COUP IN UKRAINE: THE GENESIS – 1. Snipers’ Bloodbath in Kiev Maidan Sq. 2014 like that on CIA’s Shade in Caracas 2002

Within the cowl pictures the bloodbath of Maidan Sq. in Kiev in 2014 and snipers…

Within the cowl pictures the bloodbath of Maidan Sq. in Kiev in 2014 and snipers on the rooftops in Caracas in 2002

Overwhelmed by the massing of conflict occasions in Ukraine, the place the civil conflict may return 8 years because of a NATO-EU technique effectively described within the plan of the Washington think-tank CEPA launched in preview by Gospa Information on November 5, 2021 , we took care of present occasions by not discovering the time to commemorate the anniversary of the Maidan sq. bloodbath (20 February 2014), a perfect incandescent context to permit the False-flag narrative of the Atlanticist New World Order to exacerbate souls and tensions in Kiev and within the Donbass.

“US Navy-Industrial Advanced Needs Struggle in Ukraine” Gabbard advised. Because the Nightmare of CEPA’s Plan

Whereas Russia is about to formally acknowledge the 2 breakaway Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, since yesterday, the truth is, teams of younger Ukrainians have been demonstrating within the bloodbath sq., most likely effectively paid by the plutarch George Soros, director for his personal satisfaction of the Coloration Revolutions applied with the contribution of the activists of the Closed Fist of Otpor (Resistance in Serbian) then merged, after the autumn of Slobodan Milosevic in Belgrade, within the extra diplomatic Heart for Utilized Nonviolent Motion and Methods (CANVAS).

Lebanon-Iraq: Christian spiritual leaders bless US-CIA, Zionist and Sunni coups beneath CANVAS acts

Each of those formations, apparently devoted to democracy,  have been correlated with the Central Intelligence Company, the very highly effective American counter-intelligence in Langley (Virginia) licensed to kill with impunity due to its particular items of the Nationwide Clandestine Service.

With out these premises it’s obscure “the genesis” of the coup in Ukraine and the bloodbath perpetrated by mysterious snipers. We’ve talked about it in numerous stories however right now we wish to rewind the thread of the story to unravel it in two episodes, focusing within the first on the ugly mass homicide and within the second on the geopolitical background that ready the bottom. In doing so, we can even spotlight the similarities with an analogous bloodbath of individuals carried out in 2002 in Caracas within the shadow of the CIA in an try to create one other “made in US” regime-change.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 5. NWO’s Warfare Plan towards Russia and Counter-Data. CEPA Mission from Washington with NATO-EU & Protection Companies


So as to not dwell on it, allow us to briefly recall that the November 2013 protests in Kiev had been triggered by an Islamic reporter of Afghan origin born in poor Kabul however who first was a scholar within the Ukrainian capital, then a tv journalist and eventually, after the coup that led to the ousting of the pro-Russian president. Victor Janukovych, he grew to become Deputy Director Normal of the Nationwide Struggle Business since 2019 as revealed completely by Gospa Information.

His is a chameleon-like story worthy of Ethan Hunt, the legendary character made well-known by Tom Cruise within the movie saga concerning the CIA’s fictional Unattainable Mission Pressure (IMF) exercise. This reporter’s TV was financed by Soros and numerous Ukrainian embassies of NATO international locations, however we invite you to learn this story after this report.

The pretext for the protests was the suspension by the federal government of the affiliation settlement with the European Union which constituted a zone of world and deep free commerce however in actuality it was merely the superb excuse to ignite the fuse of a social bomb. ready for years by the West (however we are going to see this within the subsequent episode).

UkraineGate: islamic reporter funded by Obama-Biden and Soros in 2014 coup, now on the high of weapon’s business

For now, it is sufficient to do not forget that the pro-European protests within the Maidan Nezalezhnosti sq. (the sphere of independence in Ukraine) renamed Euromaidan, had been probably the most spectacular demonstrations that came about in Ukraine after the Orange Revolution of 2004, through which Janukovyč was pressured to resign as prime minister, because of the allegations of irregularities within the vote. We may draw a putting analogy with the protests of US President Donald Trump’s followers over allegations of macroscopic election fraud within the presidential elections received by his Democratic challenger Joseph Biden, however they had been killed on Capitol Hill after which labeled as terrorists …

Right here’s how Zuckerberg Purchased the US elections. To make Biden win towards Trump $ 400 million on the Electoral Workplaces

By a curious coincidence, it was Biden, then Obama’s vp, who supported the reform of the armed forces and police in Kiev after the 2014 coup whereas his son Hunt Biden obtained lavish consultancy as director of the power firm Burisma, holder of licenses of extraction within the space of ​​the Russian-speaking Donbass, which grew to become the scene of the civil conflict rekindled a couple of days after the faux assault on a kindgarten.

