Return of the Titans by Jack Coronary heart

“The blood of the Titans is alive, I believed, surprisingly and splendidly alive!” “We’re not…

“The blood of the Titans is alive, I believed, surprisingly and splendidly alive!”

“We’re not allowed to overlook Hitler and wartime Germany. Nightly, we’re introduced with an ever-ongoing tv tirade in opposition to the person and the nation he liked. All of it occurred so way back that one could effectively surprise why it doesn’t stop. There might be just one reply: FEAR, the concern {that a} fourth Reich will come from beneath the ice of Neu-Sachwabenland–to sq. accounts could also be well-founded . . . There are a lot of who imagine Hitler didn’t die a suicide; there are lots of who imagine he escaped to a heat place made prepared for him beneath the ice of the Antarctic.” – Norma Cox

Dorothy Norma Cox wrote her magnum opus Kingdoms Inside Earth in 1985. She is the writer of a number of different books and distributed and revealed the e-newsletter Secrets and techniques until 1996. (1) Seer, visionary, prophetess, and madwoman she could very effectively have been the one Christian that ever actually did frighten the Zionists whom she accused of utilizing their stranglehold on the media to cowl up the reality concerning the hole earth.

Throughout her lifelong relentless marketing campaign in opposition to the Jews, whom she labeled because the progeny of Devil, she corresponded and even as soon as met with a person named Richard Shaver, the progenitor of the Shaver Thriller. Within the years immediately continuing WWII, the Shaver Thriller spawned what can solely be described as a global furor among the many readers of science fiction.

In 1943 Ray Palmer a reclusive dwarf crippled by a damaged again since childhood and editor of the wildly common Wonderful Tales Journal obtained a letter from a person even stranger than himself. Shaver, the writer of the letter, claimed to have rediscovered an historical forgotten language referred to as ‘Mantong,’ the primal supply of all different languages. The phonetics of the language had a which means of their very own and when utilized to the phrases of another language might decipher their secret meanings.

Shaver by his personal admission had been in communication with the welding torch at his job. However, surprisingly sufficient, Palmer and his employees utilized Mantong to “the letter-meaning to the person letter of many aged root phrases and correct names and received a tremendous sense out of them.” After publishing Shaver’s letter, salvaged from his wastepaper basket, Palmer requested his readers to experiment with Mantong. The overwhelming response by a whole lot who wrote again to Palmer was that it labored.

Shaver adopted up his Mantong letter with a ten-thousand-word manuscript titled “A Warning to Future Man.” By the point Palmer was via modifying it, which he did via a two-year correspondence with Shaver a lot of it showing within the work because the index on the finish of every chapter, Shaver’s piece had grown to a thirty-one-thousand-word novella. It was revealed within the March 1945 problem of Wonderful Tales Journal below the title “I Keep in mind Lemuria!” (2)

The story informed was of a human race that has existed from day trip of thoughts, transferring from solar to solar as every solar grew to become poisonous with age. Each solar began out as a planet itself simply because the earth’s had; shrouded in cloud cowl to advertise most fecundity of life because it orbited its personal solar. Layer upon layer of life residing and dying encased the planet in carbon hundreds of miles thick to its heavy metalcore. When its solar went black and died out the planet grew to become a dull sphere of shimmering ice till ignited from deep inside by a collision with a mass damaged off from one other solar and the cycle started anew.

Carbon itself burns clear and resulting from his godlike sciences man was virtually immortal as his civilizations basked in its beneficent glow, colonizing different stars unknown. However because the solar burns down it begins to devour its heavy steel core which supplies off radioactive toxins that produce growing old, lack of psychological schools, and at last loss of life. So, man should continually migrate from outdated solar to new solar.

To keep away from this many selected to construct their civilizations underground, some even within the outer perimeters of house the place there’s everlasting darkness. This race was referred to as the Nor or Norman marked by their good blond hair and snow-white pores and skin by no means touched by daylight. Earth, then referred to as Mu, was inhabited by the Atlans and their magnificent horned allies referred to as the Titans. *

Elders, who have been the sum and complete of the eons of every civilization’s knowledge, dominated over them. The Atlans out of the sheer pleasure for what was a special and sensual attraction to what was unique had hybridized with all of the myriads of life varieties encountered all through their millenniums of house exploration and colonization. The Nor, devoted to their Goddess Venus and enamored of their very own fantastic thing about type, wore as few clothes as attainable to show their bodily belongings and refused to hybridize.

