It’s Solely A Small Battle!

Nicely I bought it mistaken final week! I assumed that Russia might need been supplied…

Nicely I bought it mistaken final week! I assumed that Russia might need been supplied real concessions, however apparently not. Russia’s very in a position armed forces commenced navy operations towards the Ukraine on Thursday. I’ve been predicting a Russian transfer towards the Ukraine for a while nonetheless, effectively earlier than the MSM, the UK Ministry of Defence or the Pentagon.

Not like MOD and the Pentagon, with each respect, I perceive and comprehend Russian considerations over the firing of the SHEWS weapon system from Ukrainian soil and share Russian considerations over the continuing lack of life within the Donbas. After all being effectively forward of the media pack in predicting bother within the Ukraine wasn’t sufficient to steer the British Authorities really to seek the advice of me! I’ve solely been consulted inside the Intelligence Group. I’m backing Russia and want her brave Armed Forces God Pace in battle towards the evil, EU-backed Ukrainian enemy. Many Brexiteers might be with me, even when they haven’t grasped that the Ukraine is a German consumer state, a modern-day model of the Reichskommisariat Ukraine.  

The MSM have been banging on a couple of ‘full-scale’ invasion, nonetheless I’m undecided it’s. It’s a significant navy operation, but it surely seems to have restricted strategic goals:

(1)    Liberation of the Donbas republics, the Luhansk and Donetsk Folks’s Republics, very correctly recognised by the Russian Federation on Monday. (Saying that they’re self-proclaimed doesn’t take the matter very a lot additional – the USA and France are self-proclaimed republics.)

(2)     Encirclement, seize and momentary occupation of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, and

(3)     Seize and demilitarisation of the SHEWS Ukrainian floor station, situated close to the deserted Chernobyl nuclear energy station advanced.

It’s clear that the Russian authorities intends to liberate all the territory of the Donbas Republics, not simply the areas beneath militia management, roughly one-third of the full territory of the republics. In apply this might not be achieved with out considerably degrading Ukrainian air protection capabilities.

Russian forces are presently encircling Kiev. The town might be given a possibility to give up, evidently with a view to sparing civilian life. Kiev just isn’t being bombarded night time and day by tube and rocket artillery like Berlin was, solely justifiably, in 1945. Ever keen to bash Russia our deracinated MSM are attempting to fake in any other case after all, passing off images of harm attributable to shot down Ukrainian Air Drive planes crashing as injury attributable to artillery rounds, for instance. The odd spherical is certain to go astray after all, however the Russians are clearly making an attempt to restrict civilian casualties.

It’s clear that Russia has no intention of occupying the Ukraine, or reintegrating it into Russia. Ukraine was after all an integral a part of the Russian Empire till 1917. President Putin with respect was solely right in referring to the German agent Lenin as having been instrumental within the institution of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, though he didn’t establish Lenin as a German asset. (The MSM after all proceed to labor beneath the delusion that Vladimir Lenin was a communist.)

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Erich Koch

It’s additionally clear that President Putin has a plan for the governance of Ukraine after Russia’s navy victory. I don’t know what that plan is precisely, certainly it’s one of many lacking parts that prompted me to doubt final week that Russia was going to invade. All I do know is that the Russians are working to a plan. Not like British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US dictator, no offense meant, Joseph Biden, President Putin is aware of what he’s doing.

I’m pretty positive that Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a latter-day Erich Koch, who helps Ukrainian membership of the EU, doesn’t function in President Putin’s plans for post-war Ukraine. If I have been Zelenskyy I’d be quietly packing my luggage and planning a swift exit to Germany, though I’d advise towards flying from Boryspil Worldwide Airport, the airport for Kiev. (Hostomel, which has been the scene of fierce preventing, is an Antonov facility, on the opposite aspect of city.) Certainly I’d advise towards flying to Germany from any airport within the Ukraine, even with a suggestion of double frequent flyer miles.


Seize of Kiev ought to carry a big intelligence yield, together with on the Ukraine’s involvement within the murderous shoot-down of Malaysian Airways Flight MH17 in 2014. The crimson faces in Europe, Britain and the USA could be fantastic to see! I think about that the infamous SBU (Ukrainian Safety Service, not the Scottish Bridge Union) might be dismantled.

Ukraine Battle

To evaluate from the MSM’s breathless and near-hysterical reporting you’d be forgiven for pondering that the Chernobyl nuclear energy vegetation have been nonetheless working. For the report Reactor No 4 at Chernobyl was sabotaged by the German DVD in 1986, though fortunately the radiation launch was a lot lower than the Germans have been hoping for, due to some really heroic injury management. All the advanced was then shut down.

Russian safety forces have not captured a working nuclear energy station. You couldn’t get sufficient electrical energy out of Chernobyl nowadays to boil a kettle. What they have captured is the Ukrainian SHEWS floor station. Anticipate fewer shock earthquakes, Class 4 and 5 hurricanes and sudden volcanic eruptions to any extent further. There are different floor stations, however all are actually being focused in a technique or one other. (For those who’re in Svalbard, Norway, you will have seen a slight energy loss lately.)