Evaluating the occasions of 2013 to these of 2004 in Ukraine, “a key geopolitical level in Japanese Europe” for Russia and the European Union, the newspaper The Moscow Occasions, famous that Janukovych’s authorities was able considerably stronger after his election in 2010.

UKRAINEGATE: an investigative “memo” accuses Joe Biden and John Kerry too. Reopened the inquiry


The Monetary Occasions wrote that the 2013 protests had been “largely spontaneous, triggered by social media and caught the Ukrainian political opposition unprepared” than the well-organized earlier ones. The hashtag #euromaidan (in Ukrainian # євромайдан, in Russian # евромайдан), was created instantly on the first demonstrations and was very helpful as a communication software for the demonstrators. The protest hashtag additionally bounced on the VKontakte community, a very fashionable social community in Japanese international locations.


Earlier than going into the “investigative” particulars on the bloodbath of the mysterious snipers we report a reasonably goal reconstruction proposed by Wikipedia. On February 20, 2014, there have been clashes in Kiev that prompted deaths and accidents and the seize of some brokers. The ultimate loss of life toll was 70 among the many demonstrators and 17 among the many police forces. Nonetheless unknown and topic to investigation was the id of snipers who fired on the gang that day.

«In a dialog between the Estonian Wsteri Minister Urmas Paet and Catherine Ashton, the minister superior the suspicion that the snipers had been employed by the identical opposition to set off the violence having obtained information from the physician Ol’ha Bohomolec’ that “all of the proof confirmed the way it was the snipers themselves who killed each the individuals who had been protesting within the streets, and the policemen who tried to include the protest”. Ol’ha Bohomolec’ herself, a presidential candidate within the Could 2014 elections. Then distanced herself from Paet’s remarks, insisting that she wouldn’t say what was reported, demanding that the brand new authorities examine the incidents» writes Wikipedia. which then exhibits the totally different variations.

UKRAINEGATE, CIA-DEEP STATE’S PLOT AGAINST TRUMP with two whistleblowers and Italian ties

The brand new authorities accused President Viktor Janukovyč of ordering the police to open hearth on February 18-20, 2014, claiming that Russian brokers had performed a job within the killings; additionally in keeping with Valentyn Nalyvajčenko, the brand new head of the SBU (Ukrainian Safety Service) there can be the involvement of the Russian safety companies and Janukovyč would have ordered 108 members of the SBU to retake a constructing occupied by demonstrators in Kiev on February 18, 2014.

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The brand new Inside Minister, Arsen Avakov, stated 12 members of the Berkut Particular Police Pressure (disbanded by the brand new authorities) had been recognized as suspects within the killing of 17 folks on Institut’ska Road. Counting on the similarity of the gunshot wounds discovered on the victims, Appearing Well being Minister Oleh Musij stated as a substitute that protesters and policemen would have been hit by the identical weapons as a part of a plot by former supporters of President Viktor Janukovyč to show the inhabitants towards the president himself by calling into query the phantom “Russian particular forces”.


Opposed President Viktor Janukovyč has resolutely denied ever ordering the police to open hearth on protesters accusing the opposition of beginning the shootings, declaring that “No energy is price a drop of blood” and that “Many instances my supporters they urged me to behave extra resolutely towards Maidan, however I by no means did. We should always have disarmed the extremist components, the identical ones that are actually a headache for the brand new leaders.” Russian Overseas Minister Lavrov stated Russia had details about Ukrainian far-right teams coordinating sniper assaults in Kiev.

Movies and images of the clashes clearly present that Ukrainian safety forces had been armed with assault rifles and no less than one sniper rifle, however that the protesters had been additionally armed with rifles, though a few of these could have been air weapons.


I adopted the evolution of the coup in Ukraine day-to-day: from the president’s request to Parliament to vote an amnesty for all demonstrators and the repeal of anti-protest legal guidelines, in trade for an finish to violence of the streets, till the massacre after which Janukovich and the opposition leaders attain an settlement that gives for early elections and a Authorities of Nationwide Unity in addition to a return to the 2004 Structure, with vital limitation of presidential powers. Though signed by either side, it’s going to by no means be applied as a result of the revolt won’t finish till his flight to Russia on February 22.

However who actually shot the gang? Essentially the most credible reply was reported by Gospa Information in one of many first geopolitical surveys of this Christian information website: “Donbass, bloodbath for fuel”, revealed on 2 September 2018.

