NEO – The Schmear – the Warfare of Lies in opposition to Russia

Wiki … “As a slang time period, the phrase shmir in Yiddish additionally refers to a slap…

Wiki … “As a slang time period, the phrase shmir in Yiddish additionally refers to a slap on the face”

[ Editor’s Note: Gordon has another barnburner here. This article emerged out of a morning brainstorming session on the Western media blackout of all the independent news reports debunking the Assad gassed Ghouta story.

Someone mentioned that the White Helmets needed to be listed as a terrorist organization by Russia and China, sending a message to the Western countries that “pet terrorist” groups would no longer get a free pass.

Someone else injected that this had been going on too long to just go after the proxies groups. Moscow was being framed for the Skripal incident, with a mention early in the story that Putin must have approved such a high-profile killing. Britain is suspect number one for what we consider a terroristic disinformation attack on all of us.

Based on not even a shred of UN approved evidence, or even court admissible proof, a 100+ missile attack was launched on Syria that could easily qualify as a terror attack, because the US targeted what was claimed to be chemical weapons facilities which, if the claims were true, could have resulted in major CW casualties.  Yet in the middle or the night Pentagon briefing we were told the targets were selected for the minimum civilian casualties.

That crossed VT’s red line, so you will read below that it is way past time that the Western and respective Gulf State countries Gulf should be officially tagged as terror sponsors and subject to the penalties as such.

ISIS had lots of US TOW missile to kill Syrian troops with

And their respective medias should be viewed as aiders and abettors, a pitiful bunch that are not fit to shine the shoes of journalists we grew up with as kids like Cronkite, Chet Huntley, and William Manchester.

This is not only a international elephant-in-the living-room denial problem, but a domestic political one, also. The evidence outlining the guilt is unprecedented. We are actually tripping over it. Here is my latest example.

In looking for the current price of a TOW missile, I landed on the Military Edge website, which lays out all of the US TOW missile sales. Curious Jim started scanning down the page and, to my surprise, there was the Free Syrian Army, down for getting “under” a 1000 as a gift from Saudi Arabia, with the US, Qatar and Turkey receiving a gift in kind for running the supply line. VT reported this years ago. Here is the screen grab:

Western media has never made a big deal over how these kinds of weapons where allowed to enter the Syrian battlefield. It seems the Manpads came from a variety of sources, so if one was used on a civilian airliner, there would be multiple suspects.

It is way past time for the public to crank up its own War on Terror by looking in their back yards first. If we don’t, our time will come once again to taste the bitter fruit, with the proper patsy chosen to take the blame, as that is becoming an old gameJim W. Dean ]

First revealed April 25, 2018 

A conflict on Russia has begun, however no actual enemy has been recognized. Why is that this being achieved, who advantages and, extra essential, if a complete nation will be vilified over what’s more and more showing to be fabricated lies even a toddler might see via, how lengthy has this been happening, what number of nations, what number of leaders, what number of world actions have been choked into submission and what has the value to civilization been?

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Discover how essentially the most debunked pretend group on the planet has not been found by company media

We start with a easy demand. Current occasions have confirmed past any doubt that a company funded by the governments of Britain and the USA known as “the White Helmets” phases chemical warfare assaults.

They achieve this with the total data and backing of the US and UK; there’s appreciable proof they’re mass murderers as nicely, killing 1000’s; and but those that again them, those that fund them and people of their group who kidnap youngsters, unleash poison gasses and work in coordination with equally corrupt media, won’t ever be held accountable.

These are terrorists; and this can be a terror group with funding transferring throughout borders, although banks, nationwide leaders are concerned, Britain, America, France, Saudi Arabia, Israel, maybe Jordan and Turkey, we aren’t certain in all instances. There should be an investigation, this group and people who assist them should be hunted down and subjected to the cursory type of justice – waterboarding, drone assaults, rendition and unmarked graves within the desert.

That is the usual of justice the US put into follow underneath Bush 43, one being exceeded underneath Trump, a regime the place those that indulge in exceptionalism to cover their crimes should be made to really feel the load of the rule they impose on others. It will not be actual justice, however it’s actually “truthful.” It’s also needed for human survival.

