Battle Membership: Vladimir Putin Continues to Slay the New World Order Intellectually

Vladimir Putin have to be very pleased with himself by now as a result of…

Vladimir Putin have to be very pleased with himself by now as a result of New World Order brokers have already printed numerous anti-Putin books over the previous 9 years years or so. There appears to be an anti-Putin business the place NWO gangsters can publish principally psychic or telepathic issues about Putin.

NWO brokers merely can not perceive how this man continues to rise above the ashes once they have completed all the pieces of their energy to slander him and subvert or invert or pervert what he has mentioned.

Hearken to a few of these guide titles: Putinism: Russia and Its Future with the West, by Walter Laqueur (2015); Putinism: The Ideology (2013), by Anne Applebaum; Putinism: The Sluggish Rise of a Radical Proper Regime in Russia (2013), by Marcel H. Van Herpen; The New Tsar: The Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin (2015), by Steven Lee Myers; Winter Is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Should Be Stopped (2015), by Garry Kasparov; The Man With out a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin (2013), by Masha Gessen; Putin’s Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia? (2015), Karen Dawisha; Putin’s Wars: The Rise of Russia’s New Imperialism (2014), Marcel H. Van Herpen; The New Chilly Warfare: Putin’s Russia and the Menace to the West (2014), Edward Lucas; The Russia-China Axis: The New Chilly Warfare and America’s Disaster of Management (2014), Douglas E. Schoen and Melik Kaylan; The Evolution Of Putinism: Russia in Transition 1985-2015 (2015), by Glenn-Iain Steinback; Putin and Putinism (2015), edited by Ronald J. Hill and Ottorino Cappelli; Putin’s Propaganda Machine: Tender Energy and Russian International Coverage, by Marcel H. Van Herpen. The record is sort of limitless.

We’ve got definitely misplaced one thing within the mental tradition. It was that at any time when an individual purports to jot down a scholarly or rigorous work, he has to current severe proof. If he’s writing a philosophical treatise, he has no selection however to pledge allegiance to deductive arguments and sensible purpose.

You merely can not learn Plato’s Republic or Aristotle’s Metaphysics with out realizing that these males are coping with heavy stuff. These works are so heavy that they’ve stood the take a look at of time. (For instance, Aristotle posited the declare that cash is sterile intercourse. The New World Order ignored that warning and we ended up with a crash market in 2008.)

You can not learn R. M. Douglas’s Orderly and Humane: The Expulsion of the Germans after the Second World Warfare or Giles MacDonogh’s After the Reich: The Brutal Historical past of the Allied Occupation or Alfred-Maurice de Zayas’ A Horrible Revenge: The Ethnic Cleaning of the East European Germans with out coming to phrases with the truth that these folks went to the archives and looked for major sources to again up their claims.

You can not learn David Irving’s Hitler’s Warfare or Churchill’s Warfare with out giving the person credit score for digging into forbidden territories, particularly, archival paperwork. You could disagree with a few of his conclusions, however a severe particular person ought to recognize the work of people who find themselves difficult what Irving calls “the normal enemy of the reality.” “The conformist historian,” says Irving, “don’t like me as a result of they only depend on second-hand sources or third hand sources, which you may get away with…It has an incestuous high quality.”

For instance, when requested the query, “What did Adolf Hitler know in regards to the Holocaust?,” conformist historians, says Irving, have by no means been in a position to produce severe proof. “They’ve been quoting one another like canines operating round in a circle,” declares Irving, however nobody has ever been in a position to provide you with dependable proof for the so-called Holocaust. These folks, Irving concludes, “aren’t going again to major sources.”

Distinction that to what’s taking place to our tradition. Now nearly any mush-head can write a foolish guide, get printed, and grow to be a New York Instances bestseller. It doesn’t matter whether or not the guide will look ridiculous inside 5 or ten years. Fact shouldn’t be the meant objective. Cash and recognition are the factors for a lot of.[1]

Keep in mind Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code? Keep in mind how he actually cast his theories?[2] Keep in mind how he started his guide by saying that “All descriptions of paintings, structure, paperwork, and secret rituals on this novel are correct”?