To make clear the bloodbath was an excellent reporter of conflict conflicts, Gian Micalessin, who within the Eyes of Struggle column of the Milanese newspaper Il Giornale on November 16, 2017 gave a sensational scoop on the Kiev revolution. Following his sources, he went so far as Macedonia to interview these snipers, now protected by their nation and by the oblivion thrown into the bloodbath by the federal government of Petro Oleksyovyč Poroshenko, the pro-European president who took over the reins of Ukraine after Janukovych.


«”The primary assembly was with Mamulashvili on the workplace of the Nationwide Motion – Zalogy tells Micalessin – the Ukrainian rebellion in 2013 was much like the “Pink Revolution” that came about in Georgia years earlier. We needed to direct and information it by making use of the identical scheme used for the “Pink Revolution”. Alexander’s model is not any totally different. “Mamuka to start with requested me if I had actually been a sharpshooter – Alexander remembers – instantly afterwards he advised me that he wanted me in Kiev to decide on some positions”. Our protagonists, aggregated to numerous teams of volunteers between November 2013 and January 2014, obtain passports with false names and a money advance. “We left on January 15 and on the airplane – remembers Zalogy – I obtained my passport and one other with my picture, however with a unique title and surname. Then they gave us a thousand {dollars} every, promising to provide us one other 5 thousand later ”».

Effectively-organized city warfare methods harking back to many CIA operations, the shadow of which had already appeared behind the taking pictures of mysterious snipers on the gang in Caracas in 2002.


Now let’s see the analogies with what occurred in Venezuela the place, for years, the identical actors who’ve made it in Georgia and Ukraine and tried to do it in Syria have been attempting to deliver a few revolution: Soros, CIA (usually with the monetary help of the USAID vìgovernmental company) and the operational arm CANVAS which on its official web site has boasted of getting undertaken the “non-violent” democratic revolutions really applied in Caracas with the “guarimba”, incendiary barricades that take their title from an analogous innocent sport to cover and search very well-known within the Bolivarian republic, and in Hong Kong with Molotov cocktails.

HONG KONG: US-CANVAS MOLOTOV’ PACIFISTS: campus and subway burning, man set on hearth, lawmaker stabbed

Hugo Chavez, of very humble origins and who died in 2013 after having been president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela since 1999, was a lover of Bolivarian ideology, which initially developed inside the Armed Forces, giving life since 1983 to the Movimiento Bolivariano MBR- 200, made up for probably the most half by the cadets of the “Simón Bolívar Promotion” who got here out of army colleges in 1975.

This private political mannequin dedicated to the combination of Latin America and anti-imperialism, additionally putting himself as a staunch critic of neoliberal globalization and of US overseas coverage. His explicit political philosophy was known as Chavismo, characterised by the combination of Bolivarianism, liberation theology, Guevarist and Castro-inspired Marxism, which might be described as the primary and solely instance of Christian Socialism in historical past.

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Hugo Chavez in army uniform earlier than changing into president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces

Chavex rose to fame in 1989 when a well-liked protest towards the price of dwelling, known as caracazo, broke out. The federal government additionally employed the army to keep up public order; the military was additionally ordered to fireside on the gang, and massacred hundreds of opponents. However the then lieutenant colonel and a few of his Bolivarian colleagues had been among the many few officers who flatly refused to hold out these orders, however weren’t discharged or sanctioned for it. This credited him as a “pal of the folks” within the eyes of many Venezuelans. [16]

Promoted to the rank of colonel in 1991, the next yr, on February 4, 1992, he was the protagonist of a coup by the army forces that tried to overthrow the professional president Carlos Andrés Pérez, whom the Bolivarians thought of corrupt and pro-American . He was jailed however later launched in 1994 for an amnesty. On December 6, 1998 with the Fifth Republic Motion occasion he received the presidential elections for the primary time and was then reconfirmed in 2000, 2006 and 2012.

In Venezuela in 2001, the Confederación de Trabajadores de Venezuela (CTV), the Confederation of staff, dominated for a few years by Carlos Ortega Carvajal, beneath the brand new structure grew to become a part of the establishments whose management was topic to elections. There have been disputes concerning the legitimate votes and the electoral committee couldn’t decree the victory, which was nevertheless claimed by Ortega declaring himself the winner. In December 2001, industrialists tried to guide a CTV normal strike by closing factories and barring staff from getting into, however assuring them of wages, a promise that was not saved. The strike was unsuccessful.


