The Phantasm of Freedom: We’re Solely as Free because the Authorities Permits

JEA: In case you have learn George Orwell’s 1984, then you definately’ll perceive this text…

JEA: In case you have learn George Orwell’s 1984, then you definately’ll perceive this text a lot better.

We’re in a nationwide state of denial.

For years now, the federal government has been taking part in a cat-and-mouse sport with the American folks, letting us take pleasure in simply sufficient freedom to suppose we’re free however not sufficient to really permit us to dwell as a free folks.

Working example: on the identical day that the U.S. Supreme Court docket appeared inclined to favor a highschool soccer coach’s proper to hope on the sector after a sport, the excessive court docket let stand a decrease court docket ruling that permits police to warrantlessly observe folks’s location and actions by their private cell telephones, sweeping People up into an enormous digital information dragnet that doesn’t distinguish between those that are harmless of wrongdoing, suspects, or criminals.

Likewise, though the Supreme Court docket gave the go-ahead for a loss of life row inmate to have his pastor audibly pray and lay arms on him within the execution chamber, it refused to cease police from utilizing hidden cameras to secretly and warrantlessly document and monitor an individual’s actions exterior their house over an prolonged time frame.

For many who have been paying consideration, there’s a curious sample rising: the federal government seems fairly tolerant of those that wish to train their First Modification rights in a fashion that doesn’t problem the police state’s maintain on energy, for instance, by praying on a soccer area or in an execution chamber.

Then again, dare to disagree with the federal government about its warfare crimes, COVID-19, election outcomes or police brutality, and also you’ll end up silenced, cited, shut down and/or branded an extremist.

The U.S. authorities is especially illiberal of speech that reveals the federal government’s corruption, exposes the federal government’s lies, and encourages the citizenry to push again in opposition to the federal government’s many injustices. For example, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, the newest sufferer of the federal government’s warfare on dissidents and whistleblowers, is within the technique of being extradited to the U.S. to be tried beneath the Espionage Act for daring to entry and disclose army paperwork that painting the U.S. authorities and its countless wars overseas as reckless, irresponsible, immoral and accountable for 1000’s of civilian deaths.

Even political protests are honest sport for prosecution. In Florida, two protesters are being fined $3000 for political indicators proclaiming stating “F—ok Biden,” “F—ok Trump,” and “F—ok Policing 4 Revenue” that violate a metropolis ban on “indecent” speech on indicators, clothes and different graphic shows.

The trade-off is evident: pray all you need, however don’t mess with the U.S. authorities.

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On this method, the federal government, having appointed itself a Supreme and Sovereign Ruler, permits us to bask within the phantasm of spiritual freedom whereas stripping us of each different freedom afforded by the Structure.

We’re in hassle, of us.

Freedom not means what it as soon as did.

This holds true whether or not you’re speaking about the appropriate to criticize the federal government in phrase or deed, the appropriate to be free from authorities surveillance, the appropriate to not have your particular person or your property subjected to warrantless searches by authorities brokers, the appropriate to due course of, the appropriate to be protected from militarized police invading your own home, the appropriate to be harmless till confirmed responsible and each different proper that when strengthened the founders’ perception that this may be “a authorities of the folks, by the folks and for the folks.”

Not solely will we not have dominion over our our bodies, our households, our property and our lives, however the authorities continues to chip away at what few rights we nonetheless have to talk freely and suppose for ourselves.

My pals, we’re being performed for fools.

On paper, we could also be technically free.

In actuality, nonetheless, we’re solely as free as a authorities official might permit.

We solely suppose we dwell in a constitutional republic, ruled by simply legal guidelines created for our profit.

Reality be advised, we dwell in a dictatorship disguised as a democracy the place all that we personal, all that we earn, all that we are saying and do—our very lives—will depend on the benevolence of presidency brokers and company shareholders for whom revenue and energy will all the time trump precept. And now the federal government is litigating and legislating its method into a brand new framework the place the dictates of petty bureaucrats carry better weight than the inalienable rights of the citizenry.

With each court docket ruling that permits the federal government to function above the rule of regulation, every bit of laws that limits our freedoms, and each act of presidency wrongdoing that goes unpunished, we’re slowly being conditioned to a society wherein now we have little actual management over our lives.

As Rod Serling, creator of the Twilight Zone and an insightful commentator on human nature, as soon as noticed, “We’re growing a brand new citizenry. One which shall be very selective about cereals and vehicles, however gained’t be capable of suppose.”