Each civilizations reveled in their very own erotic wishes and satiating them was their raison d’être. Each entity in its personal vigorous well being considered different entities as part of themselves. To intrude, repress or homicide one other entity was an act of self-immolation. The first metropolis of the Atlans was deep inside the bowels of the earth, near its core, the place the Titans, unimpeded by their nice dimension, might transfer about freely unrestrained by gravity. On its avenues handed an never-ending amorous procession of surprisingly seductive hybrids, some with the decrease our bodies of serpents, some with cloven hoofs, all mingled along with fantastically lovely individuals.

However intercourse was for pleasure heightened by all method of machines. Procreation was carried out in laboratories; embryos grown in sealed receptacles suspended in a substance referred to as Icor honed by the sciences of tens of hundreds of years. Because the embryo grew into life the “blood of the Gods,” Icor, was fed to them via synthetic umbilical cords.

Dying was nearly remarkable and development indeterminate. Elders handled themselves with particular hormonal regimes that allowed them to enslave their prepared reverse gender with chains cast of sexual ecstasy. The Elders generally attained heights of 300 toes. However nobody aged after reaching maturity.


The Atlans and Titans have been the masters of all that was good in existence. They have been lords of creation however in their very own mastery, they forgot that the place there’s creation there should even be destruction. Evil is simply as sturdy pretty much as good and all the time, all the time, one will steadiness the opposite. All through the numberless eons, the Atlans had honeycombed the earth with tunnels and caverns, some long-abandoned together with the expertise they harbored. The expertise was from a time when the earth’s solar was new. Its creators unimpeded by toxins from the solar flourished and have become gods migrating to unknown components of the universe forsaking the equipment.

In each civilization regardless of how paradisiacal there’ll all the time be outcasts, these that don’t slot in, and Mu was no exception. There have been some who fled to the cultivation forests residing generationally like animals. In time a few of these savages discovered their approach into the forgotten catacombs of Mu’s historical civilizations. Ultimately, these savages found the tunnels and caverns and discovered to make use of the deserted expertise to fulfill their necessities for pleasure.

Over time, satiated, they atrophied and have become like senseless automatons unable to suppose in any respect with out their machines, hideous dwarfs referred to as Deros, pushed solely by a must convey ache and destruction to all they encountered. They used the equipment that they had discovered to sow discord among the many Atlans just like the evil youngsters of hell that that they had turn into. Their pleasure grew to become the ache they inflicted on their hapless victims. Those who they kidnapped have been tortured in sadistic orgies of cruelty. After they had used up all of the horror their victims have been able to they ate them.

Someplace in time, the Atlans had discovered it essential to exile one among their very own, one of many Elders, extra god than man. He had discovered his approach into the caverns of the Deros and arranged them, educating them to grasp the equipment that they had prior solely performed with. And from the darkness of their hidden citadels, they gained management of Mu by means of selective assassination and taking management of the knowledge dissemination retailers.

Many among the many Atlans have been conscious of their presence however to talk out in opposition to them was to signal one’s personal loss of life warrant. With their equipment, they have been capable of monitor all of Mu and browse the ideas of its inhabitants. Consequently, the Atlans stayed on Mu gone the time when they need to have fled the deleterious results of its dying solar. However a handful of scholars, amongst them the narrator of the story, do handle to flee and flee to the outer darkness of the Nor.

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The Nors, upon studying of the Dero, motivated not solely by altruism but in addition the data that the evil should be contained, ship an excellent fleet of starships to make struggle on the Dero and free the Atlans and Titans below their management. When the Nor arrive the Dero threaten to make use of their machines to kill all of the unsuspecting inhabitants of Mu if the Nor don’t flip again.

