Nazi Invasion of Russia and ‘Ukraine Disaster’ Hysteria

On reflection, Hitler’s worst strategic debacle that finally price the Nazi Germany the Second World…

On reflection, Hitler’s worst strategic debacle that finally price the Nazi Germany the Second World Warfare was invading Russia earlier than crushing the British peril following the precipitous rout of the French army in June 1940. The one purpose the megalomaniac Fuhrer didn’t initially commit sufficient army assets into crossing the English Channel and dismantling the Anglo-American Empire as soon as and for all was that ruling elites of the 2 nations have been tied collectively by blood relations.

Kaiser Wilhelm, the final deposed emperor of the Home of Hohenzollern that dominated Germany till the top of the First World Warfare, was the eldest grandchild of British Queen Victoria. Wilhelm’s first cousins included King George V of the UK and lots of princesses who, together with Wilhelm’s sister Sophia, grew to become European consorts. Equally, the German social elites of the Second and Third Reich regarded the Anglo-Saxon aristocracy of the United Kingdoms as kinsmen to not be harmed.

Within the Second World Warfare, the Nazi air pressure did mount Luftwaffe assaults on a restricted scale focusing on Britain’s industrial infrastructure, however the tiny island boasting imperial legacy was merely not a match for the Third Reich’s army energy with out the help of its trans-Atlantic ally, the USA, with huge pure assets, territorial possessions spanning the entire of the North American continent in addition to Canada, technologically revolutionary manpower and logistical issue of mounting an invasion. Fortunately, Britain was spared the pulverizing pressure of the Nazi Blitzkrieg skilled by France and Japanese Europe.

Based on a 1978 essay by German historian Andreas Hillgruber, the Russia invasion plans drawn up by the German army elite have been coloured by hubris stemming from the fast defeat of France by the hands of the invincible Wehrmacht and by conventional German stereotypes of Russia as a primitive, backward Asiatic nation, having Turco-Mongol ancestry, a fallacious superiority complicated predicated on the Nazi social Darwinism and the cherished fantasy of the German and Anglo-Saxon racial superiority.

Had Hitler skimmed by means of the European historical past as a significant in highschool and been conscious of the Napoleonic military’s harrowing destiny in its botched Russia marketing campaign in 1812, he would by no means have dedicated the blunder of invading Russia to create so-called Lebensraum or “dwelling area” for the German race.

Russia defeated the forces of Napoleon and Hitler by means of “strategic depth” of its huge territorial possessions spanning nearly all the northern landmass of Eurasia, by letting them advance into Russian territory, extending their provide strains, burdening logistics and mounting ferocious guerrilla warfare marketing campaign that decimated the morale and army capabilities of probably the most invincible armies of their eras.

Russian fatalities in the course of the Second World Warfare ranged from 20 to 27 million, in accordance with varied estimates, together with over 8 million army fatalities. Compared, the USA misplaced 400,000 troopers in the course of the battle. Clearly, Russia paid probably the most sacrifices and defeated Nazism whereas the USA misappropriated the credit score for salvaging the world from the menace of fascism within the creativeness of the topics of the Anglo-American Empire.

Earlier than the top of the Second World Warfare, when Japan was about to fall within the arms of geographically adjoining Soviet Union, the Truman administration approved the usage of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to subjugate Japan and ship a transparent message to the leaders of the previous Soviet Union, which had not developed its nuclear program on the time, to desist from encroaching upon Japan within the east and West Germany in Europe.

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The Pentagon publicly confessed to over 30 Damaged Arrows [1], critical nuclear accidents, together with unintentionally dropping atom bombs on populated areas within the US and Europe that fortunately didn’t explode, although the true variety of such nuclear accidents is calculated to be in hundreds, significantly on the top of the Chilly Warfare in the course of the sixties when such apocalyptic “accidents” have been on a regular basis incidence.