In February 2002, Chávez changed the executives of PDVSA, the nationwide oil firm, with folks much like his political venture, which provoked the inner protest of teams of staff and executives who noticed in Chávez’s determination the violation of the rules of meritocracy. The federal government thought of the ideological variations between its personal firm administration venture and that of the PDVSA administration irreconcilable: the primary aimed toward a profound reform of the operation of the corporate that may enhance using oil capital features in social plans, whereas the second he wished PDVSA to make use of the oil earnings to finance the enlargement of the enterprise.

State tv launched a recording of a telephone name between Ortega and former president Carlos Andrés Pérez, a refugee from justice who took refuge in the USA, through which Perez advised Ortega to arrange a normal strike and take it to the intense, to take contact with Pedro Carmona Estanga, present president of Fedecamara and to agree on actions with him.

On April 7, President Chávez introduced the sacking of senior executives and protests from opponents intensified. On April 9, the CTV and Confindustria, with the help of the Catholic Church, televisions and opposition political events, introduced a 24-hour normal strike in help of the PDVSA leaders. On April 11, a procession of 100 thousand folks was organized which was supposed to go in the direction of the headquarters of the PDVSA, however which an Ortega harangue diverted to the palace of Miraflores, the seat of the Presidency to drive out “that traitor Chávez”, giving the march , till that peaceable second, fairly one other function. The march, at 12.30 on 11 April 2002, resumed with the mayors within the lead escorted by their armed and motorized police, however from that second there was no hint of Ortega and his colleagues, who disappeared into skinny air.


«Hundreds of Chávez’s supporters had already gathered round Miraflores for the reason that evening, with a way of what would possibly occur. The procession didn’t come into contact with Chávez’s sympathizers as a result of snipers stationed within the surrounding buildings started firing first on Chávez’s supporters, then on the entrance rows of the procession. Folks reported some snipers on the terrace of a constructing close to Miraflores, the Nationwide Guard entered the constructing and arrested 5 folks armed with sniper rifles, with false paperwork, a few of Colombian origin. Imprisoned, they had been subsequently freed by the insurgents and their traces had been misplaced. The metropolitan police started firing on individuals who had been on the well-known Laguno bridge and who began to flee attempting to take cowl within the surrounding buildings» stories Wikipedia.

Non-public televisions in solidarity with the coup leaders supported the thought of ​​a conflict provoked by Chávez’s supporters (and this model, at first, was additionally lined by the worldwide media), however the numerous photographs carried out within the space confirmed that the firefights weren’t between the members of the 2 marches, but it surely was the metropolitan police who fired at Chávez’s supporters.

Venezuela: Guaido’s Buddies ParaMilitary Narcos Tied to Italian Mafia however Trump expenses Maduro

The violent rebellion, much like these organized towards the present president Nicolas Maduro first by Leopoldo Lopez after which by Juan Guaidò, each college students within the USA and alleged CIA brokers, superimposed on the strike, was adopted by the intervention of the military coup leaders who at 11.30 that they had already made a check tape of their pronouncement through which they disavowed the president’s authority broadcast at 12 after the primary actual killings (as testified by CNN reporter Otto Neustald).

The army had gathered in Fuerte Tiuna, a army garrison in Caracas, along with Carmona Estanga, a bunch of supporters and a big illustration of American troopers. From there they threatened Chávez, nonetheless in Miraflores, ordering him to give up, beneath penalty of bombing the palace as occurred with Juan Domingo Perón and Salvador Allende, additionally threatened by pro-US forces. However not like the 1973 Chilean coup, the sturdy standard response and the Bolivarian militias will trigger the failure of the rebellion, however the loyalty of a big a part of the military was additionally decisive.



After the ineffective try to implement the Avila Plan, an emergency plan additionally applied for the go to of Pope John Paul II who, due to the presence of armored autos across the constructing, would have allowed the protection of the establishments however failed because of the betrayal of the overall Rosendo, Chavez, to keep away from the civil conflict, determined at hand himself over to the coup leaders in Fuerte Tiunada the place he was then transferred to the island of La Orcila, dwelling to a logistic base of the Navy. On April 12, the information of Chávez’s retirement was given and Carmona Estanga quickly proclaimed himself president of Venezuela.

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However on April 12 in Caracas severe riots started with looting of outlets. On days 12 and 13 the police killed greater than 200 folks, hospitals welcomed a whole lot of wounded. In three days, greater than six million folks (1 / 4 of the then 25 million inhabitants) took to the streets in lots of locations to defend Chávez and his authorities.

On the evening of April 13, the bishop of Caracas, Antonio Ignacio Velasco García, was despatched to the island of La Orchila by personal jet to influence Chávez to signal the renunciation and depart with the identical airplane to an unknown vacation spot, maybe Cuba. However through the assembly arrived three helicopters which introduced the elected president again to Miraflores.


