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They did it once more! I had hoped that after the publicity of the wholesale…

They did it once more! I had hoped that after the publicity of the wholesale fraud within the 2020 normal election the Democrats and their Correa Group and Chinese language backers would again off this time. No such luck! Though the Republicans have been capable of win again management of the Home, simply, the Senate was stolen. The fraud was rigorously focused on swing states like Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

The strategies used appear largely to have been a repeat of these efficiently employed to rig the presidential election. Dodgy mail-in ballots, manipulation of voting machines and voter impersonation all reared their ugly heads once more. One consequence was the big size of time wanted to rely, or slightly manipulate, the outcomes. Certainly there are nonetheless 5 Home outcomes nonetheless to come back in.

There’s going to be a run-off senate election in Georgia on December 6th, which the Republicans will most likely win however which will likely be awarded to the Democrats. It appears as if there will likely be some recounts in Arizona, however a lawsuit could also be needed in an effort to drive a recount within the essential gubernatorial race.

My evaluation is that the Republicans gained the Senate races in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada. Not one of the losers in these races ought to concede.

I’m not saying that the Republicans ran an excellent marketing campaign. They didn’t, at the least not nationally. Donald Trump does not lead the Republican Celebration, though he’s their best campaigner. The Republican management within the Washington is ineffective, arguably worse than ineffective. Sadly, Mitch ‘von’ McConnell, Republican führer within the Senate, has been re-elected, the political equal of commencing the destruct sequence on the starship Enterprise. Sadly the sequence can’t be as simply aborted as in episode 15 in sequence 3.

The MSM are after all banging on about candidates supported by Donald Trump shedding, which is to overlook the purpose fully. It was exactly these candidates who have been focused. Take the Arizona gubernatorial race for instance.

Katie Hobbs, the dodgy Democrat, if that’s not a tautology with respect, was Arizona’s Secretary of State when the 2020 election was rigged. There is no such thing as a manner that the DVD may have allowed her trustworthy Republican opponent, Keri Lake, to succeed. As governor Keri would have instigated an inquiry into the fraud in 2020 and pushed to scrub up Arizona’s electoral system.

There may be not the slightest probability that Katie Hobbs will elevate a finger to reveal the corruption in her state, certainly so removed from being a part of the answer she’s a part of the issue, no offense meant. A social employee specialising in home violence (her web site doesn’t say who it was she beat up) she has no expertise by any means in preventing corruption.

A victory for Keri Lake would have geopolitical implications. It could sign that Germany was shedding her grip on US elections and clear the best way for a triumphant return to the White Home by President Trump. That in flip may result in the ultimate defeat of the Unhealthy Guys within the Nice World Warming Rip-off. Publicity of the 2020 fraud would even have enormous implications for the MSM, which be humiliated and rightly so.

Put shortly victory for Keri Lake within the Arizona gubernatorial election would clear up much more than one bent western state. Arizona hasn’t seen this degree of corruption since statehood in 1912. It’s in a deeper gap than the Grand Canyon.

Defeat for her with respect sleazy opponent would encourage all those that imagine in democracy, from Phoenix to Hong Kong. China’s heartless and brutal dictator, no offense meant, Xi Jinping, can be rocked again on his heels. Go for it, Keri! Your courageous combat in Arizona is a part of a worldwide existential wrestle between Good and Evil.

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The infamous British traitor Sir Edward Heath

The identical may be stated of the British Proper’s battle with the supercilious, commie-loving Rishi ‘von’ Sunak, Britain’s most evil Prime Minister for the reason that infamous pedophile Sir Edward Heath, no offense meant. ‘Von’ Heath after all drenched himself in harmless blood all through his lengthy and nugatory life, beginning with courageous service provider seamen misplaced on the convoys he shopped to the Abwehr in World Conflict II.

Heath’s long-awaited loss of life on July 17th 2005 was an incredible day not just for Britain however for humanity. It needs to be celebrated as a nationwide vacation! We may have bonfires, with Sir Edward being burnt in effigy. It was a tragedy for Britain and the Allies that he was not shot by firing squad in World Conflict II. The results of this appalling counter-intelligence blunder have been nonetheless being felt in Britain many years later, as Heath dragged us into the hated EEC. Sadly he didn’t die horribly sufficient.