Thus, the USA got here shut to creating the planet uninhabitable for the remainder of humanity resulting from its unfettered nuclear arms race and the worldwide domination agenda that subtly continues to at the present time, as is clear from the escalation of hostilities in opposition to Russia and China and the present stand-off in Ukraine.

As for Ukraine’s aspirations for becoming a member of NATO and the alliance’s eastward growth alongside Russia’s western borders, the ostensible explanation for the escalation, it’s pertinent to say that the trans-Atlantic army alliance NATO and its auxiliary financial alliance European Union have been conceived in the course of the Chilly Warfare to offset the affect of the previous Soviet Union which was geographically adjoining to Europe.

Traditionally, the NATO army alliance, not less than ostensibly, was conceived as a defensive alliance in 1949 in the course of the Chilly Warfare with a view to offset typical warfare superiority of the previous Soviet Union. The US solid collective protection pact with the Western European nations after the Soviet Union reached the brink to construct its first atomic bomb in 1949 and achieved nuclear parity with the US.

However the trans-Atlantic army alliance has outlived its objective following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 and is now getting used as an aggressive and expansionist army alliance meant to browbeat and coerce the previous Soviet allies, the Central and Japanese European states, to affix NATO and its corollary financial alliance, the European Union, or danger worldwide financial isolation.

Relating to the mainstream media’s competition that Russia has amassed 100,000 troops alongside Ukraine’s borders, thus portending imminent invasion, the USA, too, has completely deployed over 100,000 forces, to not point out strategic armaments, nuclear-capable missiles and air pressure squadrons, in Europe for the reason that finish of the Second World Warfare, together with 50,000 troops at sprawling Ramstein Air Base [2] and a number of other different army bases in Germany.

Does that imply the USA has invaded and occupied Europe? In fact, it has within the garb of creating Pax Americana internationally. If the USA has purported “strategic pursuits” throughout the Atlantic Ocean in Europe, then is it too laborious to think about that Russia may even have very important safety pursuits alongside its western borders in Ukraine?

In Europe, 400,000 US forces have been deployed in the course of the top of the Chilly Warfare within the sixties, although the quantity has since been introduced down after European powers developed their very own army capability following the devastation of the Second World Warfare. The variety of American troops deployed in Europe now stands at 50,000 in Germany, 15,000 in Italy and 10,000 in the UK.

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Over the last 12 months, the USA has considerably ramped up US army footprint within the Japanese Europe, deploying strategic armaments aimed toward Russia and provocatively exercising so-called “freedom of navigation” proper within the Black Sea and the South China Sea, veritable “territorial waters” of Russia and China, respectively.

Wouldn’t or not it’s a explanation for immense consternation for the US army strategists and policy-makers if Russia or China deployed intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear-capable strategic bombers and provocatively exercised “freedom of navigation” proper by deploying nuclear submarines within the Gulf of Mexico straddling the US borders?

Ukraine is Russia’s yard whereas the space between New York and Kiev is over 7,500 kilometers. What’s the aim of deploying hundreds of US troops outfitted with strategic armaments within the Japanese Europe if to not intimidate and insult Russia? Regardless of the apparent contradiction between tangible actuality on the bottom and parallel universe of media narratives, the company media would venture Russia as an aggressor and the USA as a peace-maker.

Not solely the disenfranchised plenty of Ukraine however underprivileged proletariats of all the previous Soviet constituent republics in Japanese Europe share historic, political and cultural bonds with Russia. The collective safety of Eurasian nations is Russia’s accountability as a successor to the previous Soviet Union.

The imperialist stooge, Volodymyr Zelensky, elected president by means of sham electoral course of in bourgeois democracy referred to as Ukraine, represents no person however the avaricious and exploitative entrepreneurial oligarchs eager to broaden household companies and entice international investments by pandering to company pursuits of Western Europe and North America.

