Messed Up!! Russia bombs a maternity hospital? Marianna and the brand new incubator lie

VT: When did it start?  Not Sandy Hook, not even 9/11 or Boston…this time we…

VT: When did it start?  Not Sandy Hook, not even 9/11 or Boston…this time we now have one other ‘Bin Laden Studios’ false flag masking the Nazis hiding a command heart and torture jail in a hospital…with CIA assist.  

Western media report indignantly about an alleged Russian assault on a maternity clinic in Mariupol. Nevertheless, the “victims” are actors, as anybody can simply confirm.

Russian forces already reported on March 7 that the maternity clinic in Mariupol, now allegedly bombed by Russian forces, had been cleared and was a base for the Azov battalion. So we now have two variations of the story: the federal government in Kiev accuses Russia of bombing a maternity clinic, Russia says the entire thing was a staged propaganda occasion. Let’s go in the hunt for clues.

Images circulated within the media present a pregnant girl being evacuated from the maternity hospital.

Photos are additionally proven of a pregnant girl being carried away on a stretcher. On nearer inspection, one realizes that it’s the identical younger girl.

Nevertheless, she was modified. After leaving the hospital that had simply been bombed, did they modify a pregnant girl on the street earlier than placing her on a stretcher and taking her to the ambulance? (Creator’s notice: I initially wrote that you possibly can see her pajamas peeking out, this was an error as readers have proven me from enlargements of the photograph. I apologize for that. Nevertheless, the enlargement of the pictures clearly exhibits that it’s the identical girl).

Is that this real looking, contemplating the shock and accidents to be anticipated in such a scenario? We’ll see how this went in a second, as a result of we’ll see the younger girl once more.

First, the query arises: who is that this girl, anyway? Her title is Marianna and she or he is a magnificence blogger from Mariupol, so she is a photograph mannequin. Anybody can try her account on Instagram by looking for “gixie_beauty” there.

Ukrainian President Selensky posted a video on Telegram from the maternity hospital, filmed instantly after the explosion, as you may see from the still-burning fires and the time of the publish. The video is surprising, however it has a flaw: it exhibits the destroyed inside of the hospital, however nowhere is there blood, lifeless or injured.

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As an alternative, the top of the movie tells in Russian that the Russian air pressure has simply bombed a maternity hospital. And to make it extra dramatic, he yells on the clearly empty constructing, “Is there anybody right here?”

However with the injury proven within the video, in an working hospital, all of the sufferers and workers who had been on the facet with the destroyed home windows, there have been affected person rooms, ought to have been critically injured or killed by the flying glass and shrapnel.

Nevertheless, there are neither victims nor blood.

A video of the explosion and the minutes after it was printed on YouTube. Any skilled can see that the video was shot with an expert digital camera with stabilizer, a cellphone video could be completely blurred, particularly within the scenes the place the cameraman is operating. .

By the best way, Marianna might be seen on the quilt image once more, we’ll get to that in a second. First to different particulars of the very fascinating video. In minute 0.45 it’s proven how Marianna is carried down the steps on the stretcher, which she nonetheless walked down herself in her pajamas within the first photograph proven above. For comparability, right here is Marianna once more in her pajamas on the steps.

Right here she is then carried down the identical stairs on the stretcher

The truth that Marianna is on a stretcher is seen within the subsequent shot as she is carried out of the hospital.

And naturally you may acknowledge Marianna within the photograph proven above, which was taken by one other photographer. Within the video, different settings are proven and her stomach is pixelated within the video. So there will need to have been numerous cameras and cameras round.

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The digital camera follows Marianna all the best way to the ambulance.

There are extra scenes within the video, which is just three and a half minutes lengthy, that present that this can be a staged video. For instance, in minute 1.31 a girl with a baby in her arms (who can also be fairly calm and never crying) calmly comes out of the maternity hospital. She is under no circumstances panicked, as one ought to count on after such an incident. As an alternative, she calmly asks in Russian, “And the place would you like me to go?”

There are extra scenes like this which are unusual. For instance, in minute 1:42 a boy additionally calmly comes out of the hospital, however in minute 1:50 he’s instantly crying hysterically and is calmed down by a soldier earlier than going again to the hospital. What’s the level of him and the others going again to the hospital from which they’ve simply “escaped” after an air raid? To movie the approaching out once more?

The soldier can also be fascinating, by the best way, as a result of in minute 0.40 he bandages a girl’s head in a very unprofessional means, trying frantically in the direction of the digital camera as if to verify he’s doing all the things proper. However what’s the purpose of a soldier bandaging a girl’s head if it’s a hospital stuffed with docs and nurses who can do it significantly better than he can?

By the best way, in minute 2.09 we see Marianna once more. This time she is standing in entrance of the hospital wrapped in a blanket, as might be seen on the quilt of the video.

She has already been taken to an ambulance on a stretcher, and the entire means from the stretcher was filmed: Down the steps (which she had already walked down herself in her pajamas), throughout the destroyed forecourt to the ambulance. And instantly she is standing in entrance of the hospital once more, this time wrapped in a blanket.

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From minute 2.13, our soldier can also be again. This time he tells the cameraman what occurred and the way they evacuate the injured.

Anybody can inform with out an excessive amount of bother that the footage of the alleged Russian assault is staged. And so they got here at an applicable time, as a result of on the identical day Selensky once more begged for a NATO no-fly zone, a Russian bombing of a maternity hospital got here simply on the proper time as an “argumentation booster”.

There’s a system to this, as all of us bear in mind the large explosion in Kharkiv, the photographs of which the media confirmed for days. That, too, conveniently got here simply earlier than Selensky addressed the EU Parliament in a dramatic speech.

I’m reminded of the “maternity hospital” story of the incubator lie. Incidents in birthing clinics, assaults on defenseless newborns, shock everybody and switch off factual pondering. That is precisely the aim of propaganda: it’s imagined to unleash feelings and create the specified temper, together with the picture of the enemy.

If it’s so simple to point out that the alleged air strike on the “maternity hospital” was a staged story by the Ukrainian authorities, why can’t the “journalists” of the Western “high quality media”? Or to place it one other means, why doesn’t any “high quality journalist” clarify to me why this was not a pretend and the way Marianna, as a “pitiful sufferer” of the Russian airstrike, seems 3 times in several roles within the video that’s imagined to show the alleged Russian assault?

That is conflict propaganda at its purest, following the foundations laid down within the Information to Conflict Propaganda. Rule 5 is adopted, which says: “The enemy knowingly commits atrocities”.