NEO – The Nasty Fact behind 2020’s ‘World Battle’

…by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor …for New Japanese Outlook, Moscow What I’m writing right…

…by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor ...for New Japanese Outlook, Moscow

What I’m writing right here I’ve been warned in opposition to. As we transfer towards the final full week of February 2022, we’re advised that the world is on the brink of a conflict. However who believes this?

Definitely, anybody studying the Western media, you recognize those, CNN, the BBC, the Guardian, all however Fox Information, preserve getting the identical story. If we listened, and by “we,” I imply the individuals of the world, we might be cowering in shelters digging holes in our backyards. Nobody is doing this. Thus, we are able to assume that nobody believes there may be going to be a conflict.

What those that do know, the few actual “insiders,” is that conflict as we all know it, or knew it, merely can’t exist.

A lot of America’s power is in its navy, service battle teams. In the present day they’re completely weak to land-based missiles that exist “on a budget” overlaying not solely the Persian Gulf however the Indian Ocean as properly, so removed from shore that assaults on Iran are incomprehensible, properly out of vary for carrier-based planes.

Equally, the Mediterranean is being patrolled by nation upon nation, however the naval stability belongs to Russia with its newly arrive Kinzhal hypersonic missiles ranging simply previous Gibraltar and past.

These are the final days for armored assaults, for plane carriers or for blitzkrieg, for anybody. Trendy drones, loiter munitions and space denial weapons make what we knew of conflict to be pipe desires. In the present day’s battlefield, with “theatre stage gamers” is unsurvivable, aside from submarines, house weapons and stealth plane that land on airfields that may be destroyed in moments.

No American authorities may survive dropping an plane service, notably to Iran.

Battle, as it’s described to us by the cheerleaders of the army industrial advanced of the West and its media whores, is a con.

So, what’s the recreation right here?

Merely put, nobody appears to know although some can guess. These whose guesses are closest to the reality are thought of conspiracy theorists and cranks although the worst and most infantile tales are being peddled by mainstream media, not from Qanon or the infinite app based mostly faux information networks.

There are not any “revered” specialists writing for the mainstream media. They don’t exist. They could by no means have existed as males like Cronkite or Murrow could solely have been higher actors than we see right now.

Let’s take a look at some examples.

Most just lately I reviewed an article by the BBC on “false flags.” That they had critical hassle arising with examples as, and I say this properly armed with particular data, as it’s onerous to search out references to false flag assaults that don’t contain Britain and/or america. They did, nonetheless, land on the Tonkin Gulf incident. This should have made them cry.

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Again in 1964, the US staged a faux assault by North Vietnam on US naval forces within the South China Sea. This led to a congressional decision that allowed the US to go to conflict in South Vietnam to forestall enactment of the Geneva Accords that specified reunification of Vietnam.

From right here we may go right into a subcategory of false flag occasions tied to damaged guarantees and treaties.

In the present day, the higher specialists, akin to they’re, look to the West to both faux an invasion of Ukraine, much more possible, stage a gasoline assault killing 1000’s of civilians.

Present black ops capabilities of the West, management of media, management of UN chemical weapons investigators and a protracted historical past of faking gasoline assaults utilizing the White Helmets, makes this the “go to” technique for the US.

The parallel with Vietnam? Vietnam was promised a plebiscite and reunification. As a substitute, they obtained a decade and a half of carpet bombing and a rustic soaked with dioxin, which has been killing now for generations.

With Ukraine, after all, we’ve the promise of no NATO growth eastward. Excuse my use of an affordable press tactic however I can’t resist. Everybody is aware of the US promised the Soviets/Russians, so way back, that no Japanese Bloc nation a part of the previous Soviet Union would both be part of NATO or host American forces.

But American marines sit there in Latvia, an AEGIS radar is in Romania and Poland has turn into a middle for coaching proper wing terrorists in services that, throughout the Battle on Terror, housed 1000’s of harmless civilians who spent years being tortured to help false flag narratives.

Oh that.

When “they” obtained away with 9/11, it grew to become clear that no lie was too massive, no assault of decency and even actuality itself was too massive.

Having debriefed a number of of the silenced investigators of 9/11, some issues grew to become clear which can be essential to know when what’s taking part in out right now.

To start with, the perpetrators weren’t nation states in any respect.

In keeping with investigators, 9/11 was deliberate and executed by a cabal of American billionaires, nearly all of whom have backed Donald Trump as properly, working hand in hand with Israeli Likudists, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ukraine, the Republic of Georgia and key members of the previous South African authorities.

Stolen nuclear weapons from a nearly unguarded depot in Texas had been handed on to worldwide arms sellers and transported to Mali the place Israeli scientists reconfigured them to be used in opposition to america.