Effectively, Dan Brown goofed. And this time goofing means screwing individuals who actually thought that “All descriptions and paperwork” had been correct. Individuals plunked down the cash to purchase The Da Vinci Code however later realized that Brown tricked them so as to make tens of millions of {dollars}.[3] It’s estimated that Brown made $250 million from The Da Vinci Code alone.

Through the years, folks have realized that one of many quickest methods to make large bucks is to supply lies and fabrications in books that purport to be historic. And that is what is occurring with what I name the anti-Putin business. In the event you can not meet your opponent on rational and logical floor, then produce deception and lies in order that readers won’t ever perceive the actual difficulty. Hearken to this large lie by Jewish author Garry Kasparov:

“Putin fomented a conflict in Jap Ukraine and have become the primary particular person to annex sovereign international territory by drive since Saddam Hussein in Kuwait.”[4]

If a 3rd grader writes this on an examination or a paper, it is best to rapidly take him by the aspect and lovingly right him. However statements like this have grow to be obtained knowledge. And it’s all the extra disturbing whenever you understand that main publishers permit this stuff to circulation within the tradition.

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To ensure that Kasparov’s ideological equation to work, he has to exclude the invasion of Iraq by america, which continues to be recent on everybody’s thoughts. All through his guide, he insinuates that Hussein and Gaddafi had been dictators,[5] however Kasparov struggles mightily to defend this basically Zionist place.

The truth is, america invaded or had covert operations in nations like Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panama, Yugoslavia, Guatemala, Turkey, China, El Salvador, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Korea, Iran, Vietnam, Egypt, Germany, Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Chile, Angola, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Grenada, Honduras, Bolivia, Virgin Islands, Liberia, and many others. Kasparov by no means discusses this in any respect as a result of his ideology solely works inside his primitive thoughts. His assertion right here shouldn’t be one thing that may be objectively defended.

Kasparov shot himself within the toes when he mentioned:

“Anybody who says they’re nonetheless unsure about Putin’s true nature at this level have to be joking, a idiot, or tricking us. There isn’t any purpose to waste time on jokers or fools, nonetheless helpful they might be in Putin’s marked deck of playing cards, however tricksters have to be watched fastidiously. For a minimum of a decade now, those that defend Putin both have one thing to realize from it or they’re dangerously ignorant.”[6]

 Initially, we aren’t defending Putin as an individual by any stretch of creativeness. We’re defending morality and sensible purpose and people who aspire to pursue the reality wherever it could lead. Putin clearly is difficult the New World Order.

In distinction, the New World Order, as we now have argued elsewhere, has no real interest in the reality. The truth is, it is without doubt one of the most important causes Putin has actually uncovered it and even urged that its brokers like Kasparov worship Devil and are on “the trail to degradation.”

Kasparov admits that Putin reached out to George W. Bush quite a few occasions. Proper after 9/11, Putin picked up the cellphone and known as Bush and mentioned: “Good will conquer evil. I would like you to know that on this battle, we’ll stand collectively.” Putin, Kasparov writes, was “the primary international chief to name Bush on 9/11.” However how does Kasparov reply to Putin’s generosity?

“With two cellphone calls most likely totaling sixty seconds of his time and costing him completely nothing, Putin has cemented himself with the Bush 43 administration as a pal and ally….

“These 9/11 cellphone calls to Bush had been preemptive strikes, a focused maneuver by Putin to undermine potential American affect towards his crackdowns at dwelling.”[7]

Is that this imagined to be a severe guide? When Putin speaks and tells a lot of the world about his new plan, nobody believes him. When he lowers his requirements and reaches out to New World Order brokers, members of the Dreadful Few like Kasparov come up and say that Putin is bluffing.

What do these folks actually need? What is going to truly fulfill their basically diabolical urge for food? What is going to it take them to make a rational and cogent level? Don’t they know that loopy or incoherent statements make considering folks indignant?

Kasparov continues to burry himself within the sand by mentioning Alexander Solzhenitsyn positively. However Kasparov must know that Solzhenitsyn extremely praised Putin for his sturdy management. Kasparov writes that he gave a lecture in Washington

“urging Congress and the Obama administration to not reward Putin for destroying Russian civil society and for persecuting those that uncovered his crimes.”[8]

Kasparov strikes on so as to add that Putin “was returning Russia to totalitarian darkness…Putin’s conflict was towards Russian democracy and anybody who may stand in the way in which of his mission to destroy it.”[9] Solzhenitsyn would have taken a distinct perspective.