«I’ve posted a whole lot of paperwork that proof the intricate financing scheme the U.S. authorities has been finishing up in Venezuela since 2001, that features financing effectively over twenty million {dollars} to opposition sectors. The funding of the Nationwide Endowment for Democracy (NED), a quasi-governmental entity within the U.S. financed totally by Congress and established by congressional laws in 1983, has supplied greater than three million {dollars} since late 2001 to opposition teams, a lot of which had been key members within the April 2002 coup. And in June 2002, the U.S. Company for Worldwide Growth (USAID), arrange an Workplace of Transition Initiatives (OTI) within the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, allegedly for the purposing of serving to Venezuela to resolve its political disaster». 

That is what Eva Golinger wrote in Venezuela Evaluation on November 22, 2004. The entities she refers to are the identical ones that sponsored the delivery of Open Caucasus Media the place an elusive reporter in December 2021 defended the jhadist formations which were combating within the Donbass since 2014 Ukrainian alongside the right-wing ultranationalists of the Azov Battalion regardless of suspected connections with ISIS. It shouldn’t be forgotten that the Islamic State was based by the Caliph Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi who each Iraqis and Syrians consider to have been an agent of the CIA and the Israeli Mossad.

Ukraine: Bomb(?) on Kindergarten, Nato False-Flag & Jihadists. Sheikh Mansur Battalion Shielded by Soros-Us’ Media

«The OTI in Caracas has counted on greater than fifteen million {dollars} in funding from Congress since June 2002 and has not too long ago requested 5 million extra for 2005, although it was solely imagined to be a two-year endeavor. All proof obtained thus far exhibits that the OTI has primarily funded opposition teams and initiatives in Venezuela, significantly people who had been centered on the August 15, 2004 recall referendum towards President Chávez» we nonetheless learn within the article.

«I’ve written different articles explaining the intervention mannequin utilized via NED and USAID in Venezuela. This technique of intervention could be very refined and sophisticated, because it penetrates civil society and social organizations in a really delicate means and is usually both undetectable or flimsily justified by the idea of “selling democracy”, which is what the NED claims to do all over the world, regardless of proof on the contrary. The mere truth in Venezuela that the NED has financed completely anti-Chávez teams and people exact same organizations that had been concerned within the April 2002 coup exhibits that “democracy” is way from the NED’s intention» Golinger added who then cites a high secret correspondence revealed on an internet website that has disappeared for some years now.


«However the CIA intervention in Venezuela is of the crudest, easiest variety. Prime secret paperwork not too long ago obtained and posted onwww.venezuelafoia.datapresent that within the weeks previous to the April 2002 coup towards President Chávez, the CIA had full data of the occasions to happen and, the truth is, even had the detailed plans of their possession» we nonetheless learn in Venezuela Evaluation..

«An April 6, 2002 high secret intelligence transient headlining “Venezuela: Situations Ripening for Coup Try”, states, “Dissident army factions, together with some disgruntled senior officers and a bunch of radical junior officers, are stepping up efforts to arrange a coup towards President Chávez, doable as early as this month, [CENSORED]. The extent of element within the reported plans – [CENSORED] targets Chávez and 10 different senior officers for arrest…” The doc additional states, “To impress army motion, the plotters could attempt to exploit unrest stemming from opposition demonstrations slated for later this month…”»

L’articolo pubblicato anche dal New York Occasions sul complotto della CIA a Caracas

Visionary lucubrations of a journalist maybe near the Venezuelan authorities? Completely not!

«The Central Intelligence Company was conscious that dissident army officers and opposition figures in Venezuela had been planning a coup towards President Hugo Chávez in 2002, newly declassified intelligence paperwork present. However instantly after the overthrow, the Bush administration blamed Mr. Chávez, a left-leaning populist, for his personal downfall and denied realizing concerning the threats» Juan Forero from Bogota additionally wrote to the New York Occasions on December 3, 2004.

«The paperwork don’t present that the USA backed the coup, as Mr. Chávez has charged. As an alternative, the paperwork present that American officers issued “repeated warnings that the USA won’t help any extraconstitutional strikes to oust Chávez.”» the NYT specified.


We simply have to attend when maybe some American president will desecrate the CIA paperwork, on the motion of the Colombian snipers in Caracas or on that of the Georgians in Kiev, as occurred for the civil conflict plan in Syria designed by American intelligence since 1983, because the unique doc revealed two years in the past by Gospa Information demonstrates.

Three similar eventualities through which, with the excuse of exporting Western democracy, fuel from Donbass is hunted down in addition to oil from Venezuela and Syria, the place the US and Turkey proceed to steal crude oil with the assistance of jihadists.

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