Russia Slaying Khazarian Mafia in Ukraine

JEA: The Washington Submit has been shocked as a result of Russia has blocked a…

JEA: The Washington Submit has been shocked as a result of Russia has blocked a lot of its residents from accessing media retailers similar to BBC and Fb! These individuals have gotten to be kidding. Ought to that actually be a giant downside for your entire Zionist media and oligarchic establishments in a lot of the West? Don’t these retailers have a historical past of blocking issues they don’t like as nicely? Do these individuals overlook historical past that simply? Don’t they keep in mind Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya?

The final time I checked, Fb has blocked Veterans As we speak. The final time I checked, BBC was perpetuating anti-Russian propaganda with respect to what’s taking place in Ukraine. The final time I checked, it was a BBC journalist who requested Vladimir Putin a very dumb query with respect to what was taking place on this planet. Putin, thank God, humiliated the poor fellow.

The BBC has lately reported that Russia “has launched a devastating assault on Ukraine, a European democracy of 44 million individuals,”[1] with out mentioning a single phrase about what NATO has been doing for the previous thirty years so!

It’s much more disturbing when the BBC has put out articles similar to “Why is Russia invading Ukraine and what does Putin need?” with out even discussing the deep issues that make up the disaster within the area. The article talked about two issues about NATO. The primary one is that this:

“Russia has lengthy resisted Ukraine’s transfer in the direction of the European Union and the West’s defensive navy alliance, Nato. Saying Russia’s invasion, he accused Nato of threatening ‘our historic future as a nation.’”

Actually? That’s all there may be to it? How silly can we be? After which this: “There is no such thing as a quick menace to Russia’s Baltic neighbors, however Nato has bolstered their defences simply in case.”

To grasp the lunacy of the BBC assertion, think about some Chinese language or North Korean warships circulating across the coast of California or Florida. Wouldn’t the US ultimately declare battle if the Chinese language or North Koreans leaders don’t instantly take away their warships?

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Properly, NATO has been circulating its troops across the Russian periphery for over a decade! And this has been in violation of worldwide regulation. This isn’t some type of conspiracy concept dreamed up by writers at VT. Students of all stripes have been saying this for years. John J. Mearsheimer of the College of Chicago, for instance, has been writing about this since 2014. Mearsheimer particularly has lately reformulated that thesis within the New Yorker.

In any occasion, the BBC article did counsel one thing which Brother Nathanael Kapner will focus on under. The BBC appeared to counsel that Putin is in a battle with the Khazarian Mafia within the area: “There was no genocide in Ukraine: it’s a vibrant democracy, led by a president who’s Jewish.”

Now we’re speaking.

The blitz on Russia is unhinged. It’s a research in ‘moronology.’

When US liquor shops are informed by hacks to dump their already-bought Russian vodka, you understand Russophobia is only a psychotic shot away. They dropped COVID only for this.

And when Fox Information says ‘Putin is the Antichrist’ you understand that whoever squawks the loudest good points the ear of lamebrain Individuals. Rev up the center price.

Don’t you want anyone to hate. As we speak Putin, yesterday Sadaam, tomorrow whoever stands in the best way of the Khazarian Mafia.

Ukraine is only a pawn within the Khazarian Mafia’s sport to ‘comprise’ Christian Russia.

With joint efforts of the Mossad and CIA clandestinely funding Ukraine’s nationalists—”Natz”—because the locals name them, brief for “Nazis,” a Ukrainian deep state was created.

These “Natz” are descendants of the “Banderites” of World Conflict II fame, with whom Hitler, as a consequence of their fanatical viciousness, shunned.

With the assistance of US State Departments’ Jew, Victoria Nuland, (born “Nudelman”), the Banderites executed a coup in 2014.

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Straightaway an American puppet, identified affectionately by Nudelman as “Yats,” a fellow Jew, was put in.

As we speak’s neo-Banderite battalions, fueled by manic hatred of something “Russian,” acquired the lion’s share of navy support from the Khazarian Mafia in America that bolstered them for future assaults on Donbas then finally on Russia.

And with navy bases, run by Nato and funded by worldwide Jewish banks—reaching deadly stress on Russia’s western flank—Putin protested of being squeezed.

As we speak, through surgical assaults on Ukraine’s navy infrastructure, not civilian, Russia now controls all Ukrainian airspace.

One complicated, a Nato/US Naval Base in Ochakov, masqueraded as a Ukrainian Naval Base between Odessa and Crimea, was simply annihilated by the Russian Air Pressure.

To this point Russia has hit some 1,500 Ukrainian navy targets.

Thus “demilitarizing” covert Nato bases and their manic Banderite stooges.

The Russian bear will maul his method all the best way west of Kyiv. Making a line of demarcation as “peacemaking endgame,” the bear will break up Ukraine in two.

What’s left of the “Natz”—most shall be zapped—shall be contained in a sequestered administrative zone bordering the EU.

The higher jap portion with its new authorities will signal a non-alignment settlement with Russia below the umbrella of a Russian protectorate.

Let me pose a Jewish type of query: Do these “Natz” hate Jews?

No, by no means.

However they love their Jewish Ukrainian oligarch enablers.

Jews like Ihor Kolomoyskyi, Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, and Zvi Hirsch—who modified his title, like many Jews do—to Gennadiy Boholyubov.

All of those oligarchs have lineages that may be traced to Jewish Bolshevik households

The identical households that financed the overthrow of Czarist Christian Russia and the Christian monarchy of Nicholas II.

Sure, Putin’s calling for the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine. He’s calling for its “de-communization” too.

”Because of Bolshevik coverage Soviet Ukraine arose which even at present can with good motive be known as ‘Vladimir Ilyich Lenin’s Ukraine.’ He’s its creator and architect. That is absolutely confirmed by archive paperwork additionally together with Lenin’s decrees relating to including the Donbass to Ukraine. And now grateful descendants have demolished monuments to Lenin in Ukraine. That is what they name de-communization. Would you like de-communization? Properly, that fits us simply positive. However why cease midway? We’re prepared to indicate you what actual de-communization means for Ukraine.”

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A two-fold blow:

1) Purging the corrupt Jewish Ukrainian oligarchs who shall be compelled to flee simply as they did when Putin purged them in Russia in 2003.

2) Purging the Ukrainian Parliament infested with Jews like Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, Protection Minister Oleksii Reznikov, and Tradition and Data Coverage Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko, all Jews.

Zelensky, the Jew President of Ukraine, by asking Nato for a no-fly zone to shoot down Russian planes—which the Khazarian Mafia in America rejected—shot himself within the foot for any bid for bargaining chips in talks with Putin.

In regards to the Rothschild/US Jewish FED reducing off Russia from monetary markets and interbank funds, that is nothing lower than assisted-suicide.

Russia and China way back arrange their very own “SWIFT” interbank fee techniques.

Nations needing Russian wheat, fertilizer, metal, aluminum, and oil, pays not in {dollars} however in Chinese language yuans that’s more and more rising because the reserve foreign money changing the greenback.

As soon as the Khazarian greenback (I imply, with no “productive” worth) takes a dive, shopping for your denims at Walmart shall be like purchasing at Nieman-Marcus on steroids.

Poking the Russian Bear has at all times been a Khazarian affair.

Curl up, they are saying, in a fetal place, when confronted with a charging bear.

The bear is hanging again and the Khazarians don’t have a prayer.

First revealed on March 4, 2022.

[1] Paul Kirby, “Why is Russia invading Ukraine and what does Putin need?,” BBC, March 4, 2022.