Evaluation: EU declares warfare on Russia

Since 1941, wars have solely been fought and not using a prior correct declaration of…

Since 1941, wars have solely been fought and not using a prior correct declaration of warfare. So even now the EU doesn’t formally declare warfare, however how else to interpret the EU’s conduct in direction of Russia?

In the summertime of 1941 the US President Roosevelt gave the order to his navy to shoot on sight on each German ship. (Shoot on sight on each German ship.) This was a de facto declaration of warfare with out being an official one. On the identical time the USA merely occupied Greenland and Iceland and till as we speak they maintain navy bases there. After Pearl Harbour and the official declaration of warfare between the USA and Japan, the German Reich, in loyalty to the Nibelungen and the treaty, then needed to formally declare warfare on the USA. That’s the way it was executed and might be presupposed to be executed equally as we speak. And it really works once more, this time in opposition to Russia.

Once more, England advances and needs to arrest Russian service provider ships within the ports. The German overseas minister blatantly declares that she needs to spoil Russia’s financial system. Germany and the EU, with a number of exceptions, have taken sides with a rustic that may on no account meet European requirements, not to mention the noble values of the “worth West. On the corruption index, Ukraine ranks fourth from final out of 152 international locations. Democracy in Ukraine? If democracy contains banning Russian-language media, murdering journalists if they don’t report in conformity with the federal government, then sure, Ukraine is a mannequin democratic nation that have to be defended in any respect prices. In fact, to defend our Western democracy.

Are there nuclear warheads on the bottom but?

Has anybody ever heard from Russia or China, Western or different international locations ought to change their system? However it’s okay to say outright within the West that they’re working towards “regime change” in Russia. Sure, Russia is already very aggressive! With Ukraine it’s one thing totally different. Selensky overtly mentioned on the SIKO that he needs to arm Ukraine with nuclear weapons in opposition to Russia. Was there even a peep in opposition to it? Quite the opposite, he acquired applause for his speech. Iran says it doesn’t need nuclear bombs and is punished with sanctions for it. Now, at first I assumed the Ukrainian nuclear menace was hole speak, as a result of it is going to be a few years earlier than they are going to be capable to develop nuclear bombs and supply programs. However it isn’t that easy, as I’ve now come to comprehend.

For eight years, the U.S., with the CIA, has been current in Ukraine with “coaching missions” for the Ukrainian navy, with a number of thousand “trainers.” Billions have been pumped into this bankrupt nation and 1000’s of tons of weapons have been delivered in current weeks. What does Russia find out about this? Is it potential that nuclear warheads have already been included in these arms deliveries? The one factor lacking could be the suitable supply programs, however they might be at hand very quickly, as a result of the West additionally has programs mounted on vans. Then Russia could be on the mercy of the hazard of getting only some minutes’ warning time for a nuclear assault by Ukraine, finally by the West, earlier than the horror befalls Moscow.

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What a perfidious plan! If Ukraine pulverized Moscow, then the U.S. might say we didn’t do it, so there’s no purpose to retaliate in opposition to us. That is very harking back to Israel’s “Six Day Struggle” in 1967, when the US virtually nuked Cairo. The plan didn’t work as a result of it didn’t sink the American warship “USS Liberty” with a false flag motion. There have been too many witnesses left who knew the reality and so they have been American troopers. They have been ordered to maintain quiet, underneath menace of the strictest penalties. That is nonetheless the case as we speak. Extra about this in my work “England, the Germans, the Jews and the twentieth Century”. Additionally at the moment it was assumed that there could be no nuclear response from Moscow for a nuclear assault on Cairo. Let’s not neglect, Egypt had 90 million inhabitants and was the main nation of the Arab world.

What does Russia know that we don’t know but?

However again to the query of why Russia began its navy operation in Ukraine simply now, when the start of the mud season makes any motion of heavy tools troublesome. On the floor, the rationale may very well be that heavy shelling of the jap provinces by the Ukrainian military has been happening once more for weeks. However that alone can’t be the rationale. So what does Russia know that we don’t but know? Might it truly be nuclear warheads which have already been dropped at Kiev? That is supported by the truth that though C-17 navy transports have been delivering tons of weapons to Kiev for weeks. However only some flights of those deliveries haven’t taken the shortest route through Germany on their solution to Kiev. They took a detour through the Baltic Sea and Poland. Why? Is it unreasonable to imagine that they weren’t allowed to fly over Germany as a result of that they had nuclear warheads on board?

So if that have been the case, our authorities would know what was actually happening. And Russia would then have absolutely the proper to defend itself by demilitarizing Ukraine with a preemptive warfare, thus stopping a nuclear assault on its nation. Is it unthinkable that the federal government in Kiev would ship nuclear bombs to Moscow? Contemplating the martial bulletins of main Ukrainian politicians, quite not. Tymoshenko has mentioned that she needs to shoot Putin personally with a Kalashnikov, and others have made comparable statements. Our overseas minister just isn’t holding again both, boasting that she needs to destroy Russia’s financial system as soon as and for all with the sanctions which have now been imposed. Wouldn’t a nuclear strike on Moscow be simply the factor?

