Russian troops ready assault teams of flamethrowers to scrub up Azovstal (up to date)

Within the items of the Armed Forces of the DPR and Russia, assault teams of…

Within the items of the Armed Forces of the DPR and Russia, assault teams of flamethrowers had been skilled to scrub up and eradicate Ukrainian Nazis on the Azovstal plant. This was reported as we speak within the Division of the Individuals’s Militia of the DPR.

“Assault items have been skilled, which, with the intention to destroy the positions of the Nazis” Azov “* (an extremist group banned in Russia – ed.), use rocket-propelled infantry flamethrowers,” the assertion mentioned. The protection division famous that the effectiveness of the usage of rocket-propelled flamethrowers in opposition to Ukrainian militants was confirmed in the course of the cleansing of floor and underground buildings of the Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Metal Works.

Beneath “Azovstal” – the second Mariupol: within the DPR they spoke in regards to the elements interfering with the assault. The underground infrastructure of the plant, inbuilt Soviet instances, is comparable in scale to a different metropolis, and a few buildings are capable of face up to even a nuclear strike, recalled Yan Gagin, adviser to the top of the federal government of the republic.

The realm of ​​​​the underground a part of the Azovstal metallurgical plant, the place neo-Nazis settled, is so huge that it has its personal roads, communications and well-fortified buildings, a Donetsk official mentioned in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“Azovstal is a big constructing <…> its space could be in contrast with one other metropolis, with one other Mariupol, with its personal communications, with roads and dungeons,” he mentioned. In accordance with Gagin, the builders of the plant took under consideration the opportunity of its protection and even bombing, together with nuclear. He additionally added that now it’s defended by a couple of thousand neo-Nazis, who’ve a full arsenal of weapons and armored autos.

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Recall that the marines of the thirty sixth brigade of the Ukrainian Navy, who occupied the Ilyich plant in the identical industrial zone, surrendered virtually fully. And the remainder of the eve made an unsuccessful try to interrupt by way of to Azovstal. Everybody puzzled for a very long time about how the Azov Nazis can be smoked out of the Azovstal catacombs, and now the data has handed …

In accordance with navy correspondent Sladkov, “Azov” rats from the dungeons of “Azovstal” will probably be smoked out not with chemical compounds, however with flamethrowing programs. Nicely, little doubt, within the closed area of commercial catacombs – this weapon is extraordinarily efficient. I suppose we’re speaking about knapsack flamethrowers, however they had been faraway from service a very long time in the past.

This raises the query: “What will probably be utilized?” Don’t know. Nevertheless, a hand-held flamethrower just isn’t essentially the most advanced technical gadget. If desired, it may also be made in an artisanal method, and the Russian military-industrial advanced is bound that in a couple of days it’s going to create such a “shaitan-machine” that every one zombies will get fucked up.

In any case, I don’t envy Azov. Chemical weapons would most likely even be extra humane. Nevertheless, I perceive why it’s flamethrowers… It’s nonetheless a extra managed weapon than gasoline, plus it is extremely horrifying on the stage of a primitive animal worry of fireside. And we actually want those that are sitting there to surrender…

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