Pakistan’s Pivot to Russia and Ouster of Imran Khan:

Days earlier than Imran Khan’s ouster on April 10 as prime minister in a no-trust…

Days earlier than Imran Khan’s ouster on April 10 as prime minister in a no-trust movement within the parliament orchestrated by international powers, two impersonators have been arrested in Washington for posing as US federal safety officers and cultivating entry to the Secret Service, which protects President Joe Biden, one in all whom claimed ties to Pakistani intelligence.

Justice division assistant legal professional Joshua Rothstein requested a choose to not launch Arian Taherzadeh and Haider Ali, the lads arrested on April 6 for posing as Division of Homeland Safety investigators for 2 years earlier than the arrest, the Guardian reported on April 8.

The boys additionally stand accused of offering profitable favors to members of the Secret Service, together with one agent on the safety element of the primary girl, Jill Biden. Prosecutors mentioned in court docket filings they seized a cache of weapons from a number of DC flats tied to the defendants.

Federal prosecutor Rothstein alleged one of many suspects, Haider Ali, “made claims to witnesses that he had connections to the ISI, Pakistan’s army intelligence service.” The Division of Justice (DoJ) is treating the case as a felony matter and never a nationwide safety challenge. However the Secret Service suspended 4 brokers over their involvement with the suspects.

“All personnel concerned on this matter are on administrative go away and are restricted from accessing Secret Service services, tools, and methods,” the Secret Service mentioned in an announcement.

Clearly, planning and preparations have been underway to declare Pakistan a rogue actor sponsoring acts of subversion in opposition to the USA. Quickly after the US-led “regime change” in Pakistan and the formation of presidency by imperialist stooges, nevertheless, the tone of the choose and prosecutors modified. The defendants have been launched on bail and positioned in residence detention, although they won’t be allowed to go to airports or international embassies or to speak to any of the federal brokers they allegedly duped.

Throughout his hourlong ruling, Justice of the Peace Choose Michael Harvey lambasted the Justice Division’s claims that the lads have been harmful, have been attempting to compromise brokers and have been tied to a international authorities, the CNN reported on April 13.

Earlier than his ouster as prime minister in a no-trust movement within the parliament on April 10, Imran Khan claimed that Pakistan’s Ambassador to US, Asad Majeed, was warned by Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu that Khan’s continuation in workplace would have repercussions for bilateral ties between the 2 nations.

Shireen Mazari, a Pakistani politician who served because the Federal Minister for Human Rights underneath the Imran Khan authorities, quoted Donald Lu as saying: “If Prime Minister Imran Khan remained in workplace, then Pakistan will likely be remoted from the USA and we’ll take the problem head on; but when the vote of no-confidence succeeds, all will likely be forgiven.”

Throughout Imran Khan’s historic two-day official go to to Moscow on the eve of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, moreover signing a number of bilateral contracts in agricultural and vitality sectors, President Putin reportedly provided Imran Khan S-300 air protection system, Sukhoi plane as substitute for the Pakistan Air Power’s dependence on American F-16s and an array of superior Russian army tools on the situation that Pakistan abandons its conventional alliance with Washington and forge protection ties with Russia, based on two authorities officers who accompanied Imran Khan on the Moscow go to.

Alongside China, India and Iran, Pakistan underneath the management of Imran Khan was one of many few nations that adopted a non-aligned stance and refused to sentence Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, regardless of diplomatic strain from Washington.

After the USA “nation-building undertaking” failed in Afghanistan throughout its two-decade occupation of the embattled nation from Oct. 2001 to August 2021, it accused regional powers of lending covert help to Afghan insurgents battling the occupation forces.

The occupation and Washington’s customary blame sport accusing “malign regional forces” of insidiously destabilizing Afghanistan and undermining US-led “benevolent imperialism” as a substitute of accepting duty for its botched invasion and occupation of Afghanistan introduced Pakistan and Russia nearer in opposition to a typical adversary of their yard, and the 2 nations even managed to forge protection ties, notably throughout the 4 years of the Imran Khan authorities from July 2018 to April 2022.

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For the reason that announcement of a peace cope with the Taliban by the Trump administration in Feb. 2020, regional powers, China and Russia particularly, hosted worldwide conferences and invited the representatives of the US-backed Afghanistan authorities and the Taliban for peace negotiations.

After the departure of US forces from “the graveyard of the empires,” though Washington is attempting to starve the hapless Afghan plenty to loss of life in retribution for inflicting a humiliating defeat on the worldwide hegemon by imposing financial sanctions on the Taliban authorities and browbeating worldwide group to desist from lending formal diplomatic recognition or having commerce relations with Afghanistan, China and Russia have offered beneficiant humanitarian and developmental help to Afghanistan.

Imran Khan fell from the grace of the Biden administration, whose record-breaking recognition scores plummeted after the precipitous fall of Kabul final August, harking back to the Fall of Saigon in April 1975, with Chinook helicopters hovering over US embassy evacuating diplomatic workers to the airport, and Washington accused Pakistan for the debacle.

