The Darkish Occult World Behind Ukraine

World occasions have deserted any idea of cause or actuality.  Nuclear battle is now seen…

World occasions have deserted any idea of cause or actuality.  Nuclear battle is now seen by many, maybe most, as inevitable.  Madness and injustice are flourishing and humanity will both finish or the mechanisms that make up our world as we all know it should grind to a halt.

No facet even cares to carry God into the equation anymore.  Third Reich occultism is reborn in not simply Ukraine however throughout NATO and the EU.  Extremist minorities within the US and throughout Europe are being empowered to ascertain a monstrous world order characterised by one thing far darker than easy tyranny.

There are milestones.  Former Vatican exorcist Malachi Martin, in his NY Instances bestseller Keys of Blood addresses the difficulty of inherent evil invading Europe and the Christian world:

Most frighteningly for [Pope] John Paul [II], he had come up in opposition to the irremovable presence of a malign power in his personal Vatican and in sure bishops’ chanceries. It was what educated Churchmen referred to as the ‘superforce.’

Rumors, at all times tough to confirm, tied its set up to the start of Pope Paul VI’s reign in 1963. Certainly Paul had alluded somberly to ‘the smoke of Devil which has entered the Sanctuary’. . . an indirect reference to an enthronement ceremony by Satanists within the Vatican. Moreover, the incidence of Satanic pedophilia — rites and practices — was already documented amongst sure bishops and monks as broadly dispersed as Turin, in Italy, and South Carolina, in the USA. The cultic acts of Satanic pedophilia are thought of by professionals to be the fruits of the Fallen Archangel’s rites.

(p. 632. Emphasis added)

Martin, main advisor to Pope John XXIII, believed “Luciferian Freemasonry” was behind the darkness he believed would envelop humanity.

Including credence to this, the closely censored Presidio scandals that outlined how Luciferian forces, followers of Moloch/Baphomet, the demonic entity behind Freemasonry, has infiltrated the navy, notably the navy academies within the US in the course of the Eighties.

When the scandal unfold throughout the complete US navy, ritual little one abuse and satanic “covens” within the Pentagon, the story all of a sudden “went darkish.”

Then we stumble over an try by rogue navy models to begin a nuclear battle.

Insider sources inform a really completely different story of the 2007 Barksdale/Minot incident than given most of the people.  A B-52 totally loaded with nuclear weapons was hijacked for “locations unknown” however caught and introduced again to the US the place the story ends and the lies start.

However then 9/11 occurred.  That is the USA the place the then largest buildings on this planet “dustified” from low temperature kerosene fires attributable to plunging plane.  For many years, pilots, architects and engineers have been telling everybody that will hear that the complete story is insane however then what isn’t these days.

No planes can fly like that, fires don’t carry down metal buildings and metal doesn’t flip to mud except acted upon by forces solely seen within a star within the pure world.

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Immediately, the world is affected by circumstances by no means imagined.  Sure, there may be worldwide inflation and company income are hovering from large value will increase even the place no enhance in prices is concerned.

No authorities within the collective West has addressed this very important subject although there may be historic precedent.  From Wikipedia:

Nixon issued Govt Order 11615 (pursuant to the Financial Stabilization Act of 1970), imposing a 90-day freeze on wages and costs with a purpose to counter inflation. This was the primary time the U.S. authorities had enacted wage and value controls since World Conflict II.

Even Biden’s request for elevated taxes on American oil corporations, a transfer made days earlier than a nationwide election, fall properly quick.

On the time Nixon acted, the US had entered the 1973 Yom Kippur Conflict on behalf of Israel.  The supposed response to that was an oil embargo in opposition to the US however what actually occurred?

In a single day, meals costs elevated by as much as 40%.  The explanation?  Company income.

This brings up one minor query, albeit conspiratorial in nature.  Are world occasions manipulated by highly effective people behind the scenes as alleged by former US President Donald Trump, with a purpose to manipulate markets, rob buyers and impoverish the world?

Was the 2007-8 Bush period financial collapse within the US one among these?

Was COVID one among these as properly?  Proof is piling up that helps this speculation.

Then, subsequent, we ask: What sort of individual would do this stuff?

That is the place we start to call the sickness.  Widespread sense tells us that it might’t merely be about cash and energy.  However what else is there?


Nobody will say this however it’s true simply the identical.  These behind the 2014 coup in Ukraine are additionally behind the present battle.  The identical names, Noodleman/Nuland, Kagan, Wolfowitz and a listing of mysterious American billionaire oligarchs helped put 9/11 in place, the Maidan coup but additionally the opposite color revolutions and that listing is appreciable.

They name themselves Neocons however, in actuality, they’re one thing else and so they serve masters past our understanding and positively past any human rationality.

That this group shares a standard faith with the management of Ukraine is a really harmful topic.  Discussing these points overtly can get anybody “cancelled” and, the truth is names like Elon Musk and Kanye West are solely two of dozens that face that very same destiny immediately.

However is it a couple of faith of the ebook like Christianity or Islam or are there those that cover behind faith and an extended historical past of ethnic injustice?