They had been then flown by non-public aircraft to Teterboro Airport, allegedly on a aircraft lent to the Mossad by Jeffrey Epstein and transported to the three towers.

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The aircraft assaults had been a decoy. It’s unimaginable to hijack a contemporary “fly by wire” plane as there are full management overrides that may be remotely activated by the CIA as a part of the engine administration system. Any extra on this violates safety protocols.

A Reagan period presidential order specified that any home plane that was over a populated space of america can be shot down. The explanation Reagan gave, and I’ve interviewed these within the room, is that the aircraft can be assumed to be a weapon of mass destruction and {that a} college, sporting occasion or such can be the possible goal.

That is merely an inexorable reality, one which many new, definitely congress, the Pentagon and the safety companies. All knew 9/11 was a false flag lengthy earlier than the faux “yellowcake uranium” or the underground fortresses of Afghanistan that also can’t be situated.

No, Osama bin Laden (AKA Colonel Timothy Osman) was by no means concerned. I reviewed this with bin Laden’s handler who talked about assembly with Oxford educated Osama bin Laden on many events associated to the key conflict on Russia that performed out in Afghanistan.

There may be a lot extra to inform however this isn’t the time or place. It’s enough to determine that the whole thing of the International Battle on Terror was and is a false flag and that occasions that play out right now are a continuation.

Thus, when the BBC relegates the Tonkin Gulf false flag as easy harmless enjoyable, tens of millions useless, infinite lives destroyed, they ignore what goes on day after day.

What about COVID? Is it a false flag as properly?

One may simply set up that “achieve of perform” analysis with harmful ailments has dangers that outweigh positive factors.

In reality, there are not any potential positive factors in any respect except one had been to “repackage” germ warfare packages behind thinly veiled lies.

This appears to be the place COVID originated.

Primarily based on what has performed out, a brand new chess board opened based mostly on illness pushed chaos principle vectors. Practically all occasions, be it gasoline shortages, gas prices, proper wing extremism and the unfold of terrorism throughout Africa at an unprecedented stage, tie orchestrated COVID responses to a bigger plan of realigning the world.

That realignment is way from for the higher. It serves militarism, extremism and people of wealth and energy. Those that have died are victims of terrorism.


Battle is a factor of the previous. Or is it? Why struggle a conflict when you may have oil wealthy sheikhs recruit the poverty stricken younger from all over the world, ferry them magically 1000’s of miles and unleash a marketing campaign of terror not seen for the reason that Center Ages.

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What if it fails? Easy, prefer it says on the shampoo bottle, “rinse and repeat.”

It means america will see one other 9/11. Britain will see one other 7/7 as properly, the check of terror protection capabilities of the London Underground that, nearly magically, changed into an actual terror assault.

Who would have guessed that the businesses utilized by MI 5 and Particular Department to rent actors for a terrorism simulation would have employed actual terrorists as a substitute?

You don’t imagine this?

Britain extradited John Anthony Hill from Eire and put him on trial for saying precisely what I’m right here. A British jury discovered him “not responsible” and in doing so discovered that the British authorities had lied about each facet of seven/7.

Google has buried this reality because it does almost all others, however that is why Google exists, isn’t it?

That’s okay, the British authorities destroyed the file on the trial anyway:

Pricey P Newton Freedom of Data Act (FOIA) Request – 201117003 Thanks to your request acquired on 17 November 2020 through which you requested for the next data from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ):

“It’s reported that at 4pm (16:00) on Thursday 12 Could 2011 at Southwark Crown Court docket, a jury returned and declared Muad’Dib (Anthony John Hill) harmless of trying to ‘pervert the course of justice’.

1. Please disclose the entire case file, redacted the place crucial. 2. If the disclosure of the entire case file is prohibitory, please disclose the Judges Order, Judgment or Abstract and feedback on the date in reference.”

Your request has been dealt with below the FOIA. The MoJ doesn’t maintain any data within the scope of your request. It’s because there isn’t a authorized or enterprise requirement for MoJ to take action as a result of Crown Courts retention coverage of seven years the file has been destroyed. The FOIA doesn’t oblige a public authority to create data to reply a request if the requested data isn’t held. The obligation is to solely present the recorded data held.

Thus, we’re pushed to ask, is there a “cohesion” or “mosaic” behind the occasions that appear to spiral hellishly as if they’ve a lifetime of their very own?

Can a pandemic like COVID be tied to paint revolutions, to false flag terrorism, to world cabals that market oil, minerals or human beings with the identical malignant enthusiasm?

Gordon Duff is a Marine fight veteran of the Vietnam Battle that has labored on veterans and POW points for many years and consulted with governments challenged by safety points. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans In the present day, particularly for the net journal “New Japanese Outlook”.