They don’t they usually handle to bypass the Deros on guard by tricking them with a sleep ray and enter the underworld undetected. After they attain the citadel of the Dero near the earth’s core an epic battle ensues. The Dero have higher weapons from the superior historical expertise and are led by the good however twisted Elder god. Nor, with untold millenniums of bliss to stay for, are killed by the hundreds however they simply hold coming . They lastly breach the partitions of the hypogean metropolis and lay waste to it slaughtering the Dero and capturing the Elder god to study what they will of the expertise.

The surviving Atlans and Titans evacuate to far off stars unknown and the Nor return triumphantly to their darkish abode. However as they’re leaving Mu the narrator is aware of the Dero has been defeated however not exterminated and there are nonetheless males, the savages of the forests, on the floor of Mu. Although they are going to stay however brief and brutal lives below Mu’s growing old solar the narrator is aware of too that via the veins of those savages move the blood of the Titans and at some point they are going to overcome these obstacles and turn into a race to be reckoned with, a race that is able to be part of their forefathers within the stars.

However he additionally is aware of the Deros might be watching, biding their time, in order that they too could also be carried like a plague among the many stars. He leaves his story inscribed on plates of pressure, an incorruptible steel, in an unknown place to be discovered when the time comes as “A Warning to Future Man.” (3)

A quick examination of Mr. Shaver’s science “fiction” is all that’s wanted to understand ‘I Keep in mind Lemuria!’ couldn’t have been written with the science out there to most of the people in 1943 or 1945; even by HG Wells or Jules Verne (not to mention a person who was taking dictation from his welding torch).

It’s now identified that at temperatures over fifteen million levels Kelvin carbon fusion is the dominant fusion fairly than hydrogen fusion. The earth’s sunburns via hydrogen fusion however it’s now believed that bigger stars corresponding to Sirius burn via carbon fusion. Not even the German expatriate Hans Bethe who obtained the Nobel Prize in 1967 for figuring out the carbon fusion cycle knew this in 1945. (4)

Theoretically, a comet can go nuclear when momentum distribution results in a considerable improve of its deuteron fusion rate-making attainable the thermochemical explosion ignition of a thermonuclear explosion. In truth, that seems to be simply what occurred 5 miles over Tunguska in 1908. (5) If that comet had crashed into Tunguska’s legendary peat bogs maybe the earth would now be a solar and the moon its planet. Possibly that’s simply how the Deros had deliberate it.

Human childbirth will naturally outcome within the loss of life of 1.5% of the moms. (6) Those who do stay via it are nearly invariably disfigured within the pelvic area and can always remember the ache. Even now in America, one in three births can have “problems.” (7) This flies within the face of each identified legislation of nature. Human childbirth is hardly pure.

Cloning and genetic engineering wouldn’t even be mentioned significantly till Joshua Lederberg revealed his groundbreaking piece Experimental Genetics and Human Evolution in The American Naturalist in 1966. But nearly a quarter-century earlier than Shaver demonstrates a transparent understanding of simply how cloning works not to mention the benefit it has over reproducing like a beast within the fields.

In accordance with the narrative; on this photo voltaic system, the earth’s aged solar is the mom of all radiation which is known as disintegrates. These are heavy metals so dissolute that they solely exist as rays to be drawn in by the earth and reconstituted as matter. Toxins are suspended within the air you breathe, the meals you eat, and the water you drink. That is the supply of growing old within the human physique. Disintegrate or detrimental vitality is the damaging drive of the universe. Its antithesis is Exd; ex-disintegrants which permeate the universe and is the inventive drive; benign and life-giving.

That is from Turkey. It’s over twelve thousand years outdated

Daylight is electromagnetic radiation: radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, seen gentle, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays, and gamma rays, many of those weren’t even identified to exist, at the very least by the allies, previous to WW II not to mention identified have the devastating results on human well being that they do. Madame Curie’s notes have been out there on the time and Palmer even mentions them within the index however the Individuals had not but even begun their experiments on the hapless Japanese.

The existence of Undistorted Progressive Waves was confirmed for good in experiments carried out in 1997 by Waldyr A Rodrigues Jr. and Jian-Yu Lu, it doesn’t matter what the cavemen who guard the doorway at Wikipedia wish to say about scalar waves. (8) Undistorted Progressive Waves are households of waves touring at arbitrary speeds that are distortion-free and don’t unfold out over a distance. Even when interfered with they return to “their authentic type after a sure time period.”

