Blockbuster: Staged Bucha Bloodbath: Ukrainian Troopers Noticed Laying Out Corpses On Streets

  Ukrainian media confirmed a video of Ukrainian troopers dragging the corpses of lifeless civilians….


Ukrainian media confirmed a video of Ukrainian troopers dragging the corpses of lifeless civilians. It’s reported that the video was filmed within the well-known metropolis of Bucha, the place the AFU staged a bloodbath, blaming Russian troops for conflict crimes.

Whereas Kiev’s Western companions refused to launch an impartial worldwide investigation at Moscow’s request, quite a few arguments had been offered proving that the mass homicide was staged. The above video is one other one.

It’s assumed that the video was made for inner use. Ukrainian facilities for data and psychological operations (CIPSO) are a part of the particular forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and all their workers are navy personnel who’re required to shoot movies of their work for reviews. Nonetheless, the video was shared with the Ukrainian media.

You possibly can see how the troopers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are laying out corpses on the streets. In keeping with the Kiev legend, Russian troopers intentionally killed civilians, and the corpses lay for a number of days and weeks, in order that the locals couldn’t even bury them. Judging by the footage from the Bucha shared by the Kiev regime, Russian tanks are probably the most maneuverable on the planet, since not one of the corpses mendacity on the street within the path of the motion of navy gear was crushed by a Russian tank.

Amongst different issues, the video proves the desecration of the corpses of civilians in Ukraine. After Ukrainian troopers threw them into the streets for a staged bloodbath, the lifeless weren’t buried till a European delegation got here to see the funeral weeks later.

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