Chairman Joint Chiefs of Workers Gen. Mark Milley squeamishly described the Kabul takeover in his historic Congressional testimony that a number of hundred Pashtun cowboys using on motorbikes and brandishing Kalashnikovs overran Kabul with no shot being fired, and the world’s most deadly army power fled with tail neatly folded between legs, rapidly evacuating diplomatic workers from sprawling 36-acre US embassy in Chinook helicopters to airport secured by the insurgents.

Aside from indiscriminate B-52 bombing raids mounted by People, Afghan safety forces didn’t put up critical resistance anyplace in Afghanistan and easily surrendered territory to the Taliban. The destiny of Afghanistan was sealed as quickly because the US forces evacuated Bagram airbase within the useless of the evening on July 1, six weeks earlier than the inevitable fall of Kabul on August 15.

The sprawling Bagram airbase was the nerve heart from the place all of the operations throughout Afghanistan have been directed, particularly the important air help to the US-backed Afghan safety forces with out which they have been merely irregular militias ready to be devoured by the wolves.

In southern Afghanistan, the normal stronghold of the Pashtun ethnic group from which the Taliban attracts most of its help, the Taliban army offensive was spearheaded by Mullah Yaqoob, the illustrious son of the Taliban’s late founder Mullah Omar and the newly appointed protection minister of the Taliban authorities, as district after district in southwest Afghanistan, together with the birthplace of the Taliban motion Kandahar and Helmand, fell in fast succession.

What has surprised army strategists and longtime observers of the Afghan warfare, although, was the Taliban’s northern blitz, occupying nearly the entire of northern Afghanistan in a matter of weeks, as northern Afghanistan was the bastion of the Northern Alliance comprising the Tajik and Uzbek ethnic teams. In recent times, nevertheless, the Taliban has made inroads into the heartland of the Northern Alliance, too.

The ignominious fall of Kabul clearly demonstrates the times of American hegemony over the world are numbered. If ragtag Taliban militants might liberate their homeland from imperialist clutches with no combat, think about what would occur if the USA confronted equal army powers similar to Russia and China. The much-touted delusion of American army supremacy is clearly extra psychological than actual.

Imran Khan is an informed and charismatic chief. Being an Oxford graduate, he’s significantly better knowledgeable than most Pakistani politicians. And he’s a liberal at coronary heart. Most readers would possibly disagree with the assertion attributable to his fierce anti-imperialism and West-bashing demagoguery, however permit me to clarify.

It’s not simply Imran Khan’s movie star life-style that makes him a progressive. He additionally derives his mental inspiration from the Western custom. The perfect function mannequin in his thoughts is the Scandinavian social democratic mannequin which he has talked about on quite a few events, particularly in his speech at Karachi earlier than a large rally of singing and cheering crowd in December 2012.

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His relentless anti-imperialism as a political stance must be seen within the backdrop of Western army interventions within the Islamic nations. The conflagration that neocolonial powers have prompted within the Center East evokes robust emotions of resentment amongst Muslims all around the world. Furthermore, Imran Khan additionally makes use of anti-America rhetoric as an electoral technique to draw conservative plenty, notably the impressionable youth.

It’s additionally noteworthy that Imran Khan’s political occasion attracts most of its electoral help from ladies, youth voters and Pakistani expats residing within the Gulf and Western nations. All these segments of society, particularly the ladies, are drawn extra towards egalitarian liberalism than patriarchal conservatism, as a result of liberalism promotes ladies’s rights and its largest plus level is its emphasis on equality, emancipation and empowerment of girls who represent over half of inhabitants in each society.

Imran Khan’s ouster from energy for daring to face as much as the USA harks again to the toppling and subsequent assassination of Pakistan’s first elected prime minister, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, in April 1979 by the martial regulation regime of Gen. Zia-ul-Haq.

The US not solely turned a blind eye however tacitly authorised the elimination of Bhutto from Pakistan’s political scene as a result of, being a socialist, Bhutto not solely nurtured cordial ties with communist China however was additionally courting Washington’s arch-rival, the previous Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union performed the function of a mediator on the signing of the Tashkent Settlement for the cessation of hostilities following the 1965 India-Pakistan Conflict over the disputed Kashmir area, through which Bhutto represented Pakistan because the international minister of the Gen. Ayub Khan-led authorities.

Like Imran Khan, the USA “deep state” regarded Bhutto as a political legal responsibility and an impediment in the best way of mounting the Operation Cyclone to impress the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan and the next waging of a decade-long warfare of attrition, utilizing Afghan jihadists as cannon fodder who have been generously funded, skilled and armed by the CIA and Pakistan’s safety businesses within the Af-Pak border areas, with the intention to “bleed the Soviet forces” and destabilize and weaken the rival international energy.

