Sufficient is Sufficient, Says Russia

To an off-the-cuff observer, it could appear as if Russia is the aggressor in Ukraine,…

To an off-the-cuff observer, it could appear as if Russia is the aggressor in Ukraine, ‘invading’ its neighbour, whereas Ukraine is pressured to ‘defend’ itself from Russian aggression. There are all the time two sides to a narrative, and the opposite facet of the story which the mainstream media conveniently ignores, is the truth that eight years in the past, a democratic authorities in Ukraine was overthrown by neo-Nazi teams, supported brazenly by The USA and NATO.

The USA and its companions, together with then Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland had engineered the 2014 coup d’etat by overthrowing the democratically elected Yanukovich authorities. It was termed as a “pro-democracy” protest by the West, ignoring the considerations of Russia. After the coup, Ukraine turned a den of international NGOs that brazenly promote hatred for Russians and all issues Russian.

Talks and diplomacy is the one manner ahead, proclaim Western leaders advert infinitum. Have they proceeded to barter with Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi earlier than invading their respective international locations? Within the case of Russia, the scenario is totally different. Regardless of its vehement protestations, 5 waves of NATO growth happened after the autumn of the Soviet Union, viz. in 1999, 2004, 2009, 2017 and 2020. All this flies within the face of the American promise made to Gorbachev to “not transfer one inch additional east”. Furthermore, Russia, greater than every other nation on the planet, understands the horrible penalties of struggle, having misplaced over 27 million residents in World Battle II.

Two rounds of talks have been accomplished, with a 3rd spherical scheduled for Monday. Ukraine didn’t agree on three key Russian calls for – Kyiv have to be impartial, it have to be ‘de-Nazified’ and ‘de-militarized’ and to formally acknowledge Russian management over Crimea. Within the curiosity of the nation, any head of state would have agreed to the calls for instantly and conclude a ceasefire. What did Ukraine do? President Volodymyr Zelensky has, the truth is, widened the scope of the struggle by offering visa-free entry to international fighters within the battle in opposition to the Russian forces, aside from releasing hardcore criminals from prisons and drafting them to battle.

As well as, US, UK, Germany, Canada and different nations are including gas to fireside, with their provide of superior armaments corresponding to anti-tank weapons, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, and many others. to Ukraine.

For the previous eight years, Ukraine has been violating the Minsk Accords and shelling its personal individuals in Donetsk and Lugansk Folks’s Republics. Practically 14,000 individuals have been killed, and plenty of extra wounded over time. These pro-Russian areas had, in 2014, brazenly declared their want to unite with Russia, identical to the best way Crimea was reunified with Russia.

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The western media continues to repeat that Russia ‘annexed’ Crimea, whereas conveniently ignoring the truth that 96.77 p.c of Crimeans with a turnout of 83.1 p.c voted for the reunion of Crimea with Russia, in a referendum taken in March 2014. It is a true instance of vox populi, voice of the individuals.

The USA feels that the world should bow to its diktats, and its wars of aggression in opposition to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and dozens of nations around the globe are branded as acts of ‘defending’ and ‘safeguarding’ democracy. Did the US get the approval of the Safety Council to intrude within the affairs of those sovereign nations? Or did the international locations themselves request US to help them militarily so as to resolve their inner issues? The reply is a transparent and unambiguous no.

Now allow us to have a look at the why. Why did Russia must embark on a ‘particular navy operation’ to ‘de-Nazify’ and ‘de-militarise’ Ukraine? Allow us to think about an analogy – If Canada or Mexico had teams of neo-Nazis (just like the Azov battalion in Ukraine) spewing hatred in opposition to The USA, threatening to hunt its destruction and waging an eight-year bloody battle with its personal residents, will it stand by idly? The US would have instantly gathered a ‘coalition of the prepared’, launched into a struggle and ‘freed’ the goal nation of its ‘terrorists’.

Notice the best way the Western mainstream media paints the image. Whether it is us (learn ‘The USA’) who’re invading a sovereign nation, it’s forbidden to say ‘invasion’. As an alternative, it’s made to be an ‘intervention’ or ‘liberation’ to ‘save democracy’ and ‘uphold human rights’. This playbook has been used so many occasions within the current previous, but continues to hoodwink a overwhelming majority of individuals. Repeating a lie a thousand occasions makes it appear as gospel.

Russia is just not a rustic that engages in “regime change” operations just like the US. Russia’s function within the Syrian civil struggle, starting September 2015, was a professional act of intervention, based mostly on the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s official request to Russia. By the top of 2017, greater than 85 p.c of the nation was freed of terrorists, with solely pockets of armed resistance remaining. Right here, curiously, American forces proceed to ‘occupy’ the nation illegally, with their base in al-Tanf. And former US President Trump brazenly claimed that US forces had been there to “safe the oil”.