He’s a figurehead beholden to the deep state, the highest brass of the army educated and educated at premier Western army academies, the West Level and Sandhurst, and conducting joint army and naval workouts alongside NATO forces deployed within the Japanese Europe.

Centralized governments internationally are run by behemoth state bureaucracies. Politicians are merely present items meant to lend legitimacy to supposedly “elected governments” and to cater to pursuits of enterprise elites which they actually characterize.

Disenfranchised plenty are least bothered whether or not authorities is being run by autocrats or by “elected representatives” of the bourgeoisie, although the political and enterprise elites typically get stressed and mobilize their help base to demand a share within the energy pie.

The nationwide safety and protection insurance policies of contemporary nation states are formulated by civil-military paperwork, dubbed because the deep state. Whereas commerce and financial insurance policies are decided by company pursuits and enterprise cartels inside the framework of neocolonial financial order imposed on the post-colonial world by company America following the signing of the Bretton Woods Accords on the finish of the Second World Warfare in 1945.

Purportedly democratic governments, elected by means of closely manipulated electoral course of, are lowered to performing ceremonial gimmicks and are meant solely to function showpieces to legitimize militarist and capitalist exploitation.

Excluding the self-styled international hegemon, the imperial United States, the remainder of the Western powers may need been colonial powers earlier than the Second World Warfare however they’re now not “powers” in international politics.

Actually, they will extra aptly be described as Western regimes that serve no different objective than act as Washington’s shopper states by way of the framework of transatlantic NATO army alliance to keep up the charade of multilateralism. With the second largest military in NATO after United States, Turkey has extra army energy and political sovereignty than the servile lackeys of Washington: the UK, France and Germany.

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After the Second World Warfare, Washington launched into the Marshall Plan to rebuild Western Europe with an financial help of $13 billion, equal to lots of of billions of {dollars} within the present greenback worth. Since then, Washington has maintained army and financial dominance over Western Europe.

The European colonial powers have been so totally devastated following the Second World Warfare that permit alone maintaining their Asian and African colonies, they was discovering it laborious to maintain European international locations united and economies operating.

Thus, the age of colonialism didn’t finish resulting from colonial powers voluntarily relinquishing management over colonial possessions, as peddled by Orientalist historians, relatively they didn’t have the army and financial capability to forcibly suppress liberation actions kicking off all around the colonial world.

Within the medieval period, though monarchs have been chosen by hereditary title, their throne rested on unequivocal help of army aristocracy. As kings didn’t have standing armies of their very own past a number of legions of praetorian guards. Feudal barons offered the majority of forces from non-public militias in occasions of wars and insurrections.

Thus, the deep state and its monopoly over politics, particularly within the area of nationwide safety and protection coverage, was in-built within the Western governance system for the reason that time of the imperial rule, and insidiously continues within the neocolonial period.

Paradoxically, the primary army dictator to determine a standing military of fifty,000 males in Europe was none aside from notorious Oliver Cromwell, who dominated England with an iron fist for a short time frame from 1653 to ’58, albeit with far-reaching penalties. As his mannequin of army autocracy was subsequently broadly adopted throughout Europe and the USA, albeit in a barely disguised veneer of hereditary monarchy, army aristocracy and, at occasions, doubtful parliamentary democracy.

In conclusion, army aristocracy held actual energy within the medieval occasions, because it offered foot troopers and cavalry models to monarchs in occasions of battle. With the appearance of standing armies in 17th century, the ability transferred to generals, who have been usually princes or belonged to the the Aristocracy.

America of America is credited with constructing the primary plebian military, because it couldn’t hint a royal lineage so settler colonists, having the blood of indigenous Pink Indians on their arms, have been raised to increased ranks, who first wreaked havoc throughout Latin America within the 19th century by invoking the Monroe Doctrine, after which unleashed a reign of terror within the wider world within the 20th century by invoking the Truman Doctrine that enunciated raison d’etre of the American-led neocolonial world order as containment of the Soviet-led communism.


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