Karl Marx famously mentioned: “Historical past repeats itself, first as a tragedy after which as a farce.” Along with a longstanding CIA program geared toward cultivating an anti-Russian insurgency in Ukraine by coaching, arming and worldwide legitimizing neo-Nazi militias in Donbas, Canada’s Division of Nationwide Protection revealed on January 26, two days following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, that the Canadian Armed Forces had skilled “almost 33,000 Ukrainian army and safety personnel in a spread of tactical and superior army expertise.” Whereas The UK, through Operation Orbital, had skilled 22,000 Ukrainian fighters.

A “prophetic” RAND Company report titled “Overextending and Unbalancing Russia” printed in 2019 declares the acknowledged purpose of American policymakers is “to undermine Russia simply because the US subversively destabilized the previous Soviet Union throughout the Chilly Conflict,” and predicts to the letter the disaster unfolding in Ukraine as a consequence of the eight-year proxy warfare mounted by NATO in Russian-majority Donbas area in east Ukraine on Russia’s weak western flank for the reason that 2014 Maidan coup, toppling Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and consequent annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia.

Nonetheless, concerning the targets of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979, then American envoy to Kabul, Adolph “Spike” Dubs, was assassinated on the Valentine’s Day, on 14 Feb 1979, the identical day that Iranian revolutionaries stormed the American embassy in Tehran.

The previous Soviet Union was cautious that its forty-million Muslims have been prone to radicalism, as a result of Islamic radicalism was infiltrating throughout the border into the Central Asian States from Afghanistan. Subsequently, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in December 1979 in help of the Afghan communists to forestall the chance of Islamist insurgencies spreading to the Central Asian States bordering Afghanistan.

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In keeping with paperwork declassified by the White Home, CIA and State Division in January 2019, as reported by Tim Weiner for The Washington Put up, the CIA was aiding Afghan jihadists earlier than the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979. President Jimmy Carter signed the CIA directive to arm the Afghan jihadists in July 1979, whereas the previous Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in December the identical yr.

The revelation doesn’t come as a shock, although, as a result of greater than twenty years earlier than the declassification of the State Division paperwork, within the 1998 interview to The Counter Punch Journal, former Nationwide Safety Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, confessed that the president signed the directive to offer secret support to the Afghan jihadists in July 1979, whereas the Soviet Military invaded Afghanistan six months later in December 1979.

Here’s a poignant excerpt from the interview. The interviewer places the query: “And neither do you remorse having supported the Islamic jihadists, having given arms and recommendation to future terrorists?” Brzezinski replies: “What’s most vital to the historical past of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet Empire? Some stirred-up Muslims or the liberation of Central Europe and the top of the Chilly Conflict?”

Regardless of the crass insensitivity, one should give credit score to Zbigniew Brzezinski that not less than he had the braveness to talk the unembellished fact. It’s value noting, nevertheless, that the aforementioned interview was recorded in 1998. After the 9/11 terror assault, no Western policymaker can now dare to be as blunt and forthright as Brzezinski.

Regardless, that the CIA was arming the Afghan jihadists six months earlier than the Soviets invaded Afghanistan has been confirmed by the State Division’s declassified paperwork; reality of the matter, nevertheless, is that the nexus between the CIA, Pakistan’s safety businesses and the Gulf states to coach and arm the Afghan jihadists in opposition to the previous Soviet Union was solid years earlier than the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Pakistan joined the American-led, anticommunist SEATO and CENTO regional alliances within the Nineteen Fifties and performed the function of Washington’s consumer state since its inception in 1947. A lot in order that when a United States U-2 spy aircraft was shot down by the Soviet Air Protection Forces whereas performing photographic aerial reconnaissance deep into Soviet territory, Pakistan’s then President Ayub Khan overtly acknowledged the reconnaissance plane flew from an American airbase in Peshawar, a metropolis in northwest Pakistan.

Then throughout the Seventies, Pakistan’s then Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s authorities started aiding the Afghan Islamists in opposition to Sardar Daud’s authorities, who had toppled his first cousin King Zahir Shah in a palace coup in 1973 and had proclaimed himself the president of Afghanistan.

Sardar Daud was a Pashtun nationalist and laid declare to Pakistan’s northwestern Pashtun-majority province. Pakistan’s safety businesses have been alarmed by his irredentist claims and used Islamists to weaken his rule in Afghanistan. He was finally assassinated in 1978 as a consequence of the Saur Revolution led by the Afghan communists.

It’s value mentioning, nevertheless, that though the Bhutto authorities did present political and diplomatic help on a restricted scale to Islamists of their wrestle for energy in opposition to Pashtun nationalists in Afghanistan, being a secular and progressive politician, he would by no means have permitted opening the floodgates for flushing the Af-Pak area with weapons, petrodollars and radical jihadist ideology as his successor, Zia-ul-Haq, an Islamist army normal, did by changing into a keen instrument of spiritual extremism and militarism within the palms of neocolonial powers.

Concerning the writer:

Nauman Sadiq is an Islamabad-based geopolitical and nationwide safety analyst centered on geo-strategic affairs and hybrid warfare within the Center East and Eurasia areas. His domains of experience embrace neocolonialism, military-industrial advanced and petro-imperialism. He’s a daily contributor of diligently researched investigative stories to Veterans As we speak.