The Ukrainian assault on Poland

It’s deeply ironic, after all of the Russia-bashing rhetoric from NATO, that the primary armed assault on a NATO member state within the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict ought to come from Ukraine. The Ukie missile, apparently an S-300 SAM (NATO reporting identify Grumble), got here down on the village of Przewodow, close to the Polish-Ukrainian frontier. Ukraine inherited a lot of S-300 batteries from the Soviet Union. The missile is able to being fired in surface-to-surface mode.

Very clearly the S-300, presumably modified for surface-to-surface engagement, was fired intentionally at Poland in a false-flag assault designed to attract NATO into the warfare on the Ukrainian aspect. President Zelenskyy is saying it was a mistake, however Hitler stated a lot the identical factor concerning the invasion of Poland. Ukraine now joins the checklist of aggressors in opposition to Poland, which incorporates Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

Kiev’s declare that there have been Russian missile strikes within the space is an apparent falsehood. It’s no surprise that Rishi Sunak has been given a heat welcome in Kiev this weekend! Birds of a feather stick collectively, as we noticed with Hitler and Mussolini. Sunak and Zelenskyy deserve one another. President Putin should have been sorely tempted to interrupt up their discussions with a cruise missile!

While the Ukrainian lies have simply been uncovered what’s fascinating about Zelenskyy’s determination to assault Poland and kill some Poles is the desperation it implies. The Ukies are shedding. Many extra will die sadly, however I keep my prediction that Kiev will likely be pressured to sue for peace come the spring. Sadly I doubt that Zelenskyy will likely be hanged as a warfare legal, good thought although it may be. Hopefully the Russians will meet up with him.

The Ukies are usually not the one liars round. Sadly the Dutch authorized system is nearly as corrupt as Ukraine’s, as evidenced by this week’s farcical sentencing of two Russians and a Russian separatist for his or her alleged position in bringing down Malaysian Airways Flight MH17, shot down in 2014 by the Ukrainian Air Power and the Chinese language PLA.

All the prosecution case was constructed on a lie, not that their dishonesty appears to have troubled the prosecutors, no offense meant. Because the Dutch properly know MH17 couldn’t have been shot down by the Buk system the separatists have been allowed to seize, since they by no means possessed the arming codes.

With out the essential codes the system merely couldn’t have been fired. While the Dutch might have believed their absurd accusation initially – the Netherlands in spite of everything is within the euro and Amsterdam believes formally in international warming – as soon as the issue with the arming codes was recognized the offensive allegation that Russia or pro-Russian separatists have been concerned ought to have been dropped, with an appropriate apology.

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Reichskommissar Seyss-Inquart

For at the least seven years nevertheless the Dutch have repeated the lie about MH17 being shot down by pro-Russian rebels utilizing a Russian-made Buk system. A part of that is merely all the way down to cowardice, the Dutch Prime Minister, no offense meant, being little higher than Arthur Seyss-Inquart, wartime Reichskommissar of the Netherlands.

Qusisling Mark ‘von’ Rutte, no offense meant, is clearly fearful of upsetting Peking, whose position within the shoot-down was first uncovered on VeteransToday. ‘Von’ Rutte, after all, helps Dutch membership of the EU, regardless that considered one of his older brothers was murdered by the Germans as a part of their genocidal AIDS bioweapons marketing campaign.

Mark ‘von’ Rutte

The Dutch are properly conscious that MH17 was introduced down by two missiles, not one, an AAM and a SAM. It’s one factor for politicians to interact in systematic deception, certainly we’d anticipate nothing much less from pro-EU politicians.

It’s one other factor altogether for judges to lend themselves to a deception, not to mention a deception as gross as this one, involving the making of a intentionally false accusation in opposition to a sovereign state. While the report of the Dutch judiciary is much from exemplary, involving because it does help to the occupying German forces of their marketing campaign of genocide in opposition to Dutch Jews and trashing the Dutch structure by making use of the infamous Van Gend & Loos determination of the ECJ (Case 26-62), it’s nonetheless startling to see Dutch judges behaving with such depravity, no offense meant.

Igor Girkin, Sergey Dubinskiy and Leonid Kharchenko are harmless. The identical can’t be stated, sadly, for the judges who handed down the shameful sentences. That is a type of instances the place the criminality of the judges, once more no offense meant, is bigger than that of the defendants.