Dr. Rodrigues and Dr. Lu’s groundbreaking paper launched experimental information exhibiting how a “Superluminal (sooner than the velocity of sunshine) Electromagnetic X-Wave” might be launched by forcing one among these waves via a tiny gap that they referred to as a “Finite Aperture Approximation.” Within the paper they go on to make an unimpeachable mathematical argument that the speculation of relativity has been compromised by the info ensuing from their experiments. (9)

The narrative says the human physique is of course polarized just like the earth. The earth acts as a magnet drawing in Exd; ex-disintegrants and reconstituting it as matter. However overexposure to disintegrates causes components of the mind to turn into depolarized and to polarize as an alternative just like the solar drawing in its disintegrates. Relying on which a part of the mind is affected you’ll both turn into an fool or a pathological assassin pushed solely to kill till you’re killed your self; a detrimental vitality robotic, a Dero.

In 1933 Ott Christoph Hilgenberg wrote The Increasing Earth, Vom wachsenden Erdball, just about proving regardless of Morgan Freeman’s “science” that continental drift is the results of the earth increasing in quantity. The e book settled as soon as and for all of the scientific debate about whether or not continental drift occurred and if Germany had received WWII no person ever would have dreamed of making an attempt to exchange Hilgenberg’s work of genius with a principle as filled with holes as plate tectonics.

The Atlans worshiped life and have been connoisseurs of its pleasures. The narration describes customers of their erogenous machines experiencing each single sensation as “having the worth of a thousand nights of affection.” These “stim” machines are what was discovered within the deserted subterranean cities by the ancestors of the Dero.

The “ray equipment” had filters for his or her beams which, unknown to the primitives who had discovered and have been utilizing them, periodically needed to be modified as did the conductive metals of the apparatuses. Ultimately, the buildup of disintegrating particles turned the machine’s “useful qualities into surprisingly dangerous ones.” In time residing in shut proximity to them mutated their offspring right into a race of degenerate dwarfs that we’re unable to suppose with out utilizing the machines.

Shaver says within the index that the Deros, who survived the struggle with the Nors, have been utilizing these machines since this present post-apocalyptic epoch started, sponsoring wicked and lethal orgies in hidden catacombs beneath the temples and pleasure palaces of the earth. Confounding man in the whole lot he does, from stage fright in class performs to homicide, to the choices of tyrants and kings. They have been the sirens who lured historical Greek seafarers to their deaths with their candy songs. They’re “the supply of god worship, the fun of divinity, the sensing of the invisible, the prostration of the need earlier than the stronger will of the ray gun.”

Present day witch docs declare the human mind solely works at 10% capability. With a shake of their magic rattle and a hardy feathered pirouette, they go on to chant the identical about DNA, calling the opposite 90% “junk DNA.” Actual scientists, pioneers of a Courageous New World for everybody like Dr. Manfred Doepp, (10) should not amused by their antics. Dr. Doepp insists that this junk DNA is attenuated to the resonance fields (11) that compose 96% of man’s exterior atmosphere.

When awake the human mind often resonates at anyplace between 6-20 hertz per second; Theta mind waves resonate between 4-7Hz and are little understood by mainstream science, Alpha between 8-12Hz happens throughout leisure, and Beta, above 12Hz, happen throughout problem-solving. Delta mind waves happen throughout sleep and vary from 0-4Hz. Even the witch docs now know that human mind exercise is intimately entangled with the Schumann resonance, which resonates at a median of seven.8Hz however can fluctuate from 3Hz – 60Hz.

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Tampering with resonance fields might be both extraordinarily dangerous or extraordinarily useful to the human race. Electrophysicist Professor Konstantin Meyl in collaboration with the Most cancers Analysis Centre on the College of Heidelberg has already used resonant electrodynamic fields to change the malignancy of most cancers cells. Scientists like Dr. Doepp and Dr. Meyl are taking full benefit of a brand-new science referred to as epigenetics a science that threatens to blow the lid off, as soon as and for all, the simian superstition of evolution.