A strategy exists at the moment that was unimagined. Each group or establishment, each social circle is “infiltrated,” and each effort at difficult what might nicely be known as “pretend every thing” is punished with systematic destruction of fame, assaults on property and employment, and even ranges of “concentrating on” that, based on not too long ago leaked CIA data, could embody electromagnetic assaults on mind features.

It’s now realized that Fb didn’t cease at 87 million however nearer to 200 million “profiles” turned over to MI6 and their psychological warfare staff – assassins, election riggers, Washington’s lackeys who run terror teams world wide on behalf of the self-proclaimed “monetary elites” of what’s known as the “Metropolis of London.”

The middle of this MI6 cabal contains so many intelligence companies – the CIA and its sister companies, the Mossad and its Saudi companions, ISIS and al Qaeda, in actuality arms of Western intelligence companies, and behind all of it Google Company and its “Thought Group” and “Jigsaw” organizations.

Google has detailed psychological profiles on almost one billion folks, profiles lengthy turned over to spy companies, terror teams and the political organizations that “entrance” for them.  That is lengthy confirmed, very a lot a actuality although unreported. It is going to stay unreported.  A few of those that have investigated Google have been destroyed, impoverished, chastised, “schmeared” or lie lifeless, “accidented.” Nobody studies this both, however it’s true simply the identical.

Google has every thing – Do you suppose they’re angels?

The world is actually this “out of axis.” After 9/11, billions of Muslims fell underneath assault, one thing that when revisited with wholesome skepticism, brings one to the consideration that 9/11 and different terror assaults, such because the current alleged poison gasoline assault in East Gouta or occasions in Salisbury in the UK, are fairly presumably one in the identical.

They often have actual lifeless, numbering within the 1000’s, typically completely staged, however with one factor in frequent, pure psychological warfare on the sanity of the world, fostering hatred and ignorance.

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In truth, it’s unsafe to imagine what one is informed about any occasion or any particular person. At this time’s mechanisms, and we would nicely name them that, the “schmear machine,” assault Russia.  In addition they goal North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, China, Syria, any nation, any particular person, any thought that threatens the lengthy confirmed fictional narrative of a world that should stay at everlasting conflict, a battle in opposition to “mild and darkness,” had been the self-described “mild,” when examined with care, is sinister certainly.

Can a complete nation, notably one with the world’s most superior weaponry, be so insulted it’d nicely burn down the world? Who would need such a factor? But, there’s proof {that a} plot exists, one so highly effective it controls the world’s media, information and leisure, censors the web and dances elected officers – elected by whom underneath what circumstances is one other subject as nicely – round like puppets.

The mantra is overwhelming, the Russian individuals are “monsters,” and their “Syrian puppet,” referring to popularly elected President Bashar al Assad, is an “animal.” That is what Trump, accused baby rapist and assassin, tweeted. The accusations in opposition to Trump said right here, “schmearing the grandest ‘schmearer’ of all time” are described within the debunking web site Snopes as “true.”

“A duplicate of the California lawsuit (filed on 26 April 2016) shared by way of the Scribd web page outlined the allegations, which included the accusation that Trump and Epstein had (over 20 years earlier) “sexually and bodily” abused the then 13-year-old plaintiff and compelled her “to interact in varied perverted and wicked intercourse acts” — together with being “compelled to manually stimulate Defendant Trump with using her hand till the Defendant reached sexual orgasm,” and being “compelled to interact in an unnatural lesbian intercourse act together with her fellow minor and intercourse slave, Maria Doe, age 12, for the sexual enjoyment of Defendant Trump” — after luring her to a “collection of underage intercourse events” by promising her “cash and a modeling profession” (Within the lawsuit, Trump is claimed to have admitted to murdering “Maria Doe.”)