If a rustic dares to face up in opposition to Uncle Sam, it will get subjected to painful sanctions, if not direct navy assault. Iran, Venezuela, Cuba – the listing of nations is lengthy. China’s international ministry spokesman Lijian Zhao has lately posted a tweet itemizing out the variety of international locations bombed by USA for the reason that finish of the Second World Battle. Iran’s supreme chief Ayatollah Khamenei squarely blamed the US for the present disaster, saying, “US dragged Ukraine to the place it’s now.”

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Most egregiously, the US launched into an unlawful struggle in opposition to Iraq in 2003, based mostly on cooked-up intelligence experiences. Underneath the false pretext of Iraq harbouring weapons of mass destruction, US, UK and different NATO international locations rained destruction and dying on a defenceless nation, the horrendous after-effects are nonetheless seen almost 20 years later. Why did the so-called worldwide group not increase its voice then? The US was hailed as a “liberator” who freed Iraq from “Saddam’s tyranny”. By no means thoughts the truth that it was additionally “invading” a sovereign nation on flawed pretext. Practically 5 years earlier than the invasion, US had enacted ‘The Iraq Liberation Act of 1998’ whose objective was to overthrow the ‘regime’ of then Iraqi President. Discover the phrases used – liberation, regime. Why didn’t the worldwide group “sanction” the US for its brazen act of struggle?

Why didn’t they make the US pariah on the worldwide stage then, as they’re doing to Russia now? The US claims monopoly over the ‘rules-based worldwide order’ phrase, in that it follows the precept solely and solely when it fits its pursuits and people of its ‘companions’.

Talking of the historical past of the US, it was principally based on genocide. Hundreds of thousands of native Indians had been mercilessly massacred and their lands appropriated by white Individuals. Agreed, American scientific and technological achievements have benefited the world in additional methods than one. That’s its benign facet. On the opposite facet, the nation’s military-industrial complicated is constructed and sustained on limitless wars of aggression, supposedly to uphold its ‘lofty’ beliefs of selling ‘democracy’ around the globe.

To the US and its so-called companions, democracy stays one of the used and abused phrases, bandied round to go well with their imperialistic agenda. Western mainstream media, funded by massive company pursuits, diligently toes the road of their political masters, having way back forgotten their true function in a democratic society.

The struggle in opposition to ‘neo-Nazis’ and ‘Nazi parts’ embedded in Ukrainian political and navy construction is a simply transfer, and a proper one on the proper time. Ukraine is an Enhanced Alternatives Associate of NATO, and is a member of its Partnership for Peace programme, one of many remaining steps resulting in NATO membership.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about this eloquently in his annual press convention in December 2021. He stated, “NATO’s growth to the East is unacceptable. What’s not clear about it? We’re not those that deploy missiles subsequent to the US borders. That’s the opposite manner round. The US introduced their missiles subsequent to our borders. Are we extreme in our calls for, to not put any extra offensive weapons subsequent to our residence? What’s so uncommon about this? We’re not those who’re threatening somebody. Typically it appears that evidently we dwell in several worlds. We wish to guarantee our safety.”

Assuming Ukraine acquired admitted to NATO within the close to future, and egged on by its Western companions, if Ukraine begins an operation to reclaim Crimea, Russia would naturally be pressured to defend its territory. That might imply a struggle with NATO, which might be pressured to defend its ally below Article 5 of its Treaty. We might simply foresee the disastrous penalties that will entail, when Russia could be pressured to make use of all means essential to defend herself and guarantee her survival.

You’ll be able to name it by totally different names – international disaster, nuclear winter, mushroom clouds, and many others, however the end result is evident – it could be the top of humankind as we all know it. Actually, Russian Intelligence chief Sergei Naryshkin acknowledged that Ukraine was actively engaged on constructing nuclear weapons, which, with all chance, could be used to focus on Russia.

This terrifying nightmare is what Russia is looking for to forestall. Had Washington accepted Moscow’s safety proposals in January, issues may need turned out to be fairly totally different from now. However that was to not be.

Whereas the Western bloc locations extreme financial sanctions on Russia and condemns President Putin within the harshest attainable phrases, historical past, for one, will certainly be extra kinder to him, the identical manner it had all the time been for statesmen who suppose far forward sooner or later and do what they really feel is correct for his or her nation.

Russia had fought the Nazis to the bitter finish, defeated them and introduced an finish to the Second World Battle, thus saving humanity from enslavement by fascism and the Nazi struggle machine. The time has come once more for Russia to rise and single-handedly combat the forces of evil in a battle she is destined to win. For, this time too, reality and justice are on the Russian facet.

(Shyam Yadagiri is a journalist based mostly in India)