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Maria Zee right here with Dr. Lee Merritt. Apart from being a world champion bodybuilder Dr….

Maria Zee right here with Dr. Lee Merritt. Apart from being a world champion bodybuilder Dr. Merritt was a Marine Corps surgeon for ten years and is married to a senior officer on the Pentagon. She served over 4 years as supervising doctor for the Navy Analysis Advisory Commitee and is a previous president of the Affiliation of American Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Merritt has been monitoring the COVID state of affairs, on the recommendation of a colleague from Fort Detrick, since Christmas of 2019 earlier than most physicians knew there was any such factor as COVID. She is the last word beltway insider and solely a mainstream media zombie would ignore what she has to say right here.

Within the first ten minutes or so Dr. Merritt factors out that, no matter whether or not there’s any such factor as a virus or not, it’s the spiked protein that’s making individuals sick. Early on in what was till then unprecedented, scholarly papers have been withdrawn from medical publications proving that the spiked protein had been derived from HIV leaving little doubt that it was genetically engineered. When various information websites like Zerohedge picked up on the truth that the spiked protein is a bioweapon they have been merely deplatformed and thus started the entire betrayal of all human life on earth by a media that within the final two years has grow to be the very embodiment of evil…

Dr. Merritt goes on to say this “poisonous nano particle,” it’s an artificial pathogen, isn’t airborne. That’s the massive lie. It was unfold manually in Wuhan, components of Lombardy and in New York Metropolis. Then an enormous worldwide marketing campaign was launched, by a rigorously censored media and politicians, both purchased and paid for or incompetent or each, to unfold not a virus however the worry of a virus. This demonic charade was presided over and directed by mad scientist extraordinaire Dr. Anthony Fauci, who vacillated between telling individuals they didn’t want a masks to they need to put on one to mattress and two once they exit.

Predictably the vast majority of individuals, already scared to dying, with out doing the due diligence they’d do earlier than they purchased a automotive, ran out and received themselves injected with a “unknown unproven genetic agent” containing DNA coding directions to provide the spiked protein in their very own physique. The vaccine is the true bioweapon and all the things else has been disinformation to cowl up the harm the vaccine is doing. The PCR take a look at doesn’t work and by no means has labored, leaving the existence of this so mentioned virus extremely questionable.  You can’t have a variant of a virus that doesn’t exist.

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It’s scientists themselves, by their manipulation of the particles to get them underneath the electron microscope, a two-week course of, which might be inflicting their mutation into what are being referred to as viruses.  Dr. Merritt additional factors out that each one they’re seeing of their electron microscopes are tiny specks. The photographs of the virus particle festooned everywhere in the media are nothing however artists renditions. They’ve little to no concept what these tiny particles actually appear like. They’re nano particles.

Since its appropriation by Europeans, Australia has periodically undergone explosions in its mice inhabitants which have wreaked havoc on agriculture. By 2016 a sterilizing vaccine had been developed. The vaccine is run to feminine mice ruining their ovaries for copy after which the females are launched into the indigenous mice inhabitants. The vaccine then “self disseminates” by the method of shedding, the place it’s handed from one mouse to a different merely by contact.

To keep away from extinction of the species the vaccine wears out by the third technology. I suppose we should wait and see if that type of empathy has been prolonged to the human race however clearly, they don’t have to vaccinate everyone to contaminate everyone.

About thirty minutes in Dr. Merritt cuts to the chase. Such a plan if surreptitiously carried out by an elite group could be suicidal, that’s in the event that they weren’t sure they’d hereditary immunity to the spiked protein. The Individuals have been caught harvesting genetic samples in China and in 2017 in Russia. With the appearance of the Human Genome Challenge, it turned possible to switch the spiked protein to electrostatically adhere to explicit genetic sequences.

Prior infectious pathogens by no means received previous the respiratory system however “these things really hooks in, this bioweapon they created from genetic materials, really hooks into your ACE2 pathway [ACE2 pathways regulate thermogenesis and energy metabolism within the body] and we’ve received ACE2 pathways everywhere in the physique. However relying in your genetics is the energy through which it hooks in.”

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Dr. Merritt, little doubt wanting to keep up political correctness, if not for her personal sake for the pentagons, then dances round the truth that the Ashkenazi bloodline is virtually proof against the spiked protein. That is an summary from a scientific paper revealed in the summertime of 2020, telling you precisely what your possibilities of being killed or maimed by the spiked protein are in line with your race:

The susceptibility of various populations to SARS-CoV-2 an infection isn’t but understood. Right here, we mixed ACE2 coding variants’ evaluation in several populations and computational chemistry calculations to probe the consequences on SARS-CoV-2/ACE2 interplay. ACE2-K26R; which is most frequent in Ashkenazi Jewish inhabitants decreased the SARS-CoV-2/ACE2 electrostatic attraction. Quite the opposite, ACE2-I468V, R219C, K341R, D206G, G211R elevated the electrostatic attraction; ordered by binding energy from weakest to strongest. The aforementioned variants are most frequent in East Asian, South Asian, African and African American, European, European and South Asian populations, respectively.” (1)

Dr. Merritt spends many of the remainder of the hour discussing the fraudulent claims about, and weaponization in Africa, of what’s being referred to as hemorrhagic fever. This was lined extensively by us in our 2016-piece, Blood of Christ: Paint It Blue Hemorrhagic Fever, Expendable People and Micro organism Gone BeZerk. At virtually fifty-seven minutes in she once more cuts to the chase when she brings up the “nano mafia” and explains how a lot simpler and extra environment friendly it will be utilizing nano expertise to transform human beings into obedient robotic slaves.

She factors out that Merck opposite to what they have been saying in public about getting out of the vaccine enterprise in 2014 have been taking it to the subsequent degree with their buy of the cutting-edge firm for neuro-brain interface expertise as developed by the disgraced Dr. Charles Lieber. The epiphany in all of it will grow to be obvious with the final three paragraphs of this essay and a cautious studying of our Bormann Faction items.

I had my very own epiphany when at an hour and three and half minutes in she explains the explanation why anti-parasitical medication like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are anathema to the witch docs and the dancing devils on the night information. Anti-parasitical medication are nano-inhibiters. I had learn this in a scientific paper about nano particles within the human physique in early 2020 when Phil Hunter and I wrote 5 G causes COVID and different causes to show off the Web.

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On the time the media was lampooning docs who have been recommending the usage of hydroxychloroquine at the same time as Trump was touting it. After I had went again to the identical paper to point out Phil the sentence particularly naming hydroxychloroquine as a nano-inhibitor the sentence had been purged from the paper. I do that for a residing, I’m an expert, I knew what I learn however I had no proof, so I used to be compelled to neglect about it, till now. Possibly there’s hope for individuals who have allowed themselves to be injected with this transhuman poison…

1 – Ali, Fedaa, Menattallah Elserafy, Mohamed H. Alkordi and Muhamed Amin. “ACE2 coding variants in several populations and their potential influence on SARS-CoV-2 binding affinity.” Nationwide Library of Drugs. PubMed, 20 Aug 2020. Internet. <https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7439997/>.

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