Catholic Supreme Courtroom Justices be part of Jan6’ers in New Assault on our Democracy

[ Editor’s Note: Long time VT readers know what I am about to say. “You…

[ Editor’s Note: Long time VT readers know what I am about to say. “You just can’t make this sh_t up”. But let me jump ahead to give a big thanks to whoever leaked the draft opinion on the attempt to seize all wombs in America as Republican private property.

He or she was a modern Paul Revere that warned us that  “the womb bandits are coming.”

Whoever this person is should not be fired until the nine Supreme Court Justices are impeached in a parallel process with the Trump Insurrectionists.

The Department of Justice is in a difficult spot, being faced with a dual political-religious coup here, where I believe we may not have any controlling case law.

With the Republican Supreme Court faction wanting to throw out Roe vs. Wade, they have left open a huge flank to counter-attack them on.

If they can throw out Roe vs Wade by inventing a new precedent, then we can decide to rebuild the Supreme Court make up from scratch. O’Donnell has outlined a draft in this well crafted analysis of the Supreme Court’s assault on Roe v. Wade, and done so quite succinctly.

Alito hunted down a precedent for his new mass womb confiscation by citing British history from 1644, with Sir Edward Cooke’s believing in witches, and that they were working with the devil, so witches should be murdered by the state, which once included a five year old girl. We were executing witches in the 1690s here, mostly, but not all women. We fortunately evolved out of that primitive period.

When Europe’s natural healers at the time, nothing more than today’s herbalists and early supplement dealers, began cutting into the formal doctors’ business income, that monetary threat was fixed via claims that the herbalists were witches that went deep into the forest to commune with the devil, and thus should be burned.

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Six of the nine current Justices are Catholic, a huge disproportion to the other religions, and one carefully constructed to allow a religious minority to rule over the majority of the public when the time was right.

Now we have two new coups in motion, thanks to the heroic Supreme Court staff person that leaked the draft. The Republican Party has already gone public with their telling the Trumpers that they are working on passing state laws that allow the legislatures to pick their own delegates if they find cause to do so, something exceedingly unconstitutional, like an Insurrection.

But then they told the neo-Insurrectionists that they would win the presidency in 2024 “one way or the other”, something I would consider a slick fundraising tool that would be hugely popular with the base.

And now, out of the blue, we get hit with the right hook from the undemocratically stacked Supreme Court, throwing another bone out to another Republican faction, a modern version of neo-witch burners, where women’s wombs become the property of the state because a religious minority desires it that way.

Welcome to the new America, folks. We now are looking not only at protecting ourselves from an attack on the peaceful transfer of presidential power, but defending the rights of women to have control over their own bodies because six Catholic Justices can claim legal authority over all their ovaries, and just throwing out Roe v. Wade like used toilet paper.

This is a bridge too far. The Supreme Court needs a rebuild from scratch, as this one has destroyed any moral authority that it inherited. We can now see in hindsight that not having a democratic court was a mistake. As with Jan6, we need to make sure something like what the Supreme Court Catholic Republican clan is attempting can never be done again.

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If there is no current process to do this, then we have to invent or construct one. We need to have a Supreme Court that is appointed in a balanced way, but does not become a political tool to be exploited to the benefit of one political party, but better reflects the American people… Jim W. Dean ]

First revealed Might 8, 2022

With the Supreme Courtroom poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell takes a have a look at the reasoning behind Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion and explains how it’s the results of minority rule in America.

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