (literary notions), Henama Eltakituk , Assortment of poems : Ashrab Nakhbak , Assortment of poems : Arakouki Erti , , Assortment of poems: Bain Elhob wa Ala’ah , Divan between doubt and certainty