The MSM after all are bewildered, however that’s as a result of not sufficient of them are studying VT, no offense meant. As a decommissioned and extremely radioactive former nuclear energy station Chernobyl is the form of place any smart invading military would usually wish to bypass. Making an attempt to speak to the common journalist – and consider me a few of them are very common – about excessive power weapons is like making an attempt to speak to the common politician about integrity. There’s no frequent body of reference.

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One of many the reason why Boris Johnson and Joseph Biden have needed to restrict themselves to weak and ineffectual sanctions and PR stunts like banning Aeroflot is that the SVR have ample kompromat on them each, no offense meant, ditto the French puppet chief Emmanuel Macron. I’ve hinted on the kompromat on Boris on this column earlier than, with out worry of reprisals, as my sources are sound and the intelligence has been verified by these good folks MI6.

Joseph Biden stole the 2020 election, as he effectively is aware of. I’m fairly positive that Russia’s extremely skilled SVR know concerning the Paris file, which offers with the interference on digital voting machines run from Frankfurt by the Correa Group. Each the FSB, who’re very good folks with respect (and what’s extra present respect to Russia’s mates once they go to Moscow) and the SVR (who’re additionally superb, however not fairly as good because the FSB, no offense meant) are conscious of the DVD. That’s the place I got here in, as I warned the SVR in London concerning the DVD’s involvement within the shameful, murderous terrorist assault on Russian schoolchildren at Beslan.

The Russians, who’re very heat folks by the best way, love youngsters. Beslan really appalled and angered them, with each justification. When a Britisher got here to them, in full good religion, with actionable intelligence on the operation, they responded with heat and gratitude, as soon as they’d verified the intelligence after all. I’m not German and I don’t maintain with the mass homicide of harmless, defenseless kiddies.

The MSM, who can’t perceive British and American weak spot, will simply have to hold on dwelling in bewildered ignorance, I’m afraid. I’m bored with making an attempt to inform them the reality. London and Washington will simply need to restrict themselves to meaningless paper condemnations and foolish sanctions, which Russia will brush off.

Casualty figures

The Ukrainian authorities are fluent and practiced liars, no offense meant. I’m not shopping for the newest casualty figures from Kiev. I’d divide by ten if I have been you. They’re like election returns from Pennsylvania, outdated Soviet tractor manufacturing figures and official British statistics on exports to the EU.

Declaration of battle

Opposite to media studies the Russian Federation didn’t really declare battle on the Ukraine on Thursday. Successfully the Russian authorities handled the Ukraine as if it have been nonetheless Russian territory. Though the Ukraine, being a German puppet state, just isn’t an impartial, sovereign nation state she continues to be handled as such by an awesome many states. With respect I’d have most well-liked a proper declaration of battle. It makes issues good and official.

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Nevertheless the remainder of the West have blurred the problem for many years, beginning with the failure to declare battle on North Korea and the Folks’s Republic of China within the Korean Battle. Britain and France did not declare battle, as they need to have achieved, on Egypt in 1956 and the USA did not declare battle on North Vietnam, main to 6 many years of utter confusion concerning the standing of the battle.

After Afghanistan and Iraq if London or Washington queried the failure to declare battle the Russians would fall about laughing. They’d have each justification! The final nation really to declare a battle was the Republic of Chad. For any journalist studying this, it’s in Africa, subsequent to Libya and the Sudan.

The UN Constitution, by the best way, badly drafted although it was, didn’t really outlaw all battle. Its language just isn’t materially completely different to the equally flawed Kellogg-Briand Pact (nothing to do with Corn Flakes). Nobody means that Britain and France couldn’t lawfully have declared battle in 1939.

As to casus belli, as I hinted final week, President Putin is on considerably unsure floor, regardless of Ukrainian aggression within the Donbas. I believe that is a kind of wars the place the preventing comes first and the justification comes afterwards.

If President Putin have been to go public on the SHEWS floor station he would pull off a diplomatic masterstroke, with respect, which would depart London, Washington and Brussels flat-footed. He would in all probability be invited on a state go to and have well-wishers queuing up outdoors the Russian Embassy in London. It might be much more fashionable than having the Russian Air Drive drop a sensible bomb on the BBC’s Nick Robinson, at the moment reporting the Ukrainian perspective from a bunker in Kiev, no offense meant.

AN225, the world’s largest plane, whuch was once based mostly at Antonov Airport

Ukrainian neutrality

London, Brussels, Berlin and Washington solely have themselves responsible. Russia was completely keen to simply accept Ukrainian neutrality after the collapse of the Soviet Union. As a substitute Germany mounted repeated coups d’etat, on one event (Maidan Sq.) arranging for snipers to shoot unarmed demonstrators.

The EU and NATO have made it completely clear that they wish to anchor the Ukraine in each organisations. For greater than thirty years the remainder of the West has missed no alternative to rub Russia’s nostril in it. What goes round comes round boys. Benefit from the battle. You requested for it and also you’ve bought it.

Oh, and a phrase of recommendation to motorists in Kiev. For those who’re planning a drive into the Ukrainian countryside this weekend for a picnic, give method.