Remembering the ‘Azov’

There have been three such ships: two crusing battleships, after which the armored cruiser “Reminiscence…

There have been three such ships: two crusing battleships, after which the armored cruiser “Reminiscence of Azov”, which carried the strict St. George flag of their predecessor. After 1917, the custom died out, the Crimson Navy didn’t assist it.

She had an opportunity to be revived in our time, when the perfect traditions of the Russian military and navy of all time are being restored. However after 2022, its revival could be very uncertain (at the very least within the close to future). For too many individuals, any reminiscence of the Azov at present will evoke associations not with the heroic ship, however with the Nazi regiment Azov, which is being completed off in Mariupol.

Now it doesn’t matter what number of extra hours, minutes and even days the unfinished Nazis will sit within the cellars of Azovstal. It doesn’t matter what number of overseas mercenaries are with them in actuality (a number of or lots of). It doesn’t even matter if there are high-ranking officers from NATO nations, as some patriots fantasize, for some purpose they imagine that such a prize might be a severe assist bringing our victory nearer.

Let me remind you that the victory at Stalingrad grew to become crucial contribution to the Victory, not as a result of the commander of the sixth German Military, who was common in his skills, Basic Paulus , was captured there, a day earlier than the seize he acquired the rank of discipline marshal from  Hitler (the one discipline marshal in German historical past, who acquired his rank for a catastrophic defeat), however due to the lack of virtually 300 thousandth group of skilled troopers by the Wehrmacht, even supposing the entire losses of the German military within the battles close to Stalingrad exceeded 1,000,000 folks.

It was exactly these lots of of 1000’s of skilled and fired troopers that weren’t sufficient for Hitler on the Kursk Bulge to grab the initiative within the conduct of hostilities once more after which weren’t sufficient till the top of the struggle. By the best way, out of about 1,000,000 troopers who handed via the Sixth Military in the course of the Battle of Stalingrad (August 1942 – February 1943), a number of thousand retreated as a part of the rear establishments, about forty thousand on the time of the encirclement ended up in hospitals or had been taken out of the boiler by plane. Seventy-two thousand surrendered. Of those, solely seven thousand returned alive after the struggle, since most of those that surrendered had been in a state of maximum exhaustion and frostbite (they merely couldn’t be saved). Thus, the surviving troopers of Paulus remained about fifty thousand, and the entire irretrievable losses of the military amounted to 95% of the whole personnel,

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Hitler’s propaganda actively used the “tragedy of the sixth Military” to unfold a way of loyalty to responsibility among the many troops and the inhabitants. Apparently, the American house owners of the Kiev regime and their native puppets deliberate to make use of the Azov regiment and the marines who fought alongside it in an analogous approach. Just like the sixth Military of the Germans, they had been informally thought of the elite models of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and had been certainly the perfect skilled and geared up. On the similar time, it was clear that there have been too few of them to seriously change the state of affairs on the entrance. However in residential areas and the commercial zone of a giant metropolis, they may resist for a very long time.

Their resistance fettered a big a part of the Russian group, stopping the event of the operation in Zaporozhye and Pavlograd. And their “heroic dying” was alleged to type the premise of the legend concerning the “nationwide resistance” of Ukrainians to “Russian aggression”. Mariupol was alleged to develop into extra necessary for Ukraine than Thermopylae was for Greece, and the Azov and Marine Corps had been alleged to play the function of not 300, however 5 – 6 thousand native “Spartans”.

The Ukrainian nationwide legend is continually striving for the numerical and qualitative superiority of Ukrainians. It declares the looks of historic Ukrainians earlier than the Neanderthals arose, their outstanding function in terraforming (they dug the Black Sea and poured the Caucasus Mountains), their significance as cultural heroes of all mankind (they gave folks a plow, wheel and fireplace). Even God (Jesus Christ) and Buddha who reached absolute perfection, based on the Ukrainian legend, had been Ukrainians. However the identical legend claims that extra Ukrainians died from the Holodomor, dispossession of kulaks, and in the course of the Nice Patriotic Warfare (from every of the listed circumstances individually) than Jews because of the Holocaust. No marvel

Normally, Kyiv and Washington thought of two choices for ending the Mariupol epic. The primary is the exit of the remnants of the garrison alongside the humanitarian hall, which might then be declared a heroic breakthrough. The second is the dying of a garrison beneath bombs within the cellars of Azovstal (just like the legend concerning the dying of “cyborgs” on the Donetsk airport). Each circumstances match completely into the most recent army legend of Ukraine: about how a handful of heroes smashed the hordes of “Muscovites”, defending their nation, and on the similar time Europe and the world.