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Certainly, not solely are we growing a brand new citizenry incapable of pondering for themselves, we’re additionally instilling in them a whole and utter reliance on the federal government and its company companions to do every part for them—inform them what to eat, what to put on, learn how to suppose, what to consider, how lengthy to sleep, who to vote for, whom to affiliate with, and on and on.

On this method, now we have created a welfare state, a nanny state, a police state, a surveillance state, an digital focus camp—name it what you’ll, the which means is similar: in our quest for much less private accountability, a better sense of safety, and no burdensome obligations to one another or to future generations, now we have created a society wherein now we have no true freedom.

Authorities surveillance, police abuse, SWAT group raids, financial instability, asset forfeiture schemes, pork barrel laws, militarized police, drones, countless wars, personal prisons, involuntary detentions, biometrics databases, free speech zones, and many others.: these are mile markers on the street to a fascist state the place residents are handled like cattle, to be branded and finally led to the slaughterhouse.

Freedom, or what’s left of it, is being threatened from each course. The threats are of many sorts: political, cultural, instructional, media, and psychological. Nonetheless, as historical past exhibits us, freedom isn’t, on the entire, wrested from a citizenry. It’s all too usually given over voluntarily and for such an affordable worth: security, safety, bread, and circuses.

That is half and parcel of the propaganda churned out by the federal government machine.

That mentioned, what we face at the moment—thoughts manipulation and systemic violence—isn’t new. What’s totally different are the strategies used and the large-scale management of mass humanity, coercive police ways and pervasive surveillance.

We’re overdue for a systemic verify on the federal government’s overreaches and energy grabs.

By “authorities,” I’m not referring to the extremely partisan, two-party paperwork of the Republicans and Democrats. Quite, I’m referring to “authorities” with a capital “G,” the entrenched Deep State that’s unaffected by elections, unaltered by populist actions, and has set itself past the attain of the regulation.

For years now, now we have suffered the injustices, cruelties, corruption and abuse of an entrenched authorities paperwork that has no regard for the Structure or the rights of the citizenry.

Now we have lingered too lengthy on this unusual twilight zone the place ego trumps justice, propaganda perverts reality, and imperial presidents—empowered to indulge their authoritarian tendencies by legalistic courts, corrupt legislatures and a disinterested, distracted populace—rule by fiat reasonably than by the rule of regulation.

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The place we discover ourselves now’s within the unenviable place of needing to rein in all three branches of presidency—the Govt, the Judicial, and the Legislative—which have exceeded their authority and grown drunk on energy.

We’re the unwitting victims of a system so corrupt that those that arise for the rule of regulation and aspire to transparency in authorities are within the minority. This corruption is so huge it spans all branches of presidency: from the power-hungry businesses beneath the manager department and the company puppets inside the legislative department to a judiciary that’s, most of the time, elitist and biased in direction of authorities entities and companies.

The predators of the police state are wreaking havoc on our freedoms, our communities, and our lives. The federal government doesn’t hearken to the citizenry, it refuses to abide by the Structure, which is our rule of regulation, and it treats the citizenry as a supply of funding and little else.

The American kleptocracy (a authorities dominated by thieves) has sucked the American folks down a rabbit gap right into a parallel universe wherein the Structure is meaningless, the federal government is omnipotent, and the citizenry is powerless to defend itself in opposition to authorities brokers who steal, spy, lie, plunder, kill, abuse and usually inflict mayhem and sow insanity on everybody and every part of their sphere.

This dissolution of that sacred covenant between the citizenry and the federal government—establishing “we the folks” because the masters and the federal government because the servant—didn’t occur in a single day. It didn’t occur due to one explicit incident or one explicit president. It’s a course of, one which started way back and continues within the current day, aided and abetted by politicians who’ve mastered the polarizing artwork of learn how to “divide and conquer.”

Sadly, there is no such thing as a magic spell to move us again to a spot and time the place “we the folks” weren’t merely fodder for a company gristmill, operated by authorities employed arms, whose priorities are cash and energy.

As I clarify in my ebook Battlefield America: The Conflict on the American Individuals and in its fictional counterpart The Erik Blair Diaries, our freedoms have grow to be casualties in an all-out warfare on the American folks.

If we proceed down this street, there will be no shock about what awaits us on the finish.