Is Deep State Pushing Biden to Begin Third World Warfare?

A visibly anxious and panicked Biden tweeted [1] yesterday, March 11: “I need to be clear: We…

A visibly anxious and panicked Biden tweeted [1] yesterday, March 11: “I need to be clear: We are going to defend each inch of NATO territory with the total may of a united and galvanized NATO. However we is not going to combat a warfare towards Russia in Ukraine. A direct confrontation between NATO and Russia is World Warfare III. And one thing we should try to stop.”

The string of rambling tweets betrayed the apprehensive psychological state of a raving government who was underneath super strain from sure quarters to considerably escalate the battle with the arch-foe and needed to console himself and the listeners that by not committing American floor and air forces to Ukraine, particularly for imposing the no-fly zone, he was making the correct choice.

Regardless of Russia’s huge nuclear arsenal, a number of Pentagon officers, stuffed with hubris and evidently affected by misplaced superiority complicated, have lately made their misconceived institutional logic public that they not regard Russia as an equal army energy, as a substitute they contemptuously dubbed it “a second-rate regional energy,” and if given a chance, they wouldn’t hesitate to take Russia head-on, even when the chance is as perilous because the battle spiraling right into a catastrophic nuclear warfare.

It’s noteworthy the nationwide safety and protection insurance policies of the US are formulated by the omnipotent civil-military forms, dubbed the deep state, whereas the president, elected by way of closely manipulated electoral course of with disproportionate affect of company pursuits, political lobbyists and billionaire donors, is just a figurehead meant to legitimize militarist stranglehold of the deep state, not solely over the home politics of the US but additionally over the neocolonial world order dictated by the self-styled world hegemon.

All of the militaries of the NATO member states function underneath the built-in army command led by the Pentagon. Earlier than being elected president, Common Dwight Eisenhower was the primary commander of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE).

The commander of Allied Command Operations has been given the title Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), and is at all times a US four-star normal officer or flag officer who additionally serves because the Commander US European Command, and is answerable to the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Employees.

CNN reported March 6 [2] Chairman Joint Chiefs of Employees Gen. Mark Milley visited every week earlier than an undisclosed airfield close to the Ukraine border that has change into a hub for delivery weapons. The airport’s location stays a secret to guard the shipments of weapons, together with anti-armor missiles, into Ukraine. Though the report didn’t title the situation, the airfield was doubtless in Poland alongside Ukraine’s border.

“US European Command (EUCOM) is on the coronary heart of the huge cargo operation, utilizing its liaison community with allies and companions to coordinate ‘in actual time’ to ship supplies into Ukraine, a second Protection official mentioned. EUCOM can be coordinating with different nations, together with the UK, by way of the supply course of ‘to make sure that we’re utilizing our assets to most effectivity to help the Ukrainians in an organized method,’ the official added.”

In Europe, 400,000 US forces have been deployed on the peak of the Chilly Warfare within the sixties, although the quantity has since been introduced down [3] to virtually 100,000 after European powers developed their very own army capability following the devastation of the Second World Warfare. The variety of American troops deployed in Europe now stands at 50,000 in Germany, 15,000 in Italy and 10,000 in the UK.

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Over the past 12 months, the US has considerably ramped up US army footprint within the Jap Europe by deploying 1000’s of further NATO troops, strategic armaments, nuclear-capable missiles and air pressure squadrons aimed toward Russia, and NATO forces alongside regional purchasers have been provocatively exercising so-called “freedom of navigation” proper within the Black Sea and conducting joint army workout routines and naval drills.

The Biden administration accredited on Feb. 24 a further 7,000 US troops [4] to be deployed to Germany, bringing the full variety of American forces despatched to Europe to fifteen,000 this month, together with troops beforehand deployed to Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. In Poland alone, the US army footprint now exceeds 10,000 troops as nearly all of 15,000 troops despatched to Europe final month went to Poland to affix the 4,000 US troops already stationed there.