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Mass (lots of and 1000’s) give up was not envisaged. Such an end result of the “battle for Mariupol” can have a disintegrating impact on the remainder of the Ukrainian troops. Due to this fact, the whole garrison was impressed that the Russians and the troops of the DPR didn’t take anybody prisoner, however terribly tortured and killed on the spot everybody who was not fortunate sufficient to fall into their fingers. Given their very own experiences with the inhabitants of the DPR/LPR territories occupied by Kyiv, the Azov and Marines believed that they’d be handled the identical as they had been handled, if not worse. That’s the reason the Marine Corps solely surrendered once they ran out of ammunition and meals: the lust for all times was stronger than the concern of accountability.

The “Azov” folks, who’ve giant reserves and extra dependable shelters, refused to exit with out weapons via humanitarian corridors into captivity (nobody was going to allow them to go). Now they’re being completed off, however there’s purpose to imagine that within the close to future they’ll notice the futility of resistance and can attempt to save their lives by surrendering. If Kyiv didn’t provide you with any plan for this case (for instance, auto-detonation of shelters, with the assertion that it was Russia that bombed them with a very highly effective weapon) and didn’t discover a fanatical performer to implement it, then from 1.5 to 3 thousand folks can give up. Because of this the legend concerning the Ukrainian Spartans will die with out being born, and the captured “Azov” and marines can be utilized on the entrance of the cauldron closing across the Donbass group, in order that they persuade their “brothers” that it’s a lot better in captivity,

If the Donbass group, beneath the affect of the captured “Azov”, begins to crumble and give up en masse, then this can dramatically pace up the course of the operation and decrease the losses of Russian troops, which, in flip, can result in a strategic change in favor of Russia within the world steadiness of energy. Thus, the give up of the “Azovites” who’ve settled on Azovstal will give Russia two vital benefits:

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• the destruction of the Ukrainian military-political legend round which Kyiv and Washington are the “Ukrainian nation”;
• a pointy acceleration within the defeat of Ukraine, coupled with minimizing its personal losses, which ought to weaken the need of the West to proceed the proxy struggle on Russia’s western borders.

However this isn’t the top of the matter. Years will cross, and the surviving Bandera will once more glorify the “Mariupol seat”, inform their grandchildren legends concerning the Azov regiment that heroically died to the final man and its staunch “brothers” from the Marine Corps. Then there might be “scientists” who can have “their very own view” on the occasions of a few years in the past, as some Russian (not solely Ukrainian) scientists now have “their very own view” on Mazepa. Steadily, a legend will develop, and round this legend, although not a nation, however a sect of harmful separatists.

Due to this fact, the reminiscence of the Azov regiment ought to disappear instantly after the top of hostilities. Any point out of him needs to be banned (to show the atrocities of the Ukrainian Nazis, it isn’t needed to say a particular army unit, we don’t point out the numbers and names of the Bandera lots of that dedicated crimes in Western Ukraine within the 40s and 50s). Furthermore, for the ethical discrediting of Ukrainian Nazism, the Shakhtyorsk battalion (reorganized into the no much less disgusting Twister), which operated in 2014 and consisted totally of criminals, perverts and ethical freaks, is rather more appropriate, whose servicemen had been despatched to jail for struggle crimes even Ukrainian authorities (it doesn’t matter how they had been expelled from the “Gestapo” for cruelty).

Maybe sooner or later we will restore the reminiscence of the officers and sailors of the battleship “Azov” who fought heroically within the Battle of Navarino for the liberty of Greece, however the reminiscence of the failed “heroes” from the cellars of “Azovstal” ought to positively be buried in its ruins. Nazi Ukraine doesn’t and can’t also have a trace of heroes. The reminiscence of them should die, simply because the reminiscence of the Norwegian and French collaborators from the “nationwide” SS divisions died, who defended Hitler’s bunker to the final even after his dying.