America’s Hidden Goal in Ukraine – Dismembering Europe Endlessly

Is the warfare in Ukraine only a confrontation of fine and evil? Or does it…

Is the warfare in Ukraine only a confrontation of fine and evil? Or does it obey worldwide calculations which might be much less open and praiseworthy?

Among the many varied types of political effort that American Atlanticism1 represents, economics ranks excessive. The warfare in Ukraine gives the neoconservatives and the nation’s businessmen a rare alternative, first, to destroy Europe and, second, to pores and skin it.

Assuming that herbivores have some self-image, it’s affordable to imagine that they don’t understand themselves primarily as ‘meat’. The issue is that carnivores, for his or her half, don’t see issues in the identical method. That is the entire query of Europe.

Hubert Védrine has usually mentioned that the European experiment suffers from a vital flaw, particularly the truth that it’s “a challenge of herbivores within the midst of carnivores.” And certainly, Europe has been constructed from the start on an ambiguity, a weak point so critical that, like all nice weaknesses, it’s essential by no means to deliver it into focus, even when it’s seen to all: its personal protection.

The “American friendship”: a quick overview

This important prerogative is entrusted to the US by way of NATO2. In historical past, nonetheless, there isn’t a instance of a rustic having to completely assure the safety of one other nation or group of nations with out perceiving these others as “meat” sooner or later in time. Because the urge for food of the protector grows and his prices are at his mercy, there’ll inevitably come a day when he’ll “spring into motion.”

That is within the nature of issues: allow us to think about that we rent a “robust man” who’s sufficiently armed and in addition robust in character to guard our household and residential. He lives with us and shares each second with us. Who would forestall that in the future, when he feels prefer it, he’ll assist himself from the fridge after which from the family treasury? Then he’ll threaten us if we protest. He’ll change the ornament if he doesn’t prefer it, then he’ll beat our kids, lastly he’ll sleep in our mattress, ideally with our spouse … And the extra harmful the surroundings within the neighborhood turns into, the extra he’ll accomplish that. On this case he’ll suppose that he can get away with something. Who ought to cease him, particularly when we have now trusted him for many years, regardless of his assaults, and have by no means tried to distance ourselves from him or to stability our relationships by approaching one other protector? Actually, this second will come in the future. Europe has put itself on this place, and that day, the day of one other step into subjugation and humiliation and tomorrow into poverty and distress, has come.

First, it needs to be famous that when the U.S. needs one thing, it isn’t squeamish, even with its pals. A really illuminating instance is the plan for the Allied touchdown in June 1944. Those that don’t blindly consider the official story (of the “liberators” of Europe) know that the plan was to not save Paris however, quite the opposite, to bypass the Paris basin to the south and north with the intention to entice the German military. On this method, the German military would definitely have pounced on Paris,3 which might have had two benefits: it will have purchased the Allied armies time to advance on Berlin and, furthermore, it will have been simpler afterwards to “get a grip” on France, deeply traumatized by the merciless destruction of its capital, by way of the American political and administrative system, its governors and even its foreign money. It was de Gaulle’s sensible maneuvering and energy of character that saved us from this tragedy4.

The Individuals have acted equally on many events, first betraying after which ruining their very own allies:

In Iran on the time of the Shah5, due to his friendship with Eisenhower and later with Nixon, the Shah first relied on the US to grab after which consolidate his energy. Later, when he tried to emancipate himself somewhat by rapprochement with the Soviet Union and China, and later with Europe, the Individuals took benefit of exactly the interior resistance to his insurance policies, which had been thought of too trendy, pro-Western and pro-American (that’s the highest!). They are going to push Komeyni to overthrow him. He’ll finish his life cancerous in Egypt. You recognize the place Iran is at present, a rustic the place isolation and poverty meet.

Saddam Hussein6 is one other instance of U.S. “friendship.” One should do not forget that Iraq was probably the most developed nation within the Center East on the time, regardless of or due to the dictator’s strategies. These strategies didn’t hassle America in any way7. Some claimed that when Saddam determined to invade Kuwait in 1990, he sought prior approval from his “nice pals.” As we all know, he didn’t do so8. Then, historical past has proven that the second Gulf Warfare in 2003 was not a “pre-emptive warfare” however a pure predatory operation, actually masterfully performed by George W. Bush and his neoconservative entourage9. At this time, Iraq is an financial and political shambles. The listing may very well be continued.