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This week’s TV evaluation: The Crown, Season 5, Netflix, Launch Date

November ninth 2022

Poorly timed, given the loss of life of Queen Elizabeth II, the most recent season of The Crown is much more controversial than the final. It has now descended right into a deliberate assault on the Monarchy and now not even pretends to inform the reality.

The Queen’s well-known Guildhall speech, following the GO2 arson assault on Her beloved Windsor Fort has been fully rewritten. I don’t assume I’ve ever watched such an outrageous travesty – the textual content of the speech as given is freely obtainable and was broadly reported on the time.

The reworked model is so unhealthy it may have been given by Sir John Main, no disrespect. Sir John himself, performed by Johnny Lee Miller, comes throughout as a good human being, which is absurd. (The person’s a Remainer, though the jury’s out on whether or not he signed off on the assault on Windsor Fort.)

Imelda Staunton is badly miscast because the Queen. She comes throughout as a dowdy depressive, a good distance eliminated the actual particular person. After all that’s not essentially Imelda’s fault. The director little doubt needed the Queen performed that manner as a part of Netflix’s character assassination.

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It’s not simply the speech which is invented. The scene depicting Prince Charles, as he then was, plotting in opposition to his mom, is an entire fiction. The Cupboard Workplace, as normal, get away scot free. Netflix solely go after delicate targets.

HMY Britannia

While the Queen’s disappointment at shedding the Royal Yacht Britannia, which She launched in 1953, is precisely portrayed, the strain from the Cupboard Workplace to scrap the vessel is just not even talked about. The Cupboard Workplace has waged a ceaseless warfare on the Monarchy for the reason that disastrous determination was taken (in Berlin, because it occurs) in 1916 to set it up.

They have been desperately fearful on the enormous quantities of cash the commerce offers signed aboard her introduced in. Additionally they needed to break British status and inflict ache upon Queen Elizabeth II. Sadly not a single Cupboard Workplace official was executed in retaliation. Edward 1 would have identified the right way to cope with them! (I ought to clarify that there’s scarcely an official within the Cupboard Workplace who doesn’t should die a painful, humiliating and horrible loss of life, no offense meant.)

Not all of the characters are miscast. I knew Prince Philip, who was not the person portrayed by Jonathan Pryce, however at the least Jonathan will get half-way there. (He fully misses the late Prince’s humility and sense of humour.) Elizabeth Debicki is kind of excellent because the Princess of Wales, even when the scene through which her Audi’s brakes are tampered with is one other piece of fiction.

Salim Daw is superb as Mohammed Fayed and Alex Jennings does an affordable Duke of Windsor. Prasanna Puwanarajah is a suitably sleazy Martin Bashir, the bent BBC journalist, if that’s not a tautology with respect, who lied his manner into the notorious Panorama interview. Nicholas Gleaves does properly to deliver out the duplicity of BBC Director-Common John Birt, a republican scumbag, no offense meant. The BBC really come out of it nearly as badly because the Royal Household.

His Imperial Majesty King George V, the King-Emperor.

The one most shameful a part of Season 5 nevertheless is the lie about His Majesty King George V and the Romanovs. In a scene which the producers should know is an entire fiction the mighty King-Emperor, the person Who led the British Empire, alongside our allies, to a crushing victory within the First World Conflict in opposition to the slobbering Hun, performed by a horribly miscast Richard Dillane, who performs Him as if he have been a mere politician, is definitely proven the letter from His cousin Tsar Nicholas II looking for sanctuary. In actuality after all the King’s Personal Secretary, Lord Stamfordham, was a German spy, reporting to the equally evil Cupboard Secretary, Maurice Hankey. (It was an incredible disgrace that Stamfordham was not speared to loss of life within the Zulu Wars.)

King George was by no means proven the Tsar’s letter, nor has any verified reply from Him to the Tsar ever been produced. Lenin was after all a German asset, the Bolshevik Revolution was bankrolled, handsomely, from Germany and Max Warburg, head of the Imperial German Secret Service, was a regicide, who needed Tsar Nicholas and his household murdered. Hankey made certain that Stamfordham stored the King in the dead of night.

For all its faults, The Crown is properly produced and usually well-acted. It’s compelling viewing, even when it’s principally gibberish and about as true to life as Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile.

Blissful Thanksgiving

Blissful Thanksgiving everyone and don’t eat an excessive amount of turkey! The day job intervened to forestall a column final week, however I’m hoping to get my subsequent column out on Saturday.