Epigenetics merely means the examine of the management mechanisms of DNA. It’s what determines how hereditary traits corresponding to athleticism, mental capability, and human resilience might be radically altered in simply three generations as an alternative of the a whole lot that the drooling Darwinists would have the human race imagine it takes to adapt DNA sequences. (12) By combining epigenetics with the manipulation of resonance fields the potential is there to reinvent the Atlantis of Shaver’s narrative. They can be used to breed a really choose grasp race whose whims are catered to by an enormous slave race of idiots.

The Blood-Mind Barrier (BBB) sits on the base of the mind and acts as its vascular safety system admitting vitality and nutrient-rich substances required for optimum operation and barring dangerous substances corresponding to heavy metals and fat-soluble toxins able to turning the mind right into a residing reproduction of a piece of Swiss cheese. Electromagnetic radiation from cellphones and Wifi expertise working within the 2.4 gigahertz vary are identified to burn holes into the BBB.

The industries are utterly unregulated and relay towers starting from monstrosities a whole lot of toes excessive to a lot smaller ones camouflaged as flag poles have sprung up everywhere in the world seemingly in a single day.

The outcome has been a return with a vengeance of the mind harm seen within the sixties from leaded gas and the ever-expanding proliferation of the circumstances referred to as consideration deficit dysfunction and Consideration Deficit Dysfunction Hyperactivity Syndrome in youngsters. Parkinsonism, Epilepsy, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Cerebral Palsy, and Autism have turn into endemic.

Dr. Doepp factors out that the two.4 gigahertz wave spectrum adversely impacts the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, the hypothalamic tract, and the limbic system in order that solely the big portion of the mind, chargeable for consciousness, is left intact.

The mind is unable to entry its unconscious leaving individuals with the power to carry out the menial duties assigned to them however unable to purpose or create. The cells of the bitstream within the cognitive mind are capable of course of forty bits per second whereas cells from its deep inside, now inaccessible in most individuals, are able to processing billions of bits per second.

The results on younger individuals are notably putting as they stroll round bumping into partitions centered on handheld Wifi items listening to redundant computer-generated “music.” Ethics, human advantage, and even widespread decency have turn into anachronisms. Underlying and indefinable anger permeates individuals’s persistent disconnection with a goal aside from to amass the commodities the tv tells them they want. Dr. Doepp has discovered that many are unable to be separated from the electromagnetic radiation with out experiencing panic and the lack to perform. (13)

Shaver says automobiles have been powered by “motors whose vitality is derived from a gravity focusing magnetic discipline by which one aspect of a flywheel turns into a lot heavier than the opposite, that is achieved by bending gravity to fall in the identical approach a lens bends a lightweight ray.”

Within the Nineteen Nineties, Russian scientist Eugene Podkletnov induced a furor amongst the aerospace trade and their educational drones when he introduced that in gravity modification experiments, he had been capable of obtain as a lot as a 5% discount in a focused object’s weight. He was utilizing rotating magnets to spin superconducting doughnut-shaped discs, flywheels.

In later interviews with Nick Prepare dinner, Aviation Editor of Jane’s Defence Weekly and writer of The Hunt For Zero Level, Podkletnov admitted that he had already achieved full levitational results for Toshiba together with his strategies. He additionally admitted that his strategies have been derived from a lifelong examine of papers confiscated in Could of 1945 by the Purple Military from the condominium of Viktor Schauberger, a German genius of mythic proportions identified to be engaged on anti-gravity expertise throughout WW II for the SS. The papers got to Podkletnov’s father, Russia’s high scientist within the discipline on the time, for evaluation. (14)

In chapter 4; Escape Into House, Shaver says “To get the shuttle ship on its approach gravity was neutralized by an upward beam of semi-penetrative drive which turned on progressively till the automotive simply floated in its cradle below the impact of the reverse friction to the gravity of the drive blast passing via the automotive.”

Gordon Duff the managing director of the Adamus Company, a protection contracting firm so mysterious that it has been accused by the semi-literate (“10 is a main quantity”) among the many lunatic fringe “patriot” motion as being the “paperclip Nazis,” (15) has not too long ago revealed a few of the secrets and techniques that hang-out the drug-fueled delirium of Rush Limbaugh’s disciples.