It was former CIA officer Robert David Steele who was doing the analysis on America’s occultist oligarchs, a bunch he referred to as MEGA.  When Trump moved the US embassy in what can solely legitimately be referred to as Palestine to Occupied Jerusalem in violation of Article IV of the Geneva Conference, it was a $100,000,000 fee from an alleged MEGA oligarch, playing boss Sheldon Adelson that introduced this about.

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That very same fee introduced an abrupt and unlawful finish to the nuclear cope with Iran as properly.

Steele believed it was MEGA that financed 9/11 and used their large political clout in Washington in charge non-existent terrorists just like the CIA’s longtime asset Osama bin Laden.

A key subject is the MEGA agenda whose pursuits threaten human survival.

It’s MEGA that banks the cartel money and constructed a non-public worldwide military out of former American navy utilizing funds from Afghanistan’s large heroin manufacturing.  It’s no secret that the core of America’s “nation constructing” in Afghanistan was opium manufacturing, heroin processing and worldwide distribution utilizing US navy, intelligence and “nation constructing” property.

To assist us get began, allow us to keep in mind that it was the identical media that lies about Ukraine day by day, infantile lies, that advised us that it was the Taliban flying opium and heroin all over the world utilizing their mysterious and imaginary air drive.

If one needed to look, one may observe that Boko Haram (banned in Russia) militants who shun all training and expertise now drive throughout the Sahel in Israeli modified Toyota “technicals” and use satellite tv for pc telephones registered to the Pentagon.

Past Purpose

Present political theories not describe the world immediately.  Attempting to make sense of the insurance policies of the US and UK, blowing up fuel pipelines serving their very own allies or fairly purposefully fomenting nuclear battle, you possibly can’t make sense of that.

You then take a look at the battle from everyday, the Ukraine Conflict that has been happening 12 months after 12 months and one thing may be very improper.  Is Ukraine shedding 1000 males a day?

Who would enable that or the overall destruction of “their very own” nation except, in fact Zelensky has little interest in Ukraine in any respect aside from the aim it serves a broader evil agenda. I fought as a Marine in Vietnam.  The US lied about its casualties there as properly with total models worn out by the North Vietnamese and nary a phrase reported.

Later when 1.6 million American veterans died of ailments associated to Agent Orange poisoning, and that’s the actual quantity, there was collective silence.

We knew we have been someplace new when information experiences got here in.  It started with the Bucha bloodbath.  It nonetheless hangs over us all, as we watched Zelensky’s henchmen unfold out the our bodies within the highway, some gravely wounded but nonetheless alive earlier than the movie crews got here.

Even then, the collective West and the mainstream media not solely seemed away, they got here after any who commented, who re-Tweeted, who revealed and never simply with laptop hacks.

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There have been threats, there have been secret arrests and there have been killings, journalists, activists all disappeared as if we have been in Argentina or maybe Greece in the course of the civil battle so a few years in the past.

However did it start there?  Anybody keep in mind MH17?  After the terrors of Melitopol, not simply 2014 however the Nazi butchery of the present battle, how may anybody doubt that those that have been straight underneath MH17 with air protection programs, the Nazi butchers of Maidan, of Odessa and Melitopol, would down an airliner as properly?


Russia has at all times been a goal.  Alleged founding father of the MEGA oligarchs in America, Jacob Schiff (1876-1958), aided by his banking buddies that dominated England, constructed the Japanese navy and unleashed it on Czarist Russia in 1904.

Schiff nearly dominated the USA throughout his lifetime with presidents kowtowing to his each want.

Brief years later, it was Schiff, aided by Paul Warburg, founding father of the Federal Reserve system and alleged architect of World Conflict I and Max Moritz Warburg that performed a pivotal function within the manipulation of world occasions that led to World Wars I and II.

A path of suppressed scholarship ties these entities, the precursors to immediately’s MEGA, to fifteenth century Iberia, the founding of the Jesuit sect and the unfold of Freemasonry.

From Iberia, they unfold to Venice, establishing the primary European banking empires, then to Salonica by which they gained management over the Ottoman Empire and, concurrently, to Germany, then the Netherlands and Britain.

Tendrils of energy unfold each to Europe and North America but additionally observe the collapsing Ottoman Empire and establishing all through the Center East, manifesting as ISIS and al Qaeda (each banned in Russia) but additionally different terror organizations as properly.

In Europe, the NATO plan underneath Operation Gladio, an open partnership with Freemasonry, led to three a long time of terror bombings and even the kidnapping and homicide of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro.

However the Spanish/Portuguese assault on the New World, it was our Freemasonic brethren that might be answerable for the company pushed colonial period that continues to outline a world of injustice immediately.

A long time of falsified and censored historical past depart us helpless in establishing the true motives of those that have positioned themselves at odds with humanity.

Behind all of it, highly effective beliefs within the occult, in previous gods, embracing evil and diminishing the worth of the human situation.

Gordon Duff is a Marine fight veteran of the Vietnam Conflict that has labored on veterans and POW points for many years and consulted with governments challenged by safety points. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Immediately, particularly for the web journal “New Japanese Outlook”.