Kaminski Goes Ballistic: The Voyage to Hyperborea

A chilly chill instantly engulfed me, like the doorway of a ghost into the room….

A chilly chill instantly engulfed me, like the doorway of a ghost into the room. The Jewish messiah is synthetic intelligence, simply as Serrano predicted . . . “a species of monstrous Golem, with out blood, an arithmetic entity, imaginary, cybernetic, transfinite. Maybe he may even have an digital mind, a robotic, which they manipulate.” He explains . . .

. . . the Judaism of the origins was shaped by way of the inclusion of a sequence of international parts, international to this super-mixed folks. We have now seen how Moses, who was not a Jew, nor was Joseph, an Egyptian priest named Touiya. Nor was Joshua, a Philistine normal who stopped the solar, successor of Moses. Solomon would have been an Assyrian named Salmanazar, or an Aryan Amorite initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries of Hathor. Even Kings David and Saul. The Jews took the thought of the Messiah from Egypt, about which one can learn within the stones of the Egyptian temples . . .

Abruptly, every part you thought you knew begins to crumble.

Even the time period “Hebrews” didn’t pertain to them. In conversations . . . with Pastor Jurgen Spanuth, tireless investigator of the historical past of the Hyperboreans . . . confirmed that the identify “Hebrew” seems for the primary time in an Egyptian temple . . . Spanuth additionally affirmed the thought of a “chosen folks” is Nordic-Aryan; arriving from Asia Minor with the Hyperboreans from Iran, then with the Philistines, with the Hyksos, with the Amorites.

As with every part else they’ve finished, the Jews have stolen their most historic heritage.

And to assume all this marvel of symbols, of mysteries, of legends, of Hyperborean knowledge, has been adulterated, equally with the Orphic Cabala, by a tribe of bastards and slaves, to be positioned on the service of a horrible sentiment of racial sin within the success of the sinister designs of a Planetary Archetype, of the Lord of Darkness and Chaos, of the Grasp of Shadows they’ve referred to as Jehovah!

— Miguel Serrano, Adolf Hitler: The Final Avatar, pp. 103-104.

Spanuth has demonstrated that the Nordics, after struggling defeat by the hands of Pharaoh Ramses II, returned to the north. Those that remained prisoners escaped with Moses, carrying the Ark (Ar-cadia, with the unconventional Ar, from Aryan, from Ar-Ar-At) and its related information with them.

This exodus, that maybe happened not in Asia Minor however within the Gobi Desert, an imitation of essentially the most historic Polar Exodus of Hyperborea, and there they have been infiltrated by this tribe of slaves, that of Judah, who ultimately appropriated every part, falsifying even what remained of an antediluvian doc: Genesis. (105)

With Serrano quoting Spanuth comes the belief that Worldwide Judaism will take over the entire world utilizing synthetic intelligence as its god. (108)

KGB 019

He quotes passages that describe the situation of our world right this moment  . . .

The Jew Moritz Cohn confessed:

“With out our consent, not a potentate on the earth can decide. No phrase we don’t need might be revealed and broadcast as a result of we management the press. No thought with which we disagree can penetrate the mental world. For a while now we have had dominion over the world.” 

— (G. zur Beek in Die Geheimnisse der Weisen von Zion,

third version, 1919, p. 27)

Extra chilling is that this prediction, from greater than 400 years in the past.

“Within the time of the Messiah, the Jews will exterminate all of the peoples of the earth.” 

— (1673 Bar Nachmani, in Bammidhar rabba,

fol. 172, c. 4 and fol. 173, c. 1)

Writing within the late Nineties, close to the tip of his sensible literary profession, Serrano writes  . . .

This should be achieved via the whole nuclear conflict they’re now getting ready. They’ll save themselves, essentially the most choose group of their anti-race, as a result of they’ve made preparations for it, right here and in outer area. Due to this fact: “The Land of Israel will lengthen in a grandeur that covers your complete world.” To cite the identical supply. If they’ve delayed the “closing answer” for thus lengthy it’s as a result of they nonetheless don’t really feel protected sufficient, in any case, as a result of the Jew is aware of Hitler and Esoteric Hitlerism didn’t die in Berlin, on the finish of Second World Battle.