In VT Nuclear Schooling: Answering the hype he says “So as to create anti-gravity or to cancel gravity you merely push out the magnetic discipline traces utilizing plasma. That is referred to as optimistic buoyancy. Similar to in ships and sizzling air balloons. Sizzling air is plasma. That is how UFO’s work. The secret is magnetic buoyancy utilizing plasma shielding of some sort.” (16)

Shaver’s clarification for his narrative is that he’s recalling his previous life as Mutan Mion the narrator of the story. Within the index, Palmer goes on to quote further references to gravity in correspondences by Shaver within the guise of Mutan Mion. “Gravity is the friction of condensing exd, ex-disentigrance, falling via matter into the earth. Through the use of a beam of equally condensing particles of ex-disentigrance a innocent beam of upward gravity is obtained which may levitate matter slowly or drive it upward at immense velocity. All house is crammed with the ash of disentigrance of the suns of the universe. This condensing once more into matter is integrance or gravity. ”

Viktor Schauberger referred to as the method by which vitality was obtained for anti gravity; condensing. A course of supposedly solely theoretical until confirmed by the Nationwide Institute of Requirements and Expertise and the College of Colorado in a joint venture in 1995. Atoms or subatomic particles are cooled to absolute zero coalescing right into a single entity describable as a wave perform able to releasing vitality on a macroscopic scale. (17)

Because the “legend” has it; whereas observing a trout holding its place, with none swimming effort in any respect, in opposition to the dashing present of a stream Schauberger determined the trout was using one thing aside from kinetic vitality. Schauberger reasoned that the animal was extracting the vitality from the molecules of its personal physique by condensing them with excessive temperature gradients. The remaining is rooted within the lore of a breakaway civilization and a Nationwide Socialist Occasion that vanished proper earlier than the eyes of your complete world when the allies tightened their empty noose on the finish of WWII.

Shaver’s story struck a chord, the difficulty offered out, Wonderful Tales circulation jumped from 135 thousand to 185 thousand per problem; tens of hundreds of letters rolled in claiming to recount personnel experiences with the Dero. An ex-Air Power captain wrote “for heaven’s sake drop the entire thing! You’re enjoying with dynamite.

My companion and I fought our approach out of a cave with submachine weapons. I’ve two 9-inch scars on my left arm… my buddy has a gap the scale of a dime in his proper bicep. It was scary inside… we each imagine we all know extra concerning the Shaver Thriller than another pair… don’t print our names. We’re not cowards, however we aren’t loopy.” Some even believed their neighbors have been Deros.

Shaver started pounding out tales concerning the underworld like he was a machine himself, and Palmer ran with it culminating with the June 7, 1947, problem devoted fully to Shaver. By then the entire world knew what a Dero was and lots of suspected they really existed. Enter the Zionist Bolsheviks from New York Metropolis. Whether or not it was as a result of they and their hack hero Isaac Asimov merely couldn’t compete with Shaver who has been characterised by excessive strangeness fanatics; abovetopsecret .com, as a cross between L Ron Hubbard, Charles Fort, and Lord Dunsany (Edward Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany), (18) or it was one thing far darker, as all the time the Zionists received their approach.

The Queens Science Fiction Membership, which was based by Sam Moskowitz and was an offshoot of Donald Allen Wollheim’s radically Bolshevik Futurians and the Brooklyn Science Fiction League, launched a large letter-writing marketing campaign that Shaver was endangering the sanity of Individuals.

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Though Moskowitz wrote below the pen title “Sam Martin” and Wollheim below the names “David Grinnell,” “Arthur Cooke,” “Millard Verne Gordon,” “Martin Pearson,” “Braxton Wells,” “Graham Conway” and “Lawrence Woods,” like all the time they nonetheless wanted some genuine Christian dupes to do their soiled work for them. So that they enlisted the assistance of the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice an offshoot of the Younger Males’s Christian Affiliation generally referred to as the YMCA.

Utilizing the very same ways they used to commandeer New York Metropolis’s garment employees unions for organized crime, the Bolsheviks attended a nationwide science fiction fan convention in Philadelphia and raucously interrupted the proceedings with threats and intimidation. They then went to Wonderful Tales writer William B Ziff of the Ziff Davis Publishing Firm and threatened to attract up a petition to the US Postal Service asking that Wonderful Tales be banned from the mail.