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An operation meticulously ready since 2014.

For these American politicians, who are sometimes themselves managers of American oil and army industrial firms, no alternative is uninteresting10. For these inveterate hunters, all the time looking out for prey, no sport is negligible. If you’re satisfied of this, after these historic examples, it’s straightforward to think about how a lot the Ukraine disaster is a superb alternative for them, an operation fastidiously ready since 201411 and triggered on the proper time.

First, the start coincides very exactly with the quite disastrous finish of their “enterprise” in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan final summer12. The start of the “operational part” of the Ukrainian affair, which began within the spring with the “media carpet bombing13 “, is simply too good to be a coincidental impact. NATO has by no means been “mind useless.” As soon as the Center Jap points had been settled, it was time to open this new chapter of the “peoples’ wrestle for freedom,” this time topic to Russian arbitrariness. Have we not heard this track sung earlier than?

Secondly, the warfare triggered two reflexes within the Westerners, the “herbivores” who’re the objects of the following hunt:

The primary was to extend arms budgets very sharply. Essentially the most spectacular response was that of Germany, which instantly allotted 100 billion euros and promised to extend its funds regularly14. And this to purchase – it goes with out saying – primarily American equipment15. The identical process applies to all different NATO nations, together with France16. So the very starting of this warfare is already a rare alternative for the US army business. By the way, one can assume that considered one of their sub-objectives on this subject is to destroy and plunder the French protection business as rapidly as attainable, since in relation to this “new market” in Europe that’s opening as much as them, it represents a contest that they may rapidly think about unacceptable17.

The opposite European “reflex” was that of sanctions. It was unanimous and essential. It may be assumed that it was guided much less by the selection of a technique to cease Putin (a couple of moments of reflection are sufficient to know that this won’t be the case) than by the necessity to create a “media backfire” to the photographs of the misfortune of the Ukrainian individuals unfold by the press. The virtually unique alternative by Western governments of a coverage of phrases, photographs, and posturing quite than a coverage of motion makes them extraordinarily weak to the media campaigns of others, one thing that the Individuals, who concentrate on this sort of technique, have understood very effectively and have exploited with out limits earlier than and through this battle, in addition to previously.

It’s also value noting that the way in which these sanctions had been voted on is especially indicative of Europe’s weak point. Certainly, in accordance with press reviews, the sanctions had been drafted immediately by the U.S. State Division along with the European Fee, with out the Member States having any say within the matter, and so they had been notified 24 hours earlier than they had been introduced. If so, it’s notably worrisome.

However the truth that it’s going to now be essential to elucidate to the individuals – and this won’t be a simple activity – that their buying energy has been massively affected for a warfare that was not directed in opposition to them18 , this “delegation” to the Americans19 of a sanctions coverage that primarily impacts Europe naturally opens the door, for the Biden surroundings, to choices that not solely “annoy” the Russians, but in addition promote the weakening of European business, with the intention of a future raid on our industries and sources.

Who may forestall our “pals” within the West from desirous to argue this manner, since we have now indicated from the start that we’ll enable them to take action? Why ought to they thoughts “shopping for” from us after we so readily open the door to them? And why wouldn’t they set about getting ready for this future incursion at present by selecting the sanctions that harm the Russians probably the most, but in addition harm us, since we’re clearly doing nothing to inform them no? The present situation is de facto the truth that we’re serving as “cannon fodder” on this battle, since it’s we who’re on the entrance line and bear all of the dangers, financial, army and in addition nuclear20. Clearly, what’s going to matter sooner or later is that we’re additionally the “items” that can be collected, and on the lowest worth. What at present means that issues could also be completely different?

Two examples

One of many examples that are inclined to show that issues are certainly transferring on this course is the difficulty of cost for Russian exports in rubles. Certainly, it’s well-known that Putin, with the intention to counteract the devaluation of the ruble attributable to the sanctions, has very correctly demanded that exports of his merchandise to “unfriendly” nations be paid for in rubles. In precept, this doesn’t hassle the European nations in any method. Actually, what prevents them from shopping for rubles? The one ones it bothers – and this can be a essential level for them – are the U.S. as a result of it tends to problem the monopoly of the U.S. greenback for worldwide transactions. If tomorrow it turns into commonplace for giant worldwide transactions to be paid for in yuan, euros, rubles, or yen, the American benefit can be over. That may be a political weakening of the primary order. Because of this, they’re holding on to this “dogma” just like the apple of their eye.