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It is for that reason that each one this dialogue referring to the tip of the world — which is about to occur right this moment — must occur now and occur quick. By no means earlier than has the phrase ‘now or by no means been extra related. That’s to say, the explanation for this dialogue is that occasions are occurring now that have been predicted way back in regards to the finish of the world occurring in nuclear conflict right this moment.

A legend in two realities

If Nobel Prizes weren’t dominated by Jewish pseudo-intellectuals, Don Miguel Serrano would have gained years in the past.

However as a substitute, he selected to be the chief within the struggle towards an historic evil that has plagued humanity for the reason that starting of recorded historical past. His poetic and metaphysical analyses nonetheless cost many 1000’s of followers worldwide who firmly grip the deathless hope that justice will at some point be freed from the monster that holds everybody by the throat.

Diplomat, poet, mythographer, and before everything a believer in Adolf Hitler because the avatar of the way forward for humanity, Miguel Serrano (1917-2009) was a worldwide luminary each revered and castigated for his unshakable devotion to each the historical past and way forward for the Aryan spirit that derived from a misplaced civilization older than time itself.

Serrano himself, along with his fixed veering into the non secular realm, reveals himself to be not totally corporeal, which is consistent with the very best of the poets in addition to the historical past he discusses. As he reveals himself to be speaking with one foot firmly implanted within the non secular world, he reveals that the early Hyperboreans have been of the identical combined composition, half corporeal and half non secular. Some would name that poetic, whereas critics, such because the Jews who crushed the life out of Germany and so many different nations, would possibly say insane or schizophrenic.

The primary query then turns into, is this fashion people as soon as have been and are presupposed to be, versus completely empirical and not using a hint of spirit, which is what the Jews have been making an attempt to make us all these many murderous centuries, and what the present injections and the electrification of the atmosphere are geared toward doing.

Serrano’s masterpiece,  Adolf Hitler: The Final Avatar, is an 838-page odyssey that spans from the start of time to the potential of the longer term. As its jacket attests,

This isn’t a E-book; it’s musical thriller and mysticism, Darkness and Mild: Esoteric symbolism, Astral Journey, Grasp and Pupil and a lot extra. A E-book describing the continuing, titanic, and everlasting battle between Gods and Devils – between a Darkish Power, a Satanic Spirit, and a coming, or returning Hyperborean, Aryan Age.

This can be a central theme within the E-book: essential for the understanding of this epic, Non secular Odyssey. A Voice, harking from a distant, primordial previous, nonetheless lingers in these Aryans nonetheless loyal to their Race. A Voice beckoned the Hyperborean Archetype, urging these attuned to it to a closing, finite struggle to the end, towards the Everlasting Enemy. A Non secular battle corresponding to the Mahabharata – a battle closing a cycle and opening one other.

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The textual content is right here: Adolf Hitler, The Final Avatar (PDF)

A land past the north wind

And that was the labor of Hitler, Avatar of the Hyperborean Archetype within the Aryan Collective Unconscious, intending to revive the Golden Age, the right world that has been misplaced. Which was made attainable, in some sense, with victory in defeat. It’s now a query of time, working inside this time and area. As a result of this stuff that work from eternity can solely give their fruits right here beneath in time.

Serrano explains how he discovered of the traditional historical past of the white race, and of the haters of humanity we all know right this moment because the Jews.

“It’s troublesome to know the true origin of those folks. Throughout the go to, I made to Professor Herman Wirth, founding father of the Ahnenerbe, the excessive specialised organism of investigation of the SS, and one of the vital extraordinary college students of Nordic pre-antiquity, I requested him in regards to the Jews and he gave me a wierd and surprising reply: “Nomadic folks, from slaves, who lived on the periphery of the nice civilization of the Gobi…”

I deeply remorse not having requested extra about this. Professor Wirth knew many languages, Sanskrit, Greek, Arabic, and Hebrew, and had completed work on the origin of the Jews, the fruit of investigations he made his total lengthy life. Once I knew him he was 94 years outdated and remained agile and alert. Even then, not lengthy earlier than dying, the manuscripts of his work have been stolen from him, it’s believed by his personal collaborators.

Marxist infiltrators maybe or possibly Catholics prompted this Most worthy work to vanish. The world won’t ever know of it. It’s a tragedy as nice because the destruction of the Library of Alexandria. Not less than for me. The similar hand should have dedicated these identical crimes to cowl up proof.