The spring of 2018 noticed a brand new stage of infantile propaganda popping out of, nicely, we don’t actually know the place it comes from. Can we are saying “London,” however what precisely is “London?” It actually isn’t the capitol of a nation typically known as “The UK,” or “Nice Britain” or England. Neither London nor the “kingdom,” actual or imaginary, are what they appear; however the filth that appears to emanate from there’s greater than actual.

There’s nothing extra pitiful then an outdated colonial state that can’t look after its personal folks pretending to be a world energy

We’re speaking about, in fact, the MI6 propaganda machines – the White Helmets, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the BBC, worst of the group, and the Murdoch propaganda empire.

Their present goal is the nation of Russia, extra appropriately the Russian Federation, its leaders, its folks and its tradition.

All are targets for “the schmear,” a Yiddish time period, the true native language of European Jews, a language as soon as known as “Low German,” a language of humor, of coronary heart, a language with a wealthy cultural heritage. Thus, a time period used to explain cream cheese on a bagel, a “schmear” additionally refers to a mechanism for not simply destroying reputations however transferring the world nearer to the abyss.

Creator and Veterans At this time columnist, Jack Coronary heart, typically appears to be like to the occult and esoteric for solutions. In his current article, Titthakara, Nazi Germany’s Secret Installations beneath Polar Ice Caps, Coronary heart quotes Jack London, and asks some arduous questions.

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“From the 1909 novel Martin Eden by Jack London, globally acclaimed as maybe America’s best author. All through the 20 th century, London was required studying for varsity youngsters in Socialist nations. Due to his Socialist politics, the Empire’s youngsters are solely inspired to learn The Name of the Wild, an apolitical journey story.

However London wrote a whole lot of books; and the Soviet Union alone revealed tens of tens of millions of them. Martin Eden is likely one of the greatest. This excerpt is about as correct an evaluation existent of America on the flip of the 20 th century because it will get. It requires no translation.

What would the Founding Fathers consider the time period “pursuing our pursuits” as a sound overseas coverage?

‘The 13 colonies threw off their rulers and shaped the Republic so-called. The slaves had been their very own masters. There have been no extra masters of the sword. However you couldn’t get alongside with out masters of some kind, and there arose a brand new set of masters—not the good, virile, noble males, however the shrewd and spidery merchants and money-lenders.  

And so they enslaved you over once more—however not frankly, because the true, noble males would do with weight of their very own proper arms, however secretly, by spidery machinations and by wheedling and cajolery and lies.  

They’ve bought your slave judges, they’ve debauched your slave legislatures, they usually have compelled to worse horrors than chattel slavery your slave girls and boys. Two million of your youngsters are toiling to-day on this trader-oligarchy of the USA. Ten tens of millions of you slaves are usually not correctly sheltered nor correctly fed.’

Shortly after Martin Eden was revealed, America would grow to be a full companion in Empire with the Federal Reserve Act on the shut of 1913. After that, issues would solely worsen. The Selective Service Act of 1917 empowered America to tug the fittest of the poor from their houses and deposit them in mud trenches throughout the ocean in Europe to be bayoneted and shot by Germans defending their houses.

By the shut of 1941, the “spidery machinations” had reached their zenith. Franklin Delano Roosevelt staked out as bait an excellent a part of his volunteer Navy within the Hawaiian Islands, manned by children attempting to flee the Nice Melancholy, sans plane carriers, which he would wish.

He had been ruthlessly upsetting the Japanese for years, choking off their oil and issuing them ultimatums. He knew they had been coming. That’s why he despatched his plane carriers – the one a part of the fleet which wasn’t out of date – out to sea. He used the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor to satisfy his obligation to Empire to kill Germans.”

Thus, after we look again to the center of the final century and the tens of tens of millions of lifeless, one would possibly nicely ask, had been it now to be thought-about that the “schmear machine” and that which is behind it nicely existed then, who mastered occasions and who ought to actually be held accountable for the slaughter that swept the world?

Gordon Duff is a Marine fight veteran of the Vietnam Warfare that has labored on veterans and POW points for many years and consulted with governments challenged by safety points. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans At this time, particularly for the web journal “New Japanese Outlook.”