With well-founded fears for his personal life, Ziff caved in and informed Palmer that they might now not publish Shaver tales as a result of they have been in direct contradiction to Einstein’s principle of relativity. Palmer resigned as managing editor, and after the 6/7/47 problem, Wonderful Tales would by no means once more carry Shaver. The Shaver Thriller would slowly sink into the unfathomed depths of politically incorrect historical past regardless of the very fact that it’s the progenitor of all trendy UFO mythology.

Even Wikipedia isn’t silly sufficient to attempt to cowl up the truth that Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of popular culture’s very first UFOs on June 24, 1947, is related on to the Shaver Thriller. John Keel, essentially the most good man to ever write about UFOs, fingered Palmer as “The Man who Invented Flying Saucers” in his 1983 article showing within the Fortean Instances below the aforementioned title. In a 1985 interview he stated “If Shaver and Palmer had not existed, there can be no ufology. It’s that easy.” (19)

Wonderful tales had been working artists’ conceptions on their covers of house ships each the Dero and the Tero for 2 years earlier than Arnold’s sighting. The Tero was Nor and Atlans who had stayed behind to wage guerilla struggle in opposition to the Dero within the aftermath of Earth’s evacuation. Wikipedia makes the ridiculous and sometimes semantic Zionist argument that the artist’s conceptions weren’t of saucers.

No, they have been artists’ conceptions! Moreover, Arnold had not described seeing something like alien craft. He had described seeing wedge-shaped craft like America’s Stealth planes and Nationwide Socialism’s Horton Flying Wings. What Arnold had stated is the crafts skipped throughout the ambiance like a saucer skipping throughout water.

Horton flying wing

The chance that the Shaver Thriller was a psy-op proper from the beginning shouldn’t be neglected. Kenneth Arnold would find yourself writing for Palmer’s new publication, Destiny Journal. The sequential order of occasions is a big crimson flag however not half as huge as Richard Shaver’s data of Nationwide Socialist expertise that has been hid from most of the people until this very day.

Richard Shaver was no fool savant — he knew extra about science, actual science than Albert Einstein did. In truth, he begs the Zionist charlatan to take a look at his work within the ahead of I Keep in mind Lemuria! His detailed descriptions, tight plot and deft prose point out that he was no stranger to the pen and paper both. Shaver was a good higher artist than he was author. Posthumously, he’s now hailed as a creative genius (20) and his work instructions exorbitant costs at showings in each New York and Los Angeles.

Regardless of Palmer’s later claims that he was institutionalized, reliable researchers have discovered that from 1934 – 1942, Shaver’s whereabouts are utterly unaccounted for and untraceable. Somebody put a substantial amount of effort and time into each his coaching and his introduction to the world. When an account is taken of who initially educated the CIA, one want solely learn Frances Stoner Saunders’ e book, Who Paid the Piper: The Cultural Chilly Conflict, to determine whom.

Even his final title, which he makes certain he mentions within the opening traces of the ahead saying “get it,” is a pun; Richard Sharp Shaver, Sharp Shaver, SS! The Bolshevik Zionists, the Dero, no matter you wish to name them, would do very effectively to heed Norma Cox’s warning and keep in mind what occurred the final time they met the Nor.


* Palmer tells the reader within the index that when he seeks an extra description of the Titans via correspondence Shaver solutions him imperiously that he has already been informed. The one factor discernible from the narrative is that the Titans have been powerfully constructed giants however nowhere close to the scale of the Atlan Elders. The entire male Titans, there are not any feminine Titans within the narrative, had horns and distinctive knowledge.

Palmer says within the index that the Titans have been a separate race from the Atlans. However though the narrative says the Titans and Atlans have been allies and refers back to the races within the plural, it additionally says of a Titan teacher that he’s a “dynamo of a human drive.” The narrator is clearly human, however when he fantasizes concerning the sexual embrace of the six-armed lady, he exclaims “the blood of the Titans is alive, I believed, surprisingly and splendidly alive!”

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