FDR Turned Blind Eye to Soviet Spies

FDR blew him off. That is the account of Isaac Don Levine, a effectively related Jewish…

FDR blew him off. That is the account of Isaac Don Levine, a effectively related Jewish journalist and ardent anti-Communist who had launched Whitaker to Berle. He had beforehand organized for the revelations of one other Soviet defector, spymaster Walter Krivitsky ( Samuel Ginsberg)  to be printed within the Saturday Night Publish.  (Eyewitness to Historical past p. 198) 

Levine enlisted different influential contacts who had entry to FDR: the US ambassador to France, William C Bullitt, union chief David Dubinsky and broadcaster Walter Winchell, all to no avail.

He went to Martin Dies, the chairman of HUAC. But it surely was not till eight years later, in 1948, that Dies lastly subpoenaed Chambers for the testimony that rocked the nation. FDR informed Martin Dies in 1940 that he regarded the USSR as our strongest ally within the years to come back” a sign that he knew upfront that Hitler would assault Stalin. Historic occasions are all choreographed by the bankers. Nothing occurs by chance, FDR mentioned himself.

By 1948, the Chilly Struggle was being fabricated and Whitaker’s revelations lastly served the Illuminati’s goal. By this time, Soviet brokers inside the US authorities had transferred the secrets and techniques of the atomic bomb to Russia. Hiroshima had demonstrated the horror of nuclear battle and humanity was in a paralysis of concern.



Not solely did FDR not purge the Soviet spies within the State Division, he promoted them. Alger Hiss, left, accompanied Roosevelt to the Yalta Convention in Feb. 1945 the place most of Japanese Europe together with Austria was ceded to the USSR.

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In keeping with Levine, Hiss was “nearer to FDR than many rating members of the American delegation.” A number of months later, he turned the primary “appearing” Secretary Common of the United Nations just a few months later.  (Levine, p. 200) He went on to grow to be the President of Carnegie Endowment for World Peace, one other Illuminati (Masonic Jewish) entrance.

FDR didn’t purge Communist traitors like Hiss as a result of Communism is an instrument of the central bankers to rededicate mankind to their service. FDR, Churchill and Stalin had been all Freemasons. So was Hitler. Hitler ignored Canaris and Gehlen’s warnings that Martin Bormann was a Soviet spy.   Stalin returned the favor by ignoring his personal spies who pinpointed the precise hour of Hitler’s invasion.  The true battle is between the satanist Jewish bankers and humanity. The Satanist objective is to inflict most degradation and make most revenue. Struggle is ideal.
The USSR was arrange by these bankers and supported by their company cartels. The West was/is already de facto Communist within the sense that Communism represents a plot by these satanist bankers to increase their credit score monopoly right into a political, financial and cultural one.

That is the explanation Whitaker Chambers was slandered and ignored later when his expenses towards Hiss had been lastly addressed in 1948. That is the explanation JFK was assassinated; Richard Nixon was impeached and Donald Trump faces relentless hysterical and nonsensical criticism. They had been /usually are not sufficiently managed by the bankers, now represented by George Soros.


Walter Krivitsky, left, uncovered two Russian spies on the coronary heart of the British authorities. Because of this, he was murdered by Stalin’s brokers in Feb.1941.

The truth that Krivitsky didn’t obtain safety from the US authorities and his demise was dominated a “suicide” is extra proof of de facto Communist management of the US. However it’s also proof that many Jews like Isaac Don Levine and Walter Krevitsky had been brave opponents of Communism. Judaism could also be Satanism (Communism) however some Jews like myself are against this agenda. Nearly all of Jews like Gentiles have been brainwashed.

Trump’s victory proves that that Westerners are Communist thoughts management prisoners. They management the media. They management the colleges. They management the banks and the economic system. They management the federal government. Apparently they don’t but management the voter. Hopefully it isn’t too late to show again this poisonous tide.

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