The Hegelian Dialectic is a Psychological Lure that Solely Results in Self-Annihilation

I’ve referred to as the western oligarch cowards, and cowards they’re, having chosen the weapon…

I’ve referred to as the western oligarch cowards, and cowards they’re, having chosen the weapon of alternative for cowards, poison. Georg Hegel, a windbag of monumental proportions wrote their bible, and it’s time we name that out too. Right here, famed western journalists Fitzgerald and Gould fireplace the primary photographs. ~ Jack

First revealed MAY 6, 2022

William Roper: “So, now you give the Satan the good thing about regulation!”

Sir Thomas Extra: “Sure! What would you do? Reduce a fantastic highway by way of the regulation to get after the Satan?”

William Roper: “Sure, I’d lower down each regulation in England to do this!”

Sir Thomas Extra: “Oh? — And when the final regulation was down, and the Satan turned on you…

…the place would you cover, Roper, the legal guidelines all being flat?
This nation is planted thick with legal guidelines from coast to coast…
…Man’s legal guidelines, not God’s, and in the event you lower them down…
…and also you’re simply the person to do it…
…do you actually suppose you would stand upright within the wind that may blow then?
Sure. I give the Satan advantage of regulation for my very own security’s sake!”

―Robert Bolt, A Man for All Seasons

To Flip from Battle to Peace, the Hegelian Dialectic should be dismantled

At present’s American empire was established within the post-WWII period with the U.S. performing as a “receiver” for British mercantile pursuits. Together with its company elites and imperial mandate, the U.S. inherited a Nineteenth-century European worldview known as the Hegelian Dialectic, which is predicated on the assumption that battle creates historical past.

The dialectic derived from German thinker Georg Hegel’s critique of pure regulation, written in 1825, during which he posited a concept of social and historic evolution. Hegel’s new method of pondering with its Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis revolutionized thought and served as a software for a brand new breed of social engineers desperate to overthrow the previous world order. Hegel’s dialectics acted as the inspiration for the communist financial theories of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.

In essence, Hegel disputed the speculation of common pure rights espoused by different philosophers equivalent to Immanuel Kant, thereby laying the foundations for totalitarianism.

In line with Hegel, human society might solely obtain its highest state and mankind its highest religious consciousness by way of infinite self-perpetuating ideological struggles and conflicts between bipolar extremes. This battle of opposites when utilized to social, political, and financial methods would end result within the synthesizing of opposites which might inevitably lead mankind to closing perfection.

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Proof of the invisible dialectic controlling the every day narrative will be discovered in every single place: Environmentalists in opposition to non-public property house owners, democrats in opposition to republicans, communists in opposition to capitalists, pro-choice versus pro-life, Christians in opposition to Muslims. It doesn’t matter what the problem, the invisible dialectic controls each the battle and the decision but it now appears that Hegel’s progress towards perfection has led solely to new and extra lethal cycles of battle.

The Hegelian dialectic works as a robust software for legitimizing no matter dialogue advances the worldwide elite’s curiosity and searching again over the previous 100 years, it’s nearly unattainable to not see how its deliberate use has created a corrupted synthesis of state energy. At a micro-level, this phenomenon will be noticed now taking up America’s politics.

At present’s Hegelians declare that their goal is to create a extra egalitarian society. However in apply, they merely manipulate and subvert the present order with the final word objective of a utopian world authorities i.e. “New World Order” which they themselves will rule. The system of designed social battle to interrupt down particular person rights had been spelled out by Hegel himself when he mentioned: “‘…the State’ has the supreme proper in opposition to the person, whose supreme obligation is to be a member of the State… for the fitting of the world spirit is above all particular privileges.”

By this definition, state energy requires the rule of regulation, minimal corruption, judicial independence, and state monopoly over the technique of coercion; in addition to a political tradition of some belief and compromise relatively than mistrust and battle. However when the state’s monopoly on coercion in the end results in mistrust and battle, then Hegel’s technique has reached a contradiction that it can not escape.

When democracies cling to legitimacy primarily based solely on the usage of coercion by itself residents, they’re now not democracies however a fascist/totalitarian state.

Economist and historian Antony Sutton belittled the Hegelian technique by writing that at its greatest, “the Hegelian doctrine merely replaces the divine proper of kings with the divine proper of states.” So, primarily based on America’s failures in Afghanistan and Iraq, the tumult within the Larger Center East, and now in Jap Europe, has the Hegelian dialectic run its course? The American empire is at a turning level politically, economically, and socially. The Hegelian dialectic of infinite battle and competitors has proved ruinous to the well being of Western civilization. Will its course result in a synthesis of its greatest components or to additional disintegration of what has historically been recognized of as society?

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The one strategy to defeat the downward development of Hegel’s speculation is to step exterior the dialectic and free ourselves from the constraints of managed and guided thought. By transferring away from a reliance on the monopoly of coercion and reaffirming our perception within the pure rights of all people, we’ll return the foundations of legitimacy to the American authorities.

Sutton frames the Hegelian dialectic as in opposition to the spirit and letter of the Structure of the US by stating how “We the folks” grant the state some powers and reserve all others to the folks and never self-appointed elites working the State.

If People really consider the rights of the state are all the time subordinate and topic to the desire of the folks and consent of the ruled, and really consider that every one persons are endowed with inalienable rights and are created equal, then the time has come to reevaluate the dialectic and return to our time-worn pure rights.

A 2011 manufacturing of HAIR; the 1968 Anti-Vietnam Battle American Tribal Love-Rock Musical (Picture by GisleHaa)

The West will be restored, however provided that Westerners rediscover their particular person human proper to these ideas and traditions they declare to uphold. It’s time for Western leaders to know that the dialectic, which calls for perpetual battle, is a shedding trigger that has turn out to be self-defeating wherever utilized. In the end it may possibly solely result in self-annihilation. It’s crucial to ascertain a brand new and optimistic narrative for the American folks.

It is a key level in our effort to resurrect President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s dream of world peace primarily based on his American College speech, a blueprint for the creation of an motion plan. That effort will culminate in a revival of one thing just like the American Tribal Love-Rock Musical HAIR.

In its time, HAIR was the middle of the Anti-Vietnam Battle Motion delivering a riveting political and social awakening that we skilled personally again in 1970. Its affect nonetheless reverberates world wide immediately. We’re placing the facility of that have to work remodeling immediately’s poisonous worldwide scene right into a motion to result in optimistic change that every one folks world wide desperately want and wish. Our effort in direction of peace by way of dialogue and music will assist us all break away from the dialectic’s narrative of defeating the “different” and open to a extra complicated self-aware perspective the place People can perform because the religious and ethical gauge during which one’s personal values shall be examined.

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As troublesome as it could be for Westerners to know, the West’s future lies in a strategy of re-humanization so it may possibly tackle its personal id disaster.

To cite world-renowned thinker Marshall McLuhan: “… we’re standing on the brink of a liberating and exhilarating world during which the human tribe can turn out to be really one household and man’s consciousness will be free of the shackles of mechanical tradition and enabled to roam the cosmos. I’ve a deep and abiding perception in man’s potential to develop and be taught, to plumb the depths of his personal being and to be taught the key songs that orchestrate the universe. We reside in a transitional period of profound ache and tragic id quest, however the agony of our age is the labor ache of rebirth.”

We consider our future will be constructed primarily based on JFK’s Dream of World Peace

Doing so will promote the rights of all folks world wide to maneuver away from Battle to the real Peace following its phenomenally lengthy absence as a brand new customary for the West.

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