“We’ve 130 jets at excessive alert. Over 200 ships from the excessive north to the Mediterranean, and 1000’s of further troops within the area,” NATO Secretary Common Jens Stoltenberg instructed CNN [5].

A spokesman for US European Command instructed CNN the US was sending two Patriot missile batteries to Poland, and was additionally contemplating deploying THAAD air protection system, a extra superior system equal in capabilities to Russia’s S-400 air protection system.

In addition to offering 2,000 surface-to-air missiles and 17,000 anti-armor munitions, together with Javelins and NLAWs, to Ukraine’s safety forces and allied militias, British Protection Minister Ben Wallace mentioned [6] that the UK was contemplating sending the laser-guided Starstreak shoulder-fired anti-aircraft system, a major improve from the Stinger missiles despatched by the US, Germany and different allies. The weapon has a spread of over 4 miles and might take down fighter planes extra successfully than the Stinger.

Though NATO powers did present Stingers to their jihadist proxies that helped turning the tide within the Soviet-Afghan warfare within the eighties, since then, regardless of offering anti-tank munitions and remainder of weapons to militant teams within the proxy wars in Libya and Syria, Western powers have constantly averted offering MANPADS to proxy forces, as a result of such lethal anti-aircraft munitions may change into a long-term menace not solely to army plane but additionally to civilian airways.

Within the sheer desperation to inflict most materials injury on Russia’s safety forces, nonetheless, NATO seems to have breached its personal long-standing conference of curbing the proliferation of anti-aircraft munitions. Following Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, Germany alone has proudly bragged [7] of dispatching caches of 500 US-made surface-to-air Stinger missiles and a pair of,700 Soviet-era, shoulder-fired Strela missiles to Ukraine’s conscript army.

Who can be answerable for the myopic and vindictive coverage of offering anti-aircraft munitions to Ukraine’s irregular militias as soon as Kyiv falls and people MANPADS are present in black markets posing grave danger to civilian airways throughout the globe? The truth is, Russia’s seasoned International Minister Sergei Lavrov alluded to the grave danger posed by the proliferation of anti-aircraft munitions within the peace talks with the Ukrainian counterpart in Turkey.

Russia’s reluctant and delayed army intervention in Ukraine is essentially a warfare of energy projection, a shot throughout the bow to perfidious former allies, the East European states, who’ve been becoming a member of the EU and NATO in droves because the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991, that the collective safety of Eurasian nations is a shared accountability, and NATO’s eastward enlargement alongside Russia’s western flank not solely imperils the safety of resurgent Russia but additionally compromises the steadiness of energy within the multipolar world.

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It’s value recalling that earlier than the Biden-Putin summit at Geneva final June, Russia had an identical troop build-up alongside Ukraine’s borders. Extending the hand of friendship, Russia considerably drawdown its forces alongside the western border earlier than the summit final 12 months. As a substitute of returning the favor, nonetheless, the immodest management of supposedly world’s sole surviving tremendous energy turned down the hand of friendship and even snubbed Putin.

Regardless of dropping the empire within the nineties, so far as army energy is worried, Russia with its huge arsenal of standard in addition to nuclear weapons nonetheless kind of equals the army energy of the US, as is clear from the unfolding Ukraine warfare the place all of the NATO may do is watch it from distance, and never even making an attempt to implement a no-fly zone lest the battle spirals right into a mutually harmful nuclear warfare.

However it’s the far more delicate and insidious tactic of financial warfare for which Russia has no antidote, as the worldwide neocolonial order is being led by the US and its Western European purchasers because the signing of the Bretton Woods Accord in 1945 following the Second World Warfare. As a result of any state, notably these pursuing socialist insurance policies, that dares to problem the Western monopoly over world commerce and financial insurance policies is internationally remoted and its nationwide financial system goes bankrupt over a time period.