Russia is at the moment being utterly remoted by the West. On all ranges. Embassies are being evacuated or closed utterly. Ships and airplanes are forbidden to function within the EU space. Russia is partially excluded from the SWIFT system. It ought to be attention-grabbing that the USA itself doesn’t take part on this, has not closed its airspace to Russian plane, however is taking part in its recreation on one other stage. They’ve simply damaged primary guidelines for the UN by expelling twelve Russian UN diplomats. The demand has already been formulated to expel Russia and in addition China from the UN. High-quality, then you definately may give your self a UN mandate at will for all wars of aggression and naturally “punish” Russia for something on the UN stage.

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These days, wars are not waged as they was once

However what else does Russia know? What is occurring within the US bio-labs in Ukraine? US President Biden “knew” upfront that Russia will intervene in Ukraine. So does he know what the true causes are for Russia’s intervention? If the U.S., and even England, has already moved nuclear warheads into Ukraine, then Biden is aware of that. And he additionally is aware of then that this won’t go down nicely if it turns into identified, even within the West. Might that, in flip, be why Russia moved so rapidly to seize the navy airport close to Kiev and why Kiev is doing every part it might to take it again? The heavy losses on each side which can be being taken should have a stable purpose.

The EU’s conduct towards Russia can solely be interpreted as a declaration of warfare in opposition to Russia. Not but with weapons of warfare, however these days wars aren’t fought as they was once. However what’s totally different when it’s declared that one needs to destroy the financial system of a rustic as a way to overthrow the federal government? And that by even accepting to massively hurt oneself. That’s warfare. And warfare on the sting of fanaticism.

Lastly, I wish to briefly focus on potential future situations. Russia won’t have achieved its objective when it has neutralized Ukraine. The West will proceed with its warfare in opposition to Russia. Russia would have banished the direct menace from Kiev, however the world would then be utterly divided for the unforeseeable future. The West won’t carry a single one among its sanctions and the battle will proceed. This may solely change if the West is pressured to see purpose. For instance, with the presentation of American nuclear warheads in Kiev. However even that won’t be sufficient. Then solely Russia’s massive weapon will come into play, specifically the closure of the gasoline pipelines. Then, when the lights exit in Europe, some warmongers will obtain little encouragement from residents sitting freezing in the dead of night. Habeck should have skilled a lucid second when he spoke of leaving the final nuclear energy crops linked to the grid and in addition suspending the coal phase-out. However it goes on.

What would occur if China took management of Taiwan?

Russia provides about 40 p.c of the fertilizer that Europe relies on. In the event that they cease these provides, partly as a result of they will not be paid for due to the SWIFT exclusion, there can be meals shortages not seen in 70 years. That’s after we can not afford to simply throw away 30 p.c of the meals, to place it mildly. Might that then blow up the entire system? The hazard is there. Or quite, the hope is that the manic warmongers can be hounded out of workplace. However it goes on.

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China has reached a excessive stage of know-how, but essentially the most superior chips for electronics are produced in Taiwan. What would occur if China took Taiwan underneath its management? If no chips or different electronics are then shipped from there to the U.S. or Europe? The American navy can also be a buyer of Taiwan and there can be no new IPhones or different high-tech toys for a very long time. And everybody ought to pay attention to one factor: The USA can’t defend Taiwan. And let’s not neglect, China has mentioned in no unsure phrases that if it involves a tussle with the U.S., they won’t cease midway. They may go all the best way, and it’s value remembering that there are 1.5 billion Chinese language dealing with about 330 million Individuals, and China may also be underneath the nuclear umbrella of Russia.

Ukraine has already value the West, particularly the EU, many billions with none prospect of ever getting any of it again. Ukraine is a failed state, with no prospect of ever getting off the bottom with this authorities. It’s, pardon the drastic language, a corrupt mess. The EU has executed nothing over the last many years, the final eight years, to assist the poor residents there to a greater future. Lots of Ukrainians have left their houses and proper now there are much more.

The West has nothing to realize on this Ukraine

They didn’t depart as a result of they see a future for themselves of their nation. They left as a result of, amongst different issues, they don’t need to put extra banknotes with their driver’s licenses and automotive papers to get by the subsequent highway examine unscathed. The West, Europe, has nothing to realize on this Ukraine, they’re simply utilizing it as a weapon in opposition to Russia. How can one be so silly, so naive, to take sides with this haven of Nazi events and corruption to at least one’s personal detriment and threat blowing up your entire Western system? And Ukraine itself? It might truly be glad if, after demilitarization, it not has to spend cash on weapons and troopers that it doesn’t have. The EU is simply capturing itself within the foot, and the U.S. and England are laughing up their sleeves on their islands as a result of they’re as soon as once more getting off scot-free, although they brought about the mess. I’m wondering if that was already taken under consideration when Brexit happened.

Addendum: What was the BND chief’s activity in Kiev?

The courageous Selenskij just isn’t in Kiev, opposite to his full-bodied claims. As I realized instantly from Lviv, he has barricaded himself in a cellar there and provides his interviews in entrance of a “greenscreen”.

And yet another factor concerning the Values West: the Czech Republic has handed a legislation that punishes constructive statements about Russia with three years in jail. However in Russia……

And oh sure, anybody who talks about there being warfare in Europe for the primary time in 77 years, their reminiscence clearly doesn’t return to the Yugoslav warfare.

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