Alex Jones seeks immunity deal for Jan6 testimony

[ Editor’s Note: This was expected as Jones is streteched out financially and wants to…

[ Editor’s Note: This was expected as Jones is streteched out financially and wants to avoid huge legal defense bills and prison stretch for desert.

Because of Jones waiting so long to make a deal, and the DoJ already has tons of evidence on The Real Steal insurrection, it may already have whatever Jones could give them and would prefer to just put him on trial and take credit for the conviction.

Jones was certainly not in the league of the Militia people that day, but he could have a big conspiracy profile via efforts to throw over the Biden election

But the DoJ could also prefer to take the opportunity to cut down on its anticipated huge prosecution backlog of Insurrectionists to use its assets on others, like stringing up more of the politicians involved.

That would be will be messy, but justified as they should in no way get a pass due to their positions, but just the opposite. Glenn Kirschner will probably have something about his in his video tonight. If so I will post that later.

May is going to be January 6 Committee month with Jamie Raskin stating that it will reveal the ‘whole story’ of what happened. The DoJ of course has all of the committee material already in its computer banks for its paralell and more expanded investigation, particularly including the fake electors scandal, one of the dumbest moves in American politcal history.

What effect this will have on the midterm elections good or bad, I have no idea. Far be it from me to know what goes on in the minds of the Trumpers… Jim W. Dean ]

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Alex Jones on the lookout for immunity from the DoJ for his testimony

First printed … April 04, 2022

Alex Jones, the host of the conspiracy-driven media outlet Infowars and a key participant within the pro-Trump “Cease the Steal” motion, is in discussions with the Justice Division about an settlement to element his function within the rally close to the White Home final Jan. 6 that preceded the assault on the Capitol.

By way of his lawyer, Mr. Jones mentioned he has given the federal government a proper letter conveying “his want to talk to federal prosecutors about Jan. 6.”

The lawyer, Norm Pattis, maintained that Mr. Jones had not engaged in any “prison wrongdoing” that day when — chanting slogans about 1776 — he helped lead a crowd of Trump supporters in a march to the Capitol as violence was erupting.