Regardless of having immense firepower at its disposal that might readily flip the tide in conflicts as protracted as Syria’s proxy warfare, the Russian advance in Ukraine has been slower than anticipated in keeping with most estimates as a result of Russia is just focusing on army infrastructure and doing all it could to reduce collateral injury, notably pointless civilian losses within the former Soviet republic whose majority inhabitants is sympathetic to Russia.

Quite than mitigating struggling of Ukraine’s disenfranchised lots held hostage by the Zelensky regime, the self-styled champions of human rights are doing all they will to lure Russia into their “bear entice venture,” a time period borrowed from the Soviet-Afghan Warfare of the eighties when Western powers used Pakistan’s safety forces and beneficiant funding from the oil-rich Gulf States for offering guerrilla warfare coaching and deadly weaponry to Afghan jihadists to “bleed the safety forces” of former Soviet Union within the protracted irregular warfare.

The Congress’ lately introduced [8] $1.5 trillion bundle to fund the federal authorities by way of September would enhance nationwide protection coffers to $782 billion, a couple of 6 % enhance. On prime of the hefty price range enhance, the bundle is about to ship $13.6 billion in emergency funding to assist Ukraine, almost twice the help bundle initially proposed, together with $3 billion for US forces and $3.5 billion for army tools to Ukraine, plus greater than $4 billion for US humanitarian efforts.

Of the $13.6 billion humanitarian and army help for Ukraine introduced by the Biden administration, the highest brass of the Pentagon is reportedly making preparations for disbursing $3.5 billion for offering army coaching and arms to thousands and thousands of refugees who’ve fled Ukraine following the warfare.

The Machiavellian plan of NATO’s army strategists is to determine refugee settlements with the “humanitarian help” within the border areas of Ukraine’s neighboring nations Poland and Romania, after which present guerrilla warfare coaching and deadly arms to all able-bodied males of army age with a purpose to mount a warfare of attrition towards Russia’s safety forces.

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Though NATO’s army strategists are drawing parallels with the Soviet-Afghan Warfare of the eighties and the two-decade occupation of Afghanistan by the US forces from Oct. 2001 to August 2021 when the ragtag Afghan insurgents defeated two tremendous powers of the period, and are betting on the success of Ukraine’s potential insurgency towards Russian forces from border areas of Poland and Romania, these have been two very completely different wars.

The previous Soviet Union and the US by no means lacked assets to subdue insurgency in Afghanistan. What they lacked was the desire to pour infinite army and financial assets right into a meaningless warfare missing clear strategic goals over an indefinite time period.

In contrast, the Vladimir Putin authorities is totally dedicated and Russia’s nationwide safety institution regards Ukraine as an integral a part of Russia, jap Ukraine with its massive Russian-speaking inhabitants specifically, and would go to any extent to combine Ukraine into Russia’s sphere of affect and forestall NATO’s additional eastward enlargement alongside Russia’s weak western flank.

If we take a cursory take a look at the insurgency in Afghanistan, the Bush administration toppled the Taliban regime with the assistance of the Northern Alliance in October 2001 within the aftermath of the 9/11 terror assault. For the reason that starting, nonetheless, Afghanistan was an space of lesser precedence for the Bush administration.

The variety of US troops deployed in Afghanistan didn’t exceed past 30,000 throughout George Bush’s tenure because the American president, and shortly after occupying Afghanistan, Washington invaded Iraq in March 2003 to expropriate its 140 billion barrels confirmed oil reserves, and American assets and focus shifted to Iraq.

It was the ostensibly “pacifist and noninterventionist” Obama administration that made the Afghanistan battle the bedrock of its international coverage in 2009 together with fulfilling then-President Obama’s electoral pledge of withdrawing American forces from Iraq in December 2011, solely to be redeployed a few years later when the Islamic State overran Mosul and Anbar in Iraq in early 2014.

On the peak of the surge of the US troops in Afghanistan in 2010, the American troops numbered round 100,000, with a further 40,000 troops deployed by the remainder of the NATO members, however they nonetheless couldn’t handle to have an enduring affect on the relentless Taliban insurgency.


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