“Putin inherited a ransacked and bewildered nation, with a poor and demoralized folks,” mentioned Solzhenitsyn, “And he began to do what was potential, a sluggish and gradual restoration. These efforts weren’t observed, nor appreciated, instantly. In any case, one is hard-pressed to seek out examples in historical past when steps by one nation to revive its power had been met favorably by different governments.”[10]

I’m actually confused right here. How can New World Order brokers condemn Vladimir Putin after which reward Solzhenitsyn who praised Vladimir Putin? New World Order brokers say that Putin desires to destroy Russia and problem the West, however Solzhenitsyn says that Putin desires to rebuild Russia and convey the West again to its roots, which clearly is Logos. Who’s telling the reality right here?

Effectively, one method to discover out is to have a look at consistency, logical arguments, and sensible purpose. Kasparov has already given sufficient indication that he’s not within the reality. For instance, he mentioned that he was “protesting the sentencing of Pussy Riot, three members of the all-girl punk group that had been convicted for filming an anti-Putin protest inside a Moscow church.”[11]

Kasparov and different anti-Putin writers corresponding to Masha Gessen have to reply Putin’s problem right here. “If the band had defiled a sacred place in Israel,” says Putin, wouldn’t the non secular folks there go up in flame and rightly demand that the band be prosecuted and charged accordingly? Don’t the Dreadful Few complain advert nauseam that Nazis used to defile or desecrate their synagogues?[12]

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Don’t folks like Pamela Geller go berserk at any time when they see a swastika spray-painted at a synagogue? Doesn’t Robert Spencer inveigh towards “Muslims” who need to desecrate Jewish holy locations?[13] Doesn’t the swastika appear to signify the angel of dying for these folks?[14]

Furthermore, how can Kasparov and the entire Zionist media—together with CNN, the New York Instances, the Washington Submit, the Huffington Submit, and many others.—didn’t point out the truth that that members of the Pussy Riot “staged an actual orgy within the Moscow Zoological Museum to mock the meaninglessness of Russian elections”?[15]

Why did CNN solely present a video wherein “Pussy Riot members had been crushed by Cossacks”?[16] Is that good journalism? Why did Kasparov fail to level out that one other member by the identify of Yelena Kostyleva “unwrapped a frozen rooster in a grocery store, put it into her vagina and shoplifted it”?[17]

Is performing a intercourse act with a frozen rooster at a public place artwork? Is that the feminism that Clark College professor Valerie Sperling is defending in her guide Intercourse, Politics, and Putin: Political Legitimacy in Russia? Sperling is properly conscious of those covert actions, however she nonetheless maintains all through her guide that Putin is the unhealthy man.[18]

Members of the Pussy Riot had been admirers of Anatolii Osmolovskii and Aleksandr Brener, “artists” of the Nineties. What had been a few of their best artwork work?

“In 1991, Osmolovskii’s group, ETI had organized their our bodies on Crimson Sq. to spell out the obscenity ‘khui’ (dick), violating the (then-Soviet) legislation towards utilizing obscene language in public areas.

“Oleg Kulik, one other efficiency artist, shocked the Russian public within the mid-Nineties by eradicating all of his garments and pretending in public to be a canine (leashed in some cases by Brener).

“The profanity and references to bodily capabilities that pervade the lyrics to ‘Putin Pissed Himself’ thus joined a practice of Russian efficiency artwork…The Russian Orthodox faith is described as a ‘onerous penis’ (zhestokogo penisa)…”[19]

The identical group had a track wherein they declared, “Insurrection in Russia—riot, riot!”

“The track’s conclusion refers back to the ‘sexist regime’ as a ‘flock of bitches’ (staia suk) and imagines them begging forgiveness from the ‘feminist wedge,’ implying a relationship of domination reversed…

The male-dominated regime was characterised and derogated in a misogynist trend as feminine (‘bitches), and Putin, regardless of his reputed masculine power, was demasculinized and diminished to the standing of a kid.”[20]

Nadia Plungian, a member of the Moscow Feminist Group, defended the rooster factor by saying that “regardless of its unbelievable formal novelty,” the act was a “determination by a bunch of males to make use of a girl’s physique as a container.”[21]

Some concepts are so loopy that solely a moron will imagine them.