It’s generally believed the Jews are these nomadic Semites, however that is solely partly inferred. Due to this fact it’s unjust to talk of the cost Anti-Semitism when it considerations them. The pure Semite is traditionally unknown additionally, possibly solely the Bedouin nomad most resembles the unique pure Semite. However the Bedouin additionally deserted the vagabond deserts in distant instances, and the primary information of them was after they had already combined with different peoples all through Asia Minor. (121)

The destiny of the faithless

Plato tells us Zeus meets with the opposite Hyperborean Gods on the summit of the Polar Mountain, to determine the destiny of Atlantis. And he provides the latter is submerged, swallowed by the nice wave, in a single evening, as a result of her inhabitants had combined the races indiscriminately. Racial Sin is the blending of the divine with the daughters of males. As a result of that they had cherished them with their our bodies, giving life to sons of the flesh, to the semi-divine, the traditional heroes, the Vîras, the giants.

And we be taught of the implications of race mixing.

The Hyperborean Siddhas tried to arrange the world of the primary Yugas, battling towards the Demiurge. They helped the heroes to get better their complete divinity, via initiation. To the coloured peoples, the people, they gave human happiness, organizing them into castes, into varna. (The Hyperboreans have been ativarna, past caste and coloration).

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Utilizing their mechanical powers in helpful labors, they thought, maybe, to supply a magic mutation within the semi-animal peoples via the alchemy of coloration, in a position to take them, in a roundabout way, to a transfiguration. They handed on to them a particle of immortality, concurrently they spiritualized the Earth, ripping it from the clutches of the Darkish Lord.

What adopted was the ensuing disaster.

The “cataclysmic solidarity”, the autumn of Phaeton, the Nice Wave, introduced each effort to an finish, submerging Alt-Land, the earthly Hyperborea. And the Ice, enemy of Hearth, prolonged by way of the world. The Ice Ages.

There’s a reminiscence of this within the historic Nordic Sagas.

Hyperborea was a separate provoke group, an unreachable world, superior to any then present on the planet. Eminent guides from the opposite continents went there to hold out directions, to know the Legislation, and to obtain initiations reserved for the opposite land areas, the South Atlantic and remnants of Lemuria and Gondwana. Divine academics commissioned from Hyperborea went to all these lands in these days.

To get an thought of what this meant, consider what Nietzsche dreamed for the Supermen: a group aside from the remainder of humanity, not interfering of their affairs and never reachable by them. To reside and let reside. Appearing magically, by supernatural means, from a distance. As with the Brahmin Guides of our Order, invisible in some topological fold, cavern, or mountain, and which the Maestro referred to as “Temple”.

All these occasions happened earlier than recorded historical past. How did Serrano presumably get to find out about them?

Hyperborea was made to vanish, turning into invisible (going into the inside of the Earth) earlier than the cataclysm. The remnants didn’t disappear suddenly. Solely the central mass of the Polar continent, with the Backyard of Induna, the Tree of Paradise, and the Column that upheld the Sky have been made invisible. The Hyperboreans saved the Gral, the Golden Fleece, and Knowledge, preserved within the reminiscence of their blood. A few of them took refuge on the different Pole, within the Hole Earth, in secret cities they themselves had constructed there, within the rising Andes. When their clairvoyants foretold to them what was coming, when the Maga Allouine prophesied it, they despatched messengers to the opposite Pole and requested: “Are we allowed amongst you…?” And the White Gods who have been already there opened their arms to the comrades of blood and conflict.

So started the exodus of the Hyperboreans who remained on the floor, the combined Vîras. In Polar Nordic islands, on islets, in Greenland, England, Helgoland, or Heil-Land. An incredible majority descended in direction of the Gobi, fertile land in these days, and developed a fantastic life there, whose remnants may very well be discovered a lot later in Siberia. It was a civilization of giants, who should additionally disappear from unknown causes. They’ve found traces of atomic radiation in disinterred fossilized objects there. However the ice continued its march, on the heels of the Hyperboreans. Violently it came across Siberia, freezing the mammoths in only a few seconds.

Professor Wirth believed the Jews may additionally hint their existence again to the civilization of the Gobi. If this was so, then the speculation should be significantly thought-about of an explosion, or atomic conflict, provoked by them too, within the Everlasting Return. The symbolic legend of the spouse of Lot and the statue of salt would then check with this.

Is that this the way in which our future ends, too? Or begins? Will there be rather more to our story than there was for theirs? Or not?

To be continued