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They’ve subsequently had Germany and France, amongst others, reply their rejection of this modality. But when tomorrow morning the Russians cease delivering their fuel to Europe as a result of we refuse to purchase rubles (as a result of the Individuals forbid us to take action, though we don’t thoughts), this may imply chapter for a lot of European companies21. Then a “scrap market” will open for the American funds and “majors”, and they might be silly to not use it. In such a case, we’re clearly the “silly ones”, and issues will proceed, as a result of it’s clear, as we have now proven, that the Russians have an curiosity in reducing brief the battle once they have achieved what they need (the “Finlandization” of Ukraine), and going dwelling, whereas the Individuals have a important aim of implicating the Russians on the bottom and “Vietnamizing” their opponents.22 The U.S. has little interest in ending the battle till they’ve achieved their objectives.

One other instance is the commerce blockade enforced by the sanctions. It develops in three instructions:

  • Shopping for Russian merchandise: Since we’re now not allowed to purchase from Russians due to the sanctions, we’re compelled to seek out various suppliers. Guessing, as within the case of fuel, who can be compelled on us first?
  • The sale of merchandise to the Russians: Russia has been an necessary marketplace for us. If we are able to now not promote to them, our firms can be very weakened. Once more, guess who can be on the entrance line to purchase us out?
  • Lastly, the commerce partnerships with Russia, primarily by way of our native subsidiaries. That is the worst of the three situations as a result of, as we all know, the Russian authorities has already submitted a invoice to the Duma geared toward nationalizing overseas firms that cease working in Russia, even briefly. On this method, French flagships similar to Renault, Complete, Auchan and Décathlon are threatened. Whereas Auchan and Décathlon have already declared that they won’t stop their Russian actions, the identical shouldn’t be true for Renault, which is pilloried (in its message to French parliamentarians!) by the zealous Zélinsky, who’s all the time able to cross on U.S. orders.23 In recent times, the U.S. has repeatedly advocated the nationalization of firms. That is notably harmful as a result of on this case we’d lose each our CA and our capital24. Regardless of this danger, our personal state doesn’t defend us, however permits our firms to be “lynched” by the media if they don’t obey American orders. And in the event that they go bankrupt, once more, we guess the place the funds to “save” them will come from?

Who advantages from the crime?

Who advantages from the crime in all these cases25? And most significantly, who will profit tomorrow, as a result of it’s apparent that this battle will proceed, not as a result of the Russians need it, however as a result of the Individuals need it26. The place will our economic system be in six months, in a single yr, in two years, in ten years? And it’s clear that the idea on which gullible individuals can justify to some extent27 the sacrifices and struggling they’re enduring and can endure sooner or later is warfare. It’s the warfare that may make European states settle for their docility, as a result of within the face of the risk “the Individuals defend us” and “necessity is the mom of invention. “28 It’s the warfare that should in the end make it attainable to speed up the overexploitation. Within the eyes of American communications strategists, subsequently, will probably be essential that the decision “It’s warfare!” and its staging proceed so long as attainable.

That is all of the extra critical as a result of, once more, this warfare didn’t concern us29 … till we agreed of our personal accord to enter it by deciding to provide arms and changing into co-regents. It turns into clear why it was essential for the Individuals to push us on this course. One additionally understands the masterful mistake we made in not refusing to interact on this subject. Why did we not restrict ourselves to the humanitarian degree? Now we discover ourselves with full pressure in a “logic of warfare.” In peacetime, we already had the arbitrary enormity of the extraterritoriality of U.S. regulation. In occasions of warfare, a time that justifies the whole lot, the place will the calls for of our “protectors” finish?

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It’s of no use to suggest to restore the dilapidated home on the seaside if one doesn’t see the massive tsunami coming, whose crest is already on the horizon. Within the face of such mechanics, of a terrifying course of that’s being set in movement earlier than our eyes and that nothing appears to point will cease (since nobody denounces it!), nothing lower than the deliberate and keen destroy of Europe after which its sellout30, the Franco-French proposals of all of the candidates for the longer term presidential elections can be of little or no significance. The one factor that may actually affect the course of occasions can be our overseas coverage. Picture EU: Kaonos / Shutterstock

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