If actress Maggie Gyllenhaal is true, that Batman “is just like the Pussy Riot,”[22] then E. Michael Jones was proper all alongside, that “the Jewish superhero can also be the Antichrist.”[23] By being the Antichrist, Batman and Superman and Spiderman and Iron Man and different Golem, in line with this premise, are basically anti-Logos however are superficially saviors or heroes who aspire to do good.

Furthermore, so as to be efficient, these superheroes must be assimilated. “Superman’s Moses-like origin and his Midwestern WASP-ish persona are extensively thought to be an emblem of Jewish assimilation.”[24]

One other essential level is that the Pussy Riot and the characters within the superhero style had been each cast by folks whose subversive ideologies had been to assault the elemental rules of morality and sensible purpose. So, we must always give Gyllenhaal, who’s Jewish, some credit score for saying that in the event you take away Batman’s masks, you’ll inexorably see the ideology of the Pussy Riot, whose members had been Trotskyites.[25]

In essence, superhero characters and the Pussy Riot are a part of the New World Order, which signifies that Logos will probably be instantly or not directly attacked, dismissed, ignored, or made enjoyable of. Put merely, Kasparov and the Pussy Riot have a kindred spirit as a result of they’re each basically at odds with the social and ethical order.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, a lead member of the Pussy Riot, defended her revolutionary act by saying that the band “dedicated no crime.”

In different phrases, having an orgy within the Timiryazev State Biology Museum in Moscow, going to the altar of Cathedral of Christ and announcing blasphemous strains corresponding to “Shit, shit, holy shit…Mom of God, Virgin, grow to be a feminist,” and inserting a rooster in your vagina at a public grocery store are all suitable with the social and ethical order.

When requested the query, “What does Pussy Riot hope for?,” Tolokonnikova responded, “A revolution in Russia.”[26]

We all know that the Pussy Riot is a Trotskyite band. So, does that imply that those that help the band are by definition supporting Trotskyism? Does that imply that Kasparov, Masha Gessen, Ben Shapiro, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Sting, Bjork, and Hollywood celebrities and entertainers who help them are additionally closet Trotskyites?

Madonna, Bjork and different puppets might not formally pledge allegiance to Trotsky or might not even know that there was a revolutionary known as Trotsky, however they’re definitely following the New World Order agenda, which is basically Talmudic, diabolical, and opposite to all mankind. In the event you doubt this assertion, then allow us to hear from Masha Gessen. She declared again in 2012:

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“I agree that we must always have the proper to marry, however I additionally suppose equally that it’s a no-brainer that the establishment of marriage shouldn’t exist. . . .

“Combating for homosexual marriage typically includes mendacity about what we’re going to do with marriage after we get there, as a result of we lie that the establishment of marriage shouldn’t be going to vary, and that could be a lie. The establishment of marriage goes to vary, and it ought to change, and once more, I don’t suppose it ought to exist.”[27]

We’re being buried beneath an avalanche of contradictions right here. If the establishment of marriage shouldn’t exist, does the assertion that individuals “ought to have the proper to marry” make any sense in any respect? Why can’t Gessen come to her senses and understand that she must suppose twice about making loopy statements like that?

Now allow us to take this to the subsequent logical conclusion. If the establishment of marriage shouldn’t exist, then what ought to exist? Why did Gessen fail to flesh out the requirements for us? Wouldn’t it be all proper for a grown man to consensually have intercourse little girls and boys? Was all of it proper for David Epstein of the College of Columbia to consensually have intercourse along with his 24-year outdated daughter?

And whether it is immoral, why haven’t Woody Allen and Roman Polanski been arrested for molesting little ladies? Why the double commonplace?[28]

You see, New World Order brokers are doing Putin a giant favor by upholding patently incoherent concepts. This was one purpose why Putin requested BBC journalist John Simpson, “Have you ever any widespread sense in any respect?”

Effectively completed, Mr. Putin. Please, proceed to place the concern of God within the New World Order. Present NWO brokers that we aren’t on the market.

This text was